New 60,000,000 year old turtle find,0,3960640.story

The discovery of an ancient bone that has been exposed to the atmosphere and weather for 70 million to
75 million years is an unusual find. Few ancient bones have withstood the weathering of millions of years.
Comparison of the two bone fragments produced an exact fit.
The discovery allowed the researchers to estimate the size of Atlantochelys mortoni as being at least 10
times the size of modern loggerhead turtles. This is potentially the largest ancient sea turtle ever

From UB 60:3.20

"60,000,000 years ago, though the land reptiles were on the decline, the dinosaurs continued as monarchs
of the land, the lead now being taken by the more agile and active types of the smaller leaping kangaroo
varieties of the carnivorous dinosaurs. But sometime previously there had appeared new types of the
herbivorous dinosaurs, whose rapid increase was due to the appearance of the grass family of land plants.
One of these new grass-eating dinosaurs was a true quadruped having two horns and a capelike shoulder
flange. The land type of turtle, twenty feet across, appeared as did also the modern crocodile and true
snakes of the modern type. Great changes were also occurring among the fishes and other forms of
marine life".