The January/February 2015 issue of "Discover" magazine gives their "top 100 stories of 2014".  
Eleven of them were foretold (or hinted at) in the UB (1955) (in small type below).

No.7--Ancient Genome Sequences Settle First Americans Debate
(64:6.5) About eighty-five thousand years ago the comparatively pure remnants of the red race went en masse
across to North America, and shortly thereafter the Bering land isthmus sank, thus isolating them. No red man
ever returned to Asia. But throughout Siberia, China, central Asia, India, and Europe they left behind much of
their stock blended with the other colored races.
No.16--New Dwarf Planet Redefines Solar System
(57:5.7) This great column of solar gases which was thus separated from the sun subsequently evolved into
the twelve planets of the solar system. The repercussional ejection of gas from the opposite side of the sun in
tidal sympathy with the extrusion of this gigantic solar system ancestor, has since condensed into the meteors
and space dust of the solar system, although much, very much, of this matter was subsequently recaptured by
solar gravity as the Angona system receded into remote space.
No.19--The Lives of the Galaxies
(57:2.1) All evolutionary material creations are born of circular and gaseous nebulae, and all such primary
nebulae are circular throughout the early part of their gaseous existence. As they grow older, they usually
become spiral, and when their function of sun formation has run its course, they often terminate as clusters of
stars or as enormous suns surrounded by a varying number of planets, satellites, and smaller groups of matter
in many ways resembling your own diminutive solar system.
(57:3.1) The enormous nebula now began gradually to assume the spiral form and to become clearly visible to
the astronomers of even distant universes. This is the natural history of most nebulae; before they begin to
throw off suns and start upon the work of universe building, these secondary space nebulae are usually
observed as spiral phenomena.
No. 21--Heavy Weight Dino of the World
(60:2.1) 120,000,000 years ago a new phase of the reptilian age began. The great event of this period was the
evolution and decline of the dinosaurs. Land-animal life reached its greatest development, in point of size, and
had virtually perished from the face of the earth by the end of this age. The dinosaurs evolved in all sizes from a
species less than two feet long up to the huge noncarnivorous dinosaurs, seventy-five feet long, that have never
since been equaled in bulk by any living creature.
No. 23--Freezing Light in its Tracks
(15:6.13) Many comets are unestablished wild offspring of the solar mother wheels, which are being gradually
brought under control of the central governing sun. Comets also have numerous other origins. A comet's tail
points away from the attracting body or sun because of the electrical reaction of its highly expanded gases and
because of the actual pressure of light and other energies emanating from the sun. This phenomenon
constitutes one of the positive proofs of the reality of light and its associated energies; it demonstrates that light
has weight. Light is a real substance, not simply waves of hypothetical ether.
No. 27--New Chronology for old Mummies
(95:2.4) In time the Egyptians observed that dead bodies placed in brickless graves were preserved—
embalmed—by the action of the soda-impregnated sand, while those buried in brick vaults decayed. These
observations led to those experiments which resulted in the later practice of embalming the dead. The
Egyptians believed that preservation of the body facilitated one's passage through the future life. That the
individual might properly be identified in the distant future after the decay of the body, they placed a burial statue
in the tomb along with the corpse, carving a likeness on the coffin. The making of these burial statues led to
great improvement in Egyptian art.
No. 47--Stonehenge's Buried Secrets Uncovered
(80:9.13) These were the times of the New Stone Age overlapping the oncoming Bronze Age. In Scandinavia it
was the Bronze Age associated with mother worship. In southern France and Spain it was the New Stone Age
associated with sun worship. This was the time of the building of the circular and roofless sun temples. The
European white races were energetic builders, delighting to set up great stones as tokens to the sun, much as
did their later-day descendants at Stonehenge. The vogue of sun worship indicates that this was a great period
of agriculture in southern Europe.
No. 70--Elephants Recognize Human by Voice
(61:3.6) The huge elephants of this and subsequent periods possessed large brains as well as large bodies,
and they soon overran the entire world except Australia. For once the world was dominated by a huge animal
with a brain sufficiently large to enable it to carry on. Confronted by the highly intelligent life of these ages, no
animal the size of an elephant could have survived unless it had possessed a brain of large size and superior
quality. In intelligence and adaptation the elephant is approached only by the horse and is surpassed only by
man himself. Even so, of the fifty species of elephants in existence at the opening of this period, only two have
No. 72--Quasar Illuminates Cosmic Web
(116:7.1) The grand universe is not only a material creation of physical grandeur, spirit sublimity, and
intellectual magnitude, it is also a magnificent and responsive living organism. There is actual life pulsating
throughout the mechanism of the vast creation of the vibrant cosmos. The physical reality of the universes is
symbolic of the perceivable reality of the Almighty Supreme; and this material and living organism is penetrated
by intelligence circuits, even as the human body is traversed by a network of neural sensation paths. This
physical universe is permeated by energy lanes which effectively activate material creation, even as the human
body is nourished and energized by the circulatory distribution of the assimilable energy products of
nourishment. The vast universe is not without those co-ordinating centers of magnificent overcontrol which
might be compared to the delicate chemical-control system of the human mechanism. But if you only knew
something about the physique of a power center, we could, by analogy, tell you so much more about the
physical universe.
No. 88--Stellar Explosion Illuminates Cosmos
4 - (15:8.6) When mass becomes overaggregated and threatens to unbalance energy, to deplete the physical
power circuits, the physical controllers intervene unless gravity's own further tendency to overmaterialize energy
is defeated by the occurrence of a collision among the dead giants of space, thus in an instant completely
dissipating the cumulative collections of gravity. In these collisional episodes enormous masses of matter are
suddenly converted into the rarest form of energy, and the struggle for universal equilibrium is begun anew.
Eventually the larger physical systems become stabilized, become physically settled, and are swung into the
balanced and established circuits of the superuniverses. Subsequent to this event no more collisions or other
devastating catastrophes will occur in such established systems.
No. 94--There's a Happy App for That
3 - (89:3.3) Poverty was just a part of the ritual of the mortification of the flesh which, unfortunately, became
incorporated into the writings and teachings of many religions, notably Christianity. Penance is the negative
form of this ofttimes foolish ritual of renunciation. But all this taught the savage self-control, and that was a
worth-while advancement in social evolution. Self-denial and self-control were two of the greatest social gains
from early evolutionary religion. Self-control gave man a new philosophy of life; it taught him the art of
augmenting life's fraction by lowering the denominator of personal demands instead of always attempting to
increase the numerator of selfish gratification.