Have you ever wondered why it is that so many people often appear to be reality disoriented and
devoid of a normal reasoning capacity regarding anything above a casual conversation? Not
every conversation is expected to end in agreement with a clear cut outcome, but conversations
defying intelligent analysis—convoluted and such, on the part of so many individuals lead truth
seekers to ask, wherein lies The Spirit of Truth. You can’t talk rationally, for example, with half the
population on either religion or politics. One can hardly make a dent in a conversation with
bumptious people whose attitudes prevent them from utilizing their capacity to be influenced by
reality; especially is this true of individuals influenced by religious conditionings of their past, or by
their acquired political persuasion. So, with half the people in the world experiencing a delusional
reality, what exactly then is the Spirit of Truth, and what influence does it have upon us? Ask any
true Christian fundamentalist, for example, if he believes that Jesus died on the cross to save us
from our sins, and if that is not enough, even the subsequent sins of our progeny, and after an
affirmative response, try to convince him otherwise. They would argue against Jesus himself if he
suddenly appeared, explaining to him that he must have forgotten the reason he died on the
cross. The Uantia book informs us that this particular belief is regarded as entirely repugnant
throughout the universe because it implies a puerile barter, with Jesus beseeching his Heavenly
Father to accept his death in place of others, a negotiation that even an earthly father would not
accept. Can anyone imagine talking to your father and telling him that while you have lived pretty
much an exemplarary life the grand-kids have unfortunately entered into a life of crime, but don’t
punish them by leaving them out of your will, rather punish me for their crimes? Such emphatic
adherence to a blatantly false belief merely places these dogmatists in the ever prevalent “out to
lunch category”. What is so disturbing is that these mental conditionings prevail on every level of
ignorance, influencing the thoughts of even the most intelligent of our contemporaries. Talk to a
Muslim and ask why, if Allah is a beneficent God, he permits decapitating people who won’t accept
his religion, or why he established a hell based on retribution to get even with sinners, or why he
countenanced the murder of innocent people deemed infidels by a perverse priesthood, and the
hanging of little girls in the public square because they wore risqué clothing. One can only
prepare for a convoluted harangue invariably beset by half truths and always devoid of the full
truth; the Spirit of Truth requires both honesty and attention to reality.

A very perplexing question is: Why are so many people so un-desirous of pursuing the Urantia
papers? Why do they fail to grasp the significance of something so enlightening? All have one
thing in common – a conscious suppression to acquire a higher expansion and understanding of
truth. Jesus admonished us to “follow the truth wherever it may lead.” The importance of this truth
pursuit is amply discussed in the Urantia book (Pgs.2062-2065), and relates to an acquirement
apart from general intellectualization – that acquirement being the reception of the bestowal of the
Spirit of Truth upon mankind. And not to accept this spiritual variable has to be considered the
quintessential affront to all higher spiritual entities residing in our universe, for it is actually a
conscious denial of those factors that bring us closer to God, to an understanding of Deity, and
the acceptance of the brotherhood of mankind. Perhaps our problem towards truth rejection
relates to a missing ingredient in human nature – a genetic mishap due to the Adamic default, for
the revelation plainly states that:
“It was the divine plan that the mortal races of Urantia should
have had physical natures more naturally spirit responsive”, (Pg. 382-5). Our ancestry was not
“fully Adamized by the Edenic bestowal.” It further states that: “
as the Urantia races were in a
measure advanced by the bestowal of Adam, then is the way better prepared for the Spirit of
Truth to co-operate with the indwelling Adjuster to bring forth the beautiful harvest of the
character fruits of the Spirit”.
This then is the crux of our thesis – “If you do not reject this spirit,
even though eternity may be required to fulfill the commission, “he will guide you into all truth.”
(Pg. 382-1).

The most relevant aspect to the question (what’s with the spirit of truth?) is that the Spirit of truth
poured out upon all humanity is a variable pour. If you’re already imbibed with the love of truth
you actually receive a greater pour even receiving more as one pursues the truth (seemingly
there is no saturation level), and concomitantly those who have little regard for the truth receive
less (Pg. 2063-4).
“This new teacher (Spirit of Truth) was bestowed upon mankind, and every soul
received him in accordance with the love of truth and the capacity to grasp and comprehend
spiritual realities…”
Could it be that individuals who fail to pursue truth in life (a genuine love for
truth) are not endowed with a greater capacity for truth? If this is the case, it is at least partly due
to their own choosing. Perhaps they have been too complacent in ferreting out truth and now
either can’t recognize it or have only a moderate regard for it. Decency and fair play are the
cornerstones of a civilized society; it is truly disturbing to genuine truth seekers to perceive the
blatant injustices manifesting throughout the world today, and it is especially problematic to
discern the stagnation of spiritual advancement in this the 21st century, when so much progress
has been made materially. Our revelation informs us that never before in the history of the world
have we been so confused, caught up in such a frustrating philosophical era. The Book also
informs us that the spiritual values have to catch up with material values or our very civilization is
in peril. Let’s rid ourselves of the philosophic confusion and seriously submerse ourselves in the
soothing waters of the Urantia revelation. Let’s give the Spirit of Truth (a teacher) the chance to
operate; we will feel much better in the long run for having truly advanced the spiritual status of
ourselves as individuals, while thus eventually elevating the status of the rest of mankind.

We in the Urantia Readers International believe that the failure to search for higher truth has to
be part of the answer as to why so many people reject what many of us believe to represent the
highest truths ever presented to our world – the Urantia revelation.

So, what then is the Spirit of Truth, what is its purpose, and why is it seemingly so scarcely
employed throughout the world?  This may sound somewhat redundant to long time readers, but
the actual purpose is to draw truth seekers closer towards the Creator Son – the personification
of truth in the local universe. If we reason like Michael we are obviously on a path of being like
Michael (Jesus) – on a path towards truth.

“There are three distinct spirit circuits in the local universe of Nebadon:
1.        The bestowal spirit of the Creator Son, the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth.
2.        The spirit circuit of the Divine Minister, the Holy Spirit.
3.        The intelligence-ministry circuit, including the more or less unified activities but diverse
functioning of the seven adjutant mind-spirits.
The Creator Sons are endowed with a spirit of universe presence in many ways analogous to that
of the Seven Master Spirits of Paradise. This is the spiritual force which ever draws all truth
seekers towards Him who is the personification of truth in the local universe. This spirit is an
inherent endowment of the Creator Son, emerging from his divine nature just as the master
circuits of the grand universe are derived from the personality presences of the Paradise Deities.”

(Pg. 377-4)

“Though the Spirit of Truth is poured out upon all flesh, this spirit of the Son is almost wholly
limited in function and power by man’s personal reception of that which constitutes the sum and
substance of the mission of the bestowal Son.”
(Pg. 379-5) It appears fairly simple to me – tune
out the receptive spiritual circuits, and one can expect little capacity for truth discernment. People
of questionable integrity can expect to spend much of their lives in confusion, never knowing
where the truth lies.

Don’t overlook the fact that the Spirit of Truth was bestowed only upon “sincere believers”, upon
those of “normal intelligence”, and upon those “honest of heart”, and in accordance “with the love
for truth and the capacity to grasp and comprehend spiritual realities” (Pg. 2063-4). This may
preclude a sizeable portion of the population. And as mentioned above it varies from one
individual to another. A scientist may look for the truth in his chosen field of endeavor, and might
be regarded as a genius, but that does not necessarily qualify him for more than an average dose
of the Spirit of Truth. So while you might be engaging in conversation with a genius in physics you
might also be talking to a person devoid of spiritual understanding who is not aided spiritually
when it comes to non-secular intercourse. Even when one discusses religion with scripture slaves
(Christians who regard all scripture as the word of God and entirely true) the fact that they may be
religious doesn’t mean that they are necessarily pursuing the transcendental truths of life. Not too
long ago I wrote that the scriptures were not sacred because they were full of errors and written
by man, and while that may be true in part, according to Jesus in a lengthy discussion with the
apostle Nathaniel, that is not exactly the case, for he discloses the following:
“The Scriptures are
sacred because they present the thoughts and acts of men who were searching for God, and who
in these writings left on record their highest concepts of righteousness, truth, and holiness. The
Scriptures contain much that is true, very much, but in the light of your present teaching, you
know that these writings also contain much that is misrepresentative of the Father in heaven, the
loving God I have come to reveal to all the worlds.” “Nathaniel, never permit yourself for one
moment to believe the Scripture records which tell you that the God of love directed your
forefathers to go forth in battle to slay all their enemies—men, women, and children. Such records
are the words of men, not very holy men, and they are not the word of God. The Scriptures
always have, and always will, reflect the intellectual, moral, and spiritual status of those who
create them.”
(UB 1768)

The Apostles at this time were not endowed with the Spirit of Truth, yet frequently discussed and
argued open mindedly over the meaning of the teachings of Jesus, eventually arriving at
agreeable conclusions. They were willing to acknowledge the viewpoint of their peers and settle in
agreement on most matters, unlike today’s religionist throughout the world, which seem bent on
proving the falsehoods of static belief systems. While one might think something is missing in
social discourse, it is more likely that what is presumed missing is merely the shutting out of the
Spirit of Truth—a closing of the mind to higher reality.

(More from Jesus to Nathaniel)
“The thing most deplorable is not merely this erroneous idea of the absolute perfection of the
Scripture record and the infallibility of its teachings, but rather the confusing misinterpretation of
these sacred writings by the tradition-enslaved scribes and Pharisees at Jerusalem… Many
earnest seekers after the truth have been, and will continue to be, confused and disheartened by
these doctrines of the perfection of the Scriptures.”
(Pg.1768-2) And this is certainly just as true
today – two thousand years later, but we have one thing in our favor, and that is the Spirit of
Truth, if only one would allow it to operate.

“Many queer and strange teachings became associated with the early narratives of the day of
Pentecost. In subsequent times the events of this day, on which the Spirit of Truth, the new
teacher, came to dwell with mankind, have become confused with the foolish outbreaks of
rampant emotionalism. The chief mission of this outpouring spirit of the Father and the Son is to
teach men about the truths of the Father’s love and the Son’s mercy. These are the truths of
divinity which men can comprehend more fully than all the other divine traits of character. The
Spirit of Truth is concerned primarily with the revelation of the Father’s nature and the Son’s
moral character. The Creator Son, in the flesh revealed God to men; the Spirit of Truth, in the
heart, reveals the Creator Son to men. When man yields the “fruits of the Spirit” in his life, he is
simply showing forth the traits which the Master manifested in his own earthly life.”
(Pg. 2062)

All those people guilty of the intentional rejection of higher reality, cosmic truths, and the real
teachings of Jesus are apparently caught up in a web of intellectual dishonesty and
unrighteousness, but truth prevails throughout the universe and ultimately triumphs over the
shadow of evil. Intentional rejection of the Urantia truths merely reveals a pattern of perpetual evil
– an evil that persists as long as the truth is suppressed, and unfortunately to their discredit some
people have made that a life-long commitment. The ultimate truth rejection on our world was the
condemnation of Jesus’ saving message of the reality of the Father and the sonship with man
through all eternity. Islam has tried to erase his messages by supplanting their own and
discrediting Christianity whenever and wherever it can through the exaltation of their own deluded
prophet (Muhammad) who dared to deny the divinity of Jesus and set himself up as the favored of
all prophets in the eyes of God. But to their eventual dismay Jesus will return to set the record
straight – we can count on it.

“Many things which happen in the course of a human life are hard to understand, difficult to
reconcile with the idea that this is a universe in which truth prevails and in which righteousness
triumphs. It so often appears that slander, lies, dishonesty, and unrighteousness—sin—prevail.
Does faith, after all, triumph over evil, sin, and iniquity? It does. And the life and death of Jesus
are the eternal proof that the truth of goodness and the faith of the spirit-led creature will always
be vindicated.”

“Pentecost was designed to lessen the self-assertiveness of individuals, groups, nations, and
races. It is this spirit of self-assertiveness which so increases in tension that it periodically breaks
loose in destructive wars. Mankind can be unified only by the spiritual approach, and the Spirit of
Truth is a world influence which is universal.”

“The coming of the Spirit of Truth purifies the human heart and leads the recipient to formulate a
life purpose single to the will of God and the welfare of men. The material spirit of selfishness has
been swallowed up in this new spiritual bestowal of selflessness. Pentecost, then and now,
signifies that the Jesus of history has become the divine Son of living experience. The joy of this
out poured spirit, when it is consciously experienced in human life, is a tonic for health, a stimulus
for mind, and an unfailing energy for the soul.”

In reviewing the above information we can conclude definitively the following data in reference to
the apparent disparity of truth existing among all individuals and the total absence of the Spirit of
Truth in all others. Here is what we have learned:
l.        The variability of the Spirit of Truth in mankind exists for various reasons. Those reasons
being: A. Lack of normal intelligence (unable to grasp spiritual realities – no Spirit of Truth is
granted), B. Insincerity, and dishonest of heart (degree of genuineness – an attenuation of the
Spirit of Truth is bestowed), C. Love of truth and desire to pursue truth (copious bestowal and
even more truth bestowed as the individual searches for additional truth – a reward for truth).
2.        The attenuation of the outpouring of the Spirit of Truth is due to one’s own choosing by
deliberately failing to pursue the truth through a self imposed closed mindedness, denial, or
suppression of truth – all relating to a lack of intellectual integrity or apathy to truth; the more
receptive one is, the more truth one receives. In other words, one may draw on this Spiritual bank
if he has the capacity to receive (desire, objectivity, and open-mindedness). This in not innate
within the individual as is the Thought Adjuster.
3.   Spiritual and/or intellectual fixation – the unwillingness to progress beyond a fixed belief
system due to deep seeded indoctrinations, inculcations and shallow reasoning. (This would of
course preclude children)
4.   Individuals can earn truth capacity by choosing to follow truth and therefore   gain an even
greater capacity of the Spirit of Truth than they now possess.

The adamant assertion of false beliefs merely elicits ignorance on the part of intransigent souls
(Jesus died to save us from our sins, etc.). Simply put, the closer one truly gets to emulating
Jesus’ conduct the more of the Spirit of Truth one receives. “…The bestowal of the Spirit of Truth
provides for the everlasting and endless growth of the religion which he lived and the gospel
which he proclaimed. The spirit guides into all truth; he is the teacher of an expanding and always-
growing religion of endless progress and divine unfolding. This new teacher will be forever
unfolding to the truth-seeking believer that which was so divinely folded up in the person and
nature of the Son of Man.”(2064-t)

There appears to be a myriad of Spirit forces working with the mind of man – forces we know little
about and can hardly recognize, but by faith have come to realize that they are there, coordinated
and functioning with forces indigenous to our own minds. Albeit, excepting the Thought Adjusters,
these external forces are not apart of our own minds, yet in some incomprehensible way can be
contacted by the human mind as a spiritual benefactor of sorts. They are not apart of our mind
but somehow work within the framework of the human mind. We will attempt to elaborate on these
in the succeeding paragraphs.


“The seven adjutant mind-spirits are the creation of the Divine Minister of a local universe
(Creative Mother Spirit). These mind-spirits are similar in character but diverse in power, and all
partake alike of the nature of the Universe Spirit, although they are hardly regarded as
personalities apart from their Mother Creator. The seven adjutants have been given the following
names: the spirit of wisdom, the spirit of worship, the spirit of counsel, the spirit of knowledge, the
spirit of courage, the spirit of understanding, and the spirit of intuition—quick of perception.” (378)

“Mortal man first experiences the ministry of the spirit in conjunction with mind when the purely
animal mind of evolutionary creatures develops reception capacity for the adjutants of worship
and wisdom. This ministry of the sixth and seventh adjutants indicates mind evolution crossing the
threshold of spiritual ministry. And immediately are such minds of worship and wisdom-function
included in the spiritual circuits of the Divine Minister.”

“When Mind is thus endowed with the ministry of the Holy Spirit, it possesses the capacity for
(consciously or unconsciously) choosing the spiritual presence of the Universal Father—the
Thought Adjuster. But it is not until a bestowal Son has liberated the Spirit of Truth for planetary
ministry to all mortals that all normal minds are automatically prepared for the reception of the
Thought Adjusters. The Spirit of Truth works as one with the presence of the spirit of the Divine
Minister. This dual spirit liaison hovers over the worlds, seeking to teach truth and to spiritually
enlighten the minds of men, to inspire the souls of the creatures of the ascending races, and to
lead the peoples dwelling on the evolutionary planets ever towards their Paradise goal of divine
destiny.” (379)

“Though the Spirit of Truth is poured out upon all flesh, this spirit of the Son is almost wholly
limited in function and power by man’s personal reception…  The Holy Spirit is partly independent
of human attitude and partially conditioned by the decisions and cooperation of the will of man.
Nevertheless, the ministry of the Holy Spirit becomes increasingly effective in the sanctification
and spiritualization of the inner life of those mortals who the more fully obey the divine leadings.”

“As individuals you do not personally possess a segregated portion or entity of the spirit of the
Creator Father-Son or the Creative Mother Spirit; these ministries do not contact with, nor indwell,
the thinking centers of the individual’s mind as do the Mystery Monitors. Thought Adjusters are
definite  individualizations of the prepersonal reality of the Universal Father, actually indwelling the
mortal mind as a very part of that mind, and they ever work in perfect harmony with the combined
spirits of the Creator Son and Creative spirit. (Pgs. 379-380)

In a nut shell:
The Spirit of Truth is poured out upon all humanity, not as an inherent part of ones mind like the
Thought Adjuster, but rather as a pervasive spiritual source that the mind can draw upon. The
variable aspect of the reception of this truth additive is based largely on ones
“love for truth and
the capacity to grasp and comprehend spiritual realities.”
Three other conditional factors are: “normal intelligence”, “honest of heart”, and “sincere
believers”. This then, more or less, precludes individuals of questionable integrity, the
disingenuous, and obviously the insincere, which today appears to encompass a sizeable portion
of the population.
The revelation states that the culture is in peril until the profit motive is displaced by the service
motive – selflessness in place of selfishness. We cannot rule God out of society or we are
doomed; neither can we allow false Gods to dominate a world culture. Let’s start getting serious
with our revelation.

 Extrapolated by Dick Ziglar 2010   919 210-1730 dickziglar@comcast.net