Quarterly Report  July, August, September 2009  
   Is the End of the Age in Sight?

One thing is certain – we are not proceeding slowly and we are not selecting carefully. In fact, it is quite
evident our leaders are unconcerned with any of the above; the society is, but the leaders are not. We
are caught on the outskirts of the maelstrom; will we be sucked in or will we break free? That is our
dilemma. Judging from our desire not to consider the above, from my viewing position it looks like we
are going in – to be sucked right down! If the maelstrom is shallow we might pop right back up, but if it’s
deep, watch out! Because right now it appears far deeper than it might be shallow.
 Again, this is to inform our readership of sensitive social conditions today that tomorrow might lead
the culture into oblivion if things are not ameliorated soon. If we are in anyway to sustain the culture we
have to look to God for the answers, and our external source for this is the Urantia book. The answers
for success are contained therein – all we have to do is take them seriously and act upon them. For
the government to spend beyond the means of the citizenry to be taxed eventually deprives Americans
of their right to pursue prosperity, happiness, and liberty, and all because of elected leaders who
believe they can control your lives better than you can; a Godless government with no affinity for a
personalized God is presently implementing the evident problems that caused the collapse of Rome –
over taxation which leads to the loss of all property, the home, and all of its possessions. Are we on our
 On another note, those of you who are reading this on email, we would like to give credit to those who
have supplied essays and reports which we are holding to a minimum so as not to inundate the reader
with redundant material. We do have some interesting links to the site. Gary Tonge has some fantastic
art-work that he has compiled over the years. He is an amazing artist who has some very interesting
pictures of the universe. You can see his artwork by clicking on the links of our site. Also the Gray
Ghost has a terrific site which brings Bill Sadler’s famous book “A study of the Master Universe” into a
beautiful perspective – something that should be read by all. Others with great sites are Robert Reno
with his analytical insights on the channeling movement; Richard Powell presents a beautiful
cosmography outlining the present size of the universe; UB the NEWS with weekly updates, and the
Austin Project with a complete glossary of terms in the Urantia Book provides additional data which
should be of interest to all. And of course we have our archival library presenting talks and data going
back to the 1930’s, with pictures and reports of forum members and contact commissioners. We even
have over 100 audio tapes by Bill Sadler presented to groups in Oklahoma and California. Bill was one
of the six contact commissioners being regarded as one of the foremost authorities on the revelation.  
It is believed by many that he had personal contact with Tabamantia – the planetary inspector for
experimental (decimal) worlds of which we are one. His book “A Study of The Master Universe” is a
masterpiece. Part of the book has been placed on our site by the “Gray Ghost”, which is as masterful
as the book itself.
Keep on reading and be sure and
“look for the good in all things” If the age is about to end, there will
be a Phoenix arising from the ashes – maybe even a fandor if we’re lucky.
What ever the outcome of this age, the societies at large have to start taking the Urantia book
seriously and begin to implement its suggestions into their governmental structures.