Quarterly Report  July, August, September 2009  
   Is the End of the Age in Sight?

Two conditions to look out for mentioned in the book are: Over taxation, and
irresponsible immigration. Our government doesn’t seem to be overly concerned
about either. When the livelihood of the producers within this country is imperiled and
the ability to pay taxes on the part of the average citizen is imperiled the society is
said to be in extreme jeopardy. Unwise decisions on the part of Federal and State
governments have created insurmountable problems; they will have exceeded their
authority when they can no longer maintain intelligent direction towards prosperity
and personal freedom for the citizenry; they will have abused their privilege to govern
– they will have lost it all.
Primitive societies as they slowly merge together form small encampments, later a
primitive community forms and eventually a state of sorts – a collection of organized
communities. As they evolve to a commonwealth they grow into a complex web of
municipalities that begin to share the resources of the once independent
communities, eventually interacting on such a complex level that the centralization of
organized municipalities now under statehood becomes mutually affected by the
mistakes of the centralized state. And these mistakes in today’s world can drastically
affect everyone and everything that is in anyway attached to the state – directly or
indirectly, inclusive of salaries and pensions to the workers and welfare to the
parasites. Every working individual and every pensioner pays taxes and when this is
disrupted to where people can no longer afford to pay taxes the government
crumbles, and when that happens the social structure collapses. The higher the
unemployment rate, the lower the tax base and when it is too low the government
attempts to raise taxes on the remaining workers – a fatal Rx.
Today’s social dependency has become frightening; as a society we cannot live off
our own land (no more chickens in the back yard), we must purchase almost all food
items from a grocery store, gas from a gas station, clothes from a clothing store,
water from the water company and power from the power company. In an economic
meltdown none of these can be considered reliable. You couldn’t even escape a
major city to do your own thing – rather, you might be stuck where you are. And to
add insult to injury when there are no taxes to pay for the trash collectors you might
experience what New York City did once – walk out your front door just to find six feet
of garbage piled up all the way down the street, and this was just a union strike.
Imagine what would happen in a collapse of our social systems.
Industry and government have put the lives of all in financial jeopardy by destroying
the citizen’s asset base in property and equities, and this through excessive taxation
and unwise governance. The higher and more complex a state becomes the wiser
and more experienced it leaders have to be, and underling all of this belies the
mandate to proceed slowly, deliberatively, and soundly. Today’s societies are not
heeding the advice of our revelation but rather deliberately ignoring it, for our
Melchizedeks have plainly advised us to concern ourselves with the following:
“Democracy, while an ideal, is a product of civilization, not of evolution. Go
slowly! Select carefully! For the dangers of democracy are:
 1.   Glorification of mediocrity.
 2.    Choice of base and ignorant rulers.
 3.   Failure to recognize the basic facts of social evolution
 4.   Danger of universal suffrage in the hands of uneducated and indolent
 5.   Slavery to public opinion; the majority is not always right.”