Quarterly Report  July, August, September 2009  
   Is the End of the Age in Sight?

As civilizations progress the behavioral parameters comprise the decorum of the
state – that which is expected of a higher civilization. When the propriety of the state
melts, which it is beginning to do, the state collapses, something presently society is
allowing it to do. It is unfortunate, but we appear to be exceeding the limits of
deviation from our social parameters thus throwing us into a socio/economic turmoil
that just might be inextricable, affording us no time to correct our mistakes and
leading us into an economic maelstrom virtually capable of swallowing up the cultural
environment we have so long enjoyed; something that may elicit dire consequences
for all of America. And all because we have allowed ourselves to be governed by
certain leaders seemingly incapable of rendering wise decisions, largely due to the
immaturity of self interests which is evidently inhibiting intelligent and objective
insight. These same irresponsible people have continued to advance society with
spontaneous legislation devoid of intelligent planning. Legislators no longer study or
even read, for that matter, the lengthy plans they vote into laws, laws that affect the
entire populous. They are exceeding the parameters. This is noted because it is of
great concern to the Melchizadek order, as it was they who indited paper 71 from
which this material is largely derived. Melchizadeks are the wise teachers of Nebadon
who are foretelling us of the repercussions stemming from the unwise decisions we
will inevitably make when not heeding the dangers of democracy as outlined on the
bottom of page 801.
REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT - 801) Other areas providing insight to social
direction are contained under MATERIALISM on page 2076, THE VULNERABILITY
TO SURVIVE (it is only 71/2 pages). The last two pages list twelve conditions under
“THE CHARCTER OF STATEHOOD” that we should have done something about
years ago, but again little attention has been paid to the implementation of the twelve
cited requirements for intelligent statehood except for several in the first half. But
even there, number four concerning the ability of the citizenry to control the levying of
taxes, leaves us at the starting gate.
 The conditions presented last month elicited problems in our society that parrelled
those contributing to the fall of Rome. Our revelation on page 801 mentions that,

“the harm to the Roman world consisted not so much in the particular
reforms themselves but rather in the sudden and extensive manner of their
adoption. The collapse of Rome indicates what may be expected when a
state undergoes too rapid extension associated with internal degeneration
Well, there is certainly no doubt that we are experiencing the internal degeneracy
spoken of here, the only question is: are we proceeding too fast with the changes we
are adopting? Most thinking Americans believe we are. The book elucidates what
happens when states (countries) fail and even informs us of the deleterious
conditions to look out for in a democracy – none of which we seem to be taking
seriously. Of the five dangers to watch out for, presented on page 801, we are
currently taking not even one seriously. There was a time when our country took
them very seriously but that time has come and gone many years ago. Our values
have become overly-distorted and unless we come to our senses we could easily go
the way of Rome.