Quarterly Report  July, August, September 2009  
   Is the End of the Age in Sight?

The longest surviving culture on Urantia was the culture of Dalamatia, lasting almost
three hundred thousand years, a society that came to a sudden and rather inglorious
end when the Urantia ruler decided to cast his lot with the traitorous Lucifer. The first
great planetary ruler (Caligastia) embraced the Lucifer manifesto (Pg. 603) without
hesitation, thereby entering into a contemptuous relationship with his Creator and
Universe Ruler – Michael.         
“In looking back over the long career of Caligastia, we find only one outstanding
feature of his conduct that might have challenged attention; he was ultra-
He was inclined to take sides with almost every party of protest, and he was usually
sympathetic with those who gave mild expression to implied criticism. We detect the
appearance of this tendency to be restless under authority, to mildly resent all forms
of supervision…”
(Pg. 752) Sound familiar?
“From the arrival of Prince Caligastia, planetary civilization progressed in a fairly
normal manner for almost three hundred thousand years…”
“All subsequent history has been definitely modified by this catastrophic blunder…”
Many people again feel that we are on the verge of a catastrophic blunder! The next
three or four years ought to tell the tale.
Essentially the ethics, morals and values of major world civilizations become
determiners of the longevity of an age. If things are going according to the divine
plan the culture is sustained until a divine personage appears to upgrade the
advancement of the culture; we have had several already. If things aren’t going well
at a specific time the age could well end – one way or another.
 “It is not what a state is but what it does that determines the source of social
evolution. And after all, no state can transcend the moral values of its citizenry as
exemplified in their chosen leaders. Ignorance and selfishness will insure the downfall
of even the highest type of government.”
The ideal state functions under the impulse of three mighty and coordinated drives:
1.        Love loyalty derived from the realization of human brotherhood.
2.        Intelligent patriotism based on wise ideals.
3.        Cosmic insight interpreted in terms of planetary facts, needs, and goals.”
It doesn’t appear to me that we are doing any of the above; neither have we
progressed very far with our degenerate stock. And, of course the society is still
ignorant and selfish.
“No society has progressed very far when it permits idleness or tolerates poverty.
But poverty and dependence can never be eliminated if the defective and
degenerate stocks are freely supported and permitted to reproduce without restraint.”
“Social evolution should be encouraged by governmental supervision which
exercises a minimum of regulative control. The state is best which co-ordinates most
while governing least.”
It seems we are going in the other direction. Is it any wonder
why we are where we are? The world today appears to be somewhere between the
vast expanse of the dark ages and the coming age of enlightenment. It could be that
this age has run its course and it is now time for the beginning of a new age, the age
of enlightenment. The end of an age could cause misery for millions of people, but
might also allow for the divine intervention the planet sorely needs – the long awaited
spiritual renaissance.