Quarterly Report  July, August, September 2009  
   Is the End of the Age in Sight?

While many of the Urantia book readers concern themselves principally with what the
midwayers have deemed the most important papers – the Jesus papers (comprising
about 1/3 of the book); not to be overlooked is the other 2/3 of a very important
revelation, also deemed essential for our understanding for the next 1,000 years; it is
the book as a whole in the context presented that the authors want us to study, from
beginning to end. And as varied as the revelation is, all of it is considered perusable
knowledge for every mortal to aid in the augmentation of the human intellect as well
as guiding us in the advancement of the human soul.
Apart from the spiritual values we derive from the Jesus papers the revelation
enlightens us with knowledge of our origin and destiny, it even presents us with an
awareness of a pre-existing age, a replete cosmology and cosmography expatiating
the organization and size of the universe along with an understanding of the
relationship of a variety of entities serving the universe – some of which are on our
own world. Sorting out the information presented in this extensive revelation requires
time and energy; the book is not one where any individual can facilitate a synthesis of
the data without extensive correlation of thought – many hours of study. One of the
many sections of this revelation that is especially relevant to the times is its
elaboration on the conditions for the social development of the state (pg. 800), along
with suggestions on how to sustain the states survivability into the future. There are
several areas of the revelation that enumerate conditions that must be implemented
for the social structure to maintain its viability – something we cannot deviate too far
from without facing inevitable negative social consequences, even to the extent of
It appears that there are limitations and conditions for each age with definitive
parameters of social behavior for the development of society which if not met within a
prescribed time frame might bring an end to the age. It makes sense that the world
could not go on forever allowing hostile nations with insane leaders to continue to
develop weaponry that could eventually annihilate the rest of the world. One way or
another self destruction comes to an end.
The success or lack thereof is influenced by the succession of leaders of the world
through positive or negative contributions. Their measurable conduct is influenced
by: decision making aimed at what hopefully they perceive to be an intelligent social
direction, foresight in the organization and governance of the rules of conduct (laws)
within their society, establishment of rational and appropriate jurisprudence, and not
to be overlooked, the integrity of leadership regarding fair legislation and its
enforcement; and foremost, within advanced societies an understanding of the
interrelationship and interdependence of diverse world social orders, and the
necessity for preserving world peace to the extent that these orders may have to
relinquish elements of autonomy in order to sustain survival.       
“The degree of a world’s culture is measured by the social heritage of its native
beings and the rate of cultural expansion wholly determined by the ability of its
inhabitants to comprehend new and advanced ideas”. (Pg.749-3)