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By now most of our readers can’t help but recognize the fickleness of the world economy and the
precariousness of its future – the fact is the world is both financially and spiritually breaking up; the
entire world is out of sync with little chance of precipitating harmony prior to an all out decay. Much
of the future decay will stem from the brazenness of current world leaders, especially our own, who
maintain an insistency to assert political viewpoints contrary to the will of the people – viewpoints not
well thought out, and in the ultimate analysis will prove detrimental to all mankind.
We have reported on the probability of a new age to commence in the near future in our Interim
Report “Is Now the Time” – Part one, March ‘09 and Part two, April ‘09. And we have reported that
the human management of world affairs is still declining and if not reversed soon, the consequences
will be disastrous – of epic proportions.
While the world continues to disintegrate and as despair pervades the material order, there is a ray
of hope permeating our spiritual domains. We can take comfort in knowing that while isolated from
the rest of the universe we are not alone—there is an extensive spiritual hierarchy well established
and set in place on our quarantined world, and it is this ray of sunshine that will encompass the body
of this report.
We have previously reported on the rationale for global change necessitating a trans-valuation of
values in both spiritual and material domains – recognition of the transcendence of the spiritual over
the material and a new awareness of the importance of the development of a service motive over the
profit motive in all human affairs. This is an evolutionary must according to the Urantia revelation if
the culture is to advance – greed, avarice and ego recognition representing the core problems to
our decline.
Human selfishness with its accompanying lack of brotherly love and attitude of “one-up-man-ship”, or
superiority by virtue of wealth and community standing is the underlying problem to the decay of
superior civilization, along with the misguided perpetuation of the unfit and degenerative stocks
within both advanced and fledging societies.
The remainder of this report will be almost entirely from the Urantia book as it relates to the spiritual
management of our planet. It will be presented in quotes exactly as presented by the author – in this
case the Chief of Seraphim stationed on our planet (Urantia).
There is hope for the survival of planetary civilization, but huge modifications are essential, we are
told, if disaster is to be avoided. The present political modifications are basically a hindrance to
further progress, and actually are taking us so far backwards that we might end up, in the interim, as
a third world society. These are not the modifications mentioned in the revelation. The modifications
mentioned, if implemented, would have solved most of society’s problems and set us on a path
towards world harmony, but as we have mentioned previously, the only salient question is: Are we
too late? The only time   constraints to a specific planetary age are whether the certain
accomplishments have been fulfilled within the parameters allowed. We, according to the revelation
are already over one dispensation behind where we should be, causing many to wonder: Are we
near the end of the Post Bestowal Age and about ready to enter a new age?


Celestial entities don’t sleep – they are on the planet in prodigious numbers, almost rivaling the
number of the mortal population and they work assiduously for the spiritual advancement of
collective human societies. They work for the experiential spiritual upliftment of the individual as well
as the group – their work for the most part proceeds almost entirely unnoticed by human analysis.
On our website we have a paper titled “Who’s Overseeing the Asylum” wherein we have provide a
condensed report of the many entities currently overseeing our planet. For those with computers the
site is urantiareadersintl.com. Look under essays.

                                SERAPHIC PLANETARY GOVERNMENT

Excerpts from paper 114 [Presented by the chief of Seraphim stationed on Urantia]

“The Most Highs rule in the kingdoms of men through many celestial forces and agencies but chiefly
through the ministry of seraphim.
At noon today the roll call of planetary angels, guardians, and others on Urantia was 501,234,619
pairs of seraphim. There were assigned to my command two hundred seraphic hosts—597,196,800
pairs of seraphim, or 1,194,393,600 individual angels. The registry however shows 1,002,496,238
individuals; it follows therefore that 191,924,326 angels were absent from this world on transport,
messenger, and death duty. (On Urantia there are about the same number of cherubim as seraphim,
and they are similarly organized.)” (Page 1250)
I might add that this was prior to 1935 when the
world population was only about 2,000,000,000, and according to this report the Angelic population
inclusive of seraphim, cherubim, and sanobim was about two billion, equaling the numbers of
mortals. Today with a world population exceeding 6 billion it can be assumed that the population of
angels could also be 6 billion.  
“Seraphim and their associated cherubim have much to do with the details of the superhuman
government of a planet, especially of worlds which have been isolated by rebellion. The angels, ably
assisted by the midwayers, function on Urantia as the actual supermaterial ministers who execute the
mandates of the resident governor general and all his associates and subordinates. Seraphim as a
class are occupied with many assignments other than those of personal and group guardianship.
Urantia is now without proper and effective supervision from the system, constellation, and universe
rulers. But the planetary government is unlike that of any other world in the Satania system, even in
all Nebadon. This uniqueness in your plan of supervision is due to a number of unusual
1.        The life modification status of Urantia
2.        The exigencies of the Lucifer rebellion.
3.        The disruptions of the Adamic default
4.        The irregularities growing out of the fact that Urantia was one of the bestowal worlds of the
Universe Sovereign. Michael of Nebadon is the Planetary Prince of Urantia.
5.        The special function of the twenty-four planetary directors.
6.        The location on the planet of an archangels’ circuit.
7.        The more recent designation of the onetime incarnated Machiventa Melchizedek as
vicegerent Planetary Prince.” (Pg. 1250)


“The original sovereignty of Urantia was held in trust by the sovereign of the Satania system. It was
first delegated by him to a joint commission of Melchizedeks and Life Carriers, and this group
functioned on Urantia until the arrival of the regularly constituted Planetary Prince. Subsequent to
the downfall of Prince Caligastia, at the time of the Lucifer rebellion, Urantia had no sure and settled
relationship with the local universe and its administrative divisions until the completion of Michael’s
bestowal in the flesh, when he was proclaimed, by the Union of Days, Planetary Prince of Urantia.
Such a proclamation in surety and in principle forever settled the status of your world, but in practice
the Sovereign Creator Son made no gesture of personal administration of the planet aside from the
establishment of the Jerusem commission of twenty-four former Urantians with authority to represent
him in the government of Urantia and all other quarantined planets in the system. One of this council
is now always resident on Urantia as resident governor general.
Vicegerent authority to act for Michael as Planetary Prince has been recently vested in Machiventa
Melchizedek, but this Son of the local universe has made not the slightest move toward modifying the
present planetary regime of the successive administrations of the resident governors general.
There is little likelihood that any marked change will be made in the government of Urantia during the
present dispensation unless the vicegerent Planetary Prince should arrive to assume his titular
responsibilities. It appears to certain of our associates that at some time in the near future the plan
of sending one of the twenty-four counselors to Urantia to act as governor general will be
superseded by the formal arrival of Machiventa Melchizadek with the vicegerent mandate of the
sovereignty of Urantia. As acting Planetary Prince he would undoubtedly continue in charge of the
planet until the final adjudication of the Lucifer rebellion and probably on into the distant future of
planetary settlement in light and life.
Some believe that Machiventa will not come to take personal direction of Urantian affairs until the
end of the current dispensation. Others hold that the vicegerent Prince may not come, as such, until
Michael sometime returns to Urantia as he promised when still in the flesh. Still others, including this
narrator, look for Melchizedek’s appearance any day or hour.”


“Since the times of Michael’s bestowal on your world the general management of Urantia has been
intrusted to a special group on Jerusem of twenty-four onetime Urantians. Qualification for
membership on this commission is unknown to us, but we have observed that those who have been
thus commissioned have all been contributors to the enlarging sovereignty of the Supreme in the
system of Satania. By nature they were all real leaders when they functioned on Urantia, and
(excepting Machiventa Melchizedek) these qualities of leadership have been further augmented by
mansion world experience and supplemented by the training of Jerusem citizenship. Members are
nominated to the twenty-four by a cabinet of Lanaforge, seconded by the Most High of Edentia,
approved by the Assigned Sentinel of Jerusem, and appointed by Gabriel of Salvington in
accordance with the mandate of Michael. The temporary appointees function just as fully as do the
permanent members of this commission of special supervisors.
This board of planetary directors is especially concerned with the supervision of those activities on
this world which result from the fact that Michael here experienced his terminal bestowal. They are
kept in close and immediate touch with Michael by the liaison activities of a certain Brilliant Evening
Star, the identical being who attended upon Jesus throughout the mortal bestowal.
At the present time one John, known to you as the “the Baptist,” is chairman of this council when it is
in session on Jerusem. But the ex officio head of this council is the Assigned Sentinel of Satania, the
direct and personal representative of the Associate Inspector on Salvington and of the Supreme
Executive of Orvonton.
The members of this same commission of former Urantians also act as advisory supervisors of the
thirty-six other rebellion-isolated worlds of the system; they perform a very valuable service in
keeping Lanaforge, the System Sovereign, in close and sympathetic touch with the affairs of these
planets, which still remain more or less under the overcontrol of the Constellation Fathers of
Norlatiadek. These twenty-four coun- selors make frequent trips as individuals to each of the
quarantined planets, especially to Urantia.
Each of the other isolated worlds is advised by similar and varying sized commissions of its onetime
inhabitants, but these other commissions are subordinate to the Urantian group of twenty-four. While
the members of the latter commission are thus actively interested in every phase of human progress
on each quarantined world in Satania, they are especially and particularly concerned with the
welfare and advancement of the mortal races of Urantia, for they immediately and directly supervise
the affairs of none of the planets except Urantia, and even here their authority is not complete
excepting in certain domains concerned with mortal survival.
The present resident governor general of Urantia seems inclined to the opinion that all but
Machiventa may be released for Paradise ascension the moment the system of Satania is restored
to the constellation circuits. But other opinions are also current.”


“Every one hundred years of Urantia time, the Jerusem corps of twenty-four planetary supervisors
designate one of their number to sojourn on your world to act as their executive representative, as
resident governor general. During the times of the preparation of these narratives this executive
officer was changed, the nineteenth so to serve being succeeded by the twentieth.

The resident governor general has no actual personal authority in the management of world affairs
except as the representative of the twenty-four Jerusem counselors. He acts as the coordinator of
superhuman administration and is the respected head and universally recognized leader of the
celestial beings functioning on Urantia. All orders of angelic hosts regard him as their co-ordination
Although the governor general does not possess actual and personal authority on the planet, he
hands down scores of rulings and decisions each day which are accepted as final by all personalities
concerned. He is much more of a fatherly adviser than a technical ruler…”
The supermaterial government of Urantia does not maintain a very close organic relationship with
the higher units of the local universe. In a way, the resident governor general represents Salvington
as well as Jerusem since he acts on behalf of the twenty-four counselors who are directly
representative of Michael and Gabriel. And being a Jerusem citizen, the planetary governor can
function as a spokesman for the System Sovereign. The constellation authorities are represented
directly by a Vorondadek Son, the Edentia observer.”

Rather than follow my generalized syllabus which, while following the book exactly, would make the
report far too long, at this point I would prefer to borrow from our previous report on the “Overseers”,
which offers a much condensed outline of just some of the spiritual entities presently engaged in the
advancement of mankind, and who happen to be residing on the planet at the present time.


Tabamantia (Pg. 1189)
The sovereign supervisor of all life experiment planets in the universe of Nebadon (every 10th planet
in our universe is an experimental world). He addresses himself to the planetary chief of Thought
Adjusters (Personalized) which are assigned to planets as supervisor of all Adjusters. He makes
periodic inspections to Urantia and has been here fairly recently.

Guardian Angels (Pg. 1241-1242)
Are assigned to humans in accordance with human intelligence, spirituality, and destiny. They are
devoted to the ministry to individual mortals, for whose elevation and perfection all of the vast
survival scheme of spiritual progression has been provided.

Archangels (Pg. 408)
There are about 800,000 Archangels in Nebadon (currently embraces close to 4 million inhabited
planets). They are the highest type of high spirit being produced in large numbers in a local
universe. They are dedicated to the work of creature survival and to the furtherance of the
ascending career of the mortals of time and space.

Seraphim (Pg. 422)
Seraphim with the associated cherubim and sanobim constitute the angelic corps of the local
universe. They are all fairly uniform in design, showing a minimum of variation throughout all seven
superuniverses. At the time of the reception of the revelation (1934-1935) there were about one
billion in service on Urantia with an equal number of cherubim and sanobim.

Cherubim and Sanobim (Pg. 422)
These are the faithful and efficient aids of the seraphic ministers, and all seven orders of seraphim
are provided with these subordinate assistants. They are routine spirit workers on the individual
worlds of the systems. They are by nature very near the morontial level of existence, and they prove
to be most efficient in the borderland work of the physical, morontial, and spiritual domains.

Resident Governor General (Pg. 1252)
Mentioned above

Board of Planetary Supervisors (Pg. 1251)
Mentioned above – John the Baptist is currently chairman of a council of 24 onetime Urantians.

Planetary Government (Pg. 1254)
Mentioned above – The 24 counselors come the nearest to being the legislative branch of the
planetary government. The absence of the Planetary Prince (Michael/Jesus) and the Material Son
and Daughter (Adam and Eve) is partially compensated by the special ministry of seraphim and by
the unusual services of the midway creatures and most effectively compensated by the triune
presence of the Archangels, the Most High Observer, and the Governor General.
Each administrative day on Urantia begins with a consultative conference, which is attended by the
governor general, the planetary chief of archangels, the Most High Observer, the supervising
supernaphim, the chief of resident Life Carriers, and invited guests from among the High Sons of the
universe or from among certain of the student visitors who may chance to be sojourning on the
The direct administrative cabinet of the governor general consists of twelve seraphim, the acting
chiefs of the twelve groups of special angels functioning as the immediate superhuman directors of
planetary progress and stability.

Most High Observer (Pg. 1253)
There is still resident on Urantia a Verondadek Son, an observer for the Most Highs of Edentia, a
trustee of planetary Sovereignty. He is the 23rd to serve on Urantia. The race commissioners are
very active on Urantia, and their various group chiefs are informally attached to the resident
Verondadek observer, who acts as their advisory director. A Most High Observer is empowered, at
his discretion, to seize the planetary government in times of grave planetary crisis, and it is of record
that this has happened 33 times in the history of Urantia. Most Highs can intervene at any time in the
affairs of the inhabited worlds, interposing the superior wisdom of the constellation rulers in the
affairs of the kingdoms of men.

Master Seraphim of Planetary Supervision (Pg. 1254)
These beings comprise a council of twelve corps of special seraphim functioning under the resident
governing general which are directed by the seraphic council of twelve – the action chiefs of each
These twelve groups of angels, while functioning under the general supervision of the resident
governor general, are immediately directed by the seraphic council of twelve, the acting chiefs of
each group. This council also serves as the volunteer cabinet of the resident governor general.
“As planetary chief of seraphim, I preside over this council of seraphic chiefs. And I am a volunteer
supernaphim of the primary order serving on Urantia as the successor of the onetime chief of the
angelic hosts of the planet who defaulted at the time of the Caligastia secession.”
The twelve corps of the master seraphim of planetary supervision are functional on Urantia (limited
elaboration – Pg. 1255) as follows:

1.        The epochal angels – These are the angels of the current age, the dispensational group.
These celestial ministers are intrusted with the oversight and direction of the affairs of each
generation as they are designed to fit into the mosaic of the age in which they occur.
2.        The progress angels – These seraphim are intrusted with the task of initiating the
evolutionary progress of the successive social ages. They foster the development of the inherent
progressive trend of evolutionary creatures; they labor incessantly to make things what they ought to
3.        The religious guardians – These are the “angels of the churches,” the earnest contenders for
that which is and has been. They endeavor to maintain the ideals of that which has survived for the
sake of the safe transit of moral values from one epoch to another. They are the checkmates of the
angels of progress.
4.        The angels of life – These are the “angels of the trumpets,” directors of the political
performances of Urantia national life.
5.        The angels of the races – Those who work for the conservation of the evolutionary races of
time, regardless of their political entanglements and religious groupings. On Urantia there are
remnants of nine human races which have commingled and combined into the people of modern
6.        The angels of the future – These are the projection angels, who forecast a future age and
plan for the realization of the better things of a new and advancing dispensation; they are the
architects of the successive eras.
7.        The angels of enlightenment – Urantia is now receiving the help of the third corps of seraphim
dedicated to the fostering of planetary education.
8.        The angels of health – These are the seraphic ministers assigned to the assistance of those
mortal agencies dedicated to the promotion of health and the prevention of disease.
9.        The home seraphim – Urantia now enjoys the services of the fifth group of angelic ministers
dedicated to the preservation and advancement of the home, the basic institution of human
10.        The angels of industry – This seraphic group is concerned with fostering industrial
development and improving economic conditions among the Urantia peoples.
11.        The angels of diversion – These are the seraphim who foster the values of play, humor, and
rest. They ever seek to uplift man’s recreational diversions and thus to promote the more profitable
utilization of human leisure.
12.        The angels of superhuman ministry – These are the angels of the angels, those seraphim
who are assigned to the ministry of all other superhuman life on the planet, temporary or permanent.
This corps has served since the beginning of the current dispensation.

Planetary Helpers (Pg. 436)
The majority of these seraphim were removed from the planet upon the collapse of the Adamic
regime, but those who remain function in the following categories: Voices of the Garden, Spirits of
Brotherhood, Souls of Peace, Spirits of Trust, Transporters, Recorders and Reserves. One such
being is Vevona (A soul of peace – Pg. 437) who when Michael (Jesus) was born, heralded to the
worlds as the leader of the angelic host, “Glory to God in Havona and on earth peace and good will
among men.”

In the more advanced epochs of planetary evolution these seraphim are instrumental in supplanting
the atonement idea by the concept of divine attunement as a philosophy of mortal survival.

Transition Ministers (Pg. 439)
As their name might suggest, seraphim of transitional ministry serve wherever they can contribute to
creature transition from the material to the spiritual estate. They serve from the inhabited worlds to
the system capital. These angels serve as: Seraphic Eveangels, Racial Interpreters, Mind Planners,
Morontian Counselors, Technicians, Recorders, Teachers and Ministering Reserves.

Frandalanks (Pg. 328)
The most numerous of all the Master Physical Controllers; the number functioning in Satania alone is
beyond our numerical comprehension. They are stationed on all inhabited worlds. They are
classified as living machines.

Reserve Corps of Destiny (Pg. 1257)
A corps of mortal destiny consisting of living men and women admitted to the special services of
superhuman administration of world affairs. Mortals of the realm are chosen for service in the
reserve corps of destiny on the inhabited worlds because of:
  1. Special capacity for being secretly rehearsed for numerous possible emergency missions…
  2. Wholehearted dedication to some special social, economic, political, spiritual or other cause…
  3. Possession of a Thought Adjuster of extraordinary versatility…

In addition to the above we have serving our planet: Material Sons and Daughters, Melchizadek
Sons, Life Carriers, all with subordinate staffs, and many others who are too numerous to mention --
inclusive in the energy domain alone are about a million Energy Transformers working the planets of
Satania (Pg. 326). We also have Energy Transmitters functioning on interplanetary levels. (Pg. 327)
They are an amazing group who function with regard to all forms of communicable perception; they
can render a distant scene “visible” as well as a distant sound “audible”.

Whatever societies do on earth they are being watched very closely by our unseen companions, all
working compassionately for the advancement of mortal life on Urantia. The coming decade may
yield the most bizarre events ever to take place on our planet, therefore our duty as individuals is to
surrender to our innermost spiritual strivings in order to stabilize ourselves emotionally, and balance
our lives in harmonious accord with the spiritual forces scarcely outside our range of vision. The
belief in their existence is what constitutes our “agondonter” status (believing without seeing), and it
is this status that is the very reason so few of us have had real contact with the other side. Like the
Council of 24, we can all do something to improve our own contribution to the growth of the
Supreme. Shouldn’t we therefore be signing on with the program – the program to advance the
spiritual reality of human existence? There has to be a counterbalance to the gross secular order
which currently is proceeding toward oblivion, all the while paying little heed to any semblance of
spiritual values, thus unwittingly destroying, ever so quickly, the very civilization that has taken us
thousands of years to build.
“A lasting social system without a morality predicated on spiritual realities can no more be maintained
than could the solar system without gravity”. (U.B. 2075)
“Sooner or later all universe personalities begin to realize that the final quest of eternity is the
endless exploration of infinity, the never-ending voyage of discovery into the absoluteness of the
First Source and Center.”
(Pg. 1174)
Our intent here is to provide an incursion into the depths of one’s sub-conscious in an effort to tap
the spiritual resources that lie dormant within, so as to bring a new realization of a world of spiritual
realities that will ultimately direct the human soul (a real and evolving entity) to the attainment of
spirit supremacy in the personality arena and bring such beings one step nearer the comprehension
of the Father-infinite.
Our material order (worldwide) is on the verge of collapse; an assault on our spiritual senses is what
is needed to direct our material decisions in getting humanity back on track, so when we say “thy
kingdom come, thy will be done”, we have implemented it and can truly mean it; until then we have
only our disintegrating kingdom and our own foolish will to rule over a meaningless existence.
Currently we are in the Post Bestowal Age, an age when a Magisterial Son, or in our case, a Creator
Son bestows himself upon the planet to present new moral truths for the guidance of mankind –
truths we have failed miserably to follow. The United States was initiated with a bang as the greatest
nation is the world; let’s not go out with an antithetical bang, ending in abject failure – in total
collapse, which is where the global compass is presently displaying our direction.
It is generally conceded among open minded religionist that spiritual stagnation and philosophic
divisiveness have impaired social progress to a point that:
“Institutional religion is now caught in the
stalemate of a vicious circle. It cannot reconstruct society without first reconstructing itself; and being
so much an integral part of the established order, it cannot reconstruct itself until society has been
radically reconstructed.”
“Institutional religion cannot afford inspiration and provide leadership in this impending world-wide
social reconstruction and economic reorganization because it has unfortunately become more or
less of an organic part of the social order and the economic system which is destined to undergo
reconstruction. Only the real religion of personal spiritual experience can function helpfully and
creatively in the present crisis of civilization.”
“True religion is a meaningful way of living dynamically face to face with the common place realities
of everyday life. But if religion is to stimulate individual development of character and augment
integration of personality, it must not be standardized. If it is to stimulate evaluation of experience
and serve as a value-lure, it must not be stereotyped, if religion is to promote supreme loyalties, it
must not be formalized.”
“Religionists must function in society, in industry, and in politics as individuals, not as groups,
parties, or institutions. A religious group which presumes to function as such, apart from religious
activities, immediately becomes a political party, an economic organization, or a social institution.
Religious collectivism must confine its efforts to the furtherance of religious causes.”
“Religionists are of no more value in the task of social reconstruction than nonreligionists except in
so far as their religion has conferred upon them enhanced cosmic foresight and endowed them with
that superior social wisdom which is born of the sincere desire to love God supremely and to love
every man as a brother in the heavenly kingdom. An ideal social order is that in which every man
loves his neighbor as he loves himself.”
“The institutionalized church may have appeared to serve society in the past by glorifying the
established political and economic orders, but it must speedily cease such action if it is to survive.”
“Modern religion finds it difficult to adjust its attitude toward the rapidly shifting social changes only
because it has permitted itself to become so thoroughly traditionalized, dogmatized, and
institutionalized. The religion of living experience finds no difficulty in keeping ahead of all these
social developments and economic upheavals, amid which it ever functions as a moral stabilizer,
social guide, and spiritual pilot.”
True religion carries over from one age to another the worth-while culture and that wisdom which is
born of the experience of knowing God and striving to be like him.
These last 8 paragraphs were presented by a Melchizedek residing in our universe in 1934; he may
well have been in Chicago at the time. Some of these celestial beings traveling at three times the
speed of light have taken over 90 days to get here. They come from far and wide to get here only to
serve the interests of mankind and to contribute to the growth of the Supreme Being. Once one has
been convinced that they are real, one can only crave to know what they want us to know.
Most of us have read the book over and over many times and now that the Foundation reports that
the Urantia book is in 15 languages we have over a million readers worldwide, most of which are
completely fascinated with the revelation – keep reading!

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