Quarterly Report  January, February, March, ‘10                                        
                                              POST PLANETARY EPOCHS    

It is our belief that terrible consequences will befall the planet before the arrival of any teachers of

We could get a Melchizadek Son of local universe creation, another appearance from Adam and
Eve, or a Paradise Son such as a Magisterial Son, even an appearance by Michael, leaving
spiritual entities on the planet until things are in order. The planet has previously been taken over
by a Vorondadek--Most High 23 times under emergency conditions, so it is not without precedent
that one could appoint a Lanonandek as an interim planetary ruler to work with the United Midwayer
Corps and perhaps even the Reserve corps until the arrival of the Avonal Son, or as a planetary
Prince (Secondary Lanonandek) working concurrently with an Avonal Son and auxiliary staff.

Well, the long and short of it is, that left to our own devices we are going nowhere. To list the
problems we face internationally including the backward sentiments regarding the control of
defectives, and degenerates, the lack of a brotherhood understanding (the eventual spiritual
unification of all humanity), the recognition of Michael as the absolute sovereign of this universe
and creator/ruler of our planetary life, stabilizing a universal monetary system, establishing a
universal language, to name just some of the less superficial problems, might take us an eternity to
resolve without intervention.  We are FAR closer to blowing ourselves into an asteroid belt than
creating a panacea or some form of utopian society. It’s not a bad idea to pray for divine
intervention in our spare moments.

We are not alone – our planet is closely watched and monitored around the clock.  And while
anything can happen materially or spiritually, whatever happens, our individual destinies are
assured if we are living a life in concert with the teachings of our savior.  Jesus has promised to
return and according to our revelation no one knows when:
“That promise he will certainly fulfill, but
no one knows whether his second coming will precede or follow the appearances of Magisterial or
Teacher Sons on Urantia.”
Let’s pray for whoever they send. We are in no position to be choosy
unless they try to send Muhammad, and if that happens I’m getting the hell out of here.  

Be of good cheer and look for the good in all things ---- Dick Ziglar

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