Quarterly Report  January, February, March, ‘10                                        
                                              POST PLANETARY EPOCHS    

In holding to the brevity of this report I have omitted many of the failed expectations as well as the
successes of these dispensations which would have undoubtedly lent  greater clarity to our
understanding as to just how far we are from the real universe. To say that we are a dispensation
behind normal worlds is to analogously imply that we have flunked kindergarten 5 or 6 times.
Compared to the rest of the normal universe we are 12 year olds still in bliss of kindergarten. The
normal kids have already advanced to the intermediate school. I must say, however, owing to the
insurmountable conditions faced by our Adamic couple, prior to a near fatal mistake, they did
undertake everything possible to achieve the cultural standards of a normal sphere. In the
preceding five hundred thousands years the forces working against Michael’s rule bear the
responsibility for our extended stay in kindergarten, and I speak of course of a spiritual
kindergarten. In recent times modern generations have made great material strides, but these could
soon appear meaningless since these advancements have been so devoid of accompanying
spiritual values.

If Adam and Eve had paid greater attention to the consequences of default the Adamic age would
presently be in full swing with an entirely different social outcome than we experience today. If the
Roman Empire and the Jewish Sanhedrin were truly inspired by spiritual values Jesus might have
remained much longer on the planet.  Think what would have happened if he spent time in Arabia.
We actually may have had a few real civilizations evolving in the area and dopey Muhammad would
have been unable to initiate a counter religion to Christianity (Islam), which is now bent on world
dominance. Bear in mind a peaceful Muslim is a hypocrite; about the same as an anti-gun advocate
joining the NRA. ISLAM is NOT a peaceful religion, no matter how many times you hear it from
people who know nothing about it. It was founded on militarism and remains so today. At the time of
this writing one Muslim just ran over his wife and daughter because they desired to embrace
Christian values. Another threatened to kill his daughter because she embarrassed the family by
becoming a Christian, and even another today shot 43 people, killing 12 of them for no other
reason than they weren’t Muslims; and one was executed this week for having killed his wife for a
mild infraction of Islamic law – she embraced the teachings of Christ. The above is mentioned here
because Islam, at this time, imposes a serious worldwide threat to the entire international Christian
community; a community established after the teachings of a Universe Creator Son, as oppose to
the demented mind of a mad egocentric Arabian.  To have half the world’s religious devotees
embrace the teachings of a delusional self-proclaimed prophet over those magnanimous teachings
of a real Son of God, merely points out how crazy our planet really is. Muhammad has unified
Arabia with a religion – has given them a pastime and something to live for, but to establish one’s
own religion and then have the temerity to outlaw the teachings of Jesus, in favor of your own
backward teachings, ascribed to a fictional God, perhaps shows why we are still in kindergarten,
why the rest of the universe has sailed past us.

Having mentioned briefly the Magisterial Sons (replaced by the short life of Jesus) and the great
spiritual ideals they bring to the planet, we will proceed directly to the post bestowal age, keeping in
mind that these Magisterial Sons  may come at a later date to our planet to rectify mistakes made in
the previous defaults.


“When a certain standard of intellectual and spiritual development is attained on an inhabited world,
a Paradise bestowal Son always arrives. On normal worlds he does not appear in the flesh until the
races have ascended to the highest levels of intellectual development and ethical attainment. But
on Urantia the bestowal Son, even your own Creator Son, appeared at the close of the Adamic
dispensation, but that is not the usual order of events on the worlds of space.”

“When the worlds have become ripe for spiritualization, the bestowal Son arrives. These Sons
always belong to the Magisterial or Avonal order except in that case, once in each local universe,
when the Creator Son prepares for his terminal bestowal on some