Quarterly Report  January, February, March, ‘10                                        
                                              POST PLANETARY EPOCHS    

“On normal and loyal planets this age opens with the mortal races blended and biological fit.
There are no race or color problems; literally all nations and races are of one blood. The
brotherhood of man flourishes and the nations are learning to live on earth in peace and tranquility.
Such a world stands on the eve of a great and culminating intellectual development.”

We’re only in the first paragraph on the Magisterial age and already the age is defined as having a
flourishing brotherhood of man. Our planet is not even ready for the beginning of a Magisterial son
age, so it is no wonder we have been defined as being out of the ball park – not even in left field --  
more than a full dispensation out of place. This is great news for atheists, secular progressives,
anarchists, the anti-Christ, Marxists, etc., but for God loving people it’s a disaster.

  “The political government and social administration of the races continue to improve, self-
government being fairly well established by the end of this age. By self- government we refer to the
highest type of representative government. Such worlds advance and honor only those leaders and
rulers who are most fit to bear social and political responsibilities.”

This is not happening ubiquitously on our world; in fact many of the world’s leaders lack the wisdom
to run a snow cone machine in the main street square at Disney Land. They are simply inept. In
government, knowledge minus wisdom is a recipe for disaster. There is no greater wisdom imparted
than that provided by the divine personalities sent to our planet.

“When the Paradise Avonals come to the mortal spheres on judicial actions, solely as dispensation
adjudicators, they are never incarnated.” (Come in a spiritual form) “But when they come on
magisterial missions, at least the initial one, they are always incarnated, though they do not
experience birth, neither do they die the death of the realm.”
(Appear in the flesh)

“The termination of this age, on an ideal world, witnesses the fullness of a great religious
awakening, a world-wide spiritual enlightenment. And this extensive arousal of the spiritual natures
of the races is the signal for the arrival of the bestowal Son and for the inauguration of the fifth
mortal epoch.”

 “On many worlds it develops that the planet is not made ready for a bestowal Son by one
magisterial mission; in that event there will be a second, even a succession of Magisterial Sons,
each of whom will advance the races from one dispensation to another until the planet is made
ready for the gift of the bestowal Son. On the second and subsequent missions the Magisterial
Sons may or may not be incarnated. But no matter how many Magisterial Sons may appear—and
they may also come as such after the bestowal Son—the advent of each one marks the end of one
dispensation and the beginning of another”

It is possible, given our unusual circumstances, and in the face of our insurmountable problems,
that Urantia may receive a temporary Bestowal Son again in the name of Michael of Nebadon, to be
followed by several Magisterial Sons who would remain on the planet with a celestial host large
enough to bust us out of  our dilemma, or the order might be reversed -- finally placing the planet
back on track. However, we might have to experience extremely dire consequences for our
gratifying folly in founding a culture which allowed for the flourishing of greed, avarice, and
corruption, a lack of ethical standards, falsehoods, deceit, and dissimulation, all the while playing
down the spiritual values of ethics, morals, and fair play.  The material order, not having been
governed by an underlying integrity, may soon experience a demise that few people are aware of.