Quarterly Report  January, February, March, ‘10                                        
                                              POST PLANETARY EPOCHS    

and the second dispensation of grace and ministry is inaugurated. This is true of all evolutionary
worlds. When the highest possible level of evolutionary life has been attained, when primitive man
has ascended as far as possible in the biological scale, a Material Son and Daughter always
appear on the planet, having been dispatched by the System Sovereign.”

            “It is the prime purpose of the Adamic regime to influence evolving man to complete the
transit from the hunter and herder stage of civilization to that of the agriculturist and horticulturist,
…Twenty five thousand years of such an administration of the conjoint wisdom of the Planetary
Prince and the Material Sons usually ripens the sphere for the advent of a Magisterial Son.”

            “This age usually witnesses the completion of the elimination of the unfit and the still further
purification of the racial strains; on normal worlds the defective bestial tendencies are very nearly
eliminated from the reproducing stocks of the realm.”

             “…Your world is a full dispensation and more behind the average planetary schedule.”

              “By the end of the Adamic dispensation on a normal planet the races are practically
blended, so that it can be truly proclaimed that “God has made of one blood all the nations”, and
that his Son “has made of one color all peoples.”

We could be considered to be in the middle of this Adamic age were it not for facilitating a switch in
the evolutionary plan by by-passing the appearance of several Magisterial Sons, who are generally
the forerunners to the Bestowal Sons, and are responsible for setting the “tone and timbre” of the
culture for the expectant arrival of a future Bestowal Son.  In this case it was Michael’s intervention
that interceded in place of the Magisterial Sons, probably in an effort to partially compensate for the
serious errors of the previous bestowals – errors which have indelibly left their mark on the world’s
most advanced cultures – a mark that seemingly can’t be erased without some kind of Divine
intervention. So miserable was the legacy left to the Adamic up-lifters that they were often
despondent in assessing how far off the planet was from a normal pattern of evolution. Albeit, as
limited as it was, we are told only that things were a mess (warlike tribes, uneducated-primitive-type
people, no common language, etc.) and that Michael incarnated at the close of this (cut- short)
Adamic dispensation.

Prior to the end of the age of the Adamic couple:
“Great ethical advancement characterizes this
era; the brotherhood of man is the goal of its society. World-wide peace – the cessation of race
conflict and national animosity—is the indicator of planetary ripeness for the advent of the third
order of sonship, the Magisterial Son.”
Unfortunately this was not to be the case on Urantia.

Even though we missed out on the next step in planetary evolution – the bestowal of the successive
missions of the Magisterial Sons, through their absence we will explore what we lost in the way of
benefits by losing those years and years of cultural events that would have evolved civilization to a
level that could more easily have been addressed,  managed and essentially made ready for a
Creator Son to bring about His vision for a planet, readying it for the next age.

The very fact that Jesus lost 99% of his following in Galilee alone, near the time of the ‘feeding of
the fishes, more or less demonstrates the lack of spiritual reality prevalent on the planet, and even
after his messages to this world we have failed to advance very much beyond what societies
spiritually demonstrated and understood in His day.  We are definitely a spiritually retarded planet,
which is evident everywhere one looks. Let’s take a look at what we have missed.