Quarterly Report  January, February, March, ‘10                                        
                                              POST PLANETARY EPOCHS    

5.        Post -- Bestowal Son Man --- Pg. 595 (6,7) 595 (1,3,7,8,9)
6.        Urantia’s Post bestowal Age --- Pg. 597 (l,2)
1.        PRE-PLANETARY PRINCE MAN -- (Primitive Man) – Of no interest in this report.

“With the arrival of the planetary Prince a new
dispensation begins. Government appears on earth, and the advanced tribal epoch is attained.
Great social strides are made during a few thousand years. Under normal conditions mortals attain
a high state of civilization during this age.”

“The average length of this dispensation is around five hundred thousand years, some longer,
some shorter.”

“The evolution of the religious capacity for receptivity in the inhabitants of a world largely
determines their rate of spiritual advancement and the extent of religious revelation.”
            “There uniformly run through all of these racial religions two strains: the early fears of
primitive man and the later revelations of the Planetary Prince. In some respects Urantians do not
seem to have wholly emerged from this stage of planetary evolution. As you pursue this study you
will the more clearly discern how far your world departs from the average course of evolutionary
progress and development.”

             “The races are purified and brought up to a high state of physical perfection and
intellectual strength before the end of this era. The early development of a normal world is greatly
helped by the plan of promoting the increase of the higher types of mortals with proportionate
curtailment of the lower. And it is the failure of your early peoples to thus discriminate between
these types that accounts for the presence of so many defective and degenerate individuals among
the present-day Urantian races.”

             “One of the great achievements of the age of the prince is this restriction of the
multiplication of mentally defective and socially unfit individuals. Long before the arrival of the
seconds Sons, the Adams, most worlds seriously address themselves to the tasks of race
purification, something which the peoples of Urantia have not even yet seriously undertaken”

              “It is neither tenderness nor altruism to bestow futile sympathy upon degenerated human
beings, unsalvable abnormal and inferior mortals.”
In viewing the extrapolations of this first major age we perceive an age between that of primitive
man and the Adamic appearance - what was suppose to usher in an age of physical perfection and
intellectual strength, an age of great biological achievement, something to be further augmented in
the ages to come, but unfortunately things fell sort of flat. In 500,000 years we have failed to take
seriously the problem of curtailing the propagation of degenerate human stock and mental
defectives. Due to our involvement in the Luciferian rebellion we have been set back so far, as to
make it almost impossible for the next age to succeed. So deep was this alignment with those alien
to Michael’s plan that even succeeding ages could face such manifold problems that the success of
any future age could require such an excess in challenges that they might also require divine
intervention to get us back on track. As we will soon see, we have veered so far off the tracks that
we have become a run-away train with a half-dead Engineer at the throttle.

     3.     POST-ADAMIC MAN                    
   “When the original impetus of evolutionary life has run its biologic course, when man has
reached the apex of animal development, there arrives the second order of sonship,