Quarterly Report  January, February, March, ‘10                                        
                                              POST PLANETARY EPOCHS    
The purpose of this report is to inform the readership as to where we might be in the time
relationship of our current dispensation, and what lies ahead. While there are no concrete time
parameters established for a particular dispensation, I feel certain that the post Adamic period was
severely cut short due to the absence of meaningful biological upliftment and true spiritual
advancement in the world population. We are told that Michael’s appearance came at the close of
the Adamic dispensation when very little had been fulfilled to meet dispensational objectives. The
rationale concerning our position will be presented through an analysis of one Urantia paper (paper
52), concomitant with our own special contacts.

The Era of Planetary Ages: In this era of planetary dispensations we will briefly explore some of
the things each of the profiled dispensations attempt to accomplish, and what they represent –
where do we stand in the current one, how do we recognize it, and what repercussions might we be
facing from past failures?

Our concern today is with the question; that while ages vary in length of time, what constitutes
conditions for closing an age and starting a new one; how close are we to the end of this
dispensation and what happens next? Are we closer than one might think even though the age is
relatively new (About two thousand years old)? If there are time constraints limiting a particular age
due to unreasonable inactivity (failure to meet desired objectives) such as happened at the close of
the Adamic age; what happens when the time runs out if we are not ready for the next age? What is
the order of events when we have not fulfilled the obligations of an existing age and the time has
run out for that age for lack of accomplishment; and what are the procedures for interrupting the
age with the intervention of divine personnel without starting a new age, particularly if the age has
come to an end before we are ready for a new age, which appears to be the condition of our
present age. We are apparently living near the beginning of the post era of Michael’s post bestowal
age, but we are informed that the dispensation is out of  the normal sequences of ages and we are
further told only that we are lagging way behind normal worlds; albeit, we know we are over a
dispensation behind normal worlds, so if there is a time allotment for the fulfillment of planetary
objectives, just  how far behind do we have to be before there is divine intervention signaling either
the inauguration of a new dispensation, or that humanity on its own, is incapable of ruling itself  
without precipitating total planetary destruction, necessitating the intervention of spiritual beings
due to the uniqueness of these ages.  The reason this is mentioned is because of our lack of
resemblance to any other world as regards normal progress, and the fact of our being more than a
dispensation out of alignment. We are a special case, and if one looks around enough it appears
quite evident that we now belong in a special category, one in need of special education of sorts.
Our planet possesses an auditory, visual, and kinesthetic, attention deficit disorder, concomitant
with severe memory loss.  We don’t learn from history, we gamble on our leader’s potentials to lead,
and have miserably failed to benefit from past mistakes, and we don’t pay serious and common
sense attention to what’s happening in the present until it’s too late. We may be far closer than we
think for a little extra attention. We believe that our planet has been tested, found wanting, and
ready for special education -- counsel from on High. But as will be mentioned later any divine
counsel may have to await the outcome of our self-imposed decrements. We may first have to
experience the results of cataclysmic consequences.


1.        Primitive man – Not of interest in this report.
2.        Post--Planetary Prince Man --- Pg. 591 -592  Pg.591 (1,2,4,5,)  Pg. 592 (3,5 )
3.        Post – Adamic Man --- Pg. 592 – 594  Pg. 592 ( 6)  Pg. 593 (2,3,4,5,6)
4.        Post – Magisterial Son Man --- Pg.  594 (4) 595 (1,2,3,,4,6,7,) 596 (1,3,6,7,8) 597 (2,3,4)