CLARIFYING SOME ERRORS IN SCRIPTURE
Evolution, the second age of eternity differs markedly from the preceding age (still very
much in existence) in many ways, but the singular notable fact is in the 1st age  its
native inhabitants are designated existential eternal beings of perfection and are
beyond evolution—inherently incapable of error—inerrant beings of perfection status.
While they represent the first age of eternity, being unable to make a mistake they
nevertheless are curious enough to inquire what one-time humans experience through
their evolutionary assent through the universes as they strive to attain the perfect
natures matching that of their heavenly hosts. These are the Havona natives whose
entire existence, we are told, is beyond human comprehension. Their worlds, all one
billion of them, are shared with the one-time mortal inhabitants of the evolutionary
worlds after they have attained perfection status; these stop-off–worlds represent an
intermediate goal of ascended humans on their way to Paradise. Most humans can’t
imagine a billion worlds, all quite different from one another, that operate in total
perfection let alone a population comprised entirely of perfect beings. Both ages are
established by God—one is existential the other experiential.

But, before we launch into an expose of what evolution is or isn’t we should set the
stage by clarifying a few erroneous concepts derived from scripture that have been
accepted by both Christians and Jews as the “gospel truth”—so called truths that have
been derived solely through the error of Scripture, yet universally accepted  within
Christian communities. Two of these errors are the concepts of atonement and
creationism; the following constituting several more of these false claims:

God personally intervenes in human affairs—not true, mentioned throughout the book.
(It is only God’s Thought Adjusters that have direct contact with humans.)
Scripture is beyond error—not true, as told by Jesus to Nathaniel.
The legend of creation—not true; based entirely on assumption
The saga of Noah and his Ark—not true; an intentional fabrication.
Jonah and the whale—not true; makes a good story, but has some merit.
The Biblical explanation of Adam and Eve—a contrived fantasy.
The Doctrine of Atonement; Jesus died on the cross to save our sins—blatantly false.

(Explanations are liberally provided in the Urantia revelation which we will briefly present
in a much condense form due to our space constraints. The above are just a few of the
grossly misrepresented ideas developed by imaginative minds and presented to the
world as scriptural fact, inclusive of the concept of creation and atonement which are so
widely held by Christians, even in today’s world).

Before one can accept evolution, one has to dispel the almost ubiquitous belief within
Christian circles of the contrived theory of creationism. In the modern world to
continually cling to this belief, which many are prone not to give up, places them in a
delusional category, because of their denial of the new realities presented in the various
disciplines of science. Every rational person now knows that our world was not created
in one fell swoop five or six thousand years ago, that is, with the exception those who
cannot bring themselves to accept the fact that Scripture is fallible. The belief in the
infallibility of Scripture is a failure to adhere to the exhortation of Jesus: “To follow the
truth wherever it may lead”. When religion invades the domains of science and
philosophy the religionist must be willing to discard old beliefs when proven out-dated by
scientific investigation. It is not science that is confusing reactionaries of religion, rather
it is their steadfast refusal to adapt to higher realities by failing to understand that
religion evolves like anything else—with truth, and sometimes that truth just happens to
be found in science or revelation. The following ERRORS, presented in quotes, are
taken directly from the Urantia book and should be discarded along with the concept of
THE TALK WITH NATHANIEL—Regarding Scripture (PG. 1767)
“…Nathaniel was much bothered by some of Jesus’ pronouncements which seemed to
detract from the authority of the recognized Hebrew Scriptures. Accordingly, on this
night, after the usual period of questions and answers, Nathaniel took Jesus away from
the others and asked: “Master, could you trust me to know the truth about the
Scriptures? I observe that you teach us only a portion of the sacred writings—the best
as I view it—and I infer that you reject the teachings of the rabbis to the effect that the
words of the law are the very words of God, having been with God in heaven even
before the times of Abraham and Moses. What is the truth about the Scriptures?”
“When Jesus heard the question of his bewildered apostle, he answered:

“Nathaniel, you have rightly judged; I do not regard the Scriptures as do the rabbis. I will
talk with you about this matter on condition that you do not relate these things to your
brethren, who are not all prepared to receive this teaching. The words of the law of
Moses and the teachings of the Scriptures were not in existence before Abraham. Only
in recent times have the Scriptures been gathered together as we now have them.
While they contain the best of the higher thoughts and longings of the Jewish people,
they also contain much that is far from being representative of the character and
teachings of the Father in heaven; wherefore must I choose from among the better
teachings those truths which are to be gleaned for the gospel of the kingdom.”

“These writings are the work of men, some of them holy men, others not so holy. The
teachings of these books represent the views and extent of enlightenment of the times
in which they had their origin. As a revelation of truth, the last are more dependable
than the first. The Scriptures are faulty and altogether human in origin, but mistake not,
they do constitute the best collection of religious wisdom and spiritual truth to be found
in all the world at this time.”(Specifics on Pgs. 1768-1769)

“The river dwellers were accustomed to rivers overflowing their banks at certain
seasons; these periodic floods were annual events in their lives. But new perils
threatened the valley of Mesopotamia as a result of progressive geologic changes to
the north.”

“For thousands of years after the submergence of the first Eden the mountains about
the eastern coast of the Mediterranean and those to the northwest and northeast of
Mesopotamia continued to rise. The elevation of the highlands was greatly accelerated
about 5000 B.C. and this, together with greatly increased snowfall on the northern
mountains, caused unprecedented floods each spring throughout the Euphrates valley.
These spring floods grew increasingly worse so that eventually the inhabitants of the
river regions were driven to the eastern highlands. For almost a thousand years scores
of cities were practically deserted because of the extensive deluges.”

“Almost five thousand years later, as the Hebrew priests in Babylonian captivity sought
to trace the Jewish people back to Adam, they found great difficulty in piecing the story
together; and it occurred to one of them to abandon the effort, to let the whole world
drown in its wickedness at the time of Noah’s flood, and thus to  be in a better position
to trace Abraham right back to one of three surviving sons of Noah.”

“But Noah really lived; he was a wine maker of Aram, a river settlement near Erech. He
kept a written record of the days of the river’s rise from year to year. He brought much
ridicule upon himself by going up and down the river valley advocating that all houses
be built of wood, boat fashion, and that the family animals be put on board each night
as the season approached. He would go the neighboring river settlements every year
and warn them that in so many days the floods would come. Finally a year came in
which the annual floods were greatly augmented by unusually heavy rainfall so that the
sudden rise of the waters wiped out the entire village; only Noah and his immediate
family were saved in their houseboat.”

“Although Jesus did not die this death on the cross to atone for the racial guilt of mortal
man nor to provide some sort of effective approach to an otherwise offended and
unforgiving God; even though the Son of Man did not offer himself as a sacrifice to
appease the wrath of God and to open the way for sinful man to obtain salvation;
notwithstanding that these ideas of atonement and propitiation are erroneous,
nonetheless, there are significances attached to this death of Jesus on the cross which
should not be overlooked. It is a fact that Urantia has become known among other
neighboring inhabited planets as the “world of the Cross.”

“When once you grasp the idea of God as a true and loving Father, the only concept
which Jesus ever taught, you must forthwith, in all consistency, utterly abandon all those
primitive notions about God as an offended monarch, a stern and all-powerful ruler
whose chief delight is to detect his subjects in wrongdoing and to see that they are
adequately punished, unless some being almost equal to himself should volunteer to
suffer for them, to die as a substitute and in their stead. The whole idea of ransom and
atonement is incompatible with the concept of God as it was taught and exemplified by
Jesus of Nazareth. The infinite love of God is not secondary to anything in the divine

“Even if God were the stern and legal monarch of a universe in which justice ruled
supreme, he certainly would not be satisfied with the childish scheme of substituting an
innocent sufferer for a guilty offender.”

“This entire idea of the ransom of the atonement places salvation upon a plane of
unreality; such a concept is purely philosophic. Human salvation is real; it is based on
two realities which may be grasped by the creature’s faith and thereby become
incorporated into individual human experience: the fact of the fatherhood of God and its
correlated truth, the brotherhood of man. It is true, after all, that you are to be “forgiven
your debts, even as you forgive your debtors.”

“The story of creation of Urantia in six days was based on the tradition that Adam and
Eve had spent just six days in their initial survey of the Garden. This circumstance lent
almost sacred sanction to the time period of the week, which had been originally
introduced by the Dalamatians. Adams spending six days inspecting the Garden and
formulating preliminary plans for organization was not prearranged; it was worked out
from day to day. The choosing of the seventh day for worship was wholly incidental to
the facts herewith narrated.

The legend of the making of the world in six days was an afterthought, in fact more than
thirty thousand years afterwards…

The story of creating Eve out of Adam’s rib is a confused condensation of the Adamic
arrival and the celestial surgery connected with the interchange of living substances
associated with the coming of the corporeal staff of the Planetary Prince more that four
hundred and fifty thousand years previously.

The Old Testament account of creation dates from long after the time of Moses; he
never taught the Hebrews such a distorted story. But he did present a simple and
condensed narrative of creation to the Israelites, hoping thereby to augment his appeal
to worship the Creator, the Universal Father, whom he called the Lord God of Israel.

In his early teachings, Moses very wisely did not attempt to go back of Adam’s time, and
since Moses was the supreme teacher of the Hebrews, the stories of Adam became
intimately associated with those of creation. That earlier traditions recognized pre-
Adamic civilization is clearly shown by the fact that later editors, intending to eradicate
all reference to human affairs before Adam’s time, neglected to remove the telltale
reference to Cain’s emigration to the “land of Nod,” where he took himself a wife.

Jewish tradition became crystallized about Moses, and because he endeavored to trace
the lineage of Abraham back to Adam, the Jews assumed that Adam was the first of all
mankind. Yahweh was the creator, and since Adam was supposed to be the first man,
he must have made the world just prior to making Adam. And then the tradition of Adam’
s six days got woven into the story, with the result that almost a thousand years after
Moses’ sojourn on earth the tradition of creation in six days was written out and
subsequently credited to him.”

“When the Jewish priests returned to Jerusalem, they had already completed the writing
of their narrative of the beginning of things. Soon they made claims that this recital was
a recently discovered story of creation written by Moses. But the contemporary Hebrews
of around 500 B.C. did not consider these writings to be divine revelations; they looked
upon them much as later peoples regard mythological narratives.”

“This spurious document, reputed to be the teachings of Moses, was brought to the
attention of Ptolemy, the Greek king of Egypt, who had it translated into Greek by a
commission of seventy scholars for his new library at Alexandria. And to this account
found its place among those writings which subsequently became a part of the later
collections of the “sacred scriptures” of the Hebrew and Christian religions. And through
identification with these theological systems, such concepts for a long time profoundly
influenced the philosophy of many Occidental peoples.”

“The Christian teachers perpetuated the belief in the fiat creation of the human race,
and all this directly to the formation of the hypothesis of a onetime golden age of
utopian bliss and the theory of the fall of man or superman which accounted for the
nonutopian condition of society.”

The Christian community has little chance of advancing beyond the antiquated belief
systems that so many seem to cherish until it rids itself of the influence of those
regurgitative individuals that spend a lifetime memorizing scripture and merely pouring
out what others have previously written, even though it may not make sense, or have
any bearing on reality in todays world yet they steadfastly cling to many arcane beliefs
for the sole reason they regard all of scripture as sacrosanct.
Now that we have presented what many Christians don’t want to hear, but what the
Urantia book readers have come to believe as fact, we can move on to our topic,
namely, clarifying some thoughts on universe evolution, its effects on humanity, and
some explanations about our evolutionary God—The Supreme Being. It is our belief that
that there was no fall of man, that while our evolutionary pattern has experienced two
major interruptions (set-backs), we can overcome the damage done on our world
through our own clear thinking and responsibility, as well as instilling that responsibility
to future generations, in the hope that an understanding of human evolution with its own
evolutionary God may enable us to do a better job in managing our cultures than we are
doing today. It appears evident that God has to come into the equation somewhere
along the line, because without him we are running a course to human destruction.

Evolution is presented to us as an entire universal experience through many worlds and
over eons of time; not just a transient experience for one lifetime on earth, but until we
attain a status where we are above the state where experience any longer contributes
to our advanced growth; until then we continue to learn and advance to   higher estates,
with the entire evolutionary process taking millions of years. The entire universe was a
thought of God created by the subordinates that he created.  
It is our destiny to eventually evolve to the grand estate of perfection—we are born into
an error filled world whose inhabitants are endowed only partially with submerged
desires of perfection—something that is not meaningful at all to many mortals, for they
are simply devoid of any knowledge of their submerged spiritual natures. Perfecting
ourselves and perfecting the world in which we live are merely precursors to the ultimate
perfection of the entire universe. “Be ye perfect, even as your Father in heaven is
perfect”; this is the mortal mandate—a mandate that takes years to achieve.

What is not understood by humanity is: How to perfect oneself and his cultural heritage
so as to ultimately benefit all mankind without destroying too many cultures along the
way. It is essential to recognize that our present social division is destructive to the
extent that social decay is now perceived as prevalent in major civilizations throughout
the planet. Something is drastically wrong—we seem to be going in the wrong direction.
Cultural civilizations are beginning to collapse in every part of our evolutionary world.
Again, what is not yet understood is the nature of evolution itself, and while it has taken
us approximately one million years to develop all the material accoutrements to an easy
standard of living (most in the last 100 years), these advances in material living have
appeared, in recent years, too rapidly for us to thoroughly assimilate. The great part of
our under 30’s generations are grievously absorbed in the newest technologies—all day
indoor game playing. The work ethic has almost disappeared within the culture,
displaced with seemingly more important needs such as a pre-occupation with body art.
What once started with painting an arm or two has now progressed to tattooing the
entire body. What relatively normal individual tattoos every inch of their body apart from
the attention it gathers. Look at ME, is the preoccupation of today’s youth; from body
piercing, to tattoos, to purple hair--anything for attention.  

Self absorption has captured the souls of youth, narcissism being the greatest deterrent
to soul growth since it focuses attention not on helping others but rather directing others
attention upon ones-self. Sooner or later emphasis has to be placed on other than ones-
self (self-aggrandizement). Service to others takes one away from the pre-occupation of
self—the self being defined in the revelation as the sum total of ones individual make-
up. We can’t totally break away from the self but self absorption can apparently be
suicidal. Judas was self-absorbed and in the end couldn’t stand himself, finally deciding
to get rid of the self.

Our revelation informs us as to what will happen if we fail to pay heed to those
circumstances that have brought success to long standing cultures; life on a
neighboring planet offering the resolute paradigm by which we can view a logical pattern
of success. If it weren’t for the Lucifer rebellion, we are told that the civilization of
Dalamatia might have lasted 500,000 years or more. Our culture in the U.S. is just 235
years old and declining rapidly to where hap-hazard evolutional experiments can
become disastrous; I am afraid this is where we now find ourselves.  

According to our epochal revelation we are approximately one and a half dispensations
behind where we should be—not materially but spiritually. We don’t have too far to go to
make the society a better place in which to live materially, but we apparently have a long
ways to go to live harmoniously/spiritually with each other. We touched on this in the last
quarterly report in our mention of ridding the society of its debilitating effects through
continual perpetuation of degenerates and defectives, and by concentrating more on
the wholesome attitudes that society must cultivate as they bring God back into the
fold—a center of human existence.

Not all entities in the universe evolve; evolution is a cosmic event for many diverse
entities, humans being only one—animals do not evolve in the eternal sense; they do
not progress beyond death. However, above the human level in the evolutionary
universes even beings as high as the Supreme Being evolve. The evolutionary God of
time and space is a God of experiential growth, (not to be confused with the existential
God of all creation). Evolution for mortals is a slow upward advance of creatures from
near nothingness (bacteria) to the highest levels of reality the universe has to offer,
making the evolutional journey adventurous as well as exciting, thrilling, and eternally
satisfying. It couldn’t be any other way.
In the human estate it means growth over millions of years to eventual communication
with the highest beings in both the evolutionary as well as the non-evolutionary
(Havona) domains, all within a never ending cosmic setting. Looking forward to these
interactions is beyond what most people now conceive as important, let alone
contemplating the next age of eternity, the 3rd age which is currently being developed in
the outer reaches of the cosmos—those outer space levels (recently discovered by the
Hubble Space Telescope), and will be completely different from the two preceding ages.
Neither, are most people concerned with the continuing evolution of the Supreme Being
and the two experiential Trinities in the Grand Universe mentioned on page 16 of the
foreword to the Urantia book. The idea of an experiential Trinity is a concept unique to
the Urantia papers.
Concepts of evolution rarely enter the minds of backward, uncivilized, or relatively un-
advanced cultures. As the individual progresses so do the societies in which he lives.
Primitive and un-advanced societies begin to develop primitive concepts of the afterlife
inclusive of the veneration of animals in which ancestors are believed to live (the sacred
cow, monkey, and snake) in India; the happy hunting grounds of the American Indian,
etc. provide clear evidence of the attention given to ancestor worship and the reverence
paid to the dead; a rather misguided form of evolutional understanding involving life
after death.  The importance of spiritual living dawns on the more sensitively evolved
members of our spiritual fraternity, and while much is delusional in the beginning, their
simplistic concepts eventually evolve into a more lucid reality. The fraternal worship of
ancestors provides a lead into the fraternal order of brotherly existence, and the kinship
of human attachments. The human kinship is explained on page 191 section 6 of the
cosmic mind which states the following: “The fact of the cosmic mind explains the kinship
of various types of human and superhuman minds. Not only are kindred spirits attracted
to each other, but kindred minds are also very fraternal and inclined towards co-
operation the one with the other. Human minds are sometimes observed to be running
in channels of astonishing similarity and inexplicable agreement.”
“There exists in all personality associations of the cosmic mind a quality which might be
denominated the “reality response.” It is this universal cosmic endowment of will
creatures which saves them from becoming helpless victims of the implied a- priori-
assumptions of science, philosophy, and religion.”

It might be of interest for Christians to note that the existential Trinity of which most are
familiar, consisting of God the Father, The Universal Son, and The Infinite Spirit is
denied by Muslims ever since their “so called” prophet Muhammad stated that God does
not have a Son and would never share his greatness with anyone—that there is only
one God and that he could never comprise a Trinity.  The Urantia revelation elaborately
explains this—to what Muhammad perceived as an inconsistency; how God can act
corporatively and still maintain his independence or identity from other corporate
members. In other words the president or CEO of a large corporation can still maintain
his personal identity when away from the corporation, yet the corporation is an entity
within itself, which may have a triune structure of President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
When God comes together with two others they function as one (Corporatively), and
when apart they function independently from their corporate association.
Muhammad, by the way, always maintained that his messages came directly from the
angel Gabriel, something he deduced from early Christianity. Gabriel is not an angel,
but rather the CEO of our local universe, the one and only supreme executive, and had
he actually been talking to Muhammad, I am sure he would have told him that he was
not an angel, and certainly would not have taken Muhammad on a white winged horse
ride through the seven heavens as Muhammad always maintained—just part of his
delusional world.

Now that we have established scripture as containing error and that part of that error
pertains to a false understanding of the creation of our world, and that the entire
universe is evolving in a never ending evolutional process, we can move on to

the serious discussion of just who or what is responsible for this creation of an
evolutional age; the question of why has to remain with the theoretical—to satisfy Gods
desires. A discussion on the Supreme can get fairly complex and God even more so,
therefore it is difficult not to get bogged down, and carried away with the advanced and
complex expatiations proffered in the Urantia revelation, but we should at least present
some new ideas for beginning readers. And since we have already briefly advanced the
concept of a first age of which we only become a part in the distant future, perhaps we
should supply information focusing in on a tiny segment of a very elaborate mosaic so
as one can get a least a small glimpse of the reality of God’s subordinates. We will
begin with the Architects of the Master Universe as presented in Bill Sadler’s book, “A
Study of the Master Universe” (pg.23)

We are not just some isolated orb floating about on the periphery of space, unseen and
unnoticed by the rest of the universe. On the contrary, we are very much recognized.
From a one-time world with relatively no more significance than any other average
evolutionary world we have become a world of super-significance with all celestial eyes
turning toward Urantia when it was announced that our universe Creator had selected
this world for his final incarnation as a fragile human being; to be born through a woman
and to evolve through a short life to become the most magnanimous personality to ever
walk the face of the earth.

Of the over 80 celestial beings exposed to us in the revelation we have selected only a
few, with the intention to reveal just a small part of their natures and occupations. They
are instrumental in conducting the requisites for the establishment of all the universes
including the establishment of life on earth. We will commence with mention of the
Architects of the Master Universe as illustrious members of this group. Above we have
mentioned only Gabriel as an administrator; anything else would be redundant and out
of keeping with the brevity of this report. There are far too many administrators to

“Before we leave the study of the First Age we should consider a rather unusual group
of beings – the Architects of the Master Universe. These beings are not created they
are “eventuated.” This is a new word and it should be defined:
Eventuated has a special meaning in the Papers. It is a word that describes how
someone is brought into being, like the word “created,” but eventuated does not mean
created. It does mean some sort of initiating act that is pre-time, precreative, or of
eternity status. We are informed that God, as a person, creates; as a superperson
(apart from his personal nature), eventuatates. Absonite beings, the Transcendentalers
are not created – they are eventuated.
These “eventuated” Master Architects are present in the First Age. There is even a
possibility they were present before the First Age, but we may be quite sure they are
present and functional in the First Age. The Master Architects are not finite, neither are
they absolute – they are absonite beings – which is to say they are Transcendentalers.”
“The architects are not creators, neither are they creatures. They seem to be almost
like living and intelligent blueprints, or architect’s plans, of the master universe –
personifying God’s plan for the entire master creation. The Architects begin their work in
the post-Havona creations long before anyone else is on the scene of action, getting
the space-stage ready for new developments, and all of this work is in process long
before the creators and the administrators of these post-Havona universes make their
appearance. They are organized for service in seven corps, all in accordance with the
geographic plans of the cosmos, the plan of Paradise and the master universe – the
Central Isle and the six concentric space levels.”  

As entities functioning meaningfully in the universes, before time exists, an explanation
of their reality is difficult to grasp since being beyond creation they  yet have existence
in a universe, where as mortals, all we know are those things that have a creation—a
beginning and an end. They are inexplicable. The Revelation presents many of these
eventuated entities that are in one way or another involved in the creation of human
worlds. There are a host of creators as well as administrators far above the level of
angels that humans know absolutely nothing about—we will continue to mention
several—a few that have an influence not in the administration but rather the creation of
the evolutionary worlds.

THE UNIVESE POWER DIRECTORS (Paper 29—page 319-329)
“Of all the universe personalities concerned in the regulation of interplanetary and
interuniverse affairs, the power directors and their associates have been the least
understood on Urantia. While your races have long known of the existence of angels
and similar orders of celestial beings, little information concerning the controllers and
regulators of the physical domain has ever been imparted. Even now I am permitted fully
to disclose only the last of the following three groups of living beings having to do with
force control and energy regulation in the master universe.”

“The Supreme Power Directors and Centers have existed from the near times of
eternity, and as far as we know, no more beings of these orders have been created.
The Seven Supreme Directors were personalized by the Seven Master Spirits, and then
they collaborated with their parents in the production of more than ten billion associates.
Before the days of the power directors the energy circuits of space outside of the
central universe were under the intelligent supervision of the Master Force Organizers
of Paradise.”

“Having knowledge about material creatures, you have at least a contrastive conception
of spiritual beings; but it is very difficult for the mortal mind to envisage the power
directors. In the scheme of ascendant progression to higher levels of existence you
have nothing directly to do with either the supreme directors or power centers. On
certain rare occasions you will have dealings with the physical controllers, and you will
work freely with the supervisors of morontia power upon reaching the mansion worlds.
These Morontia Power Supervisors function so exclusively in the morontia regime of the
local creations that it is deemed best to narrate their activities in the section dealing with
the local universe.”

“The seven supreme power directors are the physical-energy regulators of the grand
universe (the seven superuniverses and the central universe). Their creation by the
Seven Master Spirits is the first recorded instance of the derivation of semimaterial
progeny from true spirit ancestry. When the Seven Master Spirits create individually
they bring forth highly spiritual personalities on the angelic order; when they create
collectively, they sometimes produce these high types of semimaterial beings. But even
these quasi-physical beings would be invisible to the short-range vision of Urantia

“The Supreme Power Directors are seven in number, and they are identical in
appearance and function. One cannot be distinguished from another except by that
Master Spirit with whom each is in immediate association, and to which each is in
complete functional subservience. Each of the Master Spirits is thus in eternal union
with one of their collective offspring. The same director is always in association with the
same Spirit, and their working partnership results in a unique association of physical
and spiritual energies, of a semiphysical being and a spirit personality.”

“These mighty beings are the physical ancestors of the vast host of the power centers
and, through them, of the physical controllers scattered throughout the seven
superuniverses.” (Had to cut it short; more on Pg. 320)

“These are the mobile subordinates of the Supreme Power Centers. The physical
controllers are endowed with capabilities of individuality metamorphosis of such a nature
that they can engage in a remarkable variety of autotransport, being able to traverse
local space at velocities approaching the flight of Solitary Messengers. But like all other
space traversers they require the assistance of both their fellows and certain other
types of beings in overcoming the action of gravity and resistance of inertia in departing
from a material sphere.” (There is far more on these controllers and the specific powers
of their associates on page 325)

“Primary Master Force Organizers are the manipulators of the primordial or basic space-
forces of the Unqualified Absolute; they are nebulae creators. They are the living
instigators of the energy cyclones of space and the early organizers and directionizers
of these gigantic manifestations. These force organizers transmute primordial force (pre-
energy not responsive to direct Paradise gravity) into primary or puissant energy,
energy transmuting from the exclusive grasp of the Unqualified Absolute to the gravity
grasp of the Isle of Paradise.” (More on Pg. 329)

THE LIFE CARRIERS (Initiate all life on the evolutionary worlds—Pg. 396)
“Life does not originate spontaneously. Life is constructed according to plans
formulated by the (unrevealed Architects of Being and appears on the inhabited planets
either by direct importation or as a result of the operations of the Life Carriers of the
local universes. These carriers of life are among the most interesting and versatile of
the diverse family of universe Sons. They are intrusted with designing and carrying
creature life to the planetary spheres. And after planting this life on such new worlds,
they remain there for long periods to foster its development.”

“Though the Life Carriers belong to the family of divine sonship, they are a peculiar and
distinct type of universe Sons, being the only group of intelligent life in a local universe
in whose creation the rulers of a superuniverse participate…”

“In the universe of Nebadon we have on record the creation of one hundred million Life
Carriers. This efficient corps of life disseminators is not a truly self-governing group.
They are directed by the life-determining trio, consisting of Gabriel, the Father
Melchizedek, and Nambia the original and first-born Life Carrier of Nebadon. In all
phases of their divisional administration they are self governing”   

“…Life carriers are the carriers, disseminators, and guardians of life as it appears on
the evolutionary worlds of space.  All life of the order and forms known on Urantia arises
with these Sons, though not all forms of planetary life are existent on Urantia.”

“The corps of Life Carriers commissioned to plant life upon a new world usually consists
of one hundred senior carriers, one hundred assistants, and one thousand custodians.
The Carriers often carry actual life plasm to a new world, but not always. They
sometimes organize the life patterns after arriving on the planet of assignment in
accordance with formulas previously approved for a new adventure in life establishment.
Such was the origin of the planetary life on Urantia.”

“When in accordance with approved formulas, the physical patterns have been
provided, then do the Life carriers catalyze this lifeless material, imparting through their
persons the vital spirit spark; and forthwith do the inert patterns become living matter.”
Evolution is set into manifestation by God; the first beings on the scene are the
Architects and lastly the Life Carriers. (Much more on Pgs. 396-400)

It is through this evolutional process that we interact through experiences with others, in
order to grow and advance spiritually—it is the design of God which allows for the free
will assertions of the individual to prevail, even through total madness in interpreting the
ways of life. There is little intervention from on High to curtail the most heinous
behaviors of mankind—this is evolution—conform to God’s plan or be left out from the
everlasting adventure of eternity.

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