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Dear Urantia book readers,

Our last several reports may have appeared somewhat grim due to the drastic downward turn in the
economy in recent months, something affecting societies throughout the world. The nature of this
spiraling decline was quite predictable, even foretold in the Urantia book which clearly mentions the
potential of drastic social consequences - to the extent of collapsing civilizations if essential
curtailment of these ongoing mistakes is not implemented soon within world societies.

Some of the following material, taken directly from the Urantia book (placed into a unique perspective
by one of our staff) is derived from Dennis Kidwell’s latest report regarding the consequences of social
degeneracy, and the resultant effects of the prevalent backward attitudes toward selective
propagation and the failures to stem the tide of mental deficiency. Our immediate social advance in
these fields appears bleak and quite disturbing, even foreboding:
“Civilizations of great promise have
successively deteriorated and have finally been extinguished by the folly of allowing the superior freely
to procreate with the inferior”
. (Pg. 719.2) This in no way implies that had we concerned ourselves with
greater attention to selective propagation we would have evolve into an elitist society or an egalitarian
social order where everyone is essentially the same; rather the reality would be a more pleasant
functioning society with a far greater belief in spiritual values. The United States of America is a
civilization of great promise, yet having committed the same folly mentioned above are we somehow
exempt from ensuing social consequences – perhaps dire consequences?


Dennis starts his discourse with a two paragraph synopsis of the cause for many of our present social
delays – delays having their origin in our distant past:

“Urantia Mortals are compelled to undergo such marked struggling between the spirit and the flesh
because their remote ancestors were not more fully Adamized by the Edenic bestowal. It was the
divine plan that the mortal races of Urantia should have had physical natures more naturally spirit
(Pg. 382.5)

“The process of planetary evolution is orderly and controlled. The development of higher organisms
from lower groupings of life is not accidental. Sometimes evolutionary progress is temporarily delayed
by the destruction of certain favorable lines of life plasm carried in a selected species. It often requires
ages upon ages to recoup the damage occasioned by the loss of a single superior strain of human
heredity. These selected and superior strains of living protoplasm should be jealously and intelligently
guarded when once they make their appearance. And on most of the inhabited worlds these superior
potentials of life are valued much more highly than on Urantia.”


The Repercussions of social mal-adjustments can be measured in both economic costs as well as in
human life, even in life eternal - some individuals are simply not prepared for eternity. Prisons alone
cost approximately 7 billion dollars a year in California; factor in their share of an ongoing war, plus
the ongoing cost of maintenance of wounded soldiers for years to come; and don’t forget illegal
migration – about 125 million dollars a year in California. Cosmically speaking, social mal-adjustments
result in slowing down the growth of the Supreme, impedance in soul growth, and possible ultimate
soul termination, even planetary quarantine – social isolation from planets functioning in concert with
the rule of our sovereign Michael.   

“Long before the times of the arrival of the second Sons, the Adams, most worlds seriously address
themselves to the task of race purification, something which the Urantia peoples have not even yet
seriously undertaken.”
(Pg. 592.4)

“It is the false sentiment of your partially perfected civilizations that fosters, protects, and perpetuates
the hopelessly defective strains of evolutionary human stocks.”
(Pg. 592.5)

“It is neither tenderness nor altruism to bestow futile sympathy upon degenerated human beings,
unsalvable abnormal and inferior mortals. There exists on even the most normal of the evolutionary
worlds sufficient differences between individuals and between numerous social groups to provide for
the full exercise of all those noble traits of altruistic sentiment and unselfish mortal ministry without
perpetuating the socially unfit and the morally degenerate strains of evolving humanity. There is
abundant opportunity for the exercise of tolerance and the function of altruism in behalf of those
unfortunate and needy individuals who have not irretrievable lost their moral heritage and forever
destroyed their spiritual birthright.”
(Pg. 592.6)

I think, in part, that many of our problems relate to the concepts we have cultivated over the years on
“so called” human rights.


“Nature confers no rights on man, only life and a world in which to live it. Nature does not even confer
the right to live…”
(Pg. 793.11)

“When rights are old beyond knowledge of origin, they are often called natural rights. But human
rights are not really natural; they are entirely social. They are relative and ever changing, being no
more than the rules of the game – recognized adjustments of relations governing the ever-changing
phenomena of human competition. What may be regarded as a right in one age may not be so
regarded in another. The survival of large numbers of defectives and degenerates is not because
they have any natural right thus to encumber twentieth -century civilization, but simply because the
society of the age, the mores, thus decrees.”
(Pg. 794.8)

“Classes in society, having naturally formed, will persist until man gradually achieves their evolutionary
obliteration through intelligent manipulation of the biologic, intellectual, and spiritual resources of a
progressing civilization, such as:
1.        Biologic renovation of the racial stocks – the selective elimination of inferior human strains.
This will tend to eradicate many mortal inequalities.
2.        Educational training of the increased brain power which will arise out of such biologic
improvement. (Pg. 793)
3.        Religious quickening of the feelings of mortal kinship and brotherhood.”

“The weak and inferior have always contended for equal rights; they have always insisted that the
state compel the strong and superior to supply their wants and otherwise make good those
deficiencies which too often are the natural result of their own indifference and indolence.”

“But this equality ideal is the child of civilization; it is not found in nature. Even culture itself
demonstrates conclusively the inherent inequality of men by their very unequal capacity therefore.
The sudden and non-evolutionary realization of supposed natural equality would quickly throw civilized
man back to the crude usages of primitive ages. Society cannot offer equal rights to all, but it can
promise to administer the varying rights of each with fairness and equity. It is the business and duty of
society to provide the child of nature with a fair and peaceful opportunity to pursue self maintenance,
participate in self-perpetuation, while at the same time enjoying some measure of self-gratification, the
sum of all three constituting human happiness.”
(Pg. 794.12)

“No society has progressed very far when it permits idleness or tolerates poverty. But poverty and
dependence can never be eliminated if the defective and degenerate stocks are freely supported and
permitted to reproduce without restraint.”
(Pg. 803.8)


A few minutes ago I watched a very eloquent speech by our new president wherein he mentioned the -
we are all equal spiel, so often bandied about among politicians. I don’t think anyone really knows
what Lincoln had in mind when in his Gettysburg address stated: “and dedicated to the proposition
that all men are created equal.” Yet it appeared in today’s speech. One thing I can tell you with
certainty is that both from the Urantia book statements and from personal observations nothing is
further from the truth; we are not all born equal in any way, even in the eyes of the law, nor in God’s
eyes; unless we have a fairly normal intelligence potential we have no chance for an Adjuster – a
perquisite for a soul. In God’s eye if we were all equal we would all make it into heaven – such we are
told is not the case. Even under the legal system if one cannot afford a legal dream team he doesn’t
receive equal justice. Who, but the rich can afford a dream team; do you have a half million for a good
legal defense, most people don’t. Having given over 4,000 IQ tests I know that we are not equal
intellectually, and certainly we can see that Gary Coleman (once coveting the office of the
governorship of California) in no way can be compared to Arnold Schwarzenegger physically. There
are pretty girls and there are ugly girls – where is the equality. Genetically, one inherits an IQ potential
– where is the comparative equality to one who inherits an IQ of 10 to one who is genetically
predisposed to an IQ of 150. The most misunderstood concept of equality set forth by President
Lincoln was this concept of all of us being equal – endowed with equal rights. Society bestows the
rights and that is all we have within a particular social structure. People are not equal socially,
intellectually, spiritually (some we are told have irretrievably lost their chance for survival into eternity,
so, obviously a difference in soul status.) Have you ever seen a 120 pound lineman on a professional
football team? No equality between the 300 pounder needed for that position; have you seen a
university professor with a 50 IQ – no equality there either. Have you seen a midget on a professional
basketball team? – They also make poor pole vaulters, high jumpers and long distance runners. The
only equal endowment is the one allowing an individual with a relatively normal IQ to acquire a soul
enabling him entrance into eternity. And these facts bring to mind many social factors; would you
really desire a person with a 40 IQ canceling your vote. Do you enjoy paying taxes for a person with
an IQ of 2 who lives in an institution for 30 years, unable to understand or develop a language, under
the constant care of attendants.


Someone once said that everything in the universe clearly points to evolution, whether there is a God
behind it or not – everything seems to be evolving. There is evolution of social classes, “so called”
human rights, justice, education, civil authority, the human body and mind, laws and courts, the entire
animal order, and not the least of which is religion, to name but a few.

It is up to collective humanity to make this determination and ask themselves where we have come
from and where we intend to go (what our current heading is) short range and long range - where we
want to go and the best way of getting there. The revelation tells us what we should be doing to
advance civilization towards spiritual ends. We, on the Urantia Readers International staff don’t believe
our culture (society in general) is paying very close attention to our revelation’s suggestions. In fact,
currently it looks like we’re on the skids sliding on ice with the brake pedal pushed through the floor
boards and a 1000 foot cliff 30 yards away.

Shouldn’t we all be advancing the planetary progress by introducing others to our revelation? In time,
if we adhere to the revelatory content of the Urantia book, humanity will witness one language, one
race, one currency and one religion, little competition (more cooperation) and a two hour work week; a
harmonious society content with self government (fewer laws), and less government monitoring of
individual’s lives.

A “collective ethos” or ethical class consciousness has to be behind it all if we are to commence our
gradual uphill march to our ultimate utopia; there are, however, forces at play within the overly zealous
amongst us that can’t wait for the evolutionary process to attain its course of proper destiny – this is
our misfortune, our greatest problem – the urge towards impulsivity to gain power by forcing control
over the powerless – aggressive exploitation of the weak, and greater demand for territory and control
over world resources. None of these zealots seem to grasp the concept of the Fatherhood of God and
its corollary the brotherhood of man. It takes time for social evolution to evolve to what can be
considered even a rudimentary civilization, but once this is recognized we must not lose sight of those
three conditions mentioned above under human rights. What should concern us the most is that we
are not on track, and what’s worse, we don’t even know where the track is. Some years ago it was
revealed to me that in all probability our society won’t be able to locate the track until we have
experienced a great turmoil, and this is yet to come.

The above are merely topical discussions to fill this quarterly report, and presented as such since
there is very little to report concerning our group during the last three months. We still have over 500
members and are dedicated through our website to providing material that most of our readers find
informative. Dennis’ report will be on shortly and in the meantime we have added other reports, and
our link UB the News is updated weekly.

Anyone wishing us to address a particular subject or wishes to add to the site, we can be reached at:   
Dickziglar@comcast.net or call 919 210-1730. We are always glad to hear from the readership.   

Our next report will contain specific aspects of those problems that society faces today that run
completely counter to those required for social/spiritual advancement according to the Urantia book.
And who is or are the Anti-Christ and when they are due to act.

Be of good cheer,

Urantia Readers International