April, May, June 2008

Dear Urantia Readers,  

As most of our readership is aware, we are continuously adding new material to our site in an effort
to keep Urantia readers cognizant of updates in specific areas of scientific achievement as they
relate to data presented in the various disciplines discussed in the Urantia book; mainly astronomy,
physics and anthropology, although on occasion we do touch on others.

This weekend the Urantia get-together was conducted at the home of Dr. James and Marian Perry in
Henderson, North Carolina where we had the privilege of meeting Halbert Katzen, the originator of
our favorite link on the
Urantiareadersintl.com site. Halbert’s site, UBthe news.com was established
as an outreach activity for those somewhat unfamiliar with the Urantia book, and basically devoid of
an understanding of the sciences; it corroborate modern scientific findings with those mentioned in
the “Book”; something everybody should be concerned with since science is now finally validating the
credibility of the book in many areas. Halbert is working with the scientific community at the university
level and with physicists in industry to obtain the latest and most honest opinions from experts in the
field of academia. His findings thus far are truly amazing and all lend support to the realness of the
revelation. Just a few of the observable facts being explored on our link (UBthenews.com) are the
following: 1. The Garden of Eden (location). 2. Discoverable gene possibly linked to Adam and Eve
identifying a specific gene going back to 38,000 years and stopping – in time it might identify their
progeny. Also included are topical discussions on The Inner Ionosphere (for years controversial and
refuted by astronomers).  Also mentioned is Tycho’s Nova, Magnetic Sensitivity, Mercury’s rotation,
and early migration to America. These latest findings are monitored weekly and just this week Halbert
is adding another field of discovery.  For our non-internet participants we hope to accomplish some
sort of write up on this since it is subject matter of interest to everybody. The future discovery of our
astronomers to uncover the reality of over 350 million galaxies in the outer universes was suspect at
the inception of the book, but with the greater magnification of telescopes astronomers are able to
validate such a finding and report it as fact.

Documenting the unique quality of credibility that is emerging with the UB through advancing science
is more than a full time job.
UBtheNews is a monumental and essential task for the future viability of
the fifth epochal revelation. Halbert Katzen is spearheading this mission. He has liquidated everything
he owned in order to jump start this project. He has so far developed an effective outreach to various
universities through his involvement with professors, students and researchers.

Now, for those of you that are unaware of the archival data being delivered to the archive at the Cal
State University of Santa Barbara, we are also adding that site as a link which in addition to many
fascinating reports over the years (by a variety of people) to enrich and enhance the human
experience, it further offers a replete history of the early leaders of the Urantia movement. One of our
other links to the Universe, outlining the positions of celestial bodies mentioned through the
revelation is also receiving attention from thousands of readers who have recently discovered the

Since our switch over from the old site (intended to be an interactive site) we have since abandoned
the idea of interaction and decided to focus more on a generally informative site addressing topical
matters of interest to all readers.

The Urantia book is intended to reveal and hopefully enlighten all truth seeking mortals throughout
the world to many facts hitherto unknown, and apart from the “Book”, facts unknowable; facts that
science may never discover – that’s what a revelation does; it is intended to inspire and elevate
mans awareness to the realities of the universe by simply presenting helpful information to elevate
our understanding of God, humanity, and much that lies in between. Its credibility establishes its
realness and our sites are intended to aid in brining credibility to the revelation. Readers are
encouraged to periodically check out our site with its related links.
UBthenews.com is updated weekly with newly discovered facts adding to the corroboration of
anything of scientific merit that was once considered questionable by science. It is intended to
eradicate certain ambiguities of science and philosophy mentioned in the “book” and questioned by
the scientific community. If you want to know what Adam and Eve are doing right now, the guy to call
is Halbert. (Just kidding, Halbert is not quite at that level yet) If, on the other hand, you desire to know
what scientists have recently discovered, tune into this fascinating site; Halbert does know this. Go
www.urantiareadersintl.com, and click on links, and then ubthenews.com. Halbert welcomes
information from anyone with information regarding the above mentioned areas.

The archival site which we will be adding will soon present an abundance of material derived from
such a vast multitude of sources, that this along with all the other 400+ sites has already become
overbearing. Among these sites there is enough information to comprise more pages than ten
Urantia books. That’s over 20,000 pages elucidating the original material. So rather than proliferate
even more material to what the book has already supplied we at the URI staff are adding limited data
– the brilliant talks of Bill Sadler from decades back, and certain archival information along with
quarterly reports and any new scientific findings that materialize from month to month. I must say, that
in no uncertain terms it would take a proficient speed reader a year of continuous reading to read
everything out there and another ten years to absorb it. In other words we in the URI are going to
limit our focus. Out of the hundreds of individuals contributing to the historical archives just three
individuals alone have put on 500 pages – that being one fourth the size of the book itself. Reading
groups should be established to study the book in its original presentation with emphasis on
facilitating understanding; and if ancillary material augments the comprehension so much the better,
but there currently exists, unfortunately, a runaway redundancy that will soon envelop the movement
with hundreds of thousands of pages of augmenting material, pages soon to befuddle the movement
with a non-essential complexity that in time will fill an entire library, thus contributing to the distraction
from the original revelation. Soon these internet pages will be like the books in a lawyer’s office –
something to peruse occasionally for a glimpse of the past, or perhaps a quick view into historical
research. It’s a good idea to maintain a compliance with the midwayer’s wishes to establish
thousands of reading groups throughout the world – this should be the main objective of group

Topical discussions are mentioned frequently in our articles and essays, and almost in an exclusively
Urantian perspective. However, without straying from the revelations expatiations on the
material/secular order, we were first to present the social ramifications soon to effect world societies if
they fail to implement some form of spiritual conformity to their organized structures - to their societal
inhabitants. World social orders must be governed by a new ethos - an ethos derived from the
wisdom attained by its leaders, and something that will appeal to all strata of society. Exorbitant
salaries should be questioned, outrageous court awards to individuals should be challenged, and all
sorts of pork barrel spending by governments should be abolished, and frivolous foreign aid should
be questioned. Someone or some electoral body has to soon set the example or we face what the
book states as a grave situation.

Today it was announced by Washington that the economy is more sluggish then originally expected –
this being the talk that usually presages a severe recession. And just how does this relate to the
Urantia teachings? Throughout the revelation there is mentioned that there will be consequences to
a social order that is based solely on secular ideals without the stabilization and direction of spiritual
values (discussed in our Nov/Dec report, taken from pages 2075-2083).

An excellent book recently appearing in book stores is Pat Buchanan’s “Day of Reckoning”, currently
the number one best seller. This superbly outlines the avaricious motivations of American industry
and where it has been leading us for the last five decades, and where it is leading us now – what our
future holds. It aptly points out how we have abandoned manufacturing in the U.S. to other countries,
thus attenuating our industrial base to where we have become a debtor nation to countries like
China, Mexico, Canada and Korea, etc. Economies in India and China are thriving while we continue
to look for the quick fix to satisfy the material cravings of the secularist on the street, in part due to a
lack of corporate and governmental values, allowing both sectors to acquiesce to the wanton desires
of a greedy society presently bent on a constant pursuit of material acquisition in order to rake in
their fair share of the American pie before the party’s completely over. It’s not just the government
that is in debt, individuals have borrowed to excess – to levels that are beyond any possible means
of repayment. Bankruptcies are rampant. As we stated in our Nov/Dec letter in regards to
Christianities problem (2083-5) –
“Christianity has dared to lower its ideals before the challenge of
human greed, war madness, and lust for power; but the religion of Jesus stands as the unsullied and
transcendent spiritual summons, calling to the best there is in man to rise above all these legacies of
animal evolution and, by grace, attain the moral heights of true human destiny.”
Will this become our
challenge for the future or will we choose to follow a path back to our animal origins, and remain
content with the past struggles of life, all the while forsaking our divine destiny?

We are currently displaying back issues of our quarterly reports on the home page of our new site,
just in case one wishes more fully to address the problems of secularism in today’s societies –
twentieth century has brought new problems for Christianity and all other religions to solve. The
higher a civilization climbs, the more necessitous it becomes the duty to “
seek first the realities of
” in all of man’s efforts to stabilize society and facilitate the solution of its material problems.”
Our material problems are bordering on the insurmountable, unless of course one enjoys the
aftermath of a great and prolonged recession, in that case we are certainly going in the right
direction. At the time of this writing the third wealthiest man in the world (Warren Buffett) just became
the most wealthiest person in the world (65 billion), as reported in Forbes magazine, passing up Bill
Gates who held the position for 13 years; he stated emphatically that we were already in the
beginnings of a recession - perhaps a severe one, so our problems might be just beginning. But, for
those of us diligently searching for the higher meanings found in the Urantia book, let’s align with the
revelation and bring in a friend or two to help spread the good news; the news that we have friends
on the other side more than willing to help in our evolutionary struggle, but cannot make themselves
known until we ourselves get our act, a little more, together.

In this morning’s paper it was mentioned that there are the beginnings of disillusionment by the
young people throughout Iran and Iraq; that there is a pervasive mistrust of their religious leaders
that only want to kill off people who oppose their religion, and take advantage of others by imposing
their will on the weak. They are finally getting fed up – a step in the right direction. Every advance of
true spirituality in any large religion is a step in the right direction. This week there was a campus
rebellion against their president, Imadimwitjad, who had over 200 professors fired for not being
religious enough. There are thousands of young people in Iran that attended universities in the U.S.
over the years and consequently readily perceive their leaders distorted values and repressive
attitudes, all attributed to Islamic conditioning, and they no longer want any part of it. The Urantia
book states that we should encourage this kind of educational exchange with other countries. At the
end of the 2nd world war many young Japanese exchange students went back to Japan with the
message that we were really good guys, to be trusted and valued as friends. We learned the same
lesson from them. The Japanese then decided to westernize by giving up their beautiful ancient
dress attire for the western look in order to feel more comfortable interacting with the western world.
When my brother went to China a couple of decades ago everyone was wearing drab green in
keeping with Chairman Mao’s dress code. Almost everyone was riding a bicycle. Today they have a
far more prosperous economy than the U.S. and have lent us trillions of dollars. They are now all
driving cars (their capital city is now the most polluted in the world), no one wears drab green
anymore, few ride bicycles and they are getting set to accept Christianity as it is presented in the
Urantia book. Our work there is cut out for us. If they don’t embrace religious values to their almost
totally secularist society, they can go down the tubes rather quickly. Bill Sadler’s friend, Bud Kagan,
(retired airline pilot) realized this many years ago and wanted to publish the Urantia book for the
Foundation in China as a paperback edition for a total cost of about one dollar. As I recall the
Foundation rejected the offer. Bud flew to China regularly and was quite capable of putting the deal
together. We may have missed an opportunity.

At the end of February we experienced a virus that infected a few of our member’s email systems, but
for the most part people just received notice of others experiencing the unfortunate problem to the
tune of maybe 15 to 20 unwanted emails – emails that merely informed them that there were others
with a virus. In other words they didn’t really experience the obscene virus but merely received the
information from some of those that did. No permanent harm was experienced as Jeanette (secretary
and web master) was able to resolve the problem by switching to a fail proof system. At least, that’s
what we’ve been told. We have had no problems since implementing the new system. We regret the
misfortune and the inconvenience to our readers, but the problem passed within three days without
any major problem, and we feel safe for now. A few individuals asked to unsubscribe and all but three
have come back on. Those three have not yet responded to my email. We can forward by the U.S.
Postal Service any reports, but for those tuning into our site (urantiareadersintl.com) we are
displaying reports going back several months, so they can be read there.

The most important influence to bring positive change to our immediate future is the Urantia book
and its incomparable teachings - teachings preparing us for the exigencies of a coming spiritual age
of enlightenment. Stick with it and bring along your friends. Remember -
“Secular social and political
optimism is an illusion. Without God, neither freedom and liberty, nor property and wealth will lead to

The library in Raleigh NC has asked for five more books. Anyone wishing to donate a book can send
fifteen dollars to our treasurer Baker Jordan at 722 Rome Ave. Tampa, FL 33606. Please state what
it is for, and we will place the book for you. Yesterday Dave Pearce here in Raleigh took me up on
the offer by buying me lunch. That bought the library system here one more book.

Anyone wishing to contribute to Halbert’s outreach program (he will use your tax deductible
contribution wisely and for the benefit of all of us) you can send the contribution to Mind, Body &
Spirit Inc.  2028 Cynthia Dr.   Tallahassee, FL 32303

Share your book with a friend,

URI Staff