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THE TIME FOR REAL CHANGE HAS COME (Quoted material from the U. book)

 The Urantia book informs us in no uncertain terms that if we don’t soon get a grip on the culture we
will lose it through stupid mistakes – we will collapse our own culture. It appears that that grip will not
take hold soon and that we are setting ourselves up for the greatest fall ever seen in human history.
 Many people have no concept of where we are heading nor do many seem to care, even though
their personal livelihoods are at stake. While many average Americans are politically aware of social
and economic consequences there are far too many who have little concern for conditions about to
affect the working classes of this nation. They have methodically been fed only the information
government and industry want them to know. A realistic perspective demands that we examine the
negative as well as the positive—analyze the entirety of a decision. This is not always possible, but
we at least could put forth an effort to obtain the truth in any given situation. To abnegate the truth is
to destroy character. And there are such people, both sociopaths and psychopaths live in a private
world that is meaningful only to them; the sociopath lacks empathy towards others all the while striving
for ego gratification, and often in tune to the damage they do to others, while the psychopaths lack
reality of the world around them enjoying their fantasy existence. And they prefer to live this way.
Some people seem unable to grasp reality nor can they deduce the truth, even if were beaten into
their head. This is an ego-defense mechanism termed “Denial” in psychology. It runs rampant in
Congress today.
 Soul growth is dependent on character development—sincerity and genuine reflection are the key
elements to character growth. Scam artists and confidence men are recognized throughout the world
as unreal people, in that they seldom question the genuineness of any thing they do and aren’t
concerned how this behavior obviously hurts others financially and emotionally. They live to destroy
other people’s worlds for their own financial gain, irrespective of how much harm they do to others—
by demeaning others they somehow derive gratification.
  This leads us to the exhortation of Jesus to, “Follow the truth wherever it may lead”. We are living in
a world today where things are happening as never before; where a religious body can threaten to
blow up the entire world; where backward countries can threaten neighboring counties to blow them
into oblivion, and where the wrong kind of dissent from within the power structure of countries at the
highest level can threaten to destroy the entire culture. Our dissent here in the United States is
presently coming from the highest levels of government and the  lowest levels of humanity, having
created an almost insoluble problem from which the culture must emerge, in order to escape an
otherwise inevitable doom. Recent polls have shown that 68 percent of the population do not trust the
government and feel it is taking us in the wrong direction, both socially and economically.
 While one might inquire what relevance material problems have to do with religion, he may want to
ask from where his real values are derived—and he then may just hit upon his religious inculcations.
Certainly, for the most part the recognition of truth, beauty, and goodness—the essence from which
divine values emanate are the essential building blocks on which human character is established.
The Urantia book in paper 195 ties religion into a necessary framework for the true advancement of a
social system by stating the following: “No social system or political regime which denies the reality of
God can contribute in any constructive and lasting manner to the advancement of human civilization.
But Christianity, as it is subdivided and secularized today presents the greatest single obstacle to its
further advancement; especially is this true concerning the Orient.” (Pg. 2084).
 Codes of proper conduct are taught through family values (this can be good or bad depending on
the culture) passed down and added to from generation to generation. The boy/girl scouts teach an
honor code (a value system) to all members; fraternities and sororities, Marine Corps, and schools
provide a certain sense of conduct and decorum further advancing civilization. The stability of the
family unit is regarded as the prime unit for the embodiment of values followed by a stable peer group
and associates of recognizable character. However, one must somewhere along the line learn to
embrace these values as truly meaningful, or in today’s world can easily be led astray. Inveterate
criminals, for example, have developed their own perverse value system, often derived from peer
groups, which are scarcely in concert with advanced civilizations—today’s suicide bombers provide a
good example. They run amuck in certain areas of the world, being extolled by their peers and even
their families for killing people who worship differently then they do.
 The revelation defines divinity as the characteristic, unifying and coordinating quality of Deity and
states that it is creature comprehensible as truth, beauty, and goodness; correlated in personality as
love, mercy and ministry; disclosed on impersonal levels as justice, power, and sovereignty. (Pg. 3)
Within this ever expanding paradigm of values we all live, interact, and advance our being—we
develop a preference to doing good things, imperfect things, and even bad things. Sociopathic
individuals for example develop a preferential pattern to commit bad acts which often hurt others in an
attempt to solely benefit themselves.   
 We are opening this discourse with the understanding that the values of today’s societies are far
from the norm of sane and civilized worlds, and that while God is ignored by many, yet while
institutionalized religion has indeed done a great service for the world in the past, it is now beginning
to lose its influence as stated below:
 “Ecclesiasticism is at once and forever incompatible with that living faith, growing spirit, and first-
hand experience of the faith-comrades of Jesus in the brotherhood of man in the spiritual association
of the kingdom of heaven. The praiseworthy desire to preserve traditions of past achievement often
leads to the defense of outgrown systems of worship. The well-meant desire to foster ancient thought
systems effectually prevents the sponsoring of new and adequate means and methods designed to
satisfy the spiritual longings of the expanding and advancing minds of modern men. Likewise, the
Christian churches of the twentieth century stand as great, but wholly unconscious, obstacles to the
immediate advance of the real gospel—the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.”
 “Many earnest persons who would gladly yield loyalty to the Christ of the gospel find it very difficult
enthusiastically to support a church which exhibits so little of the spirit of his life and teachings, and
which they have been erroneously taught he founded. Jesus did not found the so-called Christian
church, but he has, in every manner consistent with his nature fostered it as the best existent
exponent of his lifework on earth.” “A house divided against itself cannot stand” The non-Christian
world will hardly capitulate to a sect-divided Christendom. The living Jesus is the only hope of a
possible unification of Christianity.”  (Pg. 2084-2085)
 So, since we have been told that systems devoid of God cannot survive, just how far removed are
we from extinction; shouldn’t we be asking ourselves—are we approaching a doomsday scenario?
How far off the beaten path have we wandered? Are we headed for the cliffs and how much effort will
it take to get back on the path? The problem is that we have never been here before, yet most
conscientious individuals feel more than just a slight degree of uncertainty regarding their immediate
future as well as the future of their progeny, and moreover, feel completely helpless to do anything
about it. The world seems to be falling apart at the seams without a viable solution to stitch it back
 Unfortunately, here in the U.S., as well as in most of the rest of the semi-civilized world our values
have been based in one form of greed or another. One difficult condition to rectify is that of meeting
the obligations of various pension plans promised to retiring workers, without bankrupting companies
or bankrupting taxpayers such as the case with General Motors, etc. It is virtually impossible to pay off
the amounts of money guaranteed to pensioners without destroying the company they worked for, its
insurance backers, the banks and in the case of municipalities their property owners, bond holders,
or other tax payers. It all comes back to values—values related to avarice. Union greed drove all the
textile mills out of the South, along with most furniture manufacturers—many relocated in China.
Where are we headed as our values continue to disintegrate? The following few pages will summarily
present our real economic conditions, all related to conditions derived from the perverse values of a
selfish retrograding culture. We will present only a small fraction of the ills of our society so as to
make clear what might lie ahead, and why we all as responsible citizens should be very concerned.
 Unwise constituents have elected shallow thinkers to Congress to represent themselves as well as
the rest of us, which sometimes happens in a democracy of the type we have. When the lower un-
educated strata take control in a democracy with equal voting power, unless the higher, more
educated strata take back the control the society is doomed; this unfortunately appears to be both
our immediate and mid-term destiny—the distant future, however, holds a glorious future for all
humanity. It appears Congress has lost light of its most important constituents—the great middle
class, and spends its time catering to the lower and impoverished level trying to redistribute the
wealth to the growing underclass.
 We have previously presented from a prophetic point of view what is to happen to the culture in the
near future; we will now advance a perspective of the future from sheer economic facts – a true
assessment of our present and future economic condition.
 I think it might be best to start with the biggest mis-placed truth (lie) of all—the national debt, along
with some of the reasons why we have been so intentionally misled. As of this writing the largest
employer in the United States is the Federal Government. The total payroll for federal employees in
2010 was about fifteen and a half billion. Today three million people work for the federal government
and at an average pay rate of about $75,000 per year, far higher than the average non-federal
workers pay of about $41,000 a year and all of course subsidized by the tax-payer. The Government
is not particularly interested in having the real truth of the economy known since they are at the
forefront of the problem by causing the greatest debt crisis in history, or at least allowing it to happen.
   In 2009, the New York Times projected the tab for servicing the governments debt to rise from 203
billion to over 700 billion a year in 2019 – this only representing the visible part of the debt, merely
the tip of the iceberg. The 12 trillion national debt represents only a very small portion of what is the
actual unfunded debt. Social Security over the lifetime expectancies of those already in the system is
17.5 trillion, but nothing compared to our greatest current problem—Medicare. The 2009 Medicare is
comprised of three parts—A, B, & D. The unfunded liability for all three parts is $83.3 trillion and
added to the unfunded liability of Social Security is $106.8 trillion and added to the National debt of
12 trillion the total comes to $118.8 trillion or a debt load of $383,000 per person. Since these figures
are about three years old the total debt would amount to about 123 trillion. No honest economist
expects the debt to ever be paid off.  This debt accrues at about 42 million dollars an hour or
$690,000 a minute and that’s only the interest.
 Most students of economics have heard of the inflation that ensued when in 1923, to pay of their
war debt, Germany printed so much money that inflation hit an all time world-high, whereby if one didn’
t spend their paychecks the day they received them the inflationary value of the deutschmark was
down 50% the next day. One lost half of his paycheck by waiting one day to spend the money. Money
became virtually worthless overnight. Well, for some, the poor or welfare recipient this may lack
meaning since no matter what the elevated cost of goods due to inflation, the government will make
the necessary adjustments for their ilk and little change will be reflected in purchasing power.
However, for many in the middle-class and those not on some form of welfare (food-stamps, etc.) this
could be a disaster. There could even be a tax-payer rebellion. Inflation is directly related to the
amount of money printed and distributed by the U. S. Treasury. When people receive money through
the Treasury via any form of welfare, they spend accordingly and the cost of goods and services
within the country invariably rise, even though the people themselves without the government
handout might be completely insolvent.
 Dishonest accounting practices on the part of the U.S. Government are merely sophisticated
measures of lying. The fallacious means of reporting dishonest business statistics actually
perpetuates the idea that our finances, while under stress, are OK and are on the road to recovery,
thus preventing pandemonium among an already suspicious populace wondering just how long the
charade can continue, but sooner or later the balloon must pop. One might conjecture that since the
average person is now making less than he did previously, how can there possibly be an inflationary
cycle? The answer is that while the real numbers of unemployment are over 20% our contemporaries
aren’t really out of work—they are working at tax payer’s expense at home watching television and
drinking beer unless they prefer going to the beach or a movie theater—in other words they still
spend but produce nothing. Entitlements to the poor and unemployed become their livelihood often
for a lifetime—a lifelong gift from their neighbors. Such recipients, in general, produce little of value to
the rest of society. If the President or Congress decided that five years was long enough to extend
unemployment compensation, the 20% unemployed, plus the life-long freeloaders adding at least
another 10 or 15 %, we have to factor in a minimum of 30% of the population at the poverty level, and
once the truth comes out this could well cause a collapse of the entire culture as we have
experienced it since the last depression. The potential for an economic collapse today would create
far worse conditions than the depression of the 1930’s where executives ended up selling apples on
street corners out of make shift stands made out of apple crates. The stock market didn’t reach a
break even point until 1955, 26 years after the crash. Since the government feels it only fair to extend
unemployment benefits to non-citizens as well as to true citizens, illegals are treated as sort of a sub-
category of citizen with new rights extended to them every month due to the mis-directed attitudes of
the types of people who establish sanctuary cities for all non-citizens where they enjoy the same
rights as tax-paying citizens—even being allowed to have drivers licenses and in some cities voting
privileges even though it’s illegal—even the dead are allowed to vote in some places—this attitude if it
persists, is soon to destroy the culture.
 Many people fail to realize that the cost of schooling today has doubled since the 1980’s from
approximately 4,000 dollars a year per child to almost 8,000 dollars a year, creating a huge burden to
the tax-payer to absorb the cost of an average family of Hispanic illegals with a family of five children.
This aside from other entitlements such as food stamps comes to 40,000 dollars annually per family,
and we are told there are eleven million here illegally which is another fabricated number dreamt up
and passed around by the same people who have created the sanctuary cities—the pro-illegal
immigrant crowd. Now there is underway a plan to set into motion a program to establish an amnesty
for these illegals. Many economists and others believe the number is well over 20 million.
People are fooled into thinking that what’s left of the economy is running smoothly, being told that the
stock market is up, doing well and that property prices are rebounding. Again institutions have no
where to place their money outside Wall-Street. They have deduced that the safest investment is the
Dow Jones Industrials (100 of our best blue chip stocks) or the Fortune 500, both comprising a small
fraction of the NASDAQ market which is still down about 40% of its high a decade ago and may never
return to its all time high of 5200, currently at about 3200.  
So, with so many working to stay out of working, producing nothing and contributing nothing, and with
others looking for work but finding nothing or at least anything worthwhile; and those that are working
but afraid to place their jobs in jeopardy will keep their jobs even when reduced to part-time work.
This system is unsustainable. There is almost no work at all for students previously dependent on
summer work and little to no work for student graduates.
We have brought the problem upon ourselves. Our revelation states that a culture is unsuccessful if it
fails to provide jobs for its population. We have allowed for the migration of an illiterate class of illegal
migrants who are by and large uneducated. We  provide excellent schooling for them just to have
them drop out of high school in the tenth grade, and currently we spend millions upon millions in
English Second Language Classes in our migrant education programs and still the drop out rate is
over 60% their first year of high school. We have allowed a migrant father to enter the country and
establish residence where he can live in the garage of a friend and then wait for his sons, daughters
and wife to sneak into the country and join him in the garage. The LA Times reported that in the San
Fernando Valley there are cases where two or three families are living in the same garage. The wives
give birth to a few more kids and enter all into the education system.  Pretty soon there are millions
infiltrating the school districts throughout the country where no one is even allowed to inquire if they
are citizens. What kind of insanity is this? On top of this Mayors of various cities have established
sanctuary cities where they can feel secure that no one will deport them—that is as long as they don’t
kill someone.
 Book after book has recently disclosed the dilemma the economy is currently having upon the
average person, yet while somewhat apprehensive the average person has yet to hit the panic
button, although that might not be the case much longer—there eventually could well be panic in the
streets, and it won’t be because we’re running out of toilet paper.
 Younger generations expect everything to be there when they want it. Some of you might remember
the anti-hoarding ordinance considered in Los Angeles in the mid-forties when grocery stores ran out
of toilet-paper. Housewives across West L.A. ran out to buy anything that could be substituted such
as Kleenex, paper napkins, etc., so the stores began to run out of paper goods, and that set off a
small panic and people began to purchase anything scarce. There was a limit to the amount of gas
one could purchase for their cars and most people bought recycled oil. While this might not happen in
today’s world, it was only a small panic that started the ball rolling, sort of like the Trevon Martin non-
sense around the country today.
 Flash-mobs, more aptly called trash-mobs or bash mobs have already worked their way out of
Detroit and have entered other cities, breaking into stores and stealing everything in sight, and
destroying anything in their way. Thousands of unfortunate souls have already experienced the
quagmire of financial troubles that incur when one has failed to prepare for inevitable financial
exigencies by not putting aside enough money for a years rent or house payment.
 With the blunders in Washington—the phony investments, the violations of constitutional edicts, the
lying and cheating, it’s a wonder anything is working at all. Our government is broke and most people
are unaware that we are printing over 100 million dollars a day with nothing to back it up, just to keep
things rolling.
 We (URA) are sending this out in hopes that those of you that are reading the Urantia Book will
momentarily turn your focus to paper 195 and draw to your own conclusions regarding what society
will soon be facing relative to the downfall of the culture. What is happening now was well understood
in 1934 when the messages came through; but as a precursor to the book, various messages came
through as early as 1911 and continued on until 1934 when the book came through in written form.  
 We happen to have a President that is anti-Jew, anti-Christian, pro-Muslim, anti-Constitution, anti-
gun-ownership, anti-capitalism, pro-socialism, pro-big-government, anti-private business ownership,
anti-individual-freedom, pro-capital redistribution and believes we should all be monitored by
government drones to keep us inline. Moreover he has a Cabinet full of like minded individuals who
are willing to cater to his bidding at any cost. He has a lying head of Homeland Security, who has
virtually done nothing to curtail security risks along the southern border and maintains that the
borders are more secure than they have ever been, a devious Secretary of State, a conniving Press
Secretary, and a Czar-ship of inept and unqualified advisors, and a party beneath him that has more
miscreants than most jails in the country. And we can’t forget his allegiance to the United Nations over
the United States and the money he sends it while they do absolutely nothing for the United States.
And above all, is leading the country backward in an effort to bankrupt us so as to instill socialism. We
are discovering that the country is infiltrated with Muslims functioning in and around the President’s
cabinet and who receive his utmost attention. Some of the Muslim organizations have been infiltrated
by the FBI for over a decade and found to be for the Islamic takeover of our country. Yes, you heard
it correctly—Muslims are in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood’s right to take over the entire world, this
is their goal. The President has failed to outlaw Sheriah Law in the United States so as not to alienate
Muslim leaders whom he would like to work with in the future. Even his cohort in crime, Hillary, has
been known to placate the Muslims.
 The country is undoubtedly on the skids, and I’m afraid headed for a financial Armageddon looming
over us as our immediate fate.
 In time a single world economic order is inevitable, but if implemented at the wrong time, cultural
suicide becomes the name of the game. World leaders are far from being wise enough to implement a
financial cooperation among today’s nations; therefore any world order to succeed must be governed
under a leadership of wise and cooperative individuals willing to compromise certain beliefs for the
betterment of all. Such cannot be the case today. We are not talking about compromising our highest
principles just to achieve some temporary and satisfying goal to meet the needs of some insignificant
or unprincipled group such as the Teamsters Union.            World leaders have to be amenable to
change, willing to give up elements of sovereignty for the greater good, much as the 13 colonies were
able to work things out in order to create a workable union of states. The vision of the past, on the
part of those true visionaries that established the Constitution, is no longer our country’s vision for
the future. There are too many people, as they say in England, which have gone “Mental”—it’s now
called political correctness. The immaturity and animosity existing within world cultures suggests the
time is not upon us to develop a one-world order—the intransigence of the world must first be fixed.
But what is next? With the latest news reports suggesting that at least 100 cities are discussing the
option of bankruptcy as a viable alternative, to imposing an additional 20% property tax increase on
their population, which would surely precipitate chaos within the city—something that would really stir
up the hornets nest—a total recipe for disaster. And this could be only the beginning of something far
more sinister, and should not to be taken lightly by anyone.  
 With what is going on around the world today it doesn’t take an intellectual pundit to determine the
planet is in dire straits; everyone of normal intelligence by now should possess a minimal prophetic
ability to at least perceive some major problem with the direction our country is headed; one term that
should cover it all is “downhill”. Unfortunately, about 35% of the country thinks things are just fine and
proceeding in the right direction, but so did Al Capone and most of his minions during their glorious
days of infamy—delusional realities.
 It appears that too few people in Washington have a clear picture of what could easily be the new
horizon—a prolonged retrograding condition, or as some see it a slow death to the economy as we
once experienced it—this is exactly what is in store for us if redistribution is further advanced by the
have-nots in their demands for free handouts. Today’s problem is that we are unwittingly creating
more and more have-nots—the disenfranchised who feel they have missed their share of the
American pie. The thousands of new restrictions on business inhibits expansion, thus curtailing job
growth. We have elaborated extensively in previous reports of many relevant conditions that have
also influenced those factors largely contributing to our economic demise. We are slowly losing our
freedoms, again inhibiting our ability to function in an open arena apart from total government control.
Government wants to displace God and attempt to take his place which seems to satisfy some
perverse need of those in control of the government.
 In the not too distant future we are due to receive guidance through a series of Magisterial Sons
who will guide us in turning things around and directing us to the sane destiny many have longed
hoped for. This is a generational hope that might not come to fruition during our life-times, but is our
destiny for the planet.
 There are three times as much of the teachings of Jesus as one will find in the Bible, contained in
the Urantia book. There are also over a thousand pages of meaningful information presented to the
planet from non-human beings that have resided in our universe for millions of years. We regard this
material as invaluable.
 Why would anyone place so much emphasis on an earthly priesthood when we have been told that
God resides within the human mind and he has elected to allow his high subordinates to dictate to us
his wishes?  While our troubles of the day may last awhile, eventually the planet will turn around and
we will experience a near utopian brotherhood of man in the distant future. If God is the Father,
mankind is his mortal sonship. We can’t expect to be sitting at the right hand of Jesus when we leave
this world, but we can expect eternity survival beginning with the experiences we receive today—
death is a part of life, a mere transition from one estate to another. For those who have been made
ready for the after-life the sleep will be short. Jesus himself said that entering the after-life is like
passing through the eye of the needle, so let’s become good scouts and plan for our soul growth
 Even though Jesus wasn’t born on December 25th it’s a beautiful time to celebrate the beginning of
his journey into our world. The next report will be after the Christmas holidays in 2014.
Look for the good in all things—“Jesus”  Urantia Readers International (URI)
We may be contacted at Dickziglar@comcast.net  919 210-1730