QUARTERLY REPORT
                              JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH 2012


“During the psychologically unsettled times of the twentieth century, amid the economic
upheavals, the moral crosscurrents, and the sociologic rip tides of the cyclonic transitions of a
scientific era, thousands upon thousands of men and women have become humanly dislocated;
they are anxious, restless, fearful, uncertain, and unsettled; as never before in the world’s history
they need the consolation and stabilization of sound religion. In the face unprecedented scientific
achievement and mechanical development there is spiritual stagnation and philosophic chaos.”
(Urantia Book – Pg. 1090-2)

And just why is this the case?

The simple and concise answer might be that we are as a world society not implementing any of
the requisites that the revelation suggests is necessary for favorable progress to take place in an
ever changing evolutionary world; but that does not lend any meaning to the understanding of
our manifold mistakes from generation to generation. We could also subsume everything under a
few simple categories that need much further explanation than is being generated and accepted
by today’s mores; categories of financial greed, social self-center-ness, nationalism, lack of
brotherly love, perverted mores, spiritual decline, attitudes regarding individual rights, treatment
of defectives and degenerates, so called God given rights, and pedants in professorial positions
that have absolutely no idea how to correct the social ills of today’s society, and in fact are
causing many of them. And while the solutions can all be found in the Urantia Book there are
many other sources coming to the surface to explain with clarity the nature of our self-derived
decay. We will attempt to put some of them in a perspective consistent with the Urantia revelation.

There are many areas of our revelation that bring attention to the much maligned arguments
regarding euthanasia and abortion, arguments favored by Christian religionists, and a segment
of conservatives in general—a position fostered and encouraged by almost all Christian clergy
today. These ideas relate to ideas of rights of the unborn or about to be born, and relate
invariably to ideals expressed in churches across the nation relative to the “sanctity of life”, “God
given rights” and infringement in Deities domain by usurping God’s exclusive right to declare who
and when one is to die. The revelation states in regard to euthanasia we should at least be able
to establish a starting point—how about a child in the womb determined by x-ray not to have a
brain, or perhaps a child with no arms and legs and minus a mouth. Sounds gruesome? Yet some
individuals conditioned only by religion would insist on birthing the creature and let God
determine its destiny.

(U.B. Pg. 592.5) “It is the false sentiment of your partially perfected civilizations that fosters,
protects, and perpetuates the hopelessly defective strains of evolutionary human stocks.”
(Pg. 592.6) “It is neither tenderness nor altruism to bestow futile sympathy upon degenerated
human beings, unsalvable abnormal and inferior mortals. There exists on even the most normal
of the evolutionary worlds sufficient differences between individuals and between numerous
social groups to provide for the full exercise of all those noble traits of altruistic sentiment and
unselfish mortal ministry without perpetuating the socially unfit and morally degenerate strains of
evolving humanity.” The early development of a normal world is greatly helped by the plan of
promoting the increase of the higher types of mortals with proportionate curtailment of the lower.
And it is the failure of your early peoples to thus discriminate between these types that accounts
for the presence of so many defective and degenerate individuals among the present-day Urantia

(Pg. 803.8) “No society has progressed very far when it permits idleness or tolerates poverty. But
poverty and dependence can never be eliminated if the defective and degenerate stocks are
freely supported and permitted to reproduce without restraint.”

(Pg. 839.3) “Under normal conditions the first work of a Planetary Adam and Eve would be the co-
ordination and blending of the races, But on Urantia such a project seemed just about hopeless,
for the races, while biologically fit, had never been purged of their retarded and defective strains.”

Spiritual receptivity is a pre-requisite for eternal survival as mentioned throughout the revelation.
Severely intellectually impaired defectives born devoid of this
spiritual capability are essentially born spiritually dead.

(Pg. 566.7) “There are three groups of mind design as related to contact with spirit affairs. This
classification does not refer to the one-two, and three-brained orders of mortals; it refers primarily
to gland chemistry. More particularly to the organization of certain glands comparable to the
pituitary bodies, The races on some worlds have one gland, on others two, as do Urantians, while
on still other spheres the races have three of these unique bodies. The inherent imagination and
spiritual receptivity is definitely influenced by this differential chemical endowment.”

The gangs of the country permeated with so many degenerates is costing billions of dollars
annually to house and feed them in the prison systems across the nation, let alone the damage
they cause to their local communities. Their mayhem is running amuck in 35 states in the union
and is spreading throughout the world. It has been recently disclosed that the Crips and Bloods
membership of South Central Los Angeles has swelled from 15,000 members in 1975 to over
80,000 members currently. When the society begins to disintegrate sometime in the next 2 years
in L.A., all hell could break loose when they alone decide to go on a rampage. And there are
hundreds of other Mexican gangs with numbers approaching 50,000. The MS-13 Latin gang is
especially brutal with no morals towards anyone outside the group. They can and have ordered
hits on hundreds of individuals who have failed to cave to their demands. Society continues to
cater to their existence; any affiliation to gang activities should be prohibited within any advanced
society, yet their degenerate activities go un-reported year after year.
Another area of repression is societies conditioning by the church that the individual has rights
decreed by God to life; society has even outlawed the death penalty to individuals exhibiting
serial murders over a lifetime of killing innocent people.

Many of today’s problems can be traced to a failure to grow spiritually, but there are many who
believe they are following God’s will, and feel they are advancing spiritually by becoming
advocates for something that is regarded by the Urantia revelation as arcane--when they practice
fratricide on a family member for embarrassing the family, for example. A girl who became too
westernized was just put to death by her Muslim father for just that reason. Individuals have blown
up abortion clinics for what they regard as murder of young unborn infants. All relates to the
rights deemed to be natural rights, human rights, rights of the unborn, and God given rights as
propounded by Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck. The right for all to immigrate (illegally) is another
misnomer being pushed on society. The fate of the United States is dependent on who we allow
in, according to the revelation. Letting in millions of individuals with sub-standard I.Q.’s is hardly
the way to go, especially when they are never screened as to their propensity for criminal activity.
The year I left Los Angeles 137,000 cars were stolen from the county—most according to the Los
Angeles police were by Mexican gangs.
Gangs have a right to exist only because society permits them to organize into criminal
organizations, and then the society becomes to weak to manage their control as their numbers
continue to increase into proportions tantamount to a small army, much like the drug cartels in
OUTLAWED. Gang members for the most part are sociopathic in nature and enter into a life long
association with their contemporary sociopaths to prey off the rest of society in criminal
enterprises designed to benefit only the gang, and generally at the expense of the legitimate
working class. They are loyal to no one outside the gang except family members and that is
sometimes questionable. They are a dishonorable lot, for the most part contemptible,
uneducated, and devoid of higher spiritual qualities of personality development—they are to be
considered animalistic at best. Murder and mayhem is their motto, and all under the guise of
protecting their family and turf.

(Pg. 793.11) “Nature confers no rights on man, only life and a world in which to live it. Nature
does not even confer the right to live as might be deduced by considering what would happen if
an unarmed man met a hungry tiger face to face in the primitive forest.”

(Pg. 794.8) “When rights are old beyond knowledge of origin, they are often called natural rights.
But human rights are not really natural; they are entirely social. They are relative and ever
changing, being no more than the rules of the game—recognized adjustments of relations
governing the ever-changing phenomena of human competition.”
(Pg. 794.9) “What may be regarded as right in one age may not be so regarded in another. The
survival of large numbers of defectives and degenerates is not because they have any natural
right thus to encumber twentieth-century civilization, but simply because the society of the age,
the mores, thus decrees.”

(Pg.794.10) “Few human rights were recognized in the European Middle Ages; then every man
belonged to someone else, and rights were only privileges or favors granted by state or church.
And the revolt from this error was equally erroneous in that it led to the belief that all men are
born equal.”

The influence of religion, while elevating the moral status of mankind and advancing the spiritual
status of many cultures has at the same time greatly retarded the intellectual and social
purification of all mankind, something attributed to the false sentiment to preserve inferior strains
of humanity because it is evidently God’s will or the civilized thing to do—that the taking or
engineering of pre-human life is alone God’s prerogative and any interference on the part of
lowly mortality is far beyond the purview of all our God given rights. Such decisions of race
improvement, according to Christian doctrine, are not to be undertaken by the lowly level of
mortality through a scientific intrusion into the sanctity of life—a trespass into the exclusive
domain of deity (contemporary abortion).  This view, advanced by Christian clergymen has been
falsely perpetuated down through the ages and is predominating in Fundamentalist thought even
to the present day. The dawning reality of the fact of evolution is stubbornly resisted by perhaps
a majority of contemporary Christians today—its acceptance to them is as ineffable as the
resurrection of Lazarus. Even when one denies the fact of evolution as a beginning to life, one
has to be blind not to accept it as a reality in the universe today. Not to, is to refute the existence
of the entire scientific domain, and such a denial borders on insanity. The creationists are still
searching for a date when all mankind and all heavenly bodies were concomitantly made
manifest. Although I must admit if one examines the mentality of certain Congressional members
today compared to the mentality of Neanderthals 900,000 years ago he might not discern any
evolutionary progress, so on those grounds one would be hard pressed to perceive any change
over the years.
I mention the above because as long as the cost of curtailing criminal activity coupled with the
cost of the institutional care of defectives, as mentioned above, is allowed to persist the society
can never eliminate its poverty, that is, “…If degenerate and defective stocks are freely
supported and permitted to reproduce without restraint.”

(Pg. 921.1)  After all, the real jeopardy of the human species is to be found in the unrestrained
multiplication of the inferior and degenerate strains of the various civilized peoples rather than in
any supposed danger of their racial interbreeding.”
(Pg. 794.11)  The weak and the inferior have always contended for equal rights; they have
always insisted that the state compel the strong and superior to supply their wants and otherwise
make good those deficiencies which all too often are the natural result of their own indifference
and indolence.”

Sometime near the end of the decade of the 60’s I experienced a rude awakening regarding the
defective strains of society--an experience that every tax payer should undergo. I was taking a
practicum class at Pepperdine College in L.A. The course required one to work with a Psychiatrist
at Pacific State Hospital in LaVern Calif. Pacific State harbors the largest mentally defective
population in the country. They had the Hydro-cephalic with the largest head on record (36” in
circumference); all were contained in small coffin-like structures (small rectangular wooden boxes
about 2 feet wide and three or four feet long). They possessed varying I.Q.’s ranging from 20 to
40 or so. None had more than minimal verbal skills at best and could scarcely communicate. All
were incapable of managing their lives and had to have their heads turned every so often to
prevent abscesses from developing. Pathetic cases, yet there they remained in their coffins until
they eventually died, all the while under the care of nurse practitioners 24 hours a day. Also,
were present the pin-heads or micro-cephalic population who often appeared in circus side-
shows and rarely had an I.Q. above 10 or 15. Often referred to as micro-cephalic idiots, they
seemed more than content with their plight than anyone with brains (absolutely no worries in life).
Sharing many of the same peculiar characteristics learned from the behavior attached to peer
association and reinforced behavior because everyone would laugh every time a group of college
students observing them were about to depart; the micro-cephalics would wave good-by by
extending an arm high above their head and at the wrist move their hand up and down to indicate
a farewell. They all looked about the same, in a sense like the Mongolian idiots, now called
mentally challenged Downs Syndrome Children who have an identifiable look among the whole
population, and whose I.Q.’s range from about 30 to as high as 60 and perhaps even higher.
One character, a phenoketenuric was given an I.Q. of 1; this was based on the fact that he
elicited the Babinsky reflex (his tows curled up when the Doctor scratched the bottom of his feet);
unable to develop even the most marginal language skills (he could only make squeaking
sounds); he was unable to communicate with anyone. He was 21 years with a mental capacity of
a one year old. According to the revelation, none of these individuals could in any way progress
into the afterlife and are considered to be hopelessly defective strains of humanity.  The
collective costs? Only the accountant and Hospital Board could assess, but well into the multi-
millions—all at tax payer expense. Literally, ones own pet had a higher intelligence level than half
of the inmates. Dolphins, whales, and chimpanzees are able to communicate; they have a
language—many of these inmates were well beyond language. I have elected to elaborate on
these cases because society has thus far failed to attack it as a serious social problem; few
individuals have even known of the existence of these defectives and their institutional life, which
is not a life anyone would want to experience. Certainly the coffin cases, who can’t complain, are
better off being put to sleep (if they can’t be shunted), to escape their permanent vegetative state.
Furthermore, regarding the biologically unfit; take the case of infants born without a brain. They
can live off the functioning of the brain stem for up to about two weeks, but even on occasion, to
several months and even longer. All functioning is a result of the autonomic nervous system—
that which subserves breathing and sneezing and blinking, etc. What reason could one supply for
bringing them into the world; and how about an infant with Treacher/Collins syndrome (born
without a face). One needs about 50 operations just to look human.
The inference, while not explicitly stated, that to better the human strain, termination of inferior
strains is not only permissible in God’s eyes but necessary to advance the intelligent evolution of
mankind. Man is not playing God by terminating life in the womb as Christian Fundamentalists
would lead one to believe, but to the contrary, in attempting to birth a life devoid of normal human
characteristics and then endeavoring to sustain that life as a lesson or test set forth by God as a
determinant of ones will and belief in God is a total absurdity, far more than just skirting the path
of arcane asceticism—in reality it is bordering on insanity. To spend one’s life nurturing a child
born deaf, dumb, and blind is not an endurance test to prove one’s worthiness to God but rather
a waste of ones life—an experiment in futility. And to bring the ungodly creature into the world just
to release it to a state institution, as mentioned in the above, is plainly ludicrous.
In the Eastern ascetic school of thought, largely derived from the belief that God condemns the
hedonist, one figures therefore, that to deprive himself of a constant pursuit of pleasure it is best
to experience occasional pain and placating God by sleeping on a bed of nails, or perhaps
beating on oneself occasionally, leading to the practice of religious flagellation, seemingly a far
more sensible practice than spending day after day caring for a birthed invalid, more robotic than
If Jesus returned to the planet tomorrow he would be accepted by the Christian Fundamentalists
as their Lord and Savior, but as soon as he denied their reality of the doctrine of atonement—
dying on the cross to save their sins, (along with all future progeny of humanity), and then just
happening to mentioned that many of their mentally challenged children regrettably would be
denied access to the afterlife, suddenly there would spring up a counter movement to deny his
own reality. So deep is their indoctrination that I’m afraid it would be Jesus himself that would
immediately be labeled the imposter. Notwithstanding all his miraculous healings, his challenges
to the Sanhedrin at age 12 and beyond, his brilliant lectures and acceptance by all who
personally knew him, he was denounced in his day as influenced by Satan or in league with the
devil--Beelzebub. And the revelation clearly elucidates the fact that he lost 99% of his following in
Galilee alone (from 50,000 down to 500) in one month, just because he refused to perform
further miracles, this at about the time of the feeding of the multitudes with one small basket of
fishes—that alone is all it would take for me to become a staunch believer.   

Our revelation informs us that we are not in conformity with the progression of normal worlds--that
we are over a dispensation behind from where we should be; the reasons having been delineated
in previously submitted quarterly reports.

(Pg. 567.4, 5, 6) “On a normal evolutionary world, racial progress attains its natural biologic peak
during the regime of the Planetary Prince, and shortly thereafter the System Sovereign
dispatches a Material Son and Daughter to that planet. These imported beings are of service as
biologic uplifters; their default on Urantia further complicated your planetary history.”
“When the intellectual and ethical progress of a human race has reached the limits of
evolutionary development, there comes an Avonal Son of Paradise on a magisterial mission; and
later on, when the spiritual status of such a world is nearing its limit of natural attainment, the
planet is visited by a Paradise bestowal Son. The chief mission of a bestowal Son is to establish
the planetary status, release the Spirit of Truth for planetary function, and thus effect the
universal coming of the Thought Adjusters.”
“Here again, Urantia deviates: There has never been a magisterial mission on your world, neither
was your bestowal Son of the Avonal order; your planet enjoyed the signal honor of becoming the
mortal home planet of the Sovereign Son, Michael of Nebadon.”
“As a result of the ministry of all the successive orders of divine sonship, the inhabited worlds and
their advancing races begin to approach the apex of planetary evolution. Such worlds now
become ripe for the culminating mission, the arrival of the Trinity Teacher Sons. This epoch of
the Teacher Sons is the vestibule to the final planetary age—evolutionary utopia—the age of
light and life.”

(Pg. 794)  “…But this equality ideal is a child of civilization; it is not found in nature. Even culture
itself demonstrates conclusively the inherent inequality of men by their very unequal capacity
therefore. The sudden and nonevolutionary realization of supposed natural equality would quickly
throw civilized man back to the crude usages of primitive ages. Society cannot offer equal rights
to all, but it can promise to administer the varying rights of each with fairness and equity. It is the
business and duty of society to provide the child of nature with a fair and peaceful opportunity to
pursue self-maintenance, participate in self perpetuation, while at the same time enjoying some
measure of self-gratification, the sum of all three constituting human happiness.

(Pg. 794)  “Natural justice is a man-made theory; it is not a reality. In nature, justice is purely
theoretic, wholly a fiction. Nature provides but one kind of justice—inevitable conformity of results
to causes.”
“Justice, as conceived by man, means getting one’s rights and has, therefore, been a matter of
progressive evolution. The concept of justice may well be constitutive in a spirit-endowed mind,
but it does not spring full-fledgedly into existence on the worlds of space.”

So far any discerning person can see our culture has had many things wrong for a long time, and
the time has about to run out to change some of its cherished beliefs. We don’t seem to care who
comes into the country any more—many believe it is a right of passage to come here as did the
Indians when they left Asia 85,000 years ago. At that time there was no social order, no
established society or developed culture; no laws and not even frontier justice to speak of,
prevailed at the time. Evolution precipitates drastic change over time; inevitably the governing
process must recognize causal relationships or the societies doomed to failure will eventually
collapse. We have failed to follow the mandates suggested in the revelation and are now paying
the consequences.
We have elected some foolish individuals to Congress and into the White House, individuals with
ideologies completely out of concert with the thinking population—individuals whose directional
compass gyrates as unpredictably as a fish without a tail. The United States Congress failed to
monitor Wall Street, allowing mammoth corporations to collapse without first informing investors of
their financial condition. The same Congress has allow for the promiscuous entry into the country
of a criminal element bringing in tons of drugs annually; illegal individuals, many of which enter
into criminal activities once established in their communities. Congress has been, in part, the
cause of the housing collapse, and the loss of American capital, and many are now not even
aware that we are in a severe recession and heading toward a depression to out-rival the
depression of the 1930’s.
There are people in the Urantia movement that are not even aware of the consequences of our
social folly for the last five decades, some being told not to worry that things will turn out just fine.
Fine, maybe in the long run but quite troublesome for most in the short term. We emerged from
the last depression in the mid 1950’s; it took 26 years for the stock market to reach a break even
point. Conditions are far worse now than in the late thirties. There are far more people out of
work or on part-time employment than society has been led to believe. In just one year it might be
too late to reverse our economic problems. I firmly believe in Mark Steyn’s prediction that its time
to get ready for Armageddon. His book “After America” is a must read for anyone concerned with
their future.
Personally, I believe we have had it as far as the economy goes. Most indices that relate to the
sustenance of our economic order indicate an eventual collapse, that there is not enough time
left to avert a melt-down the way things are going. It’s not just the United States that is falling
apart, so are several other countries as well as many more that will experience a domino effect--
countries that are dependent on our success for their survival. Countries around the globe are
going bankrupt as well as our own and I see no remedy on the horizon without some kind of
divine intervention, and all could be happening within the next couple of years. If the economic
decline persists unemployment & housing will be the key indicators.

The following is not an excerpt from our previous reports but very close to it. It is however, taken
directly from Mark Steyn’s masterful best seller, “After America”.
(“After America” – Sub Titled “Get Ready for Armageddon” -- Page 243-245)
“The particular nature of America’s mass illegal immigration is almost consciously designed to
fracture the republic, and lead to enormous tracts of the country becoming entirely dysfunctional.
For the corporate right, undocumented immigrants mean cheap labor. For the statist left, they
mean dependents—and cheap votes. For sentimentalists in between, it’s an act of ethnocultural
penance: hence, the Cinco de Mayo observances in schoolhouses up and down the land. The
left are right. Big Government centralist don’t mind about the costs Undocumented America
imposes, because in the main it imposes them on states, cities, and school districts—and thus
makes previously self-sufficient branches of government ever more dependent on central
authority. And just as Big Government doesn’t care about the impact on local government, Big
Business doesn’t care about the impact of illegal labor on small business. This is a recipe for
strife, if not, ultimately, civil war.
The corporate right wanted open borders for cheap workers in part because the statist left has
made American workers too expensive: you can ship manufacturing jobs to cheaper labor
overseas, but it’s not so easy with hotel chambermaids and seasonal agricultural workers.
Meanwhile, the statist left favored open borders as a way of importing voters: untold millions of
poor, ill-educated people with little English would need government services, and untold
hundreds of thousands of bureaucrats would need to be hired to service them. And so Big
Government grows its base. Most illegal immigrants arrived in the Southwest, where states are
not red like the Old South nor blue like the Northeast, but kinda purple—50/50 congressional
districts and Senate seats where a few anchor babies here and English-as-a Second-Language
programs there and the Democratic Party can trip the demographics permanently in its favor. In
such a world, what happens when the economy nosedives and you have competing groups of
poor whites, poor blacks, and poor Hispanics chasing ever fewer jobs and crushing the welfare
system through sheer numbers?
The left was smarter than the right: the business class told itself it was importing hardworking
families who just want a shot at the American Dream. But welfare mocks the Ellis Island virtues,
upending them as easily as the shattered Statue of Liberty Charlton Heston stumbled across in
the sands of a ruined planet. In an America with ever bigger government and even poorer
people, the dependency rationale for illegal immigration will win out over the business rationale.
Seventy percent of births at the San Joaquin General Hospital in Stockton, California, are the so-
called “anchor babies” born to illegals. In related news, by 2010 Stockton’s school district had a
deficit of $25 million. Same thing at Dallas General: 70 per cent of newborns are “anchor babies.”
Seven out of ten isn’t any kind of “minority”; it’s the dominant culture of Americas tomorrow.
As for “racist” Arizona, the majority of its schoolchildren are already Hispanic. So, even if you
sealed the border today, the state’s future is as a Hispanic society: that’s a given. Maybe it will all
work out swell. The citizenry never voted for it, but they got it anyway. Because all the smart guys
bemoaning the irrational bigots knew what was best for them. To the coastal Eloi, “undocumented
immigrants” are the unseen Morlocks who mow your lawn while you’re at work and clean your
office while you’re at home. (That’s the real apartheid: the acceptance of a permanent
“undocumented” servant class by far too many “documented’ Americans who assuage their guilt
by pathetic self-serving sentimentalization of immigration.)
…As for “the jobs Americans won’t do,” most of them would be more accurately categorized as
the jobs American employers won’t hire Americans to do—because, in a business culture ever
more onerously regulated, the immigration status of one’s employees has become one of the
easiest levers for controlling costs. Why would this change? After all, as the official
unemployment climbed to 10 percent and the non-college-educated unemployment rate hit 15
percent and the unofficial rate among blacks and other groups rose even higher, the rote-like
invocations of “the jobs Americans won’t do” was affected not a whit. If Americans won’t do them
(or won’t be hired to do them) even at a time of high unemployment, maybe that’s the problem
that needs to be addressed. Instead, to solve an artificially created labor shortage, the U.S.
government deemed U.S. immigration law unenforceable and illegitimate. And so the armies of
Undocumented will swell exponentially as Mexico dissolves into a murderous narco-state feeding
ever greater northern habits. What is happening on the southern border is the unmaking of
Mark Steyn, like at least 10 other authors have meticulously analyzed the world economic
situation; many top economist have predicted that we are about to experience the worst of
economic hardships which aligns closely to the subtle predictions in the Urantia book that points
to the failure of our society if essential factors are not implemented within the culture at this time.
The Urantia revelators use the term “doomed to failure” if certain conditions are not met
(mentioned in our recent reports); none of which have been seriously considered by the
American public. As mentioned in a previous report, we have elected the perfect administration to
eventuate the perfect economic storm. Also mentioned is the fact that divine entities will
eventually enter the scene, and after impelling hardships on world societies will aid in the
recovery of a collapsed culture. Our economy is in far worse shape than the average citizen
recognizes; it is wishful thinking to assume that things will suddenly turn for the best. Half the
students graduating from college can’t find decent employment and many in the other half are
settling for sub-standard jobs, half time, etc. Don’t look for things to change for several years; an
economic panacea is NOT on the horizon. The above addresses just a few of the controversial
issues that our culture has allowed religion to shape. BE PREPARED!

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