URANTIA READERS INTERNATIONAL Quarterly Report  April May June 2010

                                            IS OUR CULTURE IN PERIL?

Our quarterly reports of late have centered on topical events that have problematically affected the
entire planet, imposing seemingly insoluble solutions to world-wide conflicts. At least this is the case
without our revelation as a guide. Most discerning individuals know that the world societies are in very
deep trouble, but what they don’t know is how to bring about an intelligent resolution to the mayhem in
evidence throughout the planet. Many of the solutions to our social problems are discussed within our
revelation, but the sad situation is that, as we have stated before, we are implementing none of these
suggestions and have little time left in which to do so. One basic problem persists and stands out among
all others; the material world as it is perceived by many appears completely independent from the
spiritual world, yet is actually linked to the spiritual to the extent that when one rules out the spiritual he
subsequently and automatically rules out God, and according to our revelation this can be fatal to any
advanced society. The following paragraphs are just a few that we have selected from paper 195 (The
Future) to illustrate the need for a spiritual point of view.
“No social system or political regime which denies the reality of God can contribute in any constructive
and lasting manner to the advancement of human civilization.”(2084)
“Mankind can be unified only by the spiritual approach.” (2065)
“The visible church should refuse longer to handicap the progress of the invisible and spiritual
brotherhood of the kingdom of God. And this brotherhood is destined to become a living organism in
contrast to an institutionalized social organization. It may well utilize such social organizations, but it must
not be supplanted by them.”(2085)
“The majority of professed Christians of Western civilization are unwittingly actual secularist.” (2081)
“Secularism can never bring peace to mankind. Nothing can take the place of God in human society. But
mark you well! Do not be quick to surrender the beneficent gains of the secular revolt from ecclesiastical
totalitarianism. Western civilization today enjoys many liberties and satisfactions as a result of the
secular revolt.”(2081)
Is a stalemate currently in order for religious advancement – it certainly appears to be if our revelation is
not promulgated soon? Past religious achievements are not enough!
“The praiseworthy desire to preserve traditions of past achievement often leads to the defense of
outgrown systems of worship. The well-meant desire to foster ancient thought systems effectually
prevents the sponsoring of new and adequate means and methods designed to satisfy the spiritual
longings of the expanding and advancing minds of modern men. Likewise, the Christian churches of the
twentieth century stand as great, but wholly unconscious, obstacles to the immediate advance of the
real gospel—the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.”(2085)
“It is all too true that such a church would not have survived unless there had been men in the world
who preferred such a style of worship. Many spiritually indolent souls crave an ancient and authoritative
religion of ritual and sacred traditions. Human evolution and spiritual progress are hardly sufficient to
enable all men to dispense with religious authority. And the invisible brotherhood of the kingdom may
well include these family groups of various social and temperamental classes if they are only willing to
become truly spirit-led sons of God. But in this brotherhood of Jesus there is no place for sectarian
rivalry, group bitterness, nor assertions of moral superiority and spiritual infallibility.”(2085)
While this preferred style of worship mentioned above imposes a problem to many Christians who have
elected to divide their chosen religion into diverse congregations, they still can and may change their
varying styles of worship if desired – not so in some other religions, especially Islam where the style is
ordained pretty much by Allah and permission is not granted to change or alter what is already set in
place. In fact it is strictly forbidden with severe repercussions if one switches to another religion,
especially Christianity. There is nothing on the planet comparable to the over all teachings of Jesus.
Over the last several reports we have presented a wealth of information from our revelation pertaining
to the survival of the culture. Occasionally though, someone interprets this vital data as merely a
political statement set forth by proponents of a particular position; such is not the case within the
revelation, nor is it our intention to do so unless our social direction is undeniably threatening the
culture – as it now is.
Our revelation provides us with essential information for sustaining a viable culture along with
information as to what leads to unsuccessful cultures and why some very successful cultures ultimately
fail – Dalamatia and the Roman Empire are presented as examples.
We are obviously a resilient society; however,
“A democracy while an ideal is a product of civilization,
not of evolution.” (Pg. 801) “
The State itself is a useful evolution of civilization which represents society’s
net gain from the ravages and sufferings of war.” (Pg. 800)
Therefore, being that the state evolves from an advanced civilization there must exist ethical standards
by which the social and judicial parameters can be readjusted from generation to generation to
favorably advance the culture and prevent it from stagnating or degenerating, which they are sometimes
prone to do. (All previous civilizations that are no longer around have failed in these adjustments – and
we, by no means are exempt from this failure) It is evident that we are no longer currently meeting the
cultural needs by intelligently readjusting the parameters. An example is set forth of a successful cultural
experiment that did just this – it collapsed internally through excessive taxation necessary to sustain the
aggressive building projects throughout its empire, concurrent with abuses to its general population. But
in spite of the deteriorating morality -
“the harm to society consisted not in these reforms themselves,
but rather in the sudden and extensive manner of their adoption.” Here, “the collapse of Rome indicates
what may be expected when a state undergoes too rapid extension associated with internal
The preceding paragraph suggests that perhaps our (United States) rapid acceleration of social change
places us on very thin ice if history is any indication as to our longevity. Through an analysis of paper
71 one should be able to draw to their own conclusions of frightening parallels of historically failed
civilizations that match the folly taking place in today’s world.
History suggests that Rome itself might have been saved if it were a democracy without an autocratic
Emperor. The Senators were democratically elected but largely bought their way into a Senate
controlled by the Emperor. When the legislatively body (the Senate) warned the Emperor Nero that the
treasury was broke Nero would foolishly forbid such disclosure, remonstrating: “Don’t you dare tell me
that we have no money”, and continued his expansion of the empire with the most lavish building project
the world had ever seen - as if insolvency was nothing to contend with. Finally a Senate Advisor
suggested a plan that partially appealed to Nero, which could possibly replenish the treasury, although
so lavish was his building projects that replenishment was almost impossible. The suggestion was to tax
the prolific land barons of Spain part of their land holdings upon their deaths by bequeathing ten
percent back to the Empire’s treasury. Nero thought the idea sound, but demanded not just ten percent,
but rather the entire acreage, and not to the treasury but to himself upon the death of the land owner.
He then decided that he couldn’t wait for the land baron to die on his own, thereby ordering that his
demise be accelerated within the year, thus inheriting everything sooner than expected so he could
immediately get back to the building projects. Spain soon got wise to his scheme and demanded an end
to such extortion or war would be declared on the Empire.
“Even a good religion could not save a great
empire from the sure results of lack of individual participation in the affairs of government, from
overmuch paternalism, over taxation and gross collection abuses, unbalanced trade…”
(2074-3) (Sound
a little familiar – we appear to have the Roman Senate already in place, what’s salient is - have we
already installed the Emperor?) While Nero ruled as one of the first emperors of Rome (54 – 68 A.D.)
his contribution to the empire was considered substantial in spite of his murdering Christians and family
members. According to tradition Rome was founded in 753 B.C. by Romulus and Remus but not until 27
B.C. was the first emperor appointed; prior to the succession of emperors kings variously ruled the
empire. The illustrious history of one of the world’s greatest civilizations, lasting more that 1300 years
came to an inglorious end with its last emperor Romulus Agustrelus being over run by Odoacer in 476 A.
D. From its earliest beginnings as a quaint farming community and its establishment as a republic in 509
B.C. Rome became the worlds greatest empire yet ended up turning upon itself internally and eventually
allowing the Visigoths to sack the city in 410 A.D.
The revelation warns us of such folly in bankrupting the population of the country and how quickly if we’
re not careful we can precipitate our own demise. The infrastructure of the United States will soon
require a building project to match that of Rome during the reign of Nero with our own treasury being
well-nigh insolvent for the amount of work to be done (highways, bridges, water canals, ports, railways,
and dams to name just a few – the costs into the tens of billions). Isn’t it about time we started learning
from history. The Urantia book points out the mistakes and errors of religions, governments, empires
and nations – many of which shared the mistakes of modern societies, but the world is not paying close
attention. Eighty percent of our recent loans (USA) for example have come from China, that is, until last
year where they decided they could only afford to lend us four percent. I wonder why that is – do you
suppose, knowing we’re about broke, they don’t trust us for the balance? There is absolutely no place in
the world we can borrow the twelve trillion dollars necessary to pay off our loans except from the
American people themselves and that will be through taxation for many years to come, if we could do it
at all – the interest alone is impossible to meet, let alone paying off the principle.
“The modern state is the institution which survived in the long struggle for group power. Superior power
eventually prevailed, and it produced a creature of fact–the state–together with the moral myth of the
absolute obligation of the citizen to live and die for the state. But the state is not of divine genesis; it was
not even produced by volitionally intelligent human action; it is purely an evolutionary institution and was
wholly automatic in origin.”(800-2)
“The state is a territorial social regulative organization and the strongest, most efficient, and enduring
state is composed of a single nation whose people have a common language, mores, and institutions.”
We learn here that a strong nation is not, in a certain sense, so much a multicultural state at all – that
the melting pot idea, whereby people desire to blend in with the culture works best. How are we best
served as a nation with radically different languages, multi-currencies and monetary values, mores that
no one can relate to and now a religion that is antithetical to Judeo/Christian mores and bent on world
domination – a religion that demands that we acknowledge a God completely foreign to our culture?
Does it make any sense? Our latitude of acceptance for varying aspects of cultures is almost all
encompassing as concerns most religions, musical preferences, foods, dress codes, ethnic-hair styles,
and general life-styles, entertainment, recreation, etc. And this is the multiculturalism we presently enjoy;
but to displace our democracy and capitalism overnight with socialism and economic/monetary
redistribution along with a multi-lingual society or anything that hasn’t been carefully thought-out will only
add chaos to an already strained system moving far too fast into the 21st century. As regards
democracy the revelation informs us to: “Go slowly! Select carefully! (801). And as regards the profit
“Present day profit-motivated economics is doomed unless profit motives can be augmented by
service motives. Ruthless competition based on narrow-minded self interests is, ultimately destructive of
even those things which it seeks to maintain. Exclusive and self-serving profit motivation is incompatible
with Christian ideals – much more incompatible with the teachings of Jesus.”
“ True competition in industry is exceedingly wasteful and highly ineffective, but no attempt to eliminate
this economic lost motion should be countenanced if such adjustments entail even the slightest
abrogation of the basic liberties of the individual.”
Any moderately discerning person can perceive the flagrant inequities in our economic system, but to
implement change on a wholesale level through drastic forms of monetary redistribution only creates the
risk of destroying the entire system – just ask a Roman.
“The ideals of statehood must be attained by evolution, by the slow growth of civic consciousness, the
recognition of the obligation and privilege of social service.”
It is obvious that the individual as well as the society in which he lives has been living far beyond their
means. Institutions are borrowing from the citizens and the citizens are borrowing from the institutions,
resulting in plentiful loans and minimal pay-back. We have become a society of debtors demanding our
debts be forgiven and then keep on borrowing like there’s no tomorrow.
One might ask at this point why we are perseverating on this tact regarding our social direction. It should
be evident – our cultural sustenance is at stake, and the “Book” addresses this by offering solutions to
our social problems in several areas; additionally most of our mistakes relate to a lack of spirituality
within the culture and this spirituality is a central theme in our revelation. It was, after all, (spirituality) a
central message of Jesus. We are suppose to be preparing ourselves as well as our societies for
existence in a future spiritual world without going backwards for a thousand years, which after any
nuclear confrontation we might well get the chance to experience.
There was a time once when religious philosophers determined that we should concern ourselves with
the material world but also spend our time in spiritual pursuits. Somehow society in its over-zealous
optimism in perceiving the advances in the material world has lost recognition of the spiritual and has
led itself down a path of consumption minus production and indebtedness minus responsibility – with
avarice as our core value. Ask yourselves why it is that China, a third world country a decade ago, is
able to lend us, now a debtor nation, trillions of dollars.
The answer is simple – they produce while we basically consume. Our culture is no longer
predominantly a producer, rather we are seemingly content to wallow in consumption until we finally
wake up and realize our money is going abroad to any and all producers, triggering a new dilemma – is
it too late to reverse the process because like Rome the debt is so large that even if we could produce
enough to pay off the loans to the producers and the American people, would we be able to find enough
foreign buyers for our products. If we, for example, brought our textile industry along with furniture
manufacturing back to the U.S., what then happens to China? Would they buy from us at three times the
price of their own production – not likely, nor would any other country if they could buy from China now
that China has our technology.


(The Ideals of Statehood - summarized) (803)
“The exalted state not only compels its citizens to work but also entices them into profitable and uplifting
utilization of the increasing leisure which results from toil liberation by the advancing machine age.
Leisure must produce as well as consume.”
“No society has progressed very far when it permits idleness or tolerates poverty.”
“Social evolution should be encouraged by governmental supervision which exercises a minimum of
regulative control. That state is best which co-ordinates most while governing least.”
“The ideals of statehood must be attained by evolution, by the slow growth of civic consciousness, the
recognition of the obligation and privilege of social service.”
“In a real commonwealth the business of governing cities and provinces is conducted by experts…”
It is probably a good thing that we are a more spiritual nation than is China, but we have failed miserably
to reach any meaningful balance between the material and the spiritual. The material has advanced
light-years ahead of the spiritual - a prescription for disaster according to the Urantia book. The
decades of conniving in Congress and Industrial Institutions is just now coming to the awareness of the
average citizen as enterprisingly disingenuous to the point of a self-absorbed perversity leaning towards
failure compliance for decades to come.
When the citizenry has to bail out both the industries and the bureaucracies of their country due to a
decade long selfish ineptness leading to the diminishment of everyone’s quality of life for a generation
or two to come, such borders on insanity. Our country is about to go backwards for lack of overriding
spiritual influences governing the life-styles of the leaders of our nation. Now more than ever the Urantia
influence is needed on this world. America is not prepared for catastrophe, She has to wake up; the
culture is definitely in peril. The revelation clearly uncovers the false sentiments that have so long
prevailed on the planet, but we are nowhere near addressing these problems, which must be rectified
before we are able to move on – advance the society.
The Urantia book mentions what to do and what not to do to sustain the culture; we unfortunately are in
the “what not to do” mode. The revelation has defined our reality – it is up to us to establish an
intelligent direction with a moral concomitant to fulfill our kindergarten commitment – yes, this existence
is our cosmic kindergarten and if we are not careful we will be retrogressing slowly back to pre-school.
Our kindergarten for almost a million years has been predominantly a material one. Isn’t it about time to
incorporate spiritual values to our learning experiences, apply them to industry and government, and
then commence our advancement to the 1st grade?
The Urantia book is a hard sell to non-truth-seekers; however, it is nevertheless, about time to spread
the word to the rest of the world. And I believe this is about to happen soon.


“Economics, society, and government must evolve if they are to remain.”
(12 conditions listed on page 804)
(Ten steps to the evolution of practical and efficient government – listed on page 802)
(The character of statehood – 12 steps listed on page 806-807)
Every Urantia book reader ought to be aware of their social surroundings, nationally and internationally
in order to best choose those who are to lead us into what might be a precarious future. The Urantia
book provides many of the answers. It’s been 55 years since the first publication – we must now inform
the rest of the world of our revelation.
One of our members (Sheila Keene-Lund) has just released her new book entitled “HEAVEN IS NOT
THE LAST STOP” --- Exploring a New Revelation
(On the cover) Sheila advances the proposal that the most luminous and practical teachings for
fostering cultural progress are discovered in the extraordinary convergence of the human and celestial
realms. Heaven is not the last stop is a compelling invitation to take our next step as evolving global
citizens by becoming conscious members of the greater cosmic family.
While I have not read the entire book yet, what I have read so far appears well researched and well
thought-out. I met Sheila at a conference in Tennessee about ten years ago and she has been working
on the book continuously since that time. She is a dedicated Urantia Book reader and has made her
book a life-long commitment. So far the Urantia readers that have responded to Sheila have all given it
very favorable reviews and have stated emphatically that “Heaven Is Not The Last Stop” has facilitated
their comprehension of the Urantia book, and has in itself lent meaning and spiritual understanding to
the reader. I have read a little more since writing the above and the book is a masterpiece. The book
may be ordered by calling 1 800 741-3502.
By the way, my brother asked if it were possible to make the newsletter a little more uplifting – I guess we’
ll have to wait and see; the culture will determine that. In the next news letter, however, I will provide a
page of quotes from Sheila’s book which I find quite spiritually uplifting, as do those who have already
responded to her.
Well rather than wait another three months we’ve decided to add another page and present a small
portion of Shelia’s material – superbly written and of benefit to any Urantia reader.
The book is presented in four major parts with a summary at the end of each section; they are as
follows: Section one – HUMANITY’S SPIRITUAL ORIGIN; section two – HUMANITY’S SPIRITUAL
There are 33 illustrations along with a fascinating preface that explains just how Shelia with a little divine
guidance came upon the idea to write the book and how when she was searching for a title, the name
“Heaven Is Not The Last Stop” audibly pop into her right ear, and when she asked herself what in the
world was that, the voice again repeated the same words. That subsequently set her into motion on an
odyssey lasting over ten years. She was to take up where the Urantia book leaves off. We don’t have
space to do justice to this creative masterpiece, but will present a few excerpts.
In keeping with our own assessments of the evolution of our current social order we will present the
SOCIAL EFFECT (PAGES 8-10) “In the nineteenth century, a perilous internal conflict within Christianity
loomed. In the West, the general feeling prevailed that institutional religious doctrine did not reflect
personal religious experience. Christian sectarianism and fragmentation increased and the more flexible
metaphysical approach of Eastern religious worldviews was readily embraced by the creative class.
Greatly influenced by Eastern ideas were philosophers and writers such as Goethe, Shelley, Emerson,
and de Balzac. Ralph Waldo Emerson is credited with fashioning the modern idea of spirituality as
distinct from religion and emphasizing the import of personal religious experience.
Liberal Christianity emerged in the twentieth century, advocating individual freedom of religious thought
and expression. It was willing to mix theology with modern scientific theories, adopt broader views of
salvation, and embrace Eastern philosophies and esoteric traditions. But these ancient thought systems
did not promote the progressive recognition of God as a loving father, the evolution of personal worship,
or the increasing discovery of supreme values and divine ideals.”
(We have to skip over some brilliant research to maintain the brevity of this report.)
“Amidst the indifference of many liberal Christians, the rigid stance of Christian fundamentalism, and the
free-flowing New Age spirituality, there has been considerable confusion about religion, with many
abandoning it altogether. A parallel of social decline has become increasingly evident. The twenty-first
century is witnessing an unprecedented lack of personal mutual respect and an increased tendency
toward religious divisiveness, exploitation, and violence. Growing social unrest, wide polarization, war,
and genocide continue to plague our world.”
“…the time has come to advance a new philosophical synthesis in the form of a new reality frame… a
synthesis that moves far enough beyond post-modernism so as to achieve a usable, inspiring and
worldview-enacting philosophy that transcends and includes the pre-modern, the modern and the post-
If one is searching for a fascinating, non-fiction book that is both informative and historically educational,
go no further and purchase by calling 800 741-3502 or online at www.heavenisnotthelaststop.com   We
should support our members where possible.

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