Every once in awhile the Urantia Readers International receives a letter from a reader informing us of their opinion
that we are too conservative, or too republican, or too political in our views even though we state that we discuss
topical subjects as they relate to data in the Urantia book and let the chips fall where they may. Our aim is to follow
the truth wherever it may lead as suggested by Jesus while on Urantia. While we have previously denounced the
perversities of Congress and the distortions of the false religion of Islam; there is no mistake that the condemnations
were consistent with the Urantia teachings which clearly establishes the falsehoods and self-interests in governing
bodies, and industries as clearly perverse; the same holds true for religions interference with the operations of
elected governments. Whoever heard of a religious body forcing its own self and ill-conceived religious laws over the
laws of the land, especially when their laws are out of the 7th century?

What a few people don’t appear to realize is that the Urantia book, even though it discusses religion extensively is in
itself not a religion and is by most considered apolitical. It is a history book as much as anything that deals with
religion, but not exclusively; it is a history book presenting facts about the origin of the universe, even an age before
the superuniverses were created, but more than that it delves into the origin of man and his ultimate destiny and
everything in-between including the beginnings of primitive societies as well as complex cultures and civilizations;
and in so doing there is an abundance of information informing our contemporaries as well as future generations of
the things necessary for sustaining cultures, even presenting facts about the social success of a planet not too far
from us in the universe, along with relationships of our culture to successful cultures that over time have failed, and
how we presently are socially and economically paralleled to these cultures (especially the Roman Empire) and could
be on the precipice of self destruction. Many of the current issues of our time are discussed in paper 195 inclusive of
facts relating to what must be done to preserve the culture. These are not political statements as some readers are
prone to interpret as too conservative and following a republican agenda. These statements are merely observations
that relate to civilizations and cultures viewed from the experience of advanced beings that have studied and
observed both successful and collapsing civilizations on a myriad of planets. Much of the advice given to us
(Urantian citizens) has gone unheeded for several decades and is now approaching a critical time for implementation
of this advice. There are no statements of political mendacity pushing us in the direction of one political party or
another; rather they are in a way admonitions of our so called politically correct attitudes (in today’s vernacular) and
inability to correctly establish a sustainable course of social direction based in part on religious pre-conditionings
and indoctrinations of false sentiments. If one studies this paper (195) in connection with the rest of the Urantia
revelation from an objective point of view, bearing in mind to “follow the truth wherever it may lead”, and still chooses
to maintain that the statements are not related to our current situations, it is evidence that such individuals should
read the book more carefully.

Currently we (the society at large) are not taking seriously the advice offered us in this unique book delivered in this
the 11th hour as many perceive it to be. We should proceed with the greatest caution in electing our leaders; the
book specifically states “we should go slow and select wisely” The revelation never states, regarding the election of
our leaders, to rush headlong into politically correct positions and enact legislation that hasn’t been carefully thought-
out and studied before enactment, which is exactly what we have recently done.

There are cultural conditions that must change, that must evolve in the right direction if we are concerned about
preserving a stable cultural inheritance for our future progeny. We desperately need an intelligent design to the
economy based on ethics, integrity and wisdom if we are to preserve its longevity for posterity; a well thought-out
plan for the resolution of our interactions with the rest of the world is absolutely necessary, or our problems will
continue until its too late to reverse course. Many intelligent economist, historians, and philosophers feel we have
already reached that plateau.

Some Urantia readers don’t appear to realize the importance of the revelation in discussing materialism, secularism
and the consequences of short sighted, immature decisions and their affects on the culture without the guidance and
direction of a sound religion. The relevance of the spiritual to the material is not clearly understood by beings of a
material world now in quarantine from the rest of the universe; yet spiritual values affect the future of all advanced
societies especially in times of such deep-seeded international conflicts. The culture is in a definite state of peril. The
final pages of this report are direct quotes from paper 195 which imparts information of an apolitical social
reconstruction emphasizing the need for spiritual values necessary to preserve any political society. The paper
stresses the value of spiritual realities over the material and admonishes us not to panic with the occurrence of a
material collapse – that in the long run the teachings of Jesus will win out with believers having a promised destiny in
eternity. It is, however, the contingent preparation for both the material and spiritual that we wish to convey to the
readership. In a total collapse almost no one in a major city will be able to survive the meltdown. The recent activity in
Haitian society is an example of a society that was totally unprepared for the unforeseen exigencies of nature – no
one can come to the aid of the world if it is unprepared for an economic collapse – no foreign aid from any source,
etc. In the long run only our entrance into the after-life is assured. The world is not prepared for a collapse of any
magnitude, especially the youth, and neither are they prepared spiritually to handle the serious problems arising
from the economic downfall of world social orders, problems that are inevitable if we don’t soon reverse course. But
even our attempts to focus attention on spiritual values through our religious organizations may be ineffective in
preventing social decay in the short term – very serious social decay.

PAPER 195 (These are random quotes, all of which apply to today’s problems)

“Even a good religion could not save a great empire from the sure results of lack of individual participation in the
affairs of government, from overmuch paternalism, over taxation, and gross collection abuses, unbalanced trade with
the Levant which drained away the gold, amusement madness, Roman standardization, the degradation of women,
slavery and race decadence, physical plagues, and a state church which became institutionalized nearly to the point
of spiritual barrenness.”

“The twentieth century has brought new problems for Christianity and all other religions to solve. The higher a
civilization climbs, the more necessitous becomes the duty to “seek first the realities of heaven” in all of man’s efforts
to stabilize society and facilitate the solution of its material problems.”

“Truth often becomes confusing and even misleading when it is dismembered, segregated, isolated, and too much
analyzed. Living truth teaches the truth seeker aright only when it is embraced in wholeness and as a living spiritual
reality, not as fact of material science or an inspiration of intervening art.”
2075-4, 5

“No matter what the apparent conflict between materialism and the teachings of Jesus may be, you can rest assured
that, in the ages to come, the teachings of the Master will fully triumph. In reality, true religion cannot become
involved in any controversy with science; it is in no way concerned with material things. Religion is simply indifferent
to, but sympathetic with, science while it supremely concerns itself with the scientist.”

“The pursuit of mere knowledge, without the attendant interpretation of wisdom and the spiritual insight of religious
experience, eventually leads to pessimism and human despair. A little knowledge is truly disconcerting.”
2076-7, 8

“Science is a quantitative experience, religion a qualitative experience as regards man’s life on earth. Science deals
with phenomena; religion, with origins, values, and goals. To assign causes as an explanation of physical
phenomena is to confess ignorance of ultimates and in the end only leads the scientist straight back to the first great
cause—the Universal Father of Paradise.”

“Religious leaders are making a great mistake when they try to call modern man to spiritual battle with the trumpet
blasts of the Middle Ages. Religion must provide itself with new and up-to-date slogans. Neither democracy nor any
other political panacea will take the place of spiritual progress. False religions may represent an evasion of reality,
but Jesus in his gospel introduced mortal man to the very entrance upon an eternal reality of spiritual progression.”

“The mechanistic naturalism of some supposedly educated men and the thoughtless secularism of the man in the
street are both exclusively concerned with things; they are barren of all real values, sanctions, and satisfactions of a
spiritual nature, as well as being devoid of faith, hope, and eternal assurances. One of the great troubles with
modern life is that man thinks he is too busy to find time for spiritual meditation and religious devotion.”
2077-1, 3, 6

“But even after materialism and mechanism have been more or less vanquished, the devastating influence of
twentieth-century secularism will still blight the spiritual experience of millions of unsuspecting souls.”

“Modern secularism has been fostered by two world-wide influences. The father of secularism was the narrow-
minded and godless attitude of nineteenth and twentieth-century so-called science—atheistic science. The mother of
modern secularism was the totalitarian medieval Christian church. Secularism had its inception as a rising protest
against the almost complete domination of Western civilization by the institutionalized Christian church.”

“At the time of this revelation, the prevailing intellectual and philosophical climate of both European and American life
is decidedly secular—humanistic. For three hundred years Western thinking has been progressively secularized.
Religion has become more and more a nominal influence, largely a ritualistic exercise. The majority of professed
Christians of Western civilization are unwittingly actual secularists.”

“Secularism did break the bonds of church control, and now in turn it threatens to establish a new and godless type
of mastery over the hearts and minds of modern man. The tyrannical and dictatorial political state is the direct
offspring of scientific materialism and philosophic secularism. Secularism no sooner frees man from the domination
of the institutionalized church than it sells him into slavish bondage to the totalitarian state. Secularism frees man
from ecclesiastical slavery only to betray him into the tyranny of political and economic slavery.”

“Materialism denies God, secularism simply ignores him; at least that was the earlier attitude… Twentieth-century
secularism tends to affirm that man does not need God. But beware! This godless philosophy of human society will
lead only to unrest, animosity, unhappiness, war, and world-wide disaster.”

“Secularism can never bring peace to mankind. Nothing can take the place of God in human society. But mark you
well! Do not be quick to surrender the beneficent gains of the secular revolt from ecclesiastical totalitarianism.
Western civilization today enjoys many liberties and satisfactions as a result of the secular revolt. The great mistake
of secularism was this: In revolting against the almost total control of life by religious authority, and after attaining the
liberation from such ecclesiastical tyranny, the secularists went on to institute a revolt against God himself,
sometimes tacitly and sometimes openly.”

“To the secularistic revolt you owe the amazing creativity of American industrialism and the unprecedented material
progress of Western Civilization. And because the secularistic revolt went too far and lost sight of God and true
religion, there also followed the unlooked-for harvest of world wars and international unsettledness.”

“The inherent weakness of secularism is that it discards ethics and religion for politics and power. You simply cannot
establish the brotherhood of men while ignoring or denying the fatherhood of God”

“The complete secularization of science, education, industry, and society can lead only to disaster.”

“Selfish men and women simply will not pay such a price for even the greatest spiritual treasure ever offered mortal
man. Only when man has become sufficiently disillusioned by the sorrowful disappointments attendant upon the
foolish and deceptive pursuits of selfishness, and subsequent to the discovery of the barrenness of formalized
religion, well he be disposed to turn wholeheartedly to the gospel of the kingdom, the religion of Jesus of Nazareth.”

“Christianity has dared to lower its ideals before the challenge of human greed, war-madness, and the lust for power;
but the religion of Jesus stands as the unsullied and transcendent spiritual summons, calling to the best there is in
man to rise above all these legacies of animal evolution and, by grace, attain the moral heights of true human

“Christianity is threatened by slow death from formalism, overorganization, intellectualism, and other nonspiritual
trends. The modern Christian church is not such a brotherhood of dynamic believers as Jesus commissioned
continuously to effect the spiritual transformation of successive generations of mankind.”

“Christianity is seriously confronted with the doom embodied in one of its own slogans: “A house divided against itself
cannot stand” The Christian world will hardly capitulate to a sect-divided Christendom.
The living Jesus is the only hope of possible unification of Christianity. The true church—the Jesus brotherhood—is
invisible, spiritual, and is characterized by unity, not necessarily uniformity. Uniformity is the earmark of the physical
world of mechanistic nature. Spiritual unity is the fruit of faith union with living Jesus. The visible church should refuse
longer to handicap the progress of the invisible and spiritual brotherhood of the kingdom of God. And this
brotherhood is destined to become a living organism in contrast to an institutionalized social organization.”

“But the Christianity of even the twentieth century must not be despised. It is the product of the combined moral
genius of the God-knowing men of many races during many ages, and it has truly been one of the greatest powers
for good on earth, and therefore no man should lightly regard it, notwithstanding its inherent and acquired defects.”

The following statements are mentioned in our quarterly report of December 2009, and while entirely non-political,
relate to the direction of our society as implemented by representative governments. The following preventable
problems are conditions that all governments have sadly overlooked in their failure to implement intelligent legislation
preventing the twelve conditions below from happening.

“Urantia mortals are entitled to liberty; they should create their systems of government; they should adopt their
constitutions or other charters of civil authority and administrative procedure. And having done this, they should
select their most competent and worthy fellows as chief executives. For representatives in the legislative branch they
should elect only those who are qualified intellectually and morally to fulfill such sacred responsibilities. As judges of
their high and supreme tribunals only those who are endowed with natural ability and who have been made wise by
replete experience should be chosen.”


1.        Usurpation of unwarranted power by either the executive or legislative branches.
2.        Machinations of ignorant and superstitious agitators.
3.        Retardation of scientific progress.
4.        Stalemate of the dominance of mediocrity.
5.        Domination by vicious minorities.
6.        Control by ambitious and clever would-be dictators.
7.        Disastrous disruptions of panics.
8.        Exploitation by the unscrupulous
9.        Taxation enslavement of the citizenry by the state.
10.        Failure of social and economic fairness.
11.        Union of church and state.
12.        Loss of personal liberty.

These are the purposes and aims of constitutional tribunals acting as governors upon the engines of representative
government on an evolutionary world.”

“Mankind’s struggle to perfect government on Urantia has to do with perfecting channels of administration, with
adapting them to ever-changing current needs, with improving power distribution within government, and then with
selecting such administrative leaders as are truly wise. While there is a divine and ideal form of government, such
cannot be revealed but must be slowly and laboriously discovered by the men and women of each planet throughout
the universes of time and space.”
(Pgs. 798-799-Urantia book)

Readers can judge for themselves as to which of the twelve conditions above relate to what our society is presently

Our hope is that human societies will someday recognize that those civilizations banking all their energies on material
advancement without the guiding light of spiritual values can and will fail, and that we are very close to attaining this
sad state of affairs, and while some, until the very end, will perceive it as an achievement (the denial of the reality of
God), government’s control over the autonomy of individual rights, will in the end aid in the decay and eventual
collapse of civilization. It is imperative that the civilized world take our revelation to heart and commence the
recognition of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. There are forces at work that wish to destroy our
culture and start anew; the revelation, however, maintains that this would be disastrous – slow, methodical change
through the normal evolutional process is what is necessary to alter and advance the society, and only through the
wisdom gleaned from spiritual values.

Our society is currently under assault from many directions, not just from the secularists/atheists, but even from
large religious organizations that are so attached unwittingly to the secular order that they demand to incorporate
their uncivilized religious laws over the established laws of world societies, thereby displacing the laws developed by
parliaments and congresses in a variety of universal governments. Paper 195 points out that in the long run the
teachings of Jesus will win out, which is quite comforting, but the long term might be a very long time and in the
interim social decadence might rule for some time to come. The “papers” reveal that, “What does it matter if all things
earthly crash”, if you’re on the right side of God?”, but this is in regards to our eternal destiny; it matters very much
to that society we bequeath to our progeny. It is quite inconsistent for one who professes to believe in the brother of
man to accept the legacy of a crushed world with economic debt that can’t ever be paid off, knowing full well that is it
far more than a minor economic adjustment for our children to bear. This might not happen though – the IMF could
intervene to readjust the economic paradigm on the international level to bring forth a new economic order, and this
because there will be many other sovereign nations experiencing the same fate as the U.S.; this could happen
sooner than most think possible. Ask yourselves what the sequence of events will be when the dollar crashes - then
ask yourself, are you prepared both materially and spiritually for a drastic change in lifestyle. As our predecessor
said some years ago, prepare yourself now for the “Kingdom of God is at hand”. Merry Christmas!

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