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                               (Predictions from the Urantia Book)


In several of our past reports we have discussed inevitable social conditions that are certain to prevail if we fail
to follow suggestions presented in the revelation: “The Modern Problem”, “Materialism”, and “The Future”,
contained in paper 195 and “Ideals of Statehood”, “Progressive Civilization”, “Evolution of Competition”, and
the “Profit Motive”, all contained in paper 71.  Our revelation places special emphasis on those aspects of
society that could cause total collapse of the culture if we fail to pay heed to the consequences of closing our
eyes to their suggestions—few of which society has to date taken very seriously, with most having been
neglected or totally ignored. Along with our recognizing the significance of the prediction of certain particle
discoveries of physics mentioned below we will attempt to integrate data of a more significant value—
predictions of social constructs.

We have also addressed subjects that now have recognizable validation after almost eight decades of scrutiny
or since their predictions appeared in the Urantia Book in 1934. Two predictions of significance that we have
been following fall into the disciplines of Physics and Astronomy. We have mentioned several times the galaxy
prediction found on page 130 informing us of the discovery of future galaxies in the “remote stretches of outer
space”, recently validated by the Hubble Space Telescope within the last decade. Other hitherto unknown
findings were the mesotron (a particle within the atom being searched for by research physicists and others
for the last 50 years) which has finally been identified, as well as the ultimaton and an unnamed influence also
contained within the atom; herein we will present the latest corroborating evidence. Remember, this prediction
was presented many years before science seriously began any search, and few if any, even postulated the
existence of such a particle—a most significant finding apart from the atom itself.

We were also given the location of the cradle of civilization and the location of the biblical Garden of Eden—by
no means the size of your back-yard garden—rather something that took 83 years to build and only one fourth
finished upon the arrival of the Material Son and Daughter.
“The architectural plans for Eden provided homes
and abundant land for one million human beings. …it had thousands of miles of irrigation ditches and more
than twelve thousand miles of paved paths and roads.”
(Pg. 824-6)

The ensuing report will attempt to expatiate upon the new discoveries of atomic matter as it relates to data
presented in the Urantia revelation, all the while sneaking in certain discoveries of social values that are even
more relevant today.

When inquisitive individuals observed the evaporation of water into vapors, especially when accelerated by
heat to a boiling point and then into steam and disappearing completely; it was assumed there were unseen
properties that had to be investigated to explain the baffling phenomenon which led to the theory of molecules
and eventually leading us to the atom. Science soon learned that two elemental gas particles such as
Hydrogen and Oxygen could be combined in such a way as to make to make a liquid. Science was off and
running. Their discovery of the atom and subsequently an understanding of its properties were duly noted as
a major discovery in science, but with one puzzling exception—what held these particles together? What
stopped Neutrons and Protons from flying off in different directions? Was it a mini-gravitational force? No one
knew for sure, and for years their theories would remain as conjecture—a baffling question for five decades.

And just why is this important? The confirmation of scientific revelatory material presented to us 78 years ago
has a proven consistency which carries over to other areas of prediction concerning socio/economic issues
that point to cultural failure. As more and more predictions are validated it adds immeasurably to the over-all
integrity of the entire Urantia revelation and if such scientific predictions hold true in consistent fashion—what
then is to be said about the failure to implement specifically mentioned economic and social standards to today’
s culture when we have met hardly any of the standards, especially when we have deliberately ignored these
evolutionary standards as being the truth? The revelation implicitly states that if we refuse to adopt positive
and constructive measures into the culture as mentioned therein, we are on our way out as a civilized culture

There is even a set of standards set forth by which we could benefit immensely, presented to us in the paper
concerning “Government on a Neighboring Planet”, (PAPER 72) which planet is approximately 100 years
ahead of us and is on its way to enlightenment by following those same  suggestions given to Urantia citizens.
And while these messages have been copiously reiterated throughout our quarterly reports, world societies
have not paid them any attention. These conditions are not mentioned just to take up space in the book—they
are vitally important to sustain the culture!

Yesterday the Vice President of the U.S. boldly stated that: “We are not a declining society”. We are not just a
declining culture but rather have become a decadent society fastly degenerating into a 3rd world culture
enslaved to arcane ideologies of political correctness; and there is a whole section on these primitive ideals
(“false sentiments”) of preserving degenerate stock, and allowing illiterates to vote, etc. In paper 91, page 910
the revelation specifically states: “No civilization can survive the long-time harboring of large classes of
unemployed. In time, even the best of citizens will become distorted and demoralized by accepting support
from the public treasury. Even private charity becomes pernicious when long extended to able-bodied
citizens.” Are we somehow the exception to this universal fact? What happens when 50% of the citizenry and
non-citizenry are living off of welfare and the other 50% are working for a government which has already
become a form of welfare in itself?

We are very close in our decline to experiencing the fate of the Roman Empire. (Mentioned in part on page
801) Stated succinctly:
“The harm to society consisted not in these reforms themselves but rather in the
sudden and extensive manner of their adoption. The collapse of Rome indicates what may be expected when
a state undergoes too rapid extension associated with internal degeneration.”
Are we going too fast in the
wrong direction? Proceeding in the wrong direction according to our revelation can be culturally disastrous
(paper 195). It is quite possible that we have come so far so fast in the wrong direction that we are about to
crash. And like a car collision with one car proceeding too fast  in the wrong direction you suddenly get two
totaled cars—you then go to the dealership and buy a new one. When cultures crash there are no dealerships
to take care of the problem—we cannot buy a new culture; we then become pretty much doomed like the
Romans. Societies have to wake up or it’s all over but the memories.

These above mentioned social issues as discussed in the papers are far more important to our survival as
regards the maintenance of civilization (Pg. 906) than the predictive value of certain atomic properties
contained in the rest of this report.

A particle labeled by science called “The God Particle” was thus labeled because it might be responsible for
holding the entire universe together; it has accordingly been discovered as such--so science believes.

Recent scientific evidence pointing to the existence of the Higgs boson,  named “The God Particle” by the
scientific community has caused quite a stir in the realm of physics lately, something that corroborates a
prediction in the Urantia revelation delivered in 1934—something totally unproven to science for almost eight
decades. This is the most astounding prediction regarding the essence of matter set forth by the revelation;
and was only recently discovered by the CERN laboratory in Switzerland, the organization that runs the large
Hadron Collider near Geneva (16 MILES LONG)—by far the worlds largest superconducting solenoid magnet,
costing over 10 billion dollars to build and run, inclusive of the salary of thousands of scientists. The giant
collider collides protons together. However there are many other collisions that are very similar to those that
produce Higgs bosons but slightly different and are considered “background” events having yet to be
quantified. Elementary physics teaches that everything is made up of atoms, and inside atoms are electrons,
protons and neutrons, which in turn are made of quarks and other subatomic particles.

Scientists have long puzzled over how these minute building blocks of the universe acquire mass since without
some gravitation force or electronic presence particles wouldn’t hold together and there would be no matter.
Scientists have theorized that the Higgs boson gives each type of particle its own mass. British physicist Peter
Higgs proposed what we now call the “Higgs Field” and hypothized that it spreads through the universe. All
particles would acquire mass by interacting with this field.

The indisputable fact remains—scientists have discovered a new particle that appears to pervade the entire
universe possessing a gravitational force (a force carrying particle) that holds sub-atomic matter together—an
invisible force field that prevents particles from flying in every direction—hence the “God Particle”

Thousands of scientists have spent almost 50 years painstakingly investigation the possibility of a field of sorts
holding these sub-atomic particles together with an end result of hopefully understanding how the universe
was created. I think this is biting off more than they can chew, from what is discernable in the revelation.
Discovery of the particle is one thing, determining how the universe was created won’t, in all probability, reveal
more than the Urantia teachings within the next thousand years.

So what the heck does a 50 year baffling problem of science have to do with the Urantia revelation?
EVERYTHING! It happens to be one of two major unequivocal predictions set forth in no uncertain terms in the
Book relevant to major findings in the field of physics and astronomy that no one had previously
contemplated—especially intriguing was the prediction of the discovery of new galaxies which at the time may
have appeared to science in 1934 as ludicrous. Who in their right mind would have thought we would discover
350 million new galaxies in the far reaches of outer space. This particular forecast is at the bottom of page
130 in the book.

The prediction of the discovery of the mesotron is just as significant. What does the revelation convey?
(Discussed in paper 71, pages 476—479) At first we thought this particle discovery existing within the atom
was the ultimaton, but further scrutiny reveals that its cohesive properties more accurately resemble the
mesotron. We will discuss both and perhaps get a little side-tract by mentioning other non-related predictions
concerning social issues of the day.

“In the superuniverse of Orvonton there are one hundred octaves of wave energy. Of these one hundred
groups of energy manifestations, sixty-four are wholly or partially recognized on Urantia. The sun’s rays
constitute four octaves in the superniverse scale, the visible rays embracing a single octave, number forty-six
in this series. The ultraviolet group comes next, while ten octaves up are the X rays, followed by the gamma
rays of radium. Thirty-two octaves above the visible light of the sun are the outer-space energy rays so
frequently commingled with their associated highly energized minute particles of matter. Next downward from
the visible sunlight appear the infrared rays, and thirty octaves below are the radio transmission group.”

“Wavelike energy Manifestations—from the standpoint of twentieth century Urantia scientific enlightment—may
be classified into the following ten groups:
1.        Infraultimatonic rays—the borderland revolutions of ultimatons as they begin to assume definite form.
This is the first stage of emergent energy in which wavelike phenomena can be detected and measured. 2.
Ultimatonic rays. The assembly of energy into minute spheres of the ultimatons occasions vibrations in the
content of space which are discernable and measurable. And long before physicists ever discover the
ultimaton, they will undoubtedly detect the phenomena of these rays as they shower in upon Urantia. These
short and powerful rays represent the initial activity of the ultimatons as they are slowed down to that point
where they veer towards the electronic organization of mater. As the ultimatons aggregate into electrons,
condensation occurs with a consequent storage of energy. (For elaboration on the following refer to pages
474 and 475. 3. The short space rays. 4. The electronic stage.  5. Gamma Rays,”
five more found on pages

“The so-called ether is merely a collective name to designate a group of force and energy activities occurring
in space. Ultimatons, electrons, and other mass aggregations of energy are uniform particles of matter, and in
their transit through space they really proceed in direct lines. Light and all other forms of recognizable energy
manifestations consist of a succession of definite energy particles which proceed in direct lines except as
modified by gravity and other intervening forces. That these processions of energy particles appear as wave
phenomena when subjected to certain observations is due to the resistance of the undifferentiated force
blanket of all space, the hypothetical ether, and to the intergravity tension of the associated aggregations of
matter. The spacing of the particle-intervals of matter, together with the initial velocity of the energy beams,
establishes the undulatory appearance of many forms of energy-matter.”

“The excitation of the content of space produces a wavelike reaction to the passage of rapidly moving
particles of mater, just as the passage of a ship through water initiates waves of varying amplitude and

“Primordial-force behavior does give rise to phenomena which are in many ways analogous to your postulated
ether. Space is not empty; the spheres of all space whirl and plunge on through a vast ocean of outspread
force-energy; neither is the space content of an atom empty. Nevertheless there is no ether, and the very
absence of this hypothetical ether enables the inhabited planet to escape falling into the sun and encircling
electron to resist falling into the nucleus.”   

“While the space charge of universal force is homogeneous and undifferentiated, the organization of evolved
energy into matter entails the concentration of energy into discrete masses of definite dimensions and
established weight—precise gravity reaction.”

“Local or linear gravity becomes fully operative with the appearance of the atomic organization of matter.
Preatomic matter becomes slightly gravity responsive when activated by x ray and other similar energies, but
no measurable linear-gravity pull is exerted on free, unattached, and uncharged electronic-energy particles or
on unassociated ultimatons.”

“Ultimatons function by mutual attraction, responding only to the circular Paradise-gravity pull. Without linear-
gravity response they are thus held in the universal space drift. Ultimatons are capable of accelerating
revolutionary velocity to the point of partial antigravity behavior, but they cannot, independent of force
organizers or power directors, attain the critical escape velocity of deindividuation, return to the puissant-
energy stage. In nature, ultimatons escape the status of physical existence only when participating in the
terminal disruption of a cooled-off and dying sun.”

“The ultimatons, unknown on Urantia, slow down through many phases of physical activity before they attain
the revolutionary-energy prerequisites to electronic organization. Ultimatons have three varieties of motion:
mutual resistance to cosmic force, individual revolutions of antigravity potential, and the intraelectronic
positions of the one hundred mutually interassociated ultimatons.”

“Mutual attraction holds one hundred ultimatons together in the constitution of the electron; and there are
never more nor less than one hundred ultimatons in a typical electron. The loss of one or more ultimatons
destroys typical electronic identity, thus bringing into existence one of the ten modified forms of the electron.”

“Ultimatons do not describe orbits or whirl about in circuits within the electrons, but they do spread or cluster in
accordance with their axial revolutionary velocities, thus determining the differential electronic dimensions.
This same ultimatonic velocity of axial revolution also determines the negative or positive reactions of the
several types of electronic units. The entire segregation and grouping of electronic matter, together with the
electric differentiation of negative and positive bodies of energy-matter, result from these various functions of
the component Ultimatonic interassociation.”

“Each atom is a trifle over 1/100,000,000th of an inch in diameter, while an electron weighs a little more that
½,000th of the smallest atom, hydrogen. The positive proton, characteristic of the atomic nucleus, while it may
be no larger than a negative electron, weighs almost two thousands times more.”

“If the mass of matter should be magnified until that of an electron equaled one tenth of an ounce, then were
the size to be proportionately magnified, the volume of such an electron would become as large as that of the
earth. If the volume of a proton—eighteen hundred times as heavy as an electron—should be magnified to the
size of the head of a pin then, in comparison, a pin’s head would attain a diameter equal to that of the earth’s
orbit around the sun.”

ATOMIC MATTER (Pgs. 477-478)
“The formation of all matter is on the order of the solar system. There is at the center of every minute universe
of energy a relatively stable, comparatively stationary, nuclear portion of material existence. This central unit is
endowed with a threefold possibility of manifestation. Surrounding this energy center there whirl, in endless
profusion but in fluctuating circuits, the energy units which are faintly comparable to the planets encircling the
sun of some starry group like your own solar system.”

“Within the atom the electrons revolve about the central proton with about the same comparative room the
planets have as they revolve about the sun in the space of the solar system. There is the same relative
distance, in comparison with actual size, between the atomic nucleus and the inner electronic circuit as exists
between the inner planet, Mercury, and your sun.”

“The electronic axial revolutions and their orbital velocities about the atomic nucleus are both beyond the
human imagination, not to mention the velocities of their component ultimatons. The positive particles of a
radium fly off into space at the rate of ten thousand miles a second, while the negative particles attain a
velocity approximating that of light.”

“While atoms may contain from one to one hundred orbital electrons, only the outer ten electrons of the larger
atom revolve about the central nucleus as distinct and discrete bodies, intactly and compactly swinging around
on precise and definite orbits. The thirty electrons nearest the center are difficult of observation or detection
as separate and organized bodies. This same comparative ration of electronic behavior in relation to nuclear
proximity obtains in all atoms regardless of the number of electrons embraced. The nearer the nucleus, the
less there is of electronic individuality. The wavelike energy extension of an electron may so spread out as to
occupy the whole of the lesser atomic orbits; especially is this true of the electrons nearest the atomic

“The first twenty-seven atoms, those containing from one to twenty-seven orbital electrons, are more easy of
comprehension than the rest. From twenty-eight upward we encounter more and more of the unpredictability
of the supposed presence of the Unqualified Absolute. But some of this electronic unpredictability is due to
differential ultimatonic axial revolutionary velocities and to the unexplained “huddling” proclivity of ultimatons.
Other influences—physical, electrical, magnetic, and gravitational—also operate to produce variable
electronic behavior. Atoms therefore are similar to persons as to predictability. Statisticians may announce
laws governing a large number of either atoms or persons but not for a single individual atom or person.”

“While gravity is one of several factors concerned in holding together a tiny atomic energy, there is also
present in and among these basic physical units a powerful and unknown energy, the secret of their basic
constitution and ultimate behavior, a force which remains to be discovered on Urantia. This influence
permeates all the space embraced within this tiny energy organization.”

“The interelectronic space of an atom is not empty. Throughout an atom this interelectronic space is activated
by wavelike manifestations which are perfectly synchronized with electronic velocity and ultimatonic
revolutions. This force is not wholly dominated by your recognized laws of positive and negative attraction; its
behavior is sometimes unpredictable. This unnamed influence seems to be a space-force reaction of the
Unqualified Absolute.”  

“The charged protons and the uncharged neutrons of the nucleus of the atom are held together by the
reciprocating function of the mesotron, a particle of matter 180 times as heavy as the electron. Without this
arrangement the electric charge carried by the protons would be disruptive of the atomic nucleus.”  

“As atoms are constituted, neither electric nor gravitational forces could hold the nucleus together. The
integrity of the nucleus is maintained by the reciprocal cohering function of the mesotron, which is able to hold
charged and uncharged particles together because of superior force-mass power and by the further function
of causing protons and neutrons constantly to change places. The mesotron causes the electric charge of
nuclear particles to be incessantly tossed back and forth between protons and neutrons. At one infinitesimal
part of a second part a given nuclear particle is a charged proton and the next an uncharged neutron. And
these alternations of energy status are so unbelievably rapid that the electric charge is deprived of all
opportunity to function as a disruptive influence. Thus does the mesotron function as an “energy-carrier”
which mightily contributes to the nuclear stability of the atom.”

“The mesotron explains certain cohesive properties of the atomic nucleus, but does not account for the
cohesion of proton to proton nor for the adhesion of neutron to neutron. The paradoxical and powerful force
of atomic cohesive integrity is a form of energy as yet undiscovered on Urantia. These mesotrons are found
abundantly in space rays which so incessantly impinge upon your planet.”

“The presence and function of the mesotron also explains another atomic riddle. When atoms perform
radioactively, they emit far more energy than would be expected. This excess of radiation is derived from the
breaking up of the mesotron “energy carrier,” which thereby becomes a mere electron. The mesotronic
disintegration is also accompanied by the emission of certain small uncharged particles.”

This report has been compiled as a condensed version of our understanding of the recently discovered Higgs-
boson as it relates to the heretofore undiscovered energy particle which the Urantia revelation presents as the
mesotron. Scientists figure that the discovery of the Higgs-boson to be other than what they believe it to be is
a one out of a million odds.

We can chalk up another amazing prediction to the revelation; these new findings are appearing more
frequently as time marches on.  Our report covers about one fourth of the material covered in paper 42, and
while there are some parts that discuss both mindal as well as spiritual energies we chose to leave the spiritual
for another report.

Because of this find of the mesotron as it has been discussed in paper 42 and its significance to current laws
of physics we chose to pre-empt a previously written report for October, November, and December in hopes
the readership comes to understand that just because the predictions of economic failure hasn’t completely
materialized, the intimations within those predictions are even more meaningful to society as a whole. The
prediction of a possible collapse of our culture is far more significant than the discovery of the Higgs boson.
Both are meaningful, but one relates to our collective survival which is why we include it in our reports where
ever we can find a presentable spot. Like the collision of the two protons our society is also on a collision
course which could prove fateful to its survival.

The Spirit of Truth has been poured out upon humanity; however, one has to reach out for it in order for it to
function in the human mind. If one cannot recognize the state of degeneracy that pervades our democracy
one is experiencing reality denial of the worse sort. Decay is prevalent throughout the culture but one must
recognize it before society chooses to fix it. There is always a time delay before the minions of philosophers
present the problems to the culture and the people decide to act. Our revelation informs us that certain
Congressional actions can lead us towards socialism, and socialism is a definite step backwards. Let’s pay
attention to all the predictions of the Urantia revelation; some can literally save the planet. Cultural predictions
are found in paper 195.

To date scientists have not found anything inside the electron; they believe they are empty. However, the
revelation points out that this is where the ultimatons are found—100 for each electron. Mutual attraction
holds the 100 ultimatons together, however the loss of one or more ultimatons destroys typical electronic
identity, thus bringing into existence one of the ten modified forms of the electron. They too could be called
“God Particles” since they do not respond to linear gravity, only to the circular Paradise gravity pull.

The Higgs boson (Mesotron) is a tiny particle found inside the proton, the central nucleus of the atom. They
are also found abundantly in the space rays, which have been mentioned on page 5 of this report (Paper 42 –
sec 8).  By CERN’s sending two protons in separate directions they were able to create a controlled collision
thus producing the elusive mesotron, the field that is certain to be the Higgs boson.

“Finding the Higgs meant accelerating protons in opposite directions at nearly the speed of light through the
collider ring, then crashing them together and examining the traces left by the resulting fragments. As soon as
scientists find the particles within the electron they will have found the other elusive particle, the ultimaton.

Follow the truth wherever it may lead and be of good cheer--exhortations from Jesus.

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