Quarterly Report                                      October, November, December, 2009

The reprehensible incursions over the last eighteen months by congressional miscreants and
their psychopathic counterparts in industry have created insurmountable problems in many of
the major sectors of society resulting through their gross malfeasance in a loss of millions of
jobs, salary reductions, unlivable and outrageous wages (high and low), loss of personal
savings, and loss of habitat - and this just for starters; soon many will be without food.
Moreover, this mystical/magical combination of industry and government has created the
greatest decline in the socio/economic status of our American civilization in more than seven
decades, now bordering on the worse decline ever. Last year Congress voted to up the
insurance of personal bank accounts from $100,000 to $250,000. Sounded good but the only
problem is the federally backed insurance company (FDIC) is broke and as of today unable to
bale out any major bank. The stock market at the time of this writing, while moving upward
nicely, is about to fall precipitately again. Presently the turmoil within Congress is impeding any
chance of putting intelligent solutions on the table, so economic problems are not likely to be
resolved soon.  Michelle Malkin in her # 1 best selling book “Culture of Corruption” has
revealed an unconscionable amount of graft and corruption on the part of many in the current
Congressional Cabinet along with the sordid ideas of their associates, inclusive of the
thoroughly corrupt Czars who if vetted by Congress couldn’t get a job as dog catcher. Michelle’
s book is a must read for all truth seekers – you simply will not believe what has and is taking
place in Congress; it’s has become a fraternal den of crooks bent on controlling all of society
from the White House, and no one ever seems to get arrested for the most egregious of illegal
conduct, neither are they reprimanded for unethical conduct - merely being swept under the

As we have mentioned in the past, municipalities are going broke along with entire states. Just
this morning it was announced that the City of Chicago is shutting down for one day in an effort
to save money for its financial survival. The underhanded dealings to satisfy self-interests
abound throughout government administrations causing citizens to lose confidence in their
American leadership, which does not bode well for an anxious society – many of which have
already lost their financial shirts.

While investors have been led into the false belief that the bottom has been reached in this
failing economy and are now greedily investing in the stock market, it appears inevitably
certain their financial hopes of recovery will soon be dashed. The writing has been on the wall
for very a long time and it’s in a language that every honest person can understand. Ethics, or
the lack thereof in leadership has undermined the core values upon which this country was
founded. Who ever heard of granting million dollar bonuses to losers – CEO’S who have
incurred the loss of billions within their own companies. Bonuses used to be for individuals who
have performed so exemplarily that the corporation made profits far beyond what was
expected, and provided as a further incentive to keep up the good work. Recently, the Bank of
America who bought out the defunct brokerage house Merrill/Lynch managed to give millions
of dollars in bonuses to the ex-CEO’S of that bankrupt company stating that it was in their
contract to receive the bonuses no matter what. Whoever heard of writing a contract where the
company CEO will get a million dollar bonus if he runs the company into the ground. It would be
like Bernie Madoff saying: I never worry because I have graft insurance. Billion dollar bonuses
under these contractual conditions are the same as graft insurance.

Many people are beginning to think that it’s about time that God created a real flood of Biblical
proportions to wash away the truly evil ones among us.

The government readily admitted that the current unemployment figures are in fact misleading
(under-stated), that those people whose unemployment time has expired and are no longer
drawing benefits and who have failed to show up at the government employment offices (since
no more money is forthcoming) are presumed to have found jobs elsewhere and therefore
statistically reported as newly employed. Gerald Celente (a real Guru in economic state of
affairs) announced that unemployment is closer to 17 to 18 percent rather than the 9.4%
reported by the government. We expect the leaders of our country to have a Jiminy Cricket on
their shoulders or we would not have elected them in the first place; the CEO’S should have
the same conscience. What kind of buffoonery allows for such surreptitious activities to so
commonly prevail throughout the business community that eighty five billion dollar losses (AIG)
can go undetected by the Security and Exchange Commission and not come to the investors
attention until the worlds largest insurance company goes broke and has to put in for a
government bailout because one hundred and twenty five million people would be affected in
one way or another, which would cause more havoc than the government losing the 85 billion.
Somewhere in the mix there suddenly seems to be a shortage of conscience in the leadership
of this country. And by the way, yesterday the finance czar just approved a salary of
$100,000,000 per year for the new CEO of AIG – wonderful. I don’t have to worry though; I’m
getting a whopping 3% per year on my tax sheltered annuity with AIG.

Another con exists within the housing market which due to inept banking procedures made it
convenient for home investors to buy into homes that they could only afford in their dreams –
dreams of grandeur. Wall street reported that home sales are up slightly, but what they didn’t
report is that the bulk of these sales are distressed sales (short sales is the new term) where
the home value is far less than the money owed on the financed home (now called
underwater). Rather than take over the home, the banks are willing to refinance at a reduced
rate absorbing part or most of the disparate loss. I guess, to wall-street a sale is a sale even
when the bank is basically paying you to take back your home.

All of this can be related to secularism minus integrity, the consequences of which are
mentioned in the Urantia book in the sections on materialism and secularism (Paper 195)
where the following is stated:
“The mechanistic naturalism of some supposedly educated men
and the thoughtless secularism of the man in the street are both exclusively concerned with
things; they are barren of all real values, sanctions, and satisfactions of a spiritual nature, as
well as being devoid of faith, hope, and eternal assurances. One of the great troubles with
modern life is that man thinks he is too busy to find time for spiritual meditation and religious
devotion.” (2077)

“But even after materialism and mechanism have been more or less vanquished, the
devastating influence of twentieth-century secularism will still blight the spiritual experience of
millions of unsuspecting souls.”(2081)

“The majority of professed Christians of Western civilization are unwittingly actual secularists.”

“Materialism denies God, secularism simply ignores him: at least that was the earlier attitude.
More recently, secularism has assumed a more militant attitude, assuming to take the place of
the religion whose totalitarian bondage it onetime resisted. Twentieth-century secularism tends
to affirm that man does not need God. But beware! This godless philosophy of human society
will lead only to unrest, animosity, unhappiness, war, and world-wide disaster.” (2081)

There is already a collaborative hype in Congress that the recession is over – that we have
reached bottom; I wouldn’t bet on it. It appears, rather, that we are moving closer to the stated
conditions in the above paragraph. Miracles can happen, but I wouldn’t expect one too soon.
Ultimately spirituality and the teachings of Jesus win out, but until then:
"The pursuit of mere
knowledge, without the attendant interpretation of wisdom and the spiritual insight of religious
experience, eventually leads to pessimism and human despair. A little knowledge is truly
disconcerting.” (2076)

We have many people in congress and industry with the greatest knowledge universities can
spew out; unfortunately only a few have gleaned the wisdom necessary to successfully
manage themselves or the society in which they live. None of the underlying problems
contributing to the economic decline has been addressed openly and seriously. Almost all the
jobs so far created under the “great bail out” are considered pretty much to be non-producing
and mostly temporary, government and bureaucratic type positions, school teachers, federal
employees and such, and don’t forget the overpaid 19 new secretaries or aides (about $l00,
000 each) to Michelle Obama and the 32 aides (czars) to Barry, ($150,000 – $178,000 each).
Our last quarterly report revealed the current social conditions and how close they are to what
the Roman Empire experienced in its last days, with the implication being that it might be too
late to turn things around without divine intervention.

The populace is getting angrier by the day and if they happen to sail over the edge, events
could easily turn into something more than a symbolic tea party; things could generate into a
full scale tax rebellion bringing more than a small pimple to the already red face of this corrupt

There is ample evidence in the Urantia book pointing to certain long range economic declines,
even a collapse of the culture if the revelations suggestions are not implemented soon – none
of which currently are – these conditions having been mentioned in our last reports. We will
keep you posted for the reason that this economic state of affairs, coupled with the world
situation, appears to be far more than anything we have ever experienced and could lead to a
state of anarchy if we’re not careful. In the meantime hold on to your shirts. If for some
miraculous reason the economy should somehow begin to rebound, there is still the world
situation to contend with which is just as scary as our own home grown problems. In a previous
report we mentioned that our societies are not ready to incorporate into their structures the
necessary requisites for sustaining the cultures. We have done it to ourselves (negative social
direction) and there appears to be no escape from the conundrum of which way is up. We
have unquestionably lost our sense of direction and through our selfishness are making it
impossible to set a spiritual compass heading guiding us away from the cliff we seem to be
slipping over. Does anyone really think our society is going in an intelligent direction?

On the home front we are still holding at around 500 members and would like to hear from
more readers. Had a long talk with John Howder (Tennessee), and Ken Robberts (Vero Beach,
FL), and John Hassler (Santa Rosa Beach, FL) to share information on enclosed material
relating to last months report.  We can’t forget Paul Herrick who has submitted so many
inspirational messages that we could develop a daily or weekly column of these messages (a
paragraph or so in length) for those who check the site frequently. And I have had a chance to
discuss a variety of subjects with Dave Pearce and Dennis Kidwell, both of Raleigh, NC, and
both long time readers of the “Book”. Years ago a genius friend of mine once said “many
intelligent people have developed different learning styles which simply enables them to
facilitate retaining what they have learned”, something born out in psychological experiments
many times in recent years in divers educational settings. To me one of the best ways if you
are not teaching what you have learned is to discuss what you have learned. So in having
lunch once a week with several Urantia readers here in Raleigh, I have managed to remember
many of the things I have forgotten in the last 50 years just through generalized discussions on
today’s topical events, events that might be indirectly mentioned in the Urantia book. Larry
Posner and the Grey Ghost occasionally join in, bringing further dimensions to the
conversation. Both are also long time readers and quite knowledgeable in the revelation.

I was about to suggest that our readers develop some friendships of people in the Urantia
community for get-to-gethers, but then as we have found out not everyone in the movement is
on the same page philosophically with some readers scarcely scratching the surface as truth
seekers, which in the long run can lead into more of a caustic debate rather than a meaningful
learning discussion. So, simply put it might be better to have lunch reacquainting with an old
friend than to stir up conflicts with unknown readers.

There are still many reading groups throughout the country that continue promiscuously to
admix material from outside sources with the Urantia revelation, such as: sources professing a
belief in reincarnation, books like “Course in Miracles”, and many arcane philosophies with
absolutely no relevancy to the Urantia revelation that delve into the occult, mysticism, sub-
conscious channeling, etc.  We find that these individuals are creating their own confusion,
and within their groups are actually disseminating false material to their own readers. They just
can’t seem to shake free from preconditionings of the past. We urge everyone to focus and
concentrate on the revelation itself. If there is something of topical interest, or perhaps
scientific or social events that tie in with the reading, by all means bring it into a discussion. On
the other hand I can remember one lady who always quoted some outdated East-Indian Guru
who said he could identify with the pain grass felt when he walked on it, causing him to cringe
every time he set foot on grass – something we regard as schizophrenia in the Western world.
His name was Swami Vivikananda and this is recorded in his book Raja Yoga. For grass to feel
pain it has to have a mind to register the pain. It’s very doubtful grass has a mind. He also didn’
t want to kill any living thing so kept a constant lookout so as not to step on ants. There is
NOTHING out there that takes the place of, or even comes close to the Urantia book.  

Maybe some of you can remember the fellow in Eagle Rock, California who had a printing
press in his living room and was turning out reams of material during the early 1960’s on the
Urantia revelation tied in with a copious mix of eastern philosophy and yoga. The Urantia
Foundation had to get a “Cease and Desist” order against the man since he refused to stop. I
went to his house to attend one of his lectures and unfortunately in a conscientious effort to
combine the extraneous material he merely ended up with a convoluted talk that, over all,
made very little sense.

While the URI is considered an international organization, most of our readers are scattered
throughout the USA. We have, at the inception of our organization established a panel set in
place to provide answers to questions from new readers in the future, at a time when the
“Book” has gained greater notoriety, which we believe is to happen soon. Our new site,
however does not offer some of the things the old site did, such as instantaneous translation
from English to about ten other languages. It also doesn’t have the capabilities of allowing for
the interaction of one member with another that the previous site had. An interactive site is on
the order of a chat room in that it affords opportunity for immediate feedback. We would also
basically need a full time person to monitor the site if we thought it was necessary at this time
and wished to continue to maintain an interactive site. So, for the time being we will continue to
offer an informational site with topical quarterly reports. Anyone can submit essays or reports
to the site if they are less than 6 pages.

Out of the over 400 websites we have consistently been rated among the top ten, encouraging
us to maintain our current format as a limited informational site for the purpose of getting
readers to stay with the book, all the while encouraging them to establish reading groups and
informing their friends and relatives of the insights derived
there from; this is what Paul Herrick does on a weekly basis. Our philosophy has always been
to encourage new readers to participate with mentors, other readers, group involvement, and
web-sites for further information and inspiration to maintain spiritual contact and align with the
spiritual forces within our own minds.

Many years ago the Urantia Foundation and its corollary the Brotherhood required of
chartered organizations to admit potential members only if they had already read the entire
book. When we were granted a charter by the Foundation we realized that our growth in
Florida would have inherent impediments prohibiting our advancement as a viable society – we
would have in effect remained where the other chartered groups were, at never more than 30
members year after year. Our idea was to invite beginning readers to join us to make sure that
they stayed with the revelation before they lost interest or became involved with things that
kept them from finishing the book. Today’s societies are far different from the ‘50’s where
people read in their spare time. It took many of us a year to read the entire book, so we
thought it made sense to capture the interest of new readers by occasionally bombarding them
with revelational related material (quarterly reports) to keep track and remind dedicated
readers of the goal and purpose of evolution. From the book: “The goal of the evolutionary
universes is the subjugation of energy-matter by mind, the coordination of mind with spirit…”
(1275). “The purpose of cosmic evolution is to achieve unity of personality through increasing
spirit dominance…” (1229). People are despondent and depressed as never before in our
history, at least since the Constitution was written, and apart from the economically debilitating
era of the 1930’s. Only through the hope of spiritual dominance are many people able to
maintain the sanity of sobriety within the derision of this backward world. The Urantia revelation
has given us our destiny; it is the short term or interim destiny that has so many conscientious
citizens worried about the legacy we are leaving our children. We know where humanity ends
up (light and life), but what awful conditions will prevail for the children of tomorrow. We are
presently pursuing a path diametrically oppositional to the advanced knowledge given us in the
revelation; so in a sense we are going backwards – things are beginning to fall apart. We have
elected leaders with knowledge, but without wisdom. The Urantia book tells us to carefully
select our leaders, but unfortunately there are too many uneducated and unwise doing the
electing - a dilemma not easily resolved.

There is hope however, in that there is a reserve corps that has yet to assert itself, a corps
trained to take over the planet if conditions worsen to a state of anarchy - something quite
possible under the current administration. The values one learns spiritually should prevail in all
decision making among leaders in any capacity, and especially is this true of government
leaders, but such, as we have learned from Malkin’s book is not the case. The values of
honesty, integrity, mercy, justice and fairness are missing in the world today - the lacking
values that have set us apart from our contemporaries. Those elected as leaders are
permeating the halls of congress as hypocrites, there to fulfill their own sordid ambitions. Many
are not working for the betterment of society but rather for the glorification of self through
monetary standing and personal recognition, all born out from the degeneracy elicited from
America’s best selling book “Culture of Corruption”.  

The solution to all of the above is to spiritualize our thinking; get America back on track by
recognizing and believing in the life that Jesus led – a life of example, and yet few are following
his exemplarary life. Instead we allow Acorn, the ACLU, and a perverse media to dictate our
direction to the backward social condition of socialism, Marxism, and fascism – and on to
totalitarianism. The churches today are unwittingly secularistic and:
“At the time of the
revelation, the prevailing intellectual and philosophical climate of both Europe and American
life is decidedly secular—humanistic” (2081)

“…Only when man has become sufficiently disillusioned by the sorrowful disappoint-
ments attendant upon the foolish and deceptive pursuits of selfishness, and subsequent to the
discovery of barrenness of formalized religion, will he be disposed to turn wholeheartedly to the
gospel of the kingdom, the religion of Jesus of Nazareth.” (2083)

Well, I had desired to end this in four pages, and did end it at six pages until Kidwell submitted
the following which summarizes the above as well as anything I could have conceived, so I will
add an additional page since its relevancy underscores much of what every Urantia reader
should know, and is contained in part within the above material.

“Urantia mortals are entitled to liberty; they should create their systems of government; they
should adopt their constitutions or other charters of civil authority and administrative
procedure. And having done this, they should select their most competent and worthy fellows
as chief executives. For representatives in the legislative branch they should elect only those
who are qualified intellectually and morally to fulfill such sacred responsibilities. As judges of
their high and supreme tribunals only those who are endowed with natural ability and who have
been made wise by replete experience should be chosen.

If men would maintain their freedom, they must, after having chosen their charter of liberty,
provide for its wise, intelligent, and fearless interpretation to the end that there may be

1.        Usurpation of unwarranted power by either the executive or legislative branches.
2.        Machinations of ignorant and superstitious agitators.
3.        Retardation of scientific progress.
4.        Stalemate of the dominance of mediocrity.
5.        Domination by vicious minorities.
6.        Control by ambitious and clever would-be dictators.
7.        Disastrous disruption of panics.
8.        Exploitation by the unscrupulous
9.        Taxation enslavement of the citizenry by the state.
10.        Failure of social and economic fairness.
11.        Union of church and state.
12.        Loss of personal liberty.

These are the purposes and aims of constitutional tribunals acting as governors upon the
engines of representative government on an evolutionary world.

Mankind’s struggle to perfect government on Urantia has to do with perfecting channels of
administration, with adapting them to ever-changing current needs, with improving power
distribution within government, and then with selecting such administrative leaders as are truly
wise. While there is a divine and ideal form of government, such cannot be revealed but must
be slowly and laboriously discovered by the men and women of each planet throughout the
universes of time and space.” (Pg.798-799)

Readers can judge for themselves as to which of the twelve conditions above relate to what we
are presently doing, and to what extent we are exhibiting these behaviors to inhibit the
intelligent growth of our culture. We should be preventing all of the above.

URI  Our site --  www.urantiareadersintl.com  dickziglar@comcast.net. 919 210-1730