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Many in our readership are familiar with the concepts of Christianity, and readers of the Urantia book are also
aware of the mistakes in scripture, but few know of the ridiculous nature of Muhammad’s contribution to the

Most religions by now have been influenced by the idea that there is only one God in the universe, but it is
clearly evident that Allah, a dreamt up and fabricated God for the Arab nomads in Arabia in the 7th century
after Christ was in most respects the antithesis of the God of Christianity—which of course adds up to two
dissimilar Gods where only one is real.

And, while the Christian community is itself divided as to certain particular aspects of the religion derived from
Scripture, it is this decision that precludes Christian believability and therefore its acceptance by those of other
religious persuasions; it is still according to our revelation  the most profound and outstanding religion in the

The following is written so that adherents to the Christian system of beliefs can appreciate more of what we
have as compared to the other God (Allah) and his delusional disciple Muhammad who places himself above
Jesus, and even states that when Jesus returns to the planet he will embrace the teachings of Muhammad,
marry and have two children--something abhorrent to all Christians. There can never be any kind of
reconciliation between Christianity and Islam as long as this idea persists, along with many of the other idiotic
beliefs propounded by Muhammad which we are about to reveal to those who are unfamiliar with the teachings
of his doctrines contained within the Koran and Hadiths. Why anyone exposed to the teachings of Christ would
accept the ideas of the ego-centric, megalomaniacal, illiterate Mohammad should be beyond belief for most of
the freedom loving religionists of the last several centuries.

Muhammad could neither read nor write—a problem that plagued most of his early followers. When he died,
after breaching most of the edicts he established for his followers, his papers were found strewn all across his
living room floor and had to be pieced together in some semblance of order which was attempted by his helpers
(secretaries), and that which was deemed incoherent were immediately discarded, while the others hopefully
would be received by his future followers—this was to become the Koran.

While the life of Muhammad was, over-all, a sham it’s difficult to know where to begin without leaving out some
of the most important characteristics of his delusional life. However I will attempt to uncover part of his life in an
objective way leaving out some of his attempts to play down the beneficent nature of Jesus by portraying the
vindictive nature of Allah as the real thing—as the real God to be worshiped, and leave it for everyone to draw
their own conclusions. There will be little contrast presented here since everyone already knows, if they are
reading the revelation, the personal characteristics of Jesus, however few people know what Muhammad was
really like.

If people of any religion really knew the mind of Muhammad and compared it to that of Jesus there is no doubt
in my mind that they would invariable shun those who favored Muhammad over Jesus. It would be tantamount to
picking or preferring the devil over Jesus and in my mind such a person would be insane—or not tuned in to
reality. The universe is not divided containing two different Gods, one who loves his creatures (the beneficent
God of Jesus) and one who severely punishes his creatures for the slightest misdeeds, (the God {Allah} of the
Muslim world)—the God created by Muhammad.

Our revelation presents about two thirds more about the nature and teachings of Jesus as does the Bible, so
readers get a far more detailed description of the Masters life, which entails his emotions, feelings, love for
people and advice to the world. If the people of his day didn’t respect or believe in his teachings, so be it; he
was not disturbed if they went there own way, but perhaps concerned that they were abrogating his teachings,
that in a cosmic sense might determine their future. On the other hand Muhammad insisted that both Christians
and Jews convert to Islam or risk being beheaded, which on occasion he was prone to do.

Muhammad was born in the early-seventh century and was taught the ideals set forth by Jesus, but soon
proclaimed Jesus as a mere prophet and nothing more. He later went on to proclaim that he was Allah’s favored
messenger even above Jesus, whom he also regarded as a messenger. Whenever he was asked why he
couldn’t perform miracles as Jesus did, he only responded that that was a feat Allah had given Jesus, and when
asked why he couldn’t cure illnesses as Jesus did he responded in like fashion—that Jesus was sent to the
Jews with special powers and he was sent to the Arabs and granted different powers. No one has yet to figure
out what these powers were.

It’s difficult to say exactly when Muhammad began developing the grandiose ideas of himself being a messenger
for God, and at first none of his 40 closest relatives believed anything he said regarding him pretty much as a
heretic; none accepted his offer of a great position in the afterlife, regarding it as sheer nonsense (he
maintained, that regarding their high position, it was being offered to them by Allah as an incentive to become a
follower). The people that knew him best failed to buy into his scheme to establish himself as a great prophet
directly in touch with God; that is with the exception of a wealthy merchant friend, Abu Bekr who eventually
financed his self-deceived scheme to present their own sought-after God to the nomadic Arabs of the desert.

I should make note here that the province of Yaman which extends along the Indian Ocean and part of the Red
Sea on the south and west sides, has been famous throughout antiquity for the excellence of its climate, the
verdure and fertility of its soil and greatness of its wealth, which induced Alexander the Great to form a design
of conquering it and fixing his royal seat there. The charm and fertility of this province are due to its mountains
which being well watered, make the valleys very fertile, and the many springs which flow from them make the
country very delightful; hardly what we might call a desert.

In 1911 the scholar J.L. Menezes writes in his book “THE LIFE AND RELIGION OF MUHAMMAD—The Prophet
of Arabia”: “I frankly confess that the contents of this book are not original. They have been compiled from the
best and most trustworthy authors, who have written on the subject, and I am especially indebted to the
researches of men such as Sale, Bettany and Stobbart. I do not think that any important matter connected with
Islam or its founder, has been omitted; and in treating of the leading features of Islam and of the life of its
prophet, I have sought to state the bare facts without comment, and whilst compromising nothing of the truth,
have endeavored to avoid everything like partisanship or prejudice.

In this modest effort, I have had no other aim, than that of placing before my readers, Muhammad and Islam in
their true colors—so that over 60 million of my countrymen in India, who blindly follow Muhammad  as their
heaven-sent prophet and leader and adhere to Islam as the one divinely revealed religion and the only true way
of salvation, may open their eyes and behold how they are deceived, and consequently take the necessary
steps towards finding a better leader and a more certain way of salvation…”

Like author Menezes, I have extracted information from a variety of erudite authors of similar persuasion that
hold to the idea that Muhammad was fraudulent in many of his claims, and in no way offers salvation through his
arcane belief system that he and his followers choose to call a religion.

Unlike the destiny promised to humanity that if one loves his neighbor as himself he will enter eternity; one’s
favor with Allah is always precarious for one never knows where he stands with Allah. You are in no way
guaranteed a chance at the after-life; all is dependent on the mood of Allah. Even Muhammad said: “By Allah,
though I am the Apostle of Allah yet I do not know what Allah will do to me.” (Hadith 5.266)  A great difference
between the two faiths is the personal quality of God. The God of Islam is fickle and vindictive, while the God of
Christians is beneficent, merciful and loving. Allah loves those who do good. (Surah 2:195—Koran). And, “If you
do love Allah, follow me: Allah will love you and forgive your sins: For Allah is often forgiving and most merciful.”
(Surah 3:31) However, if you do not follow the tenets of Allah he is completely unmerciful and has devised a hell
to last for a thousand years for miscreants.

Allah is exalted and pleased as he sends people to hell: this is the fatalistic claim of Islam. Fatalism is a belief
that events are fixed in advance for all time in such a manner that human beings are powerless to change them.
In this case, Allah will send to heaven whomever pleases, and send to hell whomever he pleases. No wonder
there is no security in Islam. One can be the most faithful of all believers in Allah and rightly be sent to hell.
Paradoxically, someone can be the worst person in the world and hypothetically still go to Paradise.
One needs to look no further than Islam’s founder, Muhammad, to see the anxiety and insecurity that such a
view produces. If Muhammad questioned his own salvation, and according to his own belief since he was the
greatest of all divine messengers, what are other Muslims to think regarding their own security and destiny.

It is said among Muslims that Allah is content to send his miscreants to hell for it was he that created their hell.

Let us first begin with the resurrection and the Day of Judgment. “Mahommedans teach that when a corpse is
laid down in the grave, an angel gives him notice of the coming of the two black angels, Munkir and Nakir, to
examine his deeds. They make the dead person sit upright, and his soul then re-enters the body, and if his faith
in God and in Mahommed answers rightly to the questions put to him, he is refreshed with the air of paradise;
otherwise his corpse is pressed hard to the ground and he is beaten with iron rods and his corpse is kept there
stung till the day of resurrection by ninety-nine dragons. These most ridiculous and absurd notions, especially
when we consider that many people are burnt or devoured by wild beasts, seem to have been borrowed by
Mahommed and his followers from the early Jews, among whom some similar notions prevailed.  The
Mohammedans believe that the souls of the departed are not admitted into heaven immediately after death, but
will have to wait till the day of resurrection, unless one had the privilege of being a prophet. They say that the
souls are allowed to remain near the sepulcher with liberty to go wherever they please. The souls of the wicked
however are confined in a filthy dungeon, where they are tormented. The Mahommedans profess that the time
of resurrection is a secret known to God alone. They say that judgment day may be known from certain signs
which will precede it, such as universal decay of faith, tumults and seditions everywhere, the rising of the sun in
the West, the appearance of a monstrous beast sixty cubits high, the personal presence of an antichrist with
one eye and marked on the forehead with the letters C.F.R. signifying Cafer or infidel, the descent of Jesus on
earth, who would then embrace the faith of Mahommed, take a wife an beget children, and then kill the antichrist
and restore peace to the world and after a peaceful reign of forty years, would die.” (Copied from “An insider’s,
look at Muslim life”)

“Then after a period of 40 years and after the return of Jesus A dark smoke shall fill the whole earth; the Kaaba
will be demolished; this will be followed by the coming of Mahdi or Director out of the family of Mahommed. Then
the angel known as Israfel shall blow the first sound of his trumpet, known as the blast of consternation, at which
the whole earth will tremble, the heavens will melt away, the sun, the moon and the stars shall be thrown into the
sea which will turn into flames. This will be followed by the sounding of the second blast called the blast of
extermination, when all the creatures both in heaven and earth shall die or be annihilated. Forty years after the
second blast, the third blast, called the blast of resurrection will be blown, God meantime having raised to life
the angels Israfel, Gabriel and Michael, and after the third blast is blown by the resuscitated Angel Israfel, all
these three angels shall stand up on a rock of the temple of Jerusalem and shall call all the dead to life again,
and to appear before the judgment seat; at which time all the souls shall run to their respective bodies, which
the earth opening its mouth, shall allow to rise”. (This silly stuff goes on for another page—it’s too foolish to
even print so I’ll skip over to the actual hell created by Allah (Muhammad’s dream in reality).

(For miscreants and infidels)
This hell was designed to last for a thousand years which would include everyone that hasn’t converted to
Islam, and those who have, that refused to behave in accordingly.
1.   The ungodly appear in the form of apes.
2.   Public oppressors come in as swine.
3.   The usurers (people charging too much interest) appear with reversed heads and    distorted feet.  
4.   The unjust judges will appear blind.
5.   The vainglorious will be deaf and dumb.
6.    Hypocrites will gnaw their tongues which will hang down all bleeding.
7.    The defrauders with hands and feet cut off.
8.    False accusers and calumniators, fixed to the trunks of palm trees.
9.    The voluptuous and miserly with stinking corpses.
10   The proud and arrogant with clothes daubed with pitch.

Only the deranged mind of Muhammad could devise something as ridiculous as this. This is the fabrication of a
mind warped through cynicism and nihilism that happened to have little regard for anyone besides himself. Most
of the people that originally bought into this had few reasoning abilities. Their capacity for learning was limited
to about the first or second grade, with this carrying on down to the mid-twentieth century.

Before we move on to the behavior of Muhammad we should be asking ourselves whether the above has any
kind of remote validity. Dark angels placing dead bodies in an upright position and questioning them to
determine their fate; souls running about searching for their bodies; the earth opening its mouth to release the
souls of the dead; and a hell to torment the resurrected for a thousand years with people tied to palm trees;
people emerging with their head facing backward and with distorted feet. Is this the God anyone in their right
mind would want to worship? The lack of ethical behavior on the part of the so called prophet is enough to seal
his fate as a false religious prophet and certainly destroys all credibility for the establishment of a valid religion.
Muhammad’s exhortation to his followers should have been: Follow me; do as I say— but don’t do as I do.
Unfortunately he brought forth a religion that encouraged his followers to do exactly as he did—kill off those
who disagree with Allah and his favored messenger. What could be more narcissistic and simple minded than to
set yourself above the sovereign of an entire universe, establish a religion, and tell your proponents to take
away the lives of other religionists who refuse to cooperate and follow your newly founded belief system.

It would be redundant to include the character of Jesus for comparison sake unless I was sending this to a
group of Muslims, who probably wouldn’t care anyway since they are prone to accepting falsehoods over truth
no matter how much one tries to reason with them. This is evidence of the power of indoctrination. Many
Christians were lucky in that they were born into a vastly superior religion than Islam, but all Christians and all
religionists should examine their beliefs compared to other religious belief systems. What if Christians and Jews
were born of Islamic parentage—in all probability we would be Muslims with some kind of inherent superiority
feeling that all others were less worthy and should carry the label of infidel (one that does not believe in God).
All religious people have to consider the possibility of an after-life; a life that begins here and ends in eternity—
which really means no end. We all have to recognize that which appears to be real and what is superficially real,
and that which is really going to benefit our lives to make us better persons, which in the long run is the
qualifying condition for eternal survival. To be involved in a religion that states it is superior to all others and
advocates the extermination of all others should be exterminated itself. And, there is only one that I can think of
that falls into this category.
Jesus lived an exemplarary life, Muhammad not so. This is what we should now explore, and since every
Christian is aware of the exemplary life of Jesus we will commence to contrast perfection of behavior (Jesus)
with the not so perfect aspects of Muhammad’s life—behavior that in American today would have him locked up
for many years if he attempted to do today as he did in the 17th century.

Of special interest are Muhammad’s “super-normal” marriages, about which he spoke on occasion. After his
virtual “flight into the seven heavens”, a trip the angel Gabriel took Muhammad on through the heavens and
then back to the Arabian desert, he told his first wife as she lay dying, “Oh Khadija, know that God has wedded
me to Mary, Christ’s mother in paradise, Moses’ sister, Miriam, and the Pharaoh’s wife, Assiya”. Just this
sacrilege alone should classify the false prophet as a prime nut case. But things get worse; after the death of
Khadija he then marries Aishah, Abu Bekr’s six year old daughter but doesn’t consummate the marriage until
she is nine, then on to Swada age 30 and onto 10 other wives. It is not clear how many concubines Muhammad
had, and to my knowledge it was not kept track of.

Muhammad lived a comparatively simple life style, if murdering people right and left could be part of a simple life
style. When his first wife died she left him the rest of her inheritance which was considerable. It didn’t last very
long, however, and he ended up developing a small army of followers, choosing to start out robbing caravans to
the tune of what would be about $50,000 in today’s currency. An important battle for the prophet occurred in
624. Muhammad had led three hundred men against a large caravan of merchants enroute to Mecca. The
booty won by the raiders was enormous. He won the battle against 950 Meccans sent to help the merchants,
subsequently making many of them slaves and later marched into a town to convert the Christians and Jews to
Islam. When they refused to convert he beheaded close to 700 of them in the middle of the town.    

He was at times relatively frugal but built apartments for his wives and once told Aishah that she should not
discard any clothes that could be patched. Without going into a litany of absurd events with his wives, some who
actually hated him, with Aishah eventually trying to poison him, we’ll pass over a large portion of his laws against
women; and just mention that morally the actions of Muhammad often appeared reprehensible. He killed critics
for speaking their minds, ordered the severe beating of a woman to retrieve information from her, had sexual
relations with a child of nine. He was ruthless as general and raided caravans merely for financial gain to
expand his movement. Muhammad once asked some women, ‘Isn’t the witness of a woman equal to half of that
of a man? The women said, ‘Yes’. He said to a group of women “I haven’t seen anyone more deficient in
intelligence and religion than you”.

In truth, women are considered possessions in any orthodox Islamic regime. Women are to be considered sex
objects and belong to their husbands. A man can threaten divorce if his wife is not meeting his sexual needs,
according to surah 66:5. Muhammad’s own mother was certain he was possessed by the devil. When he often
emerged from one of his epileptic fits—writhing on the ground and muttering incoherent gibberish, he awoke
and told those around him that he was talking to Allah and receiving divine messages. And there were times
when Muhammad thought himself to be possessed by demons.

We can drag out his sordid displays of foul temperament and reprehensible treatment to others with enough to
fill an entire book, but it is note-worthy to mention that the Koran is filled with his ill-treatment with those who
failed to follow his sacred edicts delivered by his phantom God. Muhammad was evil to the core; he was self-
absorbed with his religion and convinced others they would not get to heaven and the after-life if they failed to
follow the mandates of Allah—and they believed him. It was Muhammad that required women to wear burqas for
modesty and in some areas a woman could be stoned to death for showing too much of her eyes. He told his
followers when asked why he could have 13 wives and the rest of them only four; he stated it was by permission
from Allah who granted him a special dispensation for being his special messenger. No one dare doubt the
favored messenger or they were immediately dispatched to the happy hunting grounds.

These tid-bits from the life of Muhammad were extracted from several valid sources to present to our Christian
readership the insanity of Islam in this the 21st century. And how ridiculous it is for Americans to even consider
joining the ranks of an arcane religion that practices Jihad in a civilized world. Jihad is fighting for Allah—a holy
war becoming the justification to attack others for beliefs that fail to concur with the backward beliefs of Islam.
We are the enemy; Christians and Jews are the non-believers—the Infidels; and we are to be done away with
because we don’t feel that women are inferior, and we believe in monogamy as the best way to hold a marriage
together, and that women have the right to dress in the attire that the rest of the world respects. Many in our
group of readers are completely unaware of the menace Islam imposes to the world at large; we hope we have
provided some insight to the nightmarish schemes now being devised by Islamic leaders.

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