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                                      WHAT’S WITH THE NEW GOD?

Until the 1960’s few Americans knew very much about the religion of Islam; not until Malcolm X
in Los Angeles recruited Africans in the south-central area of LA into a 1300 year old religion
which had few ties outside of Arabia. The recruits to this newly emerging religion in the United
States were slowly bringing forth their God as the only true God in the universe—a God quite
different than the one Christians and Jews were led to believe was the one God that ruled the
universe—the one source and center of all reality. More recently, however, this new antithetical
God, opposite in many ways to the God westerners have come to understand and appreciate
was forcefully working its way into world societies expecting westerners to fall in line and  
acquiescently accept a new God quite foreign to their own. If things worked that way Catholics
and Jews would be switching back and forth daily, but when it comes to the peculiar
phenomenon of religion people develop deep seeded loyalties to their God and don’t especially
look forward to interference from outside sources informing them that their religion is in anyway
inferior to something drummed up in the desert of Arabia in the 7th century.
There was an element of militancy from the outset with a small army that looked more like
morticians dressed in all black handing out their bigoted newspaper announcing the news that
the Black race was the first on the planet and the Whites were a subserviently inferior race.
This fledging coterie of militant African racists was selling their paper for fifty cents on
Crenshaw and Vermont Blvds., about a mile from Pepperdine College where I was attending
class. I sprung for the 50 cents and received a real eye opener. My first exposure to the militant
side of Islam was that newspaper announcing to the City that white Christians and Jews were to
be considered subservient to blacks because that’s the way Muhammad had received the
messages from a God called Allah—a God we should all be paying tribute to.

Well that was then (the mid 60’s), but more recently this antithetical God has even more
forcefully entered the picture world wide, making his inscrutable presence known, at least to
those who never felt any need to worship him in the past, and for that matter, the present.

Our revelation informs us that Michael (Jesus) could not have made an appearance as he did
on any planet until a monotheistic deity was well established and within a superior culture—now
it appears that from the multi-Gods of the Romans, Greeks and Egyptians, after getting down to
one God, we are now back to two, and while most of us have already made our selection there
is a sort of gnawing at our heels to accept another, and this gnawing is beginning to eat into
the heels of societies around the world, who by and large, want no affiliation with another less
desirable God. They would rather have Allah left in Arabia where he originated 1300 years ago,
than to give up the Christian God who has served them so well throughout the centuries.

Purportedly, about 1/6th of the worlds population believes in this 1300 year old God, this God
of retribution; this God who allegedly created his own despicable hell for all miscreants, and a
God not at all separate from those states who claim his teachings as an uncompromising
authority over any and all laws of their land, and with complete disregard of the oppositional
sovereignty of any other non-believing nation or state.

Now, would it not be fair to ask, just who this God is that has influenced 1/6th of the worlds
population—a God who has gained so much notoriety in a mere four decades outside the
Muslim communities? Isn’t it about time that more individuals shed light on the religions
incongruities as it becomes known to the Western world, and expose the manner in which it is
vying for control of all other religions? In cases where one might have momentarily been absent
from the world of information for the last decade—for those that are unaware, there has arisen
a new God that for over 1300 years, (since his inception) has been slowly forcing his negative
presence throughout the world challenging Christian and Jewish beliefs to such an extent that
he is becoming a complete nuisance; a nuisance to the tune of billions of dollars he is costing
the world with his unwanted presence. His followers have become both a political as well as a
social nuisance, and will go to the extremes of using war as a strategy to attain eventual world
domination. This false Deity, totally fabricated by his delusional prophet has gained little notice
in civilized societies until more recent times when his rules [laws] have begun to impinge on the
established laws of recognized civilizations [superior cultures]. This mid-evil emergence into
cultures of the modern world has not been well received by those adherents to the cultures of
the Judeo/Christian belief systems. In fact, the imposition of their rules have become so
obnoxious and so demanding in some countries that as an infringing culture they have been
asked to leave. The previous Prime Minister as well as the current Prime Minister of Australia
have both asked them to leave the continent if they continue not to conform to the countries
established laws—Sheriah law will not be accepted.

The Muslims under their God are vying for control of the minds of our planet, and while you
might not have paid much attention over the years to the religions presence, it remains
incomprehensible how one could have missed the antics of the religion’s fanatical followers in
recent times. This God that over 99% of the American people refuse to allow to influence their
lives (flatly rejected) was contrived by a confused mind whose fanatical followers insidiously
passed on his immutable directives as a religion actually emanating from God Himself—a God
who appeared to be torn between love of his devotees and hate for all who failed to follow and
comply. The followers of this new religion fashioned themselves into a body of individuals who
were not at all satisfied with the “live and let live” of other religions—they wanted it all—
complete domination of all religions, where they remain to this very day. At all costs, they
maintain their arcane attitudes will prevail, even if it means the destruction of the entire world,
or in a lesser sense pulverizing into oblivion neighboring countries that refuse to accept a
politicized religion imbued with enmity, aggression, and laws repugnant to any true religionist.

This Deity somehow emerged on the scene from the backward, somewhat stagnate world of a
mindless, robotic people who for centuries have lived apart from the real world as desert
dwellers whose only hope for a real life experience was to prepare for some magical
appointment to a nebulous position of recognition and importance in the next set of worlds,
worlds ruled by their all encompassing Deity—Allah.

This is the only religion in modern times which has so persistently insisted on displacing
modern law with arcane beliefs out of a bygone era, an era which could only have originated in
the vacuous vapors of the cold “Arabian Nights”, perhaps through some comedic narration of
the Scheherazade tale of the fantasy life of great Bedouin tribes of the desert; more or less
something out of a Bob Hope movie—not to be taken too seriously. But serious they were and
still are to a point that they want to disrupt the commerce of the entire world through the
shortsightedness of the intransigent leaders of their religion. Since the Quran purportedly came
from Allah, these myopic leaders are unable to change the tenets of the religion without first
admitting that they are abrogating the word of Allah. One cannot change the Quran by putting
in his own beliefs, without first confronting Gabriel, an obvious fact that rules Islam. Being that
the Quran came directly through Allah or by way of Gabriel, (the “so called” angel of
Muhammad), the words have since worked their way into indelible print, making it impossible to
modify the Koran without insulting both Muhammad and Gabriel. But don’t believe everything
you hear from Islamic culture—the Koran is not nearly as pure as we are led to believe—it has
already been contaminated by Muhammad and friends, inclusive of script writers at the behest
of Abu Bekr (Muhammad’s friend) and his secretaries.

We will interject here some comments that are deemed pertinent to this discussion from our
report of July of 2011 extracted from the Urmia lectures of Jesus.
Pg. 1486 Urantia Book
“If different religions recognize the spirit sovereignty of God the Father, then will all such
religions remain at peace. Only when one religion assumes that it is in some way superior to all
others, and that it possesses exclusive authority over other religions, will such a religion
presume to be intolerant of other religions or dare to persecute other religious believers.” [This
statement has Islam written all over it; with both Christians and Jews being persecuted to the
extent that the rank and file of Muslims in the mid-east would like nothing more than to see both
religions  eradicated along with their followers.] URI

Pg. 1487 Urantia Book
“You cannot have equality among religions (religious liberty) without having religious wars
unless all religions consent to the transfer of all religious sovereignty to some superhuman
level, to God himself.” [The problem today is that while Muslims may transfer sovereignty to
God {Allah}, their God is a one of retribution, one who believes in, and indeed encourages war,
making it impossible to change their non-peaceful intolerance of what they deem to be lesser
religions, while the Christian religion as we will see in these lectures discourages war. [URI]

So let us examine a tad bit further the motives and character of this bizarre religion by putting it
into an honest perspective.

This is the God called Allah whose decrees set forth by his messenger Muhammad have, in
recent decades, caused quite a stir amongst the Christian and Jewish communities around the
world. Muhammad has dared to challenge the Christian God and Christian beliefs. Christian
religionists themselves have already met the challenge proffering a belief not in a jealous and
puerile god of tantrum throwing retribution against all who violate his mandates, a God devoid
of real merciful characteristics, and the wrathfulness of a deity to those who fail to placate his
autocratic rule, and a Deity who has yet to establish an evolutionary process for all mankind to
evolve. This God offers no resemblance to the God of Christians who offers solace to the
downtrodden, redemption to the wayward, atonement to those who have strayed from the path,  
mercy to the exploited, hope to the believer, and life into an everlasting eternity to true
believers; a beneficent God whose loves his children.

Many Americans believe that this new God lives primarily among the cynics of the of the Mid-
eastern world, but know full well that His popularity among the poor is spreading rapidly
throughout the European countries bringing a false hope to believers who appease his exalted
rule by prostrating themselves 5 times a day paying homage to his imagined existence—to a
false God who never existed in the first place. His followers were led into a belief system in the
7th century AD with ideas foreign to the worlds existing religions, yet powerful enough, in
meaning, to unite the Arab world behind this God, over all Gods – called Allah.  

This interim report is written not so much to castigate an unforgiving God, who has usurped the
free will of his followers leaving most in abject poverty, with a forsaken life on earth, where the
only hope is to receive an assignment of eternal importance in another life, by Allah himself--
but our intent is rather to announce that fairly soon, (contrary to what Muhammad announced
to the world), messengers from on high will come to the planet and commence to turn things
around. Muhammad stated that he was the last messenger from God, that he was the most
important of all the prophets, and no more were to follow. Our revelation reveals otherwise.

While America has obviously strayed too far towards the material end of the spectrum, failing to
place a commensurate effort towards the advancement of spiritual values, many of the
followers of Allah on the contrary, have given up on the material side of life and are foolishly
pursuing an emersion into the Michael Jackson dream world of never-land. They are abiding
their time on earth for a more fruitful existence in the afterlife. GOD WANTS US HERE—HERE
ON EARTH AT THIS TIME TO DO SOMETHING. And by something He means interacting in
some meaningful way to advance the spiritual and material quality of life for the posterity of
humanity. Metaphorically speaking, Muslims have yet to reach the starting gate; they are
desperately trying to help themselves, but in so doing are trying to muscle in on the rest of the
world. This is not the way to proceed. Osama Bin Laden said it all when he stated: the Western
world lives for today, we live for tomorrow--meaning for Heaven. Many Muslims have already
given up on a decent life while here on earth and concentrate all their efforts on attaining the
afterlife—they live only for another life even if it means blowing up their own lives while taking
out a few infidels along the way.

Upon the death of its first leader and messenger this religion (Islam) slowly evolved into a
geopolitical structure encompassing most of the Arabic culture, and while forcing its way into
higher civilizations has come face to face with resistance from more rational religions to the
extent that they now want to forcibly dominate these superior cultures (already ingrained with
their own beliefs and traditions), using their God as the quarterback—the One calling the plays;
Allah says this, Allah says that—so be it. Every statement in the Koran is to be accepted as if it
came directly from Allah. It is so written in their religion: Don’t kill anyone—that is, unless they
refuse to accept Islam as their religion, then anything is fair game. This God became the law of
THEIR land (not ours), and within this land he brought along his own set of rules, rules that
were to be indelibly imprinted into the minds of his adherents. These rules were to become the
permanent law of the land and no one was to be allowed to escape their enactment—either
accept the rules under absolute authority or suffer severe consequences. Anyone accepting
these rules and the authority from which they were derived (Allah) could not search for
inequities since the decrees allowed for no escape—no bargaining; no reflection on the rules
and absolutely no rejection of the rules in favor of another ruler (God), such behavior being
punishable by death. The thinking world at large was not buying into it. Simple minds, isolated
from the rest of the world (basically the Arabic communities) at first renounced this new God,
but as time progressed and finding themselves ostracized and without a religion of their own,
slowly came the spread of ones submission into what became a tolerable state of affairs—the
embracing of Islam.

Western countries, however, have already selected their religions and Islam is not at the top of
their list—is not at all tolerable according to their way of life, simply because it does not mesh
well with their superior teachings, it is outside the cultures.  

Islam has a good side but if it is not allowed to get rid of its evil side, it becomes placed in sort
of a catch 22; one is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. The world might better
accept its good side if the bad is discarded (the bad being those aspects that are so offensive
to the rest of the world—too numerous to mention here). If Muslims arbitrarily discard what the
world perceives as bad, they have offended Allah, and if they fear to discard the evil within the
religion, the world will no longer tolerate the religion, placing Islam on a collision course with
Christianity and Judaism, and if it continues to attempt to displace either, due to its militancy it is
headed for a crisis juncture; a juncture that could be a very messy place.


“God is spirit, and God gives a fragment of his spirit self to dwell in the heart of man. Spiritually,
all men are equal. The kingdom of heaven is free from castes, classes, social levels, and
economic groups. You are all brethren. But the moment you lose sight of the spirit sovereignty
of God the Father, some one religion will begin to assert its superiority over other religions; and
then, instead of peace on earth and good will among men, there will start dissensions,
recriminations, even religious wars, at least wars among religionists. Freewill beings who regard
themselves as equals unless they mutually acknowledge themselves as subject to some
supersovereignty, some authority over and above themselves, sooner or later are tempted to
try out their ability to gain power and authority over other persons and groups. The concept of
equality never brings peace except in the mutual recognition of some overcontrolling influence
of supersovereignty.” (Pg. 1487 UB)

Islam is the exception among world religions in this modern era of idea exchange as regards its
influence on world affairs. Throughout Europe and elsewhere Islam appears bent on pushing
its way through the world without regard for the customs and traditions they are attempting to
displace. It is largely Islam that has declared war on those whom they deem to be the little
Satan (Israel) and its concomitant evil twin, the big Kahuna-–big Satan (USA). It is not only
Muslims in Iran, but Muslims throughout the Mid-East that have allowed their religion to
degenerate to such a low level as to declare warfare on nations whose people they consider to
be infidels, believing them to be in possession of an inferior religion far beneath the nations of
Islam. But make no mistake about it—Islam is not out for world peace, but rather world
domination and is bound not to rest until that goal is reached even if it means an all out war
with infidels.

(For more on the lectures by Jesus while on Urmia go to Pg. 1486 or go to the site and read
our entire quarterly report for July, August, and September—2011.)
These were the only papers that I knew of that disappeared prior to being sent to the Donnelley
printing company with changes in content, and then rematerialized when completed, to the
satisfaction of two different groups of angels.
These discourses comprised the greatest amount of time ever spent by Jesus’ in one place
delivering his messages to vast audiences. They foretell what all religions must do to sustain
their longevity and preserve peace throughout the world. These lectures were presented in an
amphitheatre owned by Cymboyton, a religionist who allowed speakers from various religions to
present their varying concepts of God.

(Extracted from, “The Life and Religion of Mohammed” by, Rev. J.L. Menezes)

The Koran, the sacred book of Muslims contains the doctrines and “so called” revelations
preached by Mohammad, works completely venerated by his followers. His followers
(Mohammedans) (Muslims) believe the works are of divine origin, and eternal, coexisting in the
very essence of God. Most of the content, other than direct and personal messages to
Muhammad, were delivered by the Angel Gabriel through installments over a period of some 23
years. The messages were written down by others (Zeid and Abdullah) purported secretaries to
the uneducated and illiterate Mohammad. This meant that since Muhammad was often alone
when the messages came through, and by being only with Gabriel who remained behind a veil,
there must have been times that the messages would have later been conveyed to the
secretaries from the memory of Muhammad. The Koran itself admits that the Prophet soon
forgot some of his revelations. Many of the manuscripts were found lying in a box in a
disorderly state and reassembled by Zeid after the death of Muhammad. When Zeid
reorganized the collection of writings Abu Bekr (close friend of Muhammad) revised them and
reduced them to a semblance of order. In 650 AD a dispute arose regarding the true text of the
Koran, and Zeid along with 3 others were ordered to make a fresh revision of the entire text
with all previous copies of the Koran called in and destroyed.  The final copy was from that time
to the present day declared to be divine and has sense been completely unaltered.

The Koran is so venerated that no Muslim would dare touch it without first being purified with
water, and they read it with the greatest care and respect. They swear by it, consult it on all
occasions, carry it with them to write sentences from it on their banners, house-doors or walls,
or on copper plates which they suspend from their necks as charms.  

One can easily see how these psychologically unstable individuals who worship a book could
kill innocent soldiers who inadvertently burned their sacred Koran—a pardonable act of
burning, not at all so with the killings. The only thing to be worshiped in life is God, certainly not
a book compiled by several people and filled with so many errors. We will get to these later, but
one flagrant error is that according to Muhammad Jesus will reawaken from the dead with five
other prophets, with Muhammad being the first to awaken and all will commence to set the world
straight. “Jesus will convert to Islam, marry and have two children”—not    exactly as Christians
view it.  

All things said and done by Muhammad were believed by Muslims to be guided by God. These
sayings and beliefs of the prophet were recorded in the Hadiths, and next to the Koran is the
most sacred book of the Muslim faith. But as we proceed we will quickly learn that Muhammad
plagiarized many of his ideas from previous Christian, Persian and Jewish writings which he was
taught in his youth. He had a very imaginative mind and set about fantasizing his own ideas
about God, much of which was contradictory and inconsistent with previous belief systems of
The Muslims divided their religion (Islam) into two distinct parts; Iman (faith or theory) and  Din
(religion or practice) and the whole religion is based on five fundamental points, of which one
belongs to Iman or faith and the other four points to Din or practice. The whole creed of Imam is
divided into six parts, namely (1) Belief in God, (2) Belief in his Angels, (3) Belief in his
scriptures, (4) Belief in his prophets, (5) Belief in the resurrection and day of Judgment, (6)
Belief in God’s absolute decrees and predetermination both of good and evil. The four points of
Din are, (1) Prayer, (2) Alms giving, (3) Fasting, (4) Pilgrimage to Mecca.

One can readily see a conflict with Christian doctrine and how Christians will not accede to
several of the basic concepts of Islam, and since religion is so personal to each individual how
difficult it would be to force a change in personal attitudes.

While one might think the above are self explanatory, such is not entirely the case with each
condition.  For example; The Muslims vehemently reject the idea of a Trinity stating that there
cannot be three Gods. They maintain that Angels are created from fire, who act according to
God’s orders and do not rebel against him. The Koran makes mention of four chief Angels;
Gabriel whose chief duty is to communicate God’s will to prophets; Michael the friend and
protector of the Jews and guardian of rain, grain and of all that is required for the support of
man, beasts, and fishes.

None of the above as well as the following can ever be reconciled with Christian and Jewish
doctrine. Muhammad appears to have (borrowed) the whole doctrine concerning angels from
the Jews and Persians, but none fits with Christian doctrine.

Muslims are also taught to believe in two fierce looking black Angels, Munkir and Nakir, who are
charged by God to visit every man in his grave, and to examine him with regard to his faith in
God and in Muhammad. (How readily do Muslims feel that Christians are going to buy into
these silly ideas?) (The very idea that 2 black angels are charged by God to determine ones
faith in Muhammad is well within the range of ludicrous).  

Muslims are also taught in the Koran that their belief in scripture also includes belief in other
books. As regards the books, Muslims believe that God sent down from heaven his revelations
in writing to several prophets. The total number of Books thus sent number 104; of which 10
were giver to Adam, 50 to Seth; 30 to Enoch; 10 to Abraham and the remaining four were sent
to Moses. The Psalms were sent to David, the Gospels were revealed to Jesus, and the Koran
was revealed to Muhammad, who, being the last and greatest of the prophets, these
revelations are now closed and no more are to be expected. (Now, just who in their right mind is
going to buy into this?)

As regards treatment of the dead, things get really bizarre but we will only address the ungodly
state of affairs that various miscreants (wicked sinners and infidels) have to endure. I think that
means most of us, since Christians and Jews are to Muslims nothing but infidels, who will
therefore be returning as apes. The following are the conditions: (1) the ungodly return in the
form of apes, (2) the public oppressors like swine, (3) the usurers with reversed heads and
distorted feet, (4) the unjust judges will appear blind, (5) the vainglorious will be deaf and
dumb, [there goes Muhammad Ali—the greatest of all time], (6) the hypocrites will gnaw their
tongues which will hang down all bleeding, (7) the defrauders with hands and feet cut off, (8)
the false accusers fixed to the trunks of palm trees, (9) the voluptuous and the miserly with
stinking corpses, and (10) the proud and arrogant with clothes daubed with pitch.  As to the
length of time the judgment will take, the Koran states one thousand years.

The religion of Islam, in part is based in fear, fear in a God that one has but little confidence.
But apart from that the things that the imaginative mind of Muhammad conjured up is plainly
something only simple minded people of a bygone era could buy into.

This religion in spite of its good points of serving the poor, (tithing of alms to the state for
indigents) education for the population, belief in God, and Belief in angels, there is an
abundance of contrary beliefs to the Judeo/Christian ethos that will never allow for this religion
to work its way into the American-Dreamscape. All that can be said of Islam is that it once
unified the Arab nations into one philosophical principle—the belief of a unified God that once
served their collective needs, but a God who now needs to look around and realize that he
never did serve the collective needs of all humanity and will certainly be unable to achieve that
end in the future; and the sooner the Muslims realize this the better off the world will be.

Mention of a few irreconcilable differences with Christianity:
Michael was no mere prophet and neither was he an angel.
Gabriel was and is not an angel.
Jesus will not emerge from the dead, marry and have two children.
There is no such thing as death angels that talk with the dead to determine their faith and belief
in Muhammad.
There is no intermediate punishment (a hell) that lasts a thousand years, especially when you
are awakened with your head on backwards and with distorted feet.
The Koran did not come from either Gabriel or God (Allah)
God does not want his devotees to spend a half hour washing themselves five times a day
before each prayer.
God does, however, want the Muslim to spend more time in the real world learning tolerance
and acceptance of superior cultures.
God does not want Muslims to put on a phony display of worship by cluttering up the streets in
major cities and stopping traffic for mere affectation.

There is no rational reason that God would pick a total illiterate and uneducated individual to
establish a world-wide religion. A God of retribution is purely a fictional fantasy created by one
who thought he could come up with something better than the teachings of Jesus and then
force his philosophy on the world.   

There are more than just a few things that immediately come to mind that do not jell with the
Urantia Book, nor are they accepted in Christian doctrine anywhere throughout the civilized the

Right about now we should be able to see there is something fishy here. One cannot commit to
a God who is both vindictive and beneficent at the same time—that would make for sort of a
schizophrenic or at best an inconsistent God—love your children, but if they break the rules
(break with traditional standards) punish em real good—that’ll fix em, appears to be the attitude
of this God. Something is radically wrong with this God.  Muslims are taught that one should kill
their own offspring if they bring shame on the family (the parents).

If as a fourth grade teacher you assigned the class a writing assignment to work on our
imaginative writing skills and the assignment was to make up something that you might include
in your worst hell, one might expect to read some of the idiotic things that Muhammad came up
with, certainly not from a normal adult of sound mind. There are three entities that could have
come up with these hellish conditions to teach wicked sinners and infidels such a lesson and I’m
quite sure it was neither Gabriel nor Allah.

Millions of individuals throughout the mid-east accept this religion as a matter of fact and spend
most of their lives dedicated to worshiping this God with the idea that the rest of the world must
do the same, and should also be venerating their prophet Muhammad as well as their local
Imams (spiritual leader in the local Mosque). And what is wrong with this infant mentality? They
have nuclear bombs and are willing to blow up entire nations for the sake of Allah, that’s what’s
drastically wrong with these people. And this is the reason we have to take them very seriously.
Israel perceives the insanity of it all; I hope America—at least the Congress of America can
recognize the gravity of this situation before it’s too late.

On page 1051 of our revelation the book list two salient facts regarding Islam. First is its
militancy in promoting the religion and secondly its degradation of women. Its good point is its
perpetuation of a monotheistic deity in place of the multi-deities that prevailed throughout the
land in the 7th century. It is this militancy that is getting more and more out of hand, especially
since its adherents are acquiring nuclear capabilities; and nuclear armament in the control of
immature cultures is a threat to the entire world. A complete and comprehensive report is
contained in the new best seller “Muslim Mafia”, material gathered by the FBI and others over
the last decade regarding their insidious and malignant intrusion into societies around the world
in a now 50 year plan to control all religions inclusive of Christianity and Judaism.  The book is
a must read as an eye opener to understand their desire to control the world militarily in the
near future, by imposing Sheriah law on the USA.    

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