A FURTHER CASE FOR EUTHANASIA

Notwithstanding the Christian communities beliefs against euthanasia, I believe it is societies
prerogative to responsibly practice termination of the physical body when brain capacity ceases
to function, especially in cases of pre-determine decisions on the part of an individual, set forth
in living wills, inclusive of advanced Alzheimer’s, and other advanced cases of brain

Our world along with the rest of the age of evolution is based on a continuous progression for
mortals from birth to death—but the revelation defines death as more than just the death of the
physical body, something that in the case of spiritual death means far more to Christians than
just simply dying; it means ones life failed to justify an existence in the afterlife, that the chance
for life eternal is taken away.
And, this termination of resurrection capacity is inherent in soul death (spiritual death) which
can only be determined by divine personalities, usually the Ancients of Days (discussed on
page 4 & 5 of this report); and while this type of death is discussed in the Urantia book, the
culture at this time is hardly able to accept, let alone act upon  the information—this from both
conservative and liberal points of view; so we will briefly discuss it as it impinges on human life
all the while aware that we are upsetting the apple cart. While Dr. Sadler was an advocate of
euthanasia, and at one time it even became fairly commonplace in some areas of the country,
the great majority seem to object to the philosophic premise that mankind should be able to
accelerate the death of anyone including die-hard criminals, but as the revelation clearly points
out, some living people are already dead. To many moral beings it is an act of morality to fulfill
the wishes of mentally disabled individuals who have requested in their wills to be put to sleep if
it is determined that when they can no longer function intellectually they would desire the mercy
of immediate termination of their anguished mental condition.  

If one has not visited mental institutions or personally experienced life in close proximity to
relatives or close friends who have seriously deteriorated intellectually it may be difficult to
reconcile allowing that person to include in their living wills euthanasia, especially since it is
against the law in most states with Oregon being the only exception of which I am aware.
However, while many of these poor souls appear on the surface quite different from the
disheveled  zombies portrayed in horror films, they are nevertheless waking, living zombies that
literally cannot remember what happened in their lives five minutes prior to the present. They
can’t remember even a portion of conversation that existed two minutes before being asked
about the conversation, and often fail to recognize any members of their immediate family. This
mental deterioration we are informed in the revelation necessitates the withdrawal of the
Thought Adjuster leaving the Adjuster abandoned individual in a state of living, but minus the
chance to augment soul growth while here in earth, since there is no longer a spiritual counter-
part resident within the human mind. This in no way impedes ones ability to progress into the
after-life and doesn’t disturb advancement through eternity. The Thought Adjuster is
conditionally pulled creating an abandonment of its personality host due to the incapacitating
deterioration of mental abilities, or total spiritual degeneration and/or the absolute and
prolonged denial (rejection) of the existence of God. Why would God waste his resources on
anyone who over time refuses to benefit from those resources, namely the Thought Adjuster or
the acquired mind set of the individual himself—those already pronounced as the living dead?

This attitude of spiritual indifference apart from certain religious conditionings may be reflected
in the statement of a man whose elderly mother was severely brain injured in an accident, and
when her son was asked after she was determined to be brain dead and in a vegetative state
far beyond repair if he wanted to terminate life support, with the options being life support (or
pulling the plug {euthanasia}), he responded—“keep her on life support because while she
might be a vegetable she is after all my little vegetable”. This was not only a callous response
but entirely against the mother’s wishes when she made the decision not to be placed on any
life support system years prior to the accident, but he never told anyone of her living will,
already in effect, which would have prevented the life support system.

While euthanasia extends beyond the scope of what one might submit in a living will, let the
reader focus on at least this one aspect of euthanasia for the time being, and that would be a
legal living will. The revelation makes it clear that a person devoid of normal mental capacity is
not human—“the body minus the volitional mind is no longer human”,  (Pg. 1230-2). I think it is
fair also to conclude that a child in the womb that is minus a brain and about to be born will be
minus a volitional mind and therefore according to our definition not human. What then is the
sense of bringing the new-born into the world if it is mentally dead on arrival?

The soul of an individual is the only lasting reality of the human entity, all else is terminated at
the death of the physical apparatus or in some cases actually prior to physical death as we
shall see in the section on the Phenomenon of Death; and all of this in one way or another
relates to ones spiritual destiny.
If one has not read the Urantia book his concept of the human soul may vary considerably from
another’s point of view; all is basically conjecture until the more definitive explanation appeared
in the revelation which, of course, had to come from a non-human source to have any content
validity since the soul is of a morontial substance (a substance between the material and
spiritual, which cannot be discerned by humans).

“May his soul rest in peace”, “May God have mercy on his soul”, “bless his soul”, “oh that poor
soul”; this is generally all we hear about the human soul, with no one knowing what it really is.
What is the soul, other than it survives mortal death and is carried into the after-life? A
description of the soul was first written in a small pamphlet titled “The Evolutional of the Soul”
and circulated among Urantia book readers by Dr. William Sadler who presented it to the
Urantia Forum sometime when the messages were coming into Chicago. No one at the time
could actually define what the soul was except that it seemed to be a counterpart to the
physical human body that somehow survived the inevitability of mortal death and lived
according to Christian scripture into eternity; and since it could not be seen it was presumed to
be of a spiritual nature. Not even the Apostles had a clear idea of what constituted the human

My Aunt, a typical scripture fundamentalist, had a favorite expression common among Southern
Christians—“Well bless your soul”, never understanding what comprised the soul, the origin of
the soul, or the ultimate destiny of the soul which after a while became her most common cliché
as it is with many older people throughout the South—although it does seem to be working its
way out of the common Southern vernacular.

In the foreword of the Urantia revelation, we gain an insight as to definitions partially
understood by Christians at large, but what is especially significant and generally not known is
the fact that the soul is not something bestowed upon us at birth, but rather as an “experiential
acquirement”, something that arrives a little later in life. As presented in the Urantia revelation,
the Soul of man is an acquirement made upon ones first moral decision in life. “As a mortal
creature chooses to ‘do the will of the Father in heaven,’ so the indwelling spirit becomes the
father of a new reality in human experience. The mortal and material mind is the mother of the
same emerging reality. The substance of this new reality is neither material nor spiritual—it is
morontial. This is the emerging and immortal soul which is destined to survive mortal death and
begin the Paradise ascension.”(Pg. 8)

Without revelatory disclosure the origin and nature of the soul would always remain a mystery.
The newly formed entity begins its evolution at the exact time that a normal minded child makes
its first moral decision, which at the time of the reception of the Urantia papers was at the
approximate age of 5-1/2   years. Immediately a Thought Adjuster, a fragment of God appears
extant within the mortal mind of the child and a new entity appears to begin its exploratory
growth in the moral arenas of life, and continues to grow as long as the individual continues to
choose righteousness over purely self-serving choices of behavior. As this initial acquirement
of choice begins to develop, a strong character is forged and is augmented continually by the
choosing of the desire to do good to others; this in turn eventually contributes to a  pattern of
behavior that slowly activates the new found moral entity that continues to grow within us. For
those who are not reading the Urantia book, the Thought Adjuster is actually a fragment of God
Himself that indwells the mind of a God seeking mortal, and this fragment has its origin in the
personality of the Deity that created it all—the first source and center of all reality. It is only the
personality of this Deity that we call God. Apart from God the Father in all his glorious
attributes, the rest of the Deity we are told is incomprehensible to mankind. Physicists and
philosophers will never know, for example, in what manner Deity bestows energy or designates
how to balance the energy/matter through His universe, or for that matter how He controls the
Spiritual energies that course the universe. As mortals, our focus must be on concerning
ourselves with seeking to understand the Father and trying to emulate Him; and this we are told
is an eternal process.  


About the soul, we are further informed that: “The material self, the ego-entity of human
identity, is dependent during the physical life on the continuing function of the material life
vehicle, on the continued existence of the unbalanced equilibrium of energies and intellect
which, on Urantia, has been given the name life. But selfhood of survival value, selfhood that
can transcend the experience of death, is only evolved by personality from the transient life
vehicle—the material body—to the more enduring and immortal nature of the morontia soul and
on beyond to those levels where the soul becomes infused with, and eventually attains the
status of, spirit reality. This actual transfer from material association to morontia identification is
effected by the sincerity, persistence, and steadfastness of the God-seeking decisions of the
human creature.” (Pg. 1229-7)

Before we move on to an explanation of the types of death perhaps we should briefly delve into
a few pertinent relationships of selfhood, personality, spirit and mind; albeit, while the revelation
has far more to convey about such relationships of mind to spirit and to the realm of physical
energy as it relates to the material body—we   will mention only a couple of paragraphs—to
immerse the report into further detail of these human and super-human attributes would be
somewhat redundant since it would be consuming far too much space, as the revelation
presents voluminous material of these relationships.  
“The possession of personality identifies man as a spiritual being since the unity of selfhood
and the self-consciousness of personality are endowments of the supermaterial world. The very
fact that a mortal materialist can deny the existence of supermaterial realities in and of itself
demonstrates the presence, and indicates the working, of spirit synthesis and cosmic
consciousness in his human mind.”

“There exists a great cosmic gulf between matter and thought, and this gulf is immeasurably
greater between material mind and spiritual love. Consciousness, much less self-
consciousness, cannot be explained by any theory of mechanistic electronic association or
materialistic energy phenomena.” (Pg. 1228)

There is considerably more material that could add to our understanding of those domains we
know so little about—spirit and mind; however it would be futile here to attempt satisfactory
explanations due to space constraints, therefore we will move on to the three kinds of death
that are recognized throughout the universe regarding human life, and let each person
evaluate for themselves the actual importance spiritual super-beings place on our physical
death as it is related to both spiritual and mental energies when they also cease to exist.

“Urantians generally recognize only one kind of death, the physical cessation of life energies;
but concerning personality survival there are really three kinds:

1.        Spiritual (soul) death.  If and when mortal man has finally rejected survival, when he has
been pronounced spiritually insolvent, morontially bankrupt in the conjoint opinion of the
Adjuster and the surviving seraphim, when such co-ordinate advice has been recorded on
Uversa, and after the Censors and their reflective associates have verified these findings,
thereupon do the rulers of Orvonton order the immediate release of the indwelling Monitor. But
this release of the Adjuster in no way affects the duties of the personal or group seraphim
concerned with that Adjuster-abandoned individual. This kind of death is final in its significance
irrespective of the temporary continuation of the living energies of the physical and mind
mechanisms. From the cosmic standpoint the mortal is already dead; the continuing life merely
indicates the persistence of the material momentum of cosmic energies.

2.        Intellectual (mind) death.  When the vital circuits of higher adjutant ministry are disrupted
through the aberrations of intellect or because of the partial destruction of the mechanism of
the brain, and if these conditions pass a certain critical point of irreparability, the indwelling
Adjuster is immediately released to depart for Divinington. On the universe records a mortal
personality is considered to have met with death whenever the essential mind circuits of human
will-action have been destroyed. And again, this is death, irrespective of the continuing function
of the living mechanism of the physical body. The body minus the volitional mind is no longer
human, but according to the prior choosing of the human will, the soul of such an individual
may survive.

3.        Physical (body and mind) death. When death overtakes a human being, the             
Adjuster remains in the citadel of the mind until it ceases to function as an   intelligent
mechanism, about the time that measurable brain energies cease their rhythmic vital
pulsations. Following this dissolution the Adjuster takes leave of the vanishing mind, just as
unceremoniously as entry was made years before, and proceeds to Divinington by way of

“After death the material body returns to the elemental world from which it was derived, but two
nonmaterial factors of surviving personality persist: The pre-existent Thought Adjuster, with the
memory transcription of the mortal career, proceeds to Divinington; and there also remains, in
the custody of the destiny guardian, the immortal morontia soul of the deceased human…” (Pg.

Why do we persist in keeping people around when clearly they are perchance already dead
spiritually or mentally, especially when they have signed papers (a living will) requesting
termination of their body, when it has been determined that their mind circuits have been
destroyed? The simple minded reasoning proffered by most Christians is that we are under
such circumstances playing the part of God. This “pass the buck” philosophy of placing a
miscreant in a cage for the rest of his life and then passing him on to God for judgment comes
from some arcane religious indoctrination which obviously didn’t exist at the time of the Colonial
witch trials. But perhaps that little mistake somehow worked its way into the human psyche
telling us to be more careful about whom we might erroneously put to death.  But as we will
soon learn, this life is only significant in so far as we make it to the next. Once the monitor is
removed from the mind an individual is considered to be dead even though one might still be
alive physically—the walking dead.

“Upon death the Thought Adjuster temporarily loses personality, but not identity; the human
subject temporarily loses identity, but not personality; on the mansion worlds both reunite in
eternal manifestation. Never does a departed Thought Adjuster return to earth as the being of
former indwelling; never is the personality manifested without the human will; and never does a
dis-Adjustered human being after death manifest active identity or in any manner establish
communication with the living beings of earth. Such dis-Adjustered souls are wholly and
absolutely unconscious during the long or short sleep of death. There can be no exhibition of
any sort of personality or ability to engage in communications with other personalities until after
completion of survival. Those who go to the mansion worlds are not permitted to send
messages back to their loved ones. It is the policy throughout the universes to forbid such
communication during the period of a current dispensation.” (Pg. 1230-5)

If we genuinely subscribe to these concepts of mind and spiritual death wherein all spiritual
reality is withdrawn from a living person due to degenerative problems of the mind circuits, but
not lost to eternity, why then shouldn’t one be able to commit his soul to eternity by entering the
transit sleep to the next set of worlds, and expect  the blessings of society? Who, under these
circumstances, would want to spend the rest of their lives living an existence as a non-human,
as disclosed in our revelation? God has already pulled his fragment from the human entity; why
then should we sustain that entity if indeed the individual has chosen to go on to the next life.
Euthanasia is not the evil Christians have portrayed it to be; accordingly, we are the evil ones
who insist that human vegetables maintain their status of vegetation for years to come due to
an uncertain fear that we might be playing God by putting someone to sleep even though they
want to be put to sleep.

My daughter is an expert on zombies, never having missed a good zombie movie, she can tell
you that we shoot zombies or they will devour us. But zombies in today’s society we just allow to
walk among us since they are no threat to anyone and do little harm. Once in a while one will
wander off and forget how to get home—such is the plight of those severely ridden with
Alzheimer’s disease—today’s zombie.
Zombies are real—not the Hollywood kind that have to be shot at close range with a 12 gauge
to blow their heads off, and if that fails a Howitzer to blow a giant whole in the creature taking
out most of his backbone and leaving a gaping hole big enough to drive a Prius through. Real
zombies don’t go berserk, walking about with a peculiar gait dragging one leg along at a clip
almost as fast as the intended victim being pursued, all the while drooling and making guttural
sounds with the usual zombie accompanying musical score set to drive the audience into a

Sounds good, but has no bearing to the peculiarly animated zombies of the real world; a living,
ambulatory creature usually in his 80’s or 90’s, non-threatening and capable of partially making
through the day without some sphincter mishap wiping our the entire house and necessitating
one of those extra-large adult diaper changes by an attending nurses aide or family member.
Today’s zombie has merely lost his mind, usually limited to memory but also to frequent bowel
and urinary control.

I have yet to hear of one who wants to eat little children or family members or one that salivates
when he smells blood and can’t wait to tear into a fellow human like I do on a marinated
chateau-briand steak smothered with sautéed mushrooms and onions. By and large the real
zombie fails to scare anyone, unless it’s his family trying to find the whereabouts of a run-away
who has disappeared on the streets and unable to find his way home. Such is the plight of
those experiencing a form of senile dementia. They live in an unreal world and can’t get back
into the reality of life. Frequently they can carry on a conversation but moments later can’t
remember any of it. Consequently they are unable to learn from an experience since it requires
memory yet they have no memory, except sometimes distant memories of the past. But worst of
all they often become child-like and require a bib when eating due to a propensity to spill about
50% of every meal down the front of them where it ends up in their lap or on the floor. But don’t
laugh it could be any one of us in the coming years.  I don’t know about you but under these
circumstances I would rather be euthanized. I personally have no desire to become someone’s
little vegetable crapping all over the house in my diaper, and spilling my meals all over my
wheel-chair and especially not knowing if my flatulence is bothering anyone, cause it certainly
wouldn’t be disturbing me. For God’s sake put me to sleep and stop worrying if God is going to
punish someone for stepping on His toes.

Let’s let the zombies rest in peace; let it be their choice to go on. Both my father and mother in
law were to meet this fate of total forgetfulness and spent several years in a Alzheimer’s ward
not even recognizing their own families before dying peacefully in their sleep, totally oblivious to
the world around them, and at a cost of over thirty six thousand dollars a year for institutional
care. This kind of financial burden on many families can put them permanently in the poor
house because they chose to follow the social mores of a particular culture. My father was
several times placed on life support even though he had a living will prohibiting life support. Of
course he could never remember being placed on life support, but I didn’t find out until after his
demise. The nursing home collected another $12,000 by prolonging his life.   There is a
definite spiritual need for “so called” mercy killing!

Our revelation we are told is about 50 to 100 years ahead of its time; the last 58 years has
been more or less to establish a readership capable of spreading the word to a new generation
more capable of understanding and living the revelation. Certainly they will become less
secular in their daily routines and more able to comprehend the spiritual side of life, as it is the
spiritual domain that ultimately dominates our existence as stated below. Let’s hope the next
generations get it right.

“The purpose of cosmic evolution is to achieve unity of personality through increasing spirit
dominance, volitional response to the teaching and leading of the Thought Adjuster.
Personality, both human and superhuman, is characterized by an inherent cosmic quality which
may be called “the evolution of dominance,” the expansion of the control of both itself and its
environment.” (Pg. 1229-2)

SPIRIT DOMINANCE (Pg. 1275-1, 2, 3)
“The goal of the evolutionary universes is the subjugation of energy-matter by mind, the co-
ordination of mind with spirit, and all of this by virtue of the creative and unifying presence of
personality. Thus in relation to personality, do physical systems become subordinate; mind
systems, co-ordinate; and spirit systems, directive.”

“This union of power and personality is expressive on deity levels in and as the Supreme. But
actual evolution of spirit dominance is a growth which is predicated on the freewill acts of the
Creators and creatures of the grand universe.”

“On absolute levels, energy and spirit are one. But the moment departure is made from such
absolute levels, difference appears, and as energy and spirit move spaceward from Paradise,
the gulf between them widens until in the local universes they have become quite divergent.
They are no longer identical, neither are they alike, and mind must intervene to interrelate

This report is in keeping with our discussions on topical subjects that warrant personal
understandings of controversial philosophies within our world cultures.

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