(All quoted material is directly from the Urantia Book) (Random Choices)

We are starting off the New Year with a sense of urgency, realizing that our culture is being attacked on all
fronts by organizations that, by and large, have failed to recognize what an evolutionary universe is all
about. Intelligent evolution does not appear within a culture without great work and effort leading towards a
future goal to make the planet a harmonious place in which to live—at least that’s true in the human sense.
This assault is on our religious institutions as well as on our Constitution and our American way of life, as
established over the last 230 years.

The lower animal forms have no idea where they are going in the future nor how to modify their present
living conditions to provide for intelligent change for the future. Bears engage in planning, but not that far
ahead. Finding a cave and hibernating for the winter requires some previous reconnoitering to obtain
adequate lodging for a harsh winter—one of their few tasks of advanced thinking; everything else is largely
instinctual; they are basically non-gregarious. On the other hand, ant colonies are gregarious and must
enter into some form of communication prior to advancing as an army to march on an adversary—a form of
planning, however most of their life is also based on instinct. Like the bears, hermit crabs scrounge around
for a suitable house, usually a larger shell than the one than they currently occupy—a lot of recognizance
takes place before they find and determine the right size shell whereby they discard the one they are
occupying for a new one. Like the rest of the animal world below us most of everything is instinctual; unlike
humans, this is the general extent of the lower animal life’s modifications to their environment.

Humans, however, living in a civilized culture cannot expect to adapt the culture overnight without acceding
to gradual changes on incremental levels, sometimes spanning decades. When we lose our sense of
direction by haphazardly altering the course of direction it’s tantamount to the hermit crab losing his sense
of sight. The crab lives until he has outgrown his shell and must move out and find a new one; if he fails to
find one his world is over—his shell is his protection. Our social protection is a sound (wise) government—
a government that intelligently collects taxes; wisely develops an army and knows when to use it; throws out
old laws when no longer needed and does not legislated new ones that haven’t first been thoroughly
examined before passage; and curtailing the redistribution of individually earned wealth through
entitlements, etc. The cost of mismanagement of the above conditions can literally run into the trillions of

We have evolved our intelligence slowly over time, separating ourselves from the lower animal order, yet
we are the only animals that can destroy the planet in short order. Some of the greatest benefits of
mankind have evolved from the minds of a handful of people; two are most responsible for all the electricity
used throughout the world. Thomas Edison started with the phonograph using direct current, and to prove
his inventions worth-while lit up a city in New York with his direct current going into all the houses of that
city. Along came George Westinghouse who had a preference for alternating current which today is used
in houses and in industries throughout the world. Edison is responsible for the invention of the battery
which is used in every car in the world. It takes years to modify inventions to evolve the society—something
only humans will ever be able to do, yet we are capable of destroying it all in month. No matter how
ingenious animals become—the trap-door spider, the leaf-cutter ant, etc. you will never see a monkey drug
store or movie theater. You won’t even see monkeys on bicycles unless it’s a circus sideshow.

Due to the justice of international sovereignty we are allowing some third rate country the opportunity to
experiment with a neighboring country’s sovereignty, insisting that at the right time they are going to blow
them into oblivion—a bad sign that insanity still reigns supreme somewhere on the planet. The
consequences are far more pervasive than one monkey colony wiping out another. But the human
strategy, while basically the same, is just a lot more sophisticated. We don’t go around biting each other to
death as do stupid monkeys; we just blow up two or three hundred thousand people with one big bomb. We
will eventually evolve beyond this, but society must first learn the meaning of wisdom.—banning 32 ounce
drinking containers is not going to fix the porker problem in New York, City.

We have blindly proceeded in the wrong direction for decades by acquiescing to demands of unions for
outrageous pension plans that drain the reserves of both government and private industry for years to
come. This condition of unfunded liabilities stretches far into the future, estimated to be over 100 trillion
dollars in 20 years. Some unfunded liabilities consist of pension guarantees for the future, but in many
cases there is not near enough money set aside to cover the cost of the trillions that are supposed to be
paid out. What happens to the thousands of individuals who paid into their pension plan when the
corporation files bankruptcy? Congress passed laws to assure pensioners their money would be safe, but
it turns out some companies seemed to have forgot—a minor detail. It is quite easy through
thoughtlessness to accrue trillions of dollars of debt, and unpaid liabilities overnight, changing the
economy and the country’s financial status to ruinous conditions, especially when we supply little
forethought to constructively developing sound fiscal procedures by which to sustain the culture into the
future. (A simple budget is a good start) This is social immaturity at its worse, yet this is where we are today!

Humans have, by and large, lost much of their instinctual capacities, which have been replaced with a
higher level of consciousness requiring a far greater capacity of depth discernment to enact future social
stabilization, but paradoxically we have recently failed to take advantage of these available superior
insights—and when this happens we are close to functioning on the lower animal level of behavior. We
have thus, for the time being, created a retrograding culture that has to turn around soon for us to
succeed for more than our mere 230 years as a democratic culture. Many economists, as well as
religionists believe that we have already exceeded our time limits to turn things around, before a collapse
becomes inevitable. There comes a time when only the wisdom instilled in our leaders can save us, yet
many of our leaders appear to be devoid of this requisite of sound reasoning; and we are in no way
counting out half the population which is seemingly in the same category. For example, people join a union
that demands that 75% of their salary be paid to them annually through pensions that could go on for 30
years. Unfortunately few have prepared for such exigencies, as when things go awry—when the hour glass
runs out no one is left to turn it over. Even the government is not prepared for the millions who have
collected unemployment benefits for the last five years; the Senate is currently deliberating on these
benefits for another three months.  Moreover, topping the list of the unforgotten, are our returning vets;
billions are to be paid out for their mental and physical impairments for Post Traumatic Stress Therapy.

As civilizations slowly progress we have to give far more consideration to both our individual progress as
well as to our society’s progress—in this respect we are failing miserably. We now have new realities to
contend with; moral, ethical, spiritual and financial standards have to be carefully thought out if we are
going to survive the present and the future. Many Americans have given up hope; thousands more are
looking for jobs merely to provide subsistence on a daily basis and if lucky are able to find two half day jobs
to pay for food and rent. A culture cannot consider itself very far advanced if it permits slothfulness, by not
affording its inhabitants jobs and the wherewithal to sustain a livelihood. The maturity of any advanced
culture is dependent on its citizens being able to pursue a high degree of independence in order to obtain
subsistence and happiness within the society—just the opposite of our present direction. The Urantia book
supplies answers for correcting our mistakes, therefore unless we begin to spread the revelation we will
continue our decline—there’s no doubt about it! A gradual cancerous decay is spreading throughout the
planet, with this decay about to accelerate to a level we can’t stop, that is, until the cancer is suddenly
killed off. Our problem—it is a violation for higher beings to arbitrarily intercede without authority, so there
is a good chance we have to right the ship before we receive any form of divine intervention. However, we
are due shortly for a magisterial son. Presently the entire world is in dire need of true religion, and this is
exactly why we quote these divine messages and present them to the readership each quarter throughout
the year.  

Our report will center on several themes that are pertinent to our well being and to the expansion of our
understanding of ourselves and the society in which we live, then hopefully the society will eventually
govern in a manner which best benefits all of mankind. Today, in this self-destructive world of depreciating
values and self-gratification we find ourselves grappling with what appears to be insurmountable odds at
correcting the course of malevolent events we have created over recent decades. We are in the doldrums
to say the least. Congress with its 7 to 8% approval does not bode well for their agreeing rationally on
solutions of our manifold social,  economic, and international relations problems affecting the future.
Especially troublesome are the actions of the Muslim communities spreading throughout the world, with
their desire to take over and displace existing cultures.

THE MODERN PROBLEM (Urantia book--Page 2075)
“The twentieth century has brought new problems for Christianity and all other religions to solve. The
higher a civilization climbs, the more necessitous becomes the duty to “first seek the realities of heaven” in
all of man’s efforts to stabilize society and facilitate the solution of its material problems.”

“Truth often becomes confusing and even misleading when it is dismembered, segregated, isolated, and
too much analyzed. Living truth teaches the truth seeker aright only when it is embraced in wholeness and
as a living spiritual reality, not as a fact of material science or an inspiration of intervening art.”

Being an isolated orb completely devoid of interaction with more advanced cultures and spiritual beings,
apart from the Urantia revelation, we are pretty much on our own to straighten things out. We are unsettled
and dislocated as our revelation points out in paper 99 (pg. 1090) where the following is stated:

“During the psychologically unsettled times of the twentieth century, amid the economic upheavals, the
moral crosscurrents, and the sociologic rip tides of the cyclonic transitions of a scientific era, thousands
upon thousands of men and women have become humanly dislocated; they are anxious, restless, fearful,
uncertain, and unsettled; as never before in the world’s history they need the consolation and stabilization
of sound religion. In the face of unprecedented scientific achievement and mechanical development there
is spiritual stagnation and philosophic chaos.”

Well, since this was presented to us in 1934 there is not just philosophical chaos, there is a pervasive
uneasiness centered around the entire economic system of the world precipitating an overwhelming
malaise in day to day living, resulting in more poverty among the majority and a far greater disparity among
the elite one percent to that of the least opulent set. For those of us somewhere in the middle, we are
merely getting by—a stagnate social milieu confronts the whole of society.

We can abide our time, however, in the pursuit of soul-growth—one of our topics of discussion in this
discourse. But before we tackle that we will present several more paragraphs from the revelation regarding
religion in general:
INSTITUTIONAL RELIGION (1091-1092) (Presented by a Melchizedek)
“There is no danger in religion’s becoming more and more of a private matter—a personal experience—
provided it does not lose its motivation for unselfish and loving social service. Religion has suffered from
many secondary influences: sudden mixing of cultures, intermingling of creeds, diminution of ecclesiastical
authority, changing of family life, together with urbanization and mechanization.” (Pg. 1090)

“Man’s greatest spiritual jeopardy consists in partial progress, the predicament of unfinished growth:
forsaking the evolutionary religions of fear without immediately grasping the revelatory religion of love.
Modern science, particularly psychology, has weakened only those religions which are so largely
dependent upon fear, superstition, and emotion.” Well, that should preclude most of the Urantia readers.

“The religion of Jesus is the most dynamic influence ever to activate the human race. Jesus shattered
tradition, destroyed dogma, and called mankind to the achievement of its highest ideals in time and
eternity—to be perfect, even as the Father in heaven is perfect.” (Pg. 1091)

“Always keep in mind: True religion is to know God as your Father and man as your brother. Religion in not
a slavish belief in threats of punishment or magical promises of future mystical rewards.”

“The doctrine of the total depravity of man destroyed much of the potential of
religion for effecting social repercussions of an uplifting nature and of inspirational value. Jesus sought to
restore man’s dignity when he declared that all men are the children of God.” (Pg. 1091)

“Sectarianism is a disease of institutional religion, and dogmatism is an enslavement of the spiritual nature.
It is far better to have a religion without a church than a church without a religion. The religious turmoil of
the twentieth century does not, in and of itself, betoken spiritual decadence. Confusion goes before growth
as well as before destruction.”

“…as religion becomes institutionalized, its power for good is curtailed, while the possibilities for evil are
greatly multiplied. The dangers of formalized religion are: fixation of beliefs and crystallization of
sentiments; accumulation of vested interests with increase of secularization; tendency to standardize and
fossilize truth; diversion of religion from the service of God to the service of the church; inclination of
leaders to become administrators instead of ministers; tendency to form sects and competitive divisions;
establishment of oppressive ecclesiastical authority; creation of aristocratic “chosen-people” attitude;
fostering of false and exaggerated ideas of sacredness; the routinizing of religion and the petrification of
worship; tendency to worship the past while ignoring the present demands…”

RELIGIOUS GROWTH (Paper 100 – Pg. 1094-1095)
“Religious habits of thinking and action are contributory to the economy of spiritual growth. One can
develop religious predispositions toward favorable reaction to spiritual stimuli, a sort of conditioned spiritual
reflex. Habits which favor religious growth embrace cultivated sensitivity to divine values, recognition of
religious living in others, reflective meditation on cosmic meanings, avoidance of selfishness, living as in
the presence of god.”

“Spiritual development depends, first on the maintenance of a living spiritual connection with true spiritual
forces and, second on the continuous bearing of spiritual fruit: yielding the to one’s fellows of that which
has been received from one’s spiritual benefactors. Spiritual progress is predicated on intellectual
recognition of spiritual poverty…”For more information please go to paper 100

Our prime responsibility to our readership is to provide enlightenment—spiritual and social information from
a variety of divine beings that inhabit our universe. Whether it’s soul growth, a divine being due to arrive on
earth, a culture about to collapse, or a myriad of facts and data about the universe and its inhabitants, you’
ll read it here. And bear in mind that thousands of other worlds are also the beneficiaries of these
discourses presented by Jesus of Nazareth.  
If you are receiving these messages you are a member of the largest independent Urantia readers
organization in the world—an organization dedicated to advancing the knowledge presented to us, for the
purpose of enhancing our understanding and appreciation of the cosmic creation in which we have our
being, but unfortunately know scarcely as little of this cosmic creation as does the animal kingdoms below

To live and interact with beings that actually live beyond all created universes is really unfathomable to the
lower creatures of an evolving universe. We should consider ourselves privileged to have in our
possession something that no previous generations have had access to until the mid-twentieth century —
something no other world has yet to receive except in part and parcel. The following are random thoughts
and extractions from these universe facts, and presented in the hope that we can stimulate our readers
into action.

“The immensity of the far-flung creation of the Universal Father is utterly beyond the grasp of finite
imagination; the enormousness of the master universe staggers the concept of even my order of being.
(Divine Counselor) But the mortal mind can be taught much about the plan and arrangement of the
universes; you can know something of their physical organization and marvelous administration; you may
learn much about the various groups of intelligent beings who inhabit the seven superuniverses of time
and the central universe of eternity.” (Pg. 128)

“In principal, that is, in eternal potential, we conceive of material creation as being infinite because the
father is actually infinite, but as we study and observe the total material creation, we know that at any given
moment in time it is limited, although to your finite minds it is comparatively limitless, virtually boundless.”

“We are convinced, from the study of physical law and from the observation of the starry realms, that the
infinite Creator is not yet manifest in finality of cosmic expression, that much of the cosmic potential of the
Infinite is still self-contained and unrevealed. To created beings the master universe might appear to be
almost infinite, but it is far from finished; there are still physical limits to the material creation, and the
experiential revelation of the eternal purpose is still in progress.”

Jesus stressed to his apostles to promulgate the message of love and brotherhood, which, after all, was
most characteristic of his life work. The following is a discourse from his eighteenth appearance after
death, presented to his apostles at the city of Tyre, on Tuesday May 16, a little before nine o’clock in the

“My Father sent me into the world to proclaim His salvation of sonship to all men. And so send I you abroad
to preach this salvation of sonship. Salvation is the free gift of God, but those who are born of the spirit will
immediately begin to show forth the fruits of the spirit in loving service to their fellow creatures. And the
fruits of the divine spirit which are yielded to the lives of spirit-born and God knowing mortals are: loving
service, unselfish devotion, courageous loyalty, sincere fairness, enlightened honesty, undying hope,
confiding trust, merciful ministry, unfailing goodness, forgiving tolerance, and enduring peace. If professed
believers bear not these fruits of the divine spirit in their lives, they are dead; the Spirit of truth is not in
them; they are useless branches on the living vine, and they soon will be taken away. My Father requires
of the children of faith that they bear much spiritual fruit.  If therefore you are not fruitful, he will dig about
your roots and cut away your unfruitful branches. Increasingly must you yield the fruits of the spirit as you
progress heavenward in the kingdom of God.” “…Survival is dependent on your having been previously
born of the Spirit of Truth—seeking—and God finding. The bread of life and the water thereof are given
only to those who hunger for truth and thirst for righteousness—for God. The fact that the dead rise is not
the gospel of the kingdom.”

Shouldn’t we take cognizance of these truths by putting ourselves in the shoes of the apostles and put
forth at least some small effort to emulate their service to humanity, thereby establishing our own spiritual
credentials; Soul growth cannot be subrogated, either you have one or you do not. No one is born with a
soul. A soul commences upon one’s first moral decision in life, and thereafter evolves eternally.

And, what better way to advance our soul status than to open other’s minds to the cosmic horizons
presented in our revelation. A cosmic frame of reference enhances anyone’s perspective of an expanding
universe of infinite realities. The very concept of another age preceding our own age offering the
experiential contact between ourselves and eternal beings of an age entirely opposite of anything ever
experienced in our own universe—where the age of perfection meets the age of errant imperfection—
where error prone inhabitants of evolutionary status who through years of perfection get to interact with
inerrant beings of existentially perfect status-- beings so replete in perfection that mortals simply cannot
grasp the reality of anything they do from day to day—this is what awaits us in the central universe.

Introducing the revelation to others by way of your local library is as good a way as any to advance their
understanding of the worlds around them. Stocking the libraries with the highest concepts of Deity ever
presented to the planet is a good start. A book that exalts human living by providing inspiration to every
truth seeking individual searching for the highest spiritual realities the planet has to offer should in the
least provide a modicum of satisfaction to both the library reader as well as the person placing the book.
The Urantia book is considered by many as the new Bible; it presents three times as much on the life and
teachings of Jesus as does existing Bibles written centuries ago; things many “so called” Christians, you
would think would want to know. The other fourteen hundred pages provides invaluable material, much of
which is inspirational or at least informative of a nature that can only come from revelation; a veritable
encyclopedia of assembled truths providing more information about cosmic reality than an entire library
has to offer.

To place a book you must first determine who is the one that can accept the book. Then inform them that it
has been in continuous publication since 1955, and that over a million books have been sold, is in 15
different languages and is in libraries throughout the country. Some libraries want the book to come
straight from the publisher, in which case you have to call the Foundation in Chicago and they will send the
book. If they no longer send it free of charge the library may have to pay for it (at a 40% discount), or you
can donate one to them. It’s time to get the ball rolling—each person who intellectually grasps the import of
this revelation has the responsibility to bring others into the fold; that is the message Jesus gave to his
apostles in Phoenicia; that is the message we should want to emulate.

When it was decided that a written revelation might help turn our confused and backward planet around, a
commission was sent here from the capital of the superuniverse (Uversa) to determine who might best be
suited for dissemination of a sacred revelation—the fifth revelation given to the planet in written form—the
others initiated in person by personal beings who remained on the planet for a term. After scouring the
planet for someone with the right credentials; someone who could be counted on not to alter the messages
by way of interference from previous conditionings—interjecting their own opinions, no matter how small;
and preferably someone with the highest moral and intellectual integrity while possessing the time and
ability to spend about 25 years with the financial means and wherewithal (meeting place and previous
publications, etc.) to hold the venture together; three different people were picked and scrutinized as
possibilities to carry out such an auspicious undertaking. Dr. William Sadler pretty much met the
established criteria in every category. As one of the foremost debunkers of certain aspects of psychic
phenomenon, Sadler set out to debunk the revelation as best he could, and as he told me, he got
nowhere. After close to 25 years, from 1911 to 1934 no attempt at a thorough investigation could invalidate
the revelation.  

Knowing that Sadler was close to death and on his death bed in the latter part of April, 1969 several of the
secondary midwayers aware that they might not see him for thousands of years materialized in his
bedroom for a good-by farewell, and after thanking him for a job well done spent an hour talking and
joking. The midwayers as the real planetary custodians spend thousands of years watching societies come
and go—civilizations build and fall, all the while midwayers take an interest on the direction and survival of
the transient cultures. It was the midwayers that petitioned for the Jesus papers to be included in the
revelation soon, prior to all the papers (chapters) arriving at the Donnelly Printing Company in Chicago. In
fear that they might be violating or superseding universe authority they felt compelled to sue a group of
their own to resolve the tension and receive permission to proceed. The authorities, all the way to the local
universe capital refused to hear the case and moved the suit on to the superuniverse court where it was
deemed appropriate, and shortly the OK was sent back to Urantia with the authority to proceed. The
contact commission and perhaps some of the Forum members were in attendance when the midwayer
celebration took place and were permitted to listen in on the festivities.

There was a time when one of the papers had to be recalled; the angels of the churches and angels of
progress were in dispute over the veracity of some of the material in the papers and felt it better to rework
the papers before allowing them to be forwarded to the printing company. This as I recall, was at the home
of Bill Sadler Jr. The midwayers had told Sadler that the papers {lying on the desk} were to be removed
from the office until further notice. These were in regards to the Urmia lectures where two differing opinions
or disagreements could not be reconciled and had to be further worked on between the two groups to
established accord. Sadler told me that the papers were on the desk within a small office with one
entrance, in plain view of the contact commission and certain Forum members. I had been in that office and
it couldn’t have been more than 8 feet wide and perhaps 10 feet long. Sadler said that he was the last one
out of the office and the first in line to enter, having locked the office for about five minutes. The papers
had dematerialized. After a few days they again showed up in the safe with the necessary modifications to
satisfy both groups of seraphim. (The Urmia lecture Pgs. 1485-1486)

On another occasion Anna Kellogg called Sadler in the early morning hours asking him to come to their
residence; Wilfred and wife Anna played a significant roll in the papers during the early years beginning in
1911; Wilfred, being the recipient of the early messages which were essentially a precursor to the later
messages that appeared one by one in written form—circa 1934. Sadler rushed over to find Wilfred sound
asleep and with about 8 hours worth of hand written messages on the dresser; papers that were not on the
dresser when they went to bed. A hand-writing expert later determined that they were not the writings of
any of the contact commission or anyone else who could have access to the Kellogg’s apartment. Wilfred
was in frequent communication with Dr. Sadler the entire time it took for the revelation to come through.
Wilfred died in 1956, one year after the book was published. Some old time Forum members felt that since
Wilfred had secured an agreement with Sadler not to publish the book until after he had died, and since it
was published in 1955, it therefore could not have been Wilfred who received many of the original papers
while in a trance state. Sadler, however, informed me that Wilfred was in such a deteriorating state of mind
(perhaps Alzheimer’s) that he was able to secure a modification of the agreement, to which Wilfred
conceded it was time to publish the revelation—this occurred approximately a year before his death.
Wilfred lived a good life to age 80, Sadler died just one month short of his 95th birthday. They were born a
year apart, Sadler in 1875 and Wilfred in 1876. The Kellogg’s were all related to John Kellogg, founder of
the Kellogg Cereal Company of Battle Creek Michigan. Sadler in his youth worked as an elevator operator
at the world renowned health sanatorium owned by John Kellogg, where the cereal company originated.
Wilfred and Anna were cousins as was Sadler’s wife Lena; the three Kelloggs and Sadler got along well
together and became close friends for life.

While containing far more about the life of Jesus than does the Bible, this amazing revelation also reveals
astounding facts about the universes in which we live. The first three sections while much harder to digest
than the latter (part four), present a description of the universes elaborating on the dimensions and
conditions of space (cosmography). Further mention of the universes origin along with details of our own
planetary origin are expatiated upon in great detail, informing us on how and when such came into
existence (cosmogony). The science and philosophy of the relationships of planets and beings to one
another is presented throughout these first three sections of our revelation (cosmology). The above four
sections (inclusive of the life and teachings of Jesus) can only accurately be imparted through revelation.
Science would forever be at a loss to derive at an explanation of the origin of the universe or to even
discover the central universe since it is surrounded by dark gravity bodies that prevent its discovery
through any physical means.

The knowledge of universe affairs allows us to realize we are only a very small part of an integral whole—a
whole that is organize with a plan to lead all constituent parts eventually into a completion of perfection. A
whole that is teeming with life full of advanced beings, human and otherwise, far more civilized than our
world presently could imagine. Our world is but a cyst in the bowels of the universe, a little more that a
pimple on the face of a cosmic creation—an ongoing irritant to spiritually advanced entities and frustrated
angels. This world where cynicism abounds and reconciliation appears nearly impossible ought to concern
all of us, especially every God-consciousness person on the planet.

The study of our cosmology should provide everyone with a real sense of hope and security for their
future, even if that future is years away—if we can secure a change of direction, people will automatically
experience a sudden change in attitudes. When the real teachings of Jesus take hold, and when people
come to recognize the meaning of new moral and ethical standards set forth in our revelation, and that
these standards are being met and understood throughout the world, and with the recognition that God is
a Father to all mortal inhabitants of all worlds, this recognition will then eventually erase the existence of
our ubiquitous mistrust and cynicism towards each other; wars will come to an end, and we will again be on
the path to our destined cosmic citizenship. This revelation is our “Silver Lining”.  

The point we are trying to make is: Let’s get out and do something to advance our spiritual status by
advancing these truths before it’s too late; before we’re heading out to the mansion worlds—we don’t want
anyone “digging about our roots”. It is a fact that many people are unaware that they are being up-rooted
and could easily be deprived of the delights of an eternal existence.

Some individuals might not care at this point in their lives whether they are qualified for eternal life or not;
however—gauged by their experiences here on their native world they may not see any reason to go any
further. All I can say is to ask yourselves if you had stopped learning in kindergarten on this planet and
decided you have seen it all, and decided no to go any further, that the rest of your lives were not worth
living—would you have made a mistake? In some cases, maybe so; but the universe has far more to offer,
and just in case you are pondering your spiritual self-worth there is a chance you may not make it: “In the
inner experience of man, mind is joined to matter. Such material-linked minds cannot survive mortal death.
The technique of survival is embraced in those adjustments of the human will and those transformations in
the mortal mind whereby such a God-conscious intellect gradually becomes spirit taught and eventually
spirit led. This evolution of the human mind from matter association to spirit union results in the
transmutation of the potentially spirit phases of the mortal mind into the morontia realities of the immortal
soul. Mortal mind subservient to matter is destined to become increasingly material and consequently to
suffer eventual personality extinction; mind yielded to spirit is destined to become increasingly spiritual and
ultimately to achieve oneness with the surviving and guiding divine spirit and in this way to attain survival
and eternity of personality existence.” (Pg. 26)

Without the evolution of the soul one cannot enter the hereafter; one must be born again of the spirit.
There cannot be an eternal existence if we do not enjoy every minute of it; the problem being, that far too
many people since they can’t physically see their soul come to doubt its existence; this conclusion
unfortunately has far reaching repercussions. A belief in God and the afterlife is based entirely on faith.

“There is in the mind of God a plan which embraces every creature of all his vast domains, and this plan is
an eternal purpose of boundless opportunity, unlimited progress, and endless life. And the infinite
treasures of such a matchless career are yours for the striving.” (Pg. 365)

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