QUARTERLY REPORT     April, May, June 2016


“If you could be transplanted from your backward and confused world to some normal planet now in t
he post bestowal Son age, you would think you had been translated to the heaven of your traditio
ns. You would hardly believe that you were observing the normal evolutionary workings of a mortal s
phere of human habitation. These worlds are in the spiritual circuits of their realm, and they enjoy all the
advantages of the universe broadcasts and the reflectivity services of the superuniverse.”
 (Pg. 598
-3 UB)

ANYONE who has failed to perceive the downtrend in our culture for the last ten years is not paying a
ttention to the real world, but instead has allowed reality attenuators to obscure rational thinking, which in
turn has clouded the mind enough to accept this culture as normal. It is not normal and neither have pre
ceding cultures been normal for millenniums. The problem is that the cultures while out of kilter for thou
sands of years, were at one time still manageable, but now reaching a level where we face a doomsday
scenario if not placed back on the right track. This report, while somewhat lengthy, should provide
specific clues as to why we are experiencing the problems facing us today. (UR)  


The planet is approaching a time for a new epoch, a dispensation which is due to change the culture dra
matically for centuries to come. Planetary mortal epochs have altered cultural thinking for more than 5
00,000 years, yet since not a part of recorded history, no one really knows what is normal and what is
not – hence, one of the reasons for the Urantia revelation. Those who have been fortunate enough to g
rasp the significance of the revelation have tapped into a new reality, a reality that develops within the
individual a cosmic awareness leading to an understanding of events that will affect their lives for an eter
nity. Cosmic consciousness is merely an awareness of the cosmos as a reality, the awareness of the inte
rrelationship of all worlds, and those who rule these worlds that make up the universes. Our world has b
een out of step with normal worlds of similar origin for reasons unknown to most of our civilizatio
ns, something that will never be known apart from a revelatory source. This source has been given to ou
r planet so that we can we can alter our direction in keeping with other normal worlds by not repeating t
hose mistakes made in the past and in the future. The revelation has forewarned us that when the un
derclasses, the disenfranchised, and uneducated gain control of a democratic culture by virtue of s
heer numbers, they will always vote for that which benefits themselves irrespective of the betterment
of the rest of society – (the outcome is welfare or public assistance in many forms); support from the wo
rking class which eventually destroys the entire middle class will eventually bring down the entire cult
ure. While there are many chaotic conditions and backward thinking that prevails from time to time, there
are other variables that contribute to the degeneration of a culture that can cause its ultimate co
llapse, conditions which are not generally known by succeeding populations.

We will discuss what happens in normal evolutionary progress on average worlds and leave it to the read
er to draw a comparison to our world.

We will commence a condensed report of this revelation at a time when we received a planetary r
uler, about five hundred thousand years ago, a time when humankind on our planet already had five hu
ndred thousand years to develop their cultures; a time when the colored races made their appearances
on the planet and things were to change for the best with an enlightened age to ensue.

This was a time prior to the Lucifer rebellion which along with the default of our Material Son and Dau
ghter (Adam and Eve) thousands of years later that contributed woefully to the normal advance of
cultures on earth. Our planetary ruler sided with the System ruler Lucifer and an actual interplanet
ary rebellion took place which lasted some two hundred thousand years causing a cultural upheaval cr
eating a cornucopia of negative conditions manifesting throughout societies to this very day. We hav
e managed to elect an anti-American, anti-Christian/Jew, Muslim loving, anti-Constitutional, open-border
s, bi-sexual, amoral, prodigal spender as the ruler of our nation; what could be more detrimental
to the fate of a once relatively smooth functioning democracy.


Lucifer had over a period of many years become resentful of the rulers of his universe, consequentl
y initiating a system-wide rebellion, much like the White House inhabitant currently occupying the office
of President, in that there is very little more that our current occupant could do to destroy the present
social order than he has already done. Lucifer’s antics were on a much wider scale and were design
ed to wrest control from far wiser universe rulers in order to implement an unproven and cynical app
roach to universe government. There are distinct parallels to our present world situation. However, we
will forego the present and the age of primitive man and begin with the post-planetary Prince man
in order to allow our fellow contemporaries to gain essential insights as to how and when we went astray
. (URI)

POST-PLANETARY PRINCE MAN (Paper 52, page 591, Urantia book, paper presented by Manovandet

“With the arrival of the Planetary Prince (500,000 years ago) a new dispensation begins. Governme
nt appears on earth, and the advanced tribal epoch is attained.  Great social strides are made during a
few thousand years of this regime.  Under normal conditions mortals attain a high state of civiliza
tion during this age. They do not struggle so long in barbarism as did Urantia races. But life on an inhab
ited world is so changed by rebellion that you can have little or no idea of such a regime on a normal p

The average length of this dispensation is around five hundred thousand years, some longer, some sho
rter. During this era the planet is established in the circuits of the system and a full quota of seraphic
and other celestial helpers is assigned to its administration. The Thought Adjusters come in increasi
ng numbers, and the seraphic guardians amplify their regime of mortal supervision.

When the Planetary Prince arrives on a primitive world, the evolved religion of fear and ignoranc
e prevails. The prince and his staff make the first revelations of higher truth and universe organiza
tion. These initial presentations of revealed religion are very simple, and they usually pertain to the affa
irs of the local system. Religion is wholly an evolutionary process prior to the arrival of the planetar
y Prince. Subsequently religion progresses by graduated revelation as well as by evolutionary growth.
Each dispensation, each mortal epoch, receives an enlarged presentation of spiritual truth and religiou
s ethics. The evolution of the religious capacity of receptivity in the inhabitants of a world largely
determines their rate of spiritual advancement and the extent of religious revelation.

This dispensation witnesses a spiritual dawn, and the different races and their various tribes tend to d
evelop specialized systems of religious and philosophic thought. There uniformly run through all of t
hese religions two strains; the early fears of primitive men and the later revelations of the Planetary Pr
ince. In some respects Urantians do not seem to have wholly emerged from this stage of planetary evolut
ion. As you pursue this study, you will the more clearly discern how far your world departs from the
average course of evolutionary progress and development.

But the Planetary Prince is not “the Prince of Peace.” Racial struggles and tribal wars continue over int
o this dispensation but with diminishing frequency and severity. This is the great age of racial dispersi
on, and it culminates in a period of intense nationalism. Color is the basis of tribal and national grouping
s, and the different races often develop separate languages. Each expanding group of mortals tends to
seek isolation. This segregation is favored by the existence of many languages. Before the unificat
ion of the several races their relentless warfare sometimes results in the obliteration of whole peoples;
the orange and green men are particularly subject to such extinction.  

On average worlds, during the part of the prince’s rule, national life begins to replace tribal organiza
tion or rather to be superimposed upon the existing tribal groupings. But the great social achievem
ent of the Prince’s epoch is the emergence of family life. Heretofore, human relationships have been chi
efly tribal; now, the home begins to materialize.

This is the dispensation of the realization of sex equality. On some planets the male may rule the fema
le; on others the reverse prevails. In this age normal worlds establish full equality of the sexes, this is
the dawn of the golden age of the home. The idea of tribal rule gradually gives way to the dual concept
of national life and family life.”  

(It’s time to momentarily interrupt this narrative to clarify some forthcoming statements. The revelati
on, we are told mentions that we are at least one and a half dispensations behind where we should b
e as pertains to the normalcy of the advancement of a particular planet. In others words we have exp
erienced a dereliction in normal progression, leaving us far behind the average progressive world wi
thin our universe (worlds experiencing evolution in the same amount of time as the humans living o
n earth). That could be anywhere from a thousand years to ten thousand years that we are behind;
the reasons for our maladaptation’s to normal progress is presented throughout the revelation, albeit,
when normal worlds are mentioned we can readily perceive what they were doing as compared to what
we are doing today, things we should have been doing a dispensation or so ago.

There is talk throughout today’s culture stressing unity as a factor within our two political extremes
, but are we geared up to unify? Senatorial candidates even propose unity as an essential plank in their
political platforms today, even as this is being written. One cannot not reconcile compromise with for
eign countries or even members of Congress if it means moving away from one’s core principles of life. If
for example the Muslims throughout the mid-east and elsewhere refuse to compromise on imposing
Sharia Law throughout the world, any compromise would be impossible to them, and most likely would re
sult in war with the rest of the civilized nations of the world. Likewise unifying liberals with conserva
tives in the United States Congress would necessitate compromises which neither side is ready to make.
Therefore anyone currently proposing unity soon, is off his rocker. The only influence that can change t
he adamant minds serving in the political arena today will have to come from a higher source. I mention
this because as one peruses this revelation he is confronted with the concept of the enormous importan
ce of unification throughout societies, something we should have been considering thousands of years
ago. We are in a highly competitive contest with the rest of the world, so competitive in fact that eco
nomic interaction is about to crumble, especially with the deterioration of displaced persons at home and
abroad. You will learn from the revelation that love has to prevail for the world to succeed, and hate has
to be virtually diminished and removed in order for social intercourse to gradually progress. In today’s
world a wise leader might bring a partial sense of unity to half of Congress, but at this juncture only tim
e will tell – the processes of evolution take time even with the assistances from above. Moreover
, no one will have the capacity to kill off the spiritual leaders destined to arrive on the planet.  

We are headed for a world social order, but the world is presently nowhere prepared to establis
h a harmoniously functional world society. A new world society should function as do the 50 states o
f our Union and show considerable improvement and solidarity from generation to generation; war will be
universally outlawed and we will have reached strides socially that today appear unfathomable. We event
ually will become one race and therefore no racial divide, a universal language will further dispel social a
nimosities. If this becomes unattainable before an allotted time within a given age, there will of necessit
y occur a form of divine intervention – our most recent being that of Jesus of Nazareth which didn’t w
ork out as well as it should have, and this was due in large part to animosities that had never been res
olved – religious animosities. Part of these ages will forthwith be presented.)(URI)

“During this age (Post-Planetary Prince Man) agriculture makes its appearance. The growth of the fami
ly idea is incompatible with the roving and unsettled life of the hunter. Gradually the practices of settled
habitations and the cultivation of the soil become established. The domestication of animals and the
development of home arts proceed apace. Upon reaching the apex of biologic evolution, a high level of
civilization has been attained, but there is little development of a mechanical order, invention is the char
acteristic of the succeeding age.

The races are purified and brought up to a high state of physical perfection and intellectual strength
before the end of this era. The early development of a normal world is greatly helped by the plan of
promoting the increase of the higher types of mortals with proportionate curtailment of the lower. And it i
s the failure of your early peoples to thus discriminate between these types that accounts for the pres
ence of so many defective and degenerate individuals among the present-day Urantia races.

One of the great achievements of the age of the prince is this restriction of the multiplication of mentally
defective and socially unfit individuals. Long before the times of the arrival of the second Sons, th
e Adams, most worlds seriously address themselves to the tasks of race purification, something which th
e Urantia peoples have not even yet seriously undertaken.  

This problem of race improvement is not such an extensive undertaking when it is attacked at this ear
ly date in human evolution. The preceding period of tribal struggles and rugged competition in race sur
vival has weeded out most of the abnormal and defective strains. An idiot does not have much chance o
f survival in a primitive and warring tribal social organization. It is the false sentiment of your partiall
y perfected civilizations that fosters, protects, and perpetuates the hopelessly defective strains of evolu
tionary human stocks.

It is neither tenderness nor altruism to bestow futile sympathy upon degenerated human beings,
unsalvable abnormal and inferior mortals. There exist on even the most normal of the evolutio
nary worlds sufficient differences between individuals and between numerous social groups to provide
for the full exercise of all those noble traits of altruistic sentiment and unselfish mortal ministry without
perpetuating the socially unfit and the morally degenerate strains of evolving humanity. There is abund
ant opportunity for the exercise of tolerance and the function of altruism in behalf of those unfortun
ate and needy individuals who have not irretrievably lost their moral heritage and forever destroye
d their spiritual birthright.”

So far the social conditions we have failed to seriously consider are: 1. “Restriction of the multipli
cation of mentally defective and socially unfit individuals. 2. A plan of promoting the increase of the high
er types of mortals with proportionate curtailment of the lower; it is due to the inability of our early pe
oples to discriminate between these types that accounts for the presence of so many defective and dege
nerate individuals among the present-day Urantia races. 3. Failure, early on, to weed out most of the a
bnormal and defective strains of evolutionary human stocks. Thereby abrogating eugenics as a legitima
te science that should have been recognized as one of the primary evolutionary factors in our planetar
y history.  Today, through ultra-sound technology we can determine if a fetus has no brain or three le
gs and one arm, etc. and yet we bring it to birth. The revelation also states that a child is not regarded
as a human entity until its birth. The implication here is GET RID OF THE IMPARED FETUS before i
t is brought into the world as a freak; a freak who’s only contribution to society is allowing itself to be vi
ewed in a circus sideshow. We have knowingly allowed fetuses to be born knowing that they will end up w
ith an IQ below 10, meaning that they will never be able to understand language or develop a communic
ation system above that of an animal – and Christian fundamentalists have been condition to believe
that if God didn’t want them born that way he wouldn’t have made them that way. Christians have bee
n condition to believe that, across the board, it is immoral to consider abortion under any conditio
n – these base concepts are regarded today among many as civilized concepts and no matter what con
ditions prevail the fetus has to live. It is the belief in Christian concepts such as these that are retardin
g civilization and preventing us from attaining a higher destiny than what we are now experien
cing. Human evolution is at a standstill for a reason – that reason is ignorance. Political correctn
ess in today’s world is based almost entirely on ignorance; to discuss any issue of race, no matter h
ow objective, is regarded as racism. To realistically discuss the termination of a pregnancy for very val
id reasons is regarded by some as murder. And, this is only what some believe is a Christian ideal (pro-lif
e) – not so. People with a sub-normal intelligence are not permitted to enter eternity for obvious reasons,
so why birth a fetus with literally no brain into the world?  There exists today individuals with an intellig
ence quotient of 1 that you will find in institutions that are costing the society millions of dollars for care, if
they live to be twenty.  They sit and rock all day and squeak for verbal communication. Yet, we couldn’t
have aborted them because political correctness states that it is wrong. And, while birthing a fetus wi
thout a brain, even though they rarely live more than a few months, what is morally wrong is bringing
them into the world in the first place. It’s no wonder we are 20 trillion dollars in debt today – Our self-des
tructive natures have cause us to become our own worst enemy. (URI)


“When the original impetus of evolutionary life has run its biologic course, when man has reached the a
pex of animal development, there arrives the second order of sonship, and the second dispensation of
grace and ministry is inaugurated. This is true on all evolutionary worlds. When the highest possible
level of evolutionary life has been attained, when primitive man has ascended as far as possible in the
biologic scale, a Material Son and Daughter always appear on the planet, having been dispatched by
the System Sovereign.  

…It is the prime purpose of the Adamic regime to influence evolving man to complete the transit from
the hunter and herder stage of civilization to that of the agriculturist and horticulturist, to be late
r supplemented by the appearance of the urban and industrial adjuncts to civilization. Ten thousand
years of this dispensation of the biologic uplifters is sufficient to effect a marvelous transformation.
Twenty-five thousand years of such and administration of the conjoint wisdom of the Planetary Prince an
d the Material Sons usually ripens the sphere for the advent of a Magisterial Son.

This age usually witnesses the completion of the elimination of the unfit and still further purifica
tion of the racial strains; on normal worlds the defective bestial tendencies are very nearly eliminat
ed from the reproducing stocks of the realm.”

The Adamic age is the age of Adam and Eve (who were reconstituted on the planet approximately 38,00
0 years ago). They should have spent several thousand years here while spreading their progeny ar
ound the planet, but because of the default of Eve they spent only about 350 years here cutting their m
ission drastically short. There was no intention on their part to violate their mandate as did Lucifer, so
while they unwittingly short-circuited their mission they were not held in contempt of their universe
mandate. They now reside without their same potential as procreators of the human race, but apart from
that suffer no further consequences. They still could return here to earth sometime in the future but
without procreative prerogatives.)  (URI)

“The Adamic progeny never amalgamate with the inferior strains of the evolutionary races. Neithe
r is it the divine plan for the Planetary Adam or Eve to mate, personally, with the evolutionary peoples.
This race-improvement project is the task of their progeny. But the offspring of the Material Son and Da
ughter are mobilized for generations before the racial-amalgamation ministry is inaugurated.

The result of the gift of the Adamic life plasm to the mortal races is an immediate upstepping of in
tellectual capacity and an acceleration of spiritual progress. There is usually some physical impr
ovement also. On an average world the post-Adamic dispensation is an age of great invention, energy
control, and mechanical development. This is the era of the appearance of multiform manufacture and
the control of natural forces; it is the golden age of exploration and the final subduing of the planet. Mu
ch of the material progress of a world occurs during this time of the inauguration of the develo
pment of the physical sciences, just such an epoch as Urantia is now experiencing. Your world i
s a full dispensation and more behind the average planetary schedule.

By the end of the Adamic dispensation on a normal planet the races are practically blended, so that it
can be truly proclaimed that “God has made of one blood all the nations,” and that his Son “has made of
one color all peoples.” The color of such an amalgamated race is somewhat of an olive shade of the viol
et hue, the racial “white” of the spheres.”

“The post-Adamic epoch is the dispensation of internationalism. With the near completion of the task of
race blending, nationalism wanes, and the brotherhood of man really begins to materialize. Represen
tative government begins to take the place of the monarchical or paternal form of rulership. The educatio
nal system becomes world-wide, and gradually the languages of the races give way to the tongue o
f the violet people. Universal peace and cooperation are seldom attained until the races are fairly well ble
nded, and until they speak a common language.

Great ethical advancement characterizes this ere; the brotherhood of man is the goal of its society.
World-wide peace—the cessation of race conflict and national animosity—is the indicator of planetar
y ripeness for the advent of the third order of sonship, the Magisterial Son.”


“On normal and loyal planets this age opens with the mortal races blended and biologically fit. There
are no race or color problems; literally all nations and are of one blood. The brotherhood of man flour
ishes, and the nations are learning to live on earth in peace and tranquility. Such a world stands on t
he eve of a great and culminating intellectual development.  

When an evolutionary world becomes thus ripe for the magisterial age, one of the high order of Avonal
Sons makes his appearance on a magisterial mission. The planetary Prince and the Material Sons ar
e of local universe origin; the Magisterial Son hails from Paradise.  

When the Paradise Avonals come to the mortal spheres on judicial actions, solely as dispens
ation adjudicators, they are never incarnated. But when they come on magisterial missions, at least t
he initial one, they are always incarnated, though they do not experience birth, neither do they die the
death of the realm. They may live on for generations in those cases where they remain as rulers on cert
ain planets. When their missions are concluded, they yield up their planetary lives and return to their f
ormer status of divine sonship.  

Each dispensation extends the horizon of revealed religion, and the Magisterial Sons extend the revelat
ion of truth to portray the affairs of the local universe and all its tributaries.

After the initial visitation of a Magisterial Son the races soon effect their economic liberation. The daily w
ork required to sustain one’s independence would be represented the two and one-half hours of your ti
me. It is perfectly safe to liberate such ethical and intelligent mortals. Such refined peoples well know ho
w to utilize leisure for self-improvement and planetary advancement. This age witnesses the further
purification of the racial stocks by the restriction of reproduction among the less fit and poorly endowed

The political government and social administration of the races continue to improve, self-governm
ent being fairly well established by the end of this age. By self-government we refer to the highest type of
representative government. Such worlds advance and honor only those leaders and rulers who are mos
t fit to bear social and political responsibilities.”

Again, we can readily see that as a viable culture we are not ready for a Magisterial Son in that we ha
ve elected leaders that are so inept that they are allowing the culture to collapse before their very ey
es. So far, little that was expected of us has taken place and much that was not expected has. As genu
ine progress is determined we are close to the last place position. In the last ten years we have pretty
much failed, leaving us presently wallowing in the doldrums. The irony of it all is that we may receive a
Magisterial Son in spite of our prolonged failures, for the simple reason that part of the failures were inc
urred in part by beings other than mortals on our world. Neither Adam and Eve nor the Planetary Prince
were of the order of mortality and both contributed largely to our present downfall. Being that we are a
n unusual planet, an experimental world, and subject to unusual circumstances we may be grant
ed some form of reprieve. This is only my opinion, and this is based upon the fact that when a bestowal
son was due to come here prematurely, the Creator Son (Michael / Jesus) opted to arrive here in the B
estowal Sons stead. This in itself was a most unusual event; one out of four million worlds was allotted t
he privilege of the incarnation of a Creator Son. However it was our fault, not his, that his visit was termi
nated early.  

All of this has been privileged information and kept until recently under-wraps, so to speak, being basical
ly disseminated by word of mouth. And now that the revelation is in 15 languages and accepted by some
countries (Spain) as the number one best seller, a few years back, the book has gained some promine
nt notoriety. The Latin countries especially are receiving the book with open arms. (URI

“During the closing ages of this dispensation, society begins to return to more simplified forms of living.
The complex nature of an advancing civilization is running its course, and mortals are learning to live mo
re naturally and effectively. And this trend increases with each succeeding epoch. This is the age of the
flowering of art, music, and higher learning. The physical sciences have already reached their height
of development. The termination of this age, on an ideal world, witnesses the fullness of a great religio
us awakening, a world-wide spiritual enlightenment. And this extensive arousal of the spiritual natures
of the races is the signal for the arrival of the bestowal Son and for the inauguration of the fifth mortal
(Pg. 594)

“On many worlds it develops that the planet is not made ready for a bestowal Son by one magisteri
al mission, in that event there will be a second, even a succession of Magisterial Sons, each of who
m will advance the races from one dispensation to another until the planet is made ready for the gift of th
e bestowal Son. On the second and subsequent missions the Magisterial Sons may or may not be incarn
ated. But no matter how many Magisterial Sons may appear—and they may also come as such after t
he bestowal Son—the advent of each one marks the end of one dispensation and the beginnin
g of another.

These dispensations of the Magisterial Sons cover anywhere from twenty-five thousand to fifty thousan
d years of Urantia time. Sometimes such an epoch is much shorter and in rare instances even longer.
But in the fullness of time one of these same Magisterial Sons will be born as the Paradise bestowa
l Son.”

Due to the unusual circumstances on our world we may soon be gifted with the presence of a Magiste
rial Son at any time, perhaps within our lifetimes—within the next ten years or so. There are other Divine
Sons due to arrive such as the Bestowal Sons and the Trinity Teacher Sons at later dates. Only a pessi
mist would believe that God would leave us in such a quandary of developments as now exist. For sev
eral decades we have experienced a fairly good life, not utopian by any means, but for the most part pl
easant and exciting. These Sons of God will enlighten the world for the betterment of all mankind and we
will surely develop an appreciation for their making an appearance here to straighten out our backwar
d world affairs. There is due to be a great consternation among some of our planetary dwellers when th
ey find out that there is no sex on the worlds to come and when some find that they will be deprive
d of their 72 virgins, and that their prophet was a false prophet, all hell could break loose. The next Di
vine Son due to arrive in the future is the bestowal Son, who brings a message of Peace. He arrives
with the message, “Peace on earth and good will among men.” On normal worlds this is a dispens
ation of world-wide peace; the nations no more learn war. However, this I will have to include in another
report or add to this at a later date.

YOUTH EXPECTATIONS (new problems to solve)

We will discuss most of this topic in a future report and how it ties in with the expectations of the culture f
rom a higher perspective. The under 40 crowd is predominantly for bringing in a Presidential candidate w
ho is running as a socialist which brings advantages to the society but at the expense of the working ta
x payer, which eventually destroys individual initiative and turns the state into communism.  

It was only with the pervasive conditions of advanced media: Movies, television, computers, cell p
hones, etc. that the deprived cultures received a glimpse of how the other half lived. Now, with exposur
e to the mass-media the envious half wants what the other half has, and they have become violent if t
hey don’t get something—what a dilemma! To counteract this our President has chosen to give
all poor people their own free cell phones and cell plans.  But while things may get worse before they get
better, eventually they WILL get better -- much better.  

Peace to everyone,