If there exists a purpose for our existence beyond the mere fact of existence itself, we
as thinking creatures of the highest animal order are the only creatures endowed with
the capacity to inquire into the examination of what that existence might mean in
relation to all that we have experienced. Concomitant with the meaning of these
experiences in  relationship to other’s experiences, this examination of the meaning of
life seems to lead many of us to formulate some conclusion as to what has more
meaning,  a belief that all ends at death or perhaps some kind of an “after-life” - a
meaningful existence after the physical life terminates. Does this possibly lead to a
germination of something greater, and if so what might that be, what qualifies us to
experience it, and why the continuation of the human entity over other forms of life? Is
there something above and beyond the self and if so does it embrace a soul, and for
what purpose does this something exist? Since most Urantia book readers are “truth
seekers,” these then are the questions that most all have asked themselves sometime
in their lives. The following represents my understandings derived from personal
knowledge gained from a synthesis of the Urantia book teachings, from which I would
otherwise have simply no awareness. (zilch)

Our supreme purpose in life is to experience life for personal growth - spiritual growth.
Should this become our primary goal in life it would stand to reason that if everyone
becomes truly spiritual than there is no need to spiritualize anyone else. But we are far
from being there, that is only a distant reality; presently the planetary citizenry needs
help. There is a saving grace though - all the information we need today for expanded
awareness of the necessity of spiritual values is within our grasp. Our revelation has
virtually placed these values in a perspective that reaches well into to our spiritual core.

Secularism in the last century has far outpaced our progress in religion, thereby
upsetting the social balance necessary for harmonious growth in the future - a
planetary growth devoid of the numerous socially insane problems we face today. From
my viewpoint the best way to implement this social balance between the secular and
spiritual orders, at least as a starting point, is to display our spirituality to others by
“going about doing good”. Now, as mentioned above our primary aim is to spiritualize
ourselves, it would logically follow then that our secondary objective should be to
expose others to those teachings that have elevated our own appreciation of certain
exalted values manifested in human behavior - love, mercy and ministry. This exposure
over time has a cumulative effect, creating a contagion of tolerance among the earth’s
inhabitants, which in the long run will immeasurably contribute to that harmonious
balance so essential for human life to proceed to its spiritual destiny. These divine
attributes were exemplified in the life of Jesus and later presented to us in
unadulterated form through His teachings presented in the Urantia book - teachings
that were not intended to be admixed or compromised with lesser ideologies. Therefore,
my feeling along with our staff who have remained together for over ten years now, is to
expose these teachings to anyone ready to accept them, and that by itself facilitates
spiritual growth.

Apart from the values (spiritual meanings) we have all come to recognize, the revelation
presents information of a generalized sense that for some believers is difficult to accept.