First and foremost divine revelation is for the spiritual enrichment of the individual human soul.
Spiritual enrichment of individual’s is the essential ingredient for all human cultural progress.
However, by way of the fact that we humans are of animal origin, there is also a powerful influence of
a biological nature that combines with the spiritual nature of a mortal creature and the cosmic,
cultural quality of such a dual natured human being is added to the sum total of the larger population
as a whole to create the cultural level of any given civilization.

Further more, we humans are racial by nature and we ignore this fact at our own peril. One very
practical application of the Urantia Book revelations is a far better understanding of the true nature
of the Human Being.

553§3 48:6.11  
 “All races of mortal beings are not alike. True, there is a planetary pattern running
through the physical, mental, and spiritual natures and tendencies of the various races of a given
world; but there are also distinct racial types, and very definite social tendencies characterize the
offspring of these different basic types of human beings.”

There is great confusion on our planet at the present time as pertains to the racial nature of man.
Today it is almost universally accepted to be evil or even sinful if one suggests that one race is some
how superior or inferior to another. Some even go so far as to suggest that there is no such thing as
race. Eugenics has fallen into disrepute and is for the most part considered to be a great evil by all
but a few academics, scientist, politicians or religious leaders of the present time. This is a very
dangerous situation for our civilization. Short sighted materialism and spiritual blindness tend to rule
the day.

839§2 75:1.1  
 “The Adamic mission on experimental, rebellion-seared, and isolated Urantia was a
formidable undertaking. And the Material Son and Daughter early became aware of the difficulty and
complexity of their planetary assignment. Nevertheless, they courageously set about the task of
solving their manifold problems. But when they addressed themselves to the all-important work of
eliminating the defectives and degenerates from among the human strains, they were quite
dismayed. They could see no way out of the dilemma, and they could not take counsel with their
superiors on either Jerusem or Edentia. Here they were, isolated and day by day confronted with
some new and complicated tangle, some problem that seemed to be unsolvable.”
839§3 75:1.2  “Under normal conditions the first work of a Planetary Adam and Eve would be the co-
ordination and blending of the races. But on Urantia such a project seemed just about hopeless, for
the races, while biologically fit, had never been purged of their retarded and defective strains.”
839§4 75:1.3  “Adam and Eve found themselves on a sphere wholly unprepared for the proclamation
of the brotherhood of man, a world groping about in abject spiritual darkness and cursed with
confusion worse confounded by the miscarriage of the mission of the preceding administration. Mind
and morals were at a low level, and instead of beginning the task of effecting religious unity, they
must begin all anew the work of converting the inhabitants to the simplest forms of religious belief.
Instead of finding one language ready for adoption, they were confronted by the world-wide
confusion of hundreds upon hundreds of local dialects. No Adam of the planetary service was ever
set down on a more difficult world; the obstacles seemed insuperable and the problems beyond
creature solution.”

So here we are, almost 38,000 years later and the above quotes seem to, in large measure, directly
apply to today. Referring to a quote from a much earlier planetary age we read:

P592:4, 52:2.10
 “One of the great achievements of the age of the prince is this restriction of the
multiplication of mentally defective and socially unfit individuals. Long before the times of the arrival
of the second Sons, the Adams, most worlds seriously address themselves to the tasks of race
purification, something which the Urantia peoples have not even yet seriously undertaken.”

Two more references that shed light on our present day troubles are:

P626:10, 55:3.1415.  
The great handicap confronting Urantia in the matter of attaining the high
planetary destiny of light and life is embraced in the problems of disease, degeneracy, war,
multicolored races, and multilingualism

P382:5, 34:7.5 1. “Urantia mortals are compelled to undergo such marked struggling between the
spirit and the flesh because their remote ancestors were not more fully Adamized by the Edenic
bestowal. It was the divine plan that the mortal races of Urantia should have had physical natures
more naturally spirit responsive.”

Think about that - “it was (is) the divine plan that the mortal races… spirit responsive.” In a way Adam
and Eve were the living embodiment of eugenics.   

From:  Eugenics  [yoo-jen-iks]
–noun (used with a singular verb)
the study of or belief in the possibility of improving the qualities of the human species or a human
population, esp. by such means as discouraging reproduction by persons having genetic defects or
presumed to have inheritable undesirable traits or (and) encouraging reproduction by persons
presumed to have inheritable desirable traits

From: Merriam-Webster’s on line dictionary
Pronunciation: yü-je-niks
: a science that deals with the improvement (as by control of human mating) of hereditary qualities of
a race or breed
854§1 76:6.4
“When all is summed up, Adam and Eve made a mighty contribution to the speedy civilization and accelerated
biologic progress of the human race. They left a great culture on earth, but it was not possible for such an advanced
civilization to survive in the face of the early dilution and the eventual submergence of the Adamic inheritance.
It is the people
who make a civilization; civilization does not make the people.
Divine Revelation functions so as to, uplift evolutionary religion as well as trim back and eliminate
error. If the Urantia Book truly is Divine Revelation then those who believe thusly are faced with the
perplexing problems of conveying these new truths to your fellow man in an appropriate manner.

192§1 16:6.5
“The cosmic mind unfailingly responds (recognizes response) on three levels of
universe reality.”

The cosmic mind endows all will creatures and the second level is:
192§3 16:6.7
“2. Duty—the reality domain of morals in the philosophic realm, the arena of reason,
the recognition of relative right and wrong. This is the judicial form of the cosmic discrimination.”
The key word here is duty. We do have a duty to attempt to spread the wealth of truth and
knowledge found in the Fifth Epochal Divine Revelation. These new truths will lead our society out of
confusion and social degradation to the paths of certainty and slow but steady and sure cultural
progress. Please don’t be discouraged when you try to “enlighten” your fellow man and you run up
against confusion and conflict. Just remember that “practice makes perfect”, and persistence usually
pays off. It has been said that in order to really know something you must convey and/or teach it to
others and there are as many ways to that as there are people who try to. Each believer must find
his/her own method of teaching others but it won’t happen if you don’t try. In the pursuit of a good
truth revealing technique intelligent and wise service to others is a good start.  
There is much talk in today’s social and political circles of “human equality” and “human rights”.
From: Merriam-Webster’s on line dictionary:
Main Entry: egal•i•tar•i•an•ism
Function: noun
1 : a belief in human equality especially with respect to social, political, and economic affairs
2 : a social philosophy advocating the removal of inequalities among people

The Urantia Book has a number of things to say about these subjects, such as the following.
793§11 70:9.1
“Nature confers no rights on man, only life and a world in which to live it. Nature does
not even confer the right to live, as might be deduced by considering what would likely happen if an
unarmed man met a hungry tiger face to face in the primitive forest. Society's prime gift to man is
794§8 70:9.3  “When rights are old beyond knowledge of origin, they are often called natural rights.
But human rights are not really natural; they are entirely social. They are relative and ever changing,
being no more than the rules of the game—recognized adjustments of relations governing the ever-
changing phenomena of human competition.”
794§9 70:9.4  “What may be regarded as right in one age may not be so regarded in another. The
survival of large numbers of defectives and degenerates is not because they have any natural right
thus to encumber twentieth-century civilization, but simply because the society of the age, the mores,
thus decrees.”
794§11 70:9.6 “The weak and the inferior have always contended for equal rights; they have always
insisted that the state compel the strong and superior to supply their wants and otherwise make good
those deficiencies which all too often are the natural result of their own indifference and indolence.”
794§12 70:9.7 “But this equality ideal is the child of civilization; it is not found in nature. Even culture
itself demonstrates conclusively the inherent inequality of men by their very unequal capacity
therefor. The sudden and nonevolutionary realization of supposed natural equality would quickly
throw civilized man back to the crude usages of primitive ages. Society cannot offer equal rights to
all, but it can promise to administer the varying rights of each with fairness and equity. It is the
business and duty of society to provide the child of nature with a fair and peaceful opportunity to
pursue self-maintenance, participate in self-perpetuation, while at the same time enjoying some
measure of self-gratification, the sum of all three constituting human happiness.”
How will we ever find “human happiness” if we (civilized society) ignore the realities of human nature?
P734:3, 65:3.6
“Mankind on Urantia must solve its problems of mortal development with the human
stocks it has -- no more races will evolve from prehuman sources throughout all future time. But this
fact does not preclude the possibility of the attainment of vastly higher levels of human development
through the intelligent fostering of the evolutionary potentials still resident in the mortal races. That
which we, the Life Carriers, do toward fostering and conserving the life strains before the
appearance of human will, man must do for himself after such an event and subsequent to our
retirement from active participation in evolution. In a general way, man's evolutionary destiny is in his
own hands, and scientific intelligence must sooner or later supersede the random functioning of
uncontrolled natural selection and chance survival.”

Going back to paper 52:2. POST-PLANETARY PRINCE MAN - we read.

P592:5, 52:2.11
 “This problem of race improvement is not such an extensive undertaking when it is
attacked at this early date in human evolution. The preceding period of tribal struggles and rugged
competition in race survival has weeded out most of the abnormal and defective strains. An idiot
does not have much chance of survival in a primitive and warring tribal social organization. It is the
false sentiment of your partially perfected civilizations that fosters, protects, and perpetuates the
hopelessly defective strains of evolutionary human stocks.”

An even more “blunt” but true quote is:

P592:6, 52:2.12
”It is neither tenderness nor altruism to bestow futile sympathy upon degenerated
human beings, unsalvable abnormal and inferior mortals. There exist on even the most normal of the
evolutionary worlds sufficient differences between individuals and between numerous social groups
to provide for the full exercise of all those noble traits of altruistic sentiment and unselfish mortal
ministry without perpetuating the socially unfit and the morally degenerate strains of evolving
humanity. There is abundant opportunity for the exercise of tolerance and the function of altruism in
behalf of those unfortunate and needy individuals who have not irretrievably lost their moral heritage
and forever destroyed their spiritual birthright.”

Please take note of the use of the word “unfailingly” in the next quote.

880§5 79:2.7
 “A polyglot culture can be preserved only if the superior stocks reproduce themselves
in a safe margin over the inferior. Unrestrained multiplication of inferiors, with decreasing
reproduction of superiors, is unfailingly suicidal of cultural civilization.”
(Italics added)

Sometimes reality is harsh but human misery and cruelty is often the result of ignoring reality.
There is hope however, scientific discovery coupled with revelation can and will prevail over
ignorance and backward thinking as well as spiritual poverty.
The truth and knowledge in the Urantia Book is not going to disseminate to the masses by itself. It will
take fearless faith and vigorous action by those who would dare to live in the Kingdom of Heaven in
the here and now. Fear not the wrath of the ignorant or malicious doubters rather glory in the service
of God.  And Jesus said (1673§2 149:4.  
  “You all know that `a soft answer turns away wrath,' “).
Do you realize the extremely rare opportunity we mortals of Urantia have to serve on the Creator Son’
s mortal bestowal world and at such a time in history! Spiritual and Cosmic citizenship opportunities,
extraordinaire, abound.  
Practical Applications For Divine Revelation
                       July  2009