Obama's talk today indicates that he really doesn't understand the problem.  The "few" are giving the
"many" a bad name.  Here are eleven quotes from The Urantia Book that he, and all of us, should be
aware of.
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is right".

51:4.8   These six evolutionary races are destined to be blended and exalted by amalgamation with the
progeny of the Adamic uplifters. But before these peoples are blended, the inferior and unfit are largely
eliminated. The Planetary Prince and the Material Son, with other suitable planetary authorities, pass
upon the fitness of the reproducing strains. The difficulty of executing such a radical program on Urantia
consists in the absence of competent judges to pass upon the biologic fitness or unfitness of the
individuals of your world races. Notwithstanding this obstacle, it seems that you ought to be able to agree
upon the biologic disfellowshiping of your more markedly unfit, defective, degenerate, and antisocial

52:2.9   The races are purified and brought up to a high state of physical perfection and intellectual
strength before the end of this era. The early development of a normal world is greatly helped by the
plan of promoting the increase of the higher types of mortals with proportionate curtailment of the lower.
And it is the failure of your early peoples to thus discriminate between these types that accounts for the
presence of so many defective and degenerate individuals among the present-day Urantia races.

52:2.12   It is neither tenderness nor altruism to bestow futile sympathy upon degenerated human
beings, unsalvable abnormal and inferior mortals. There exist on even the most normal of the
evolutionary worlds sufficient differences between individuals and between numerous social groups to
provide for the full exercise of all those noble traits of altruistic sentiment and unselfish mortal ministry
without perpetuating the socially unfit and the morally degenerate strains of evolving humanity. There is
abundant opportunity for the exercise of tolerance and the function of altruism in behalf of those
unfortunate and needy individuals who have not irretrievably lost their moral heritage and forever
destroyed their spiritual birthright.

70:9.14   What may be regarded as right in one age may not be so regarded in another. The survival of
large numbers of defectives and degenerates is not because they have any natural right thus to
encumber twentieth-century civilization, but simply because the society of the age, the mores, thus

71:1.22   The great weakness in Roman civilization, and a factor in the ultimate collapse of the empire,
was the supposed liberal and advanced provision for the emancipation of the boy at twenty-one and the
unconditional release of the girl so that she was at liberty to marry a man of her own choosing or to go
abroad in the land to become immoral. The harm to society consisted not in these reforms themselves
but rather in the sudden and extensive manner of their adoption. The collapse of Rome indicates what
may be expected when a state undergoes too rapid extension associated with internal degeneration.

71:3.8   No society has progressed very far when it permits idleness or tolerates poverty. But poverty
and dependence can never be eliminated if the defective and degenerate stocks are freely supported
and permitted to reproduce without restraint.

72:5.2   Social antagonisms are lessening, and good will is growing apace. No grave economic problems
have arisen out of the abolition of slavery (over one hundred years ago) since this adjustment was
effected gradually by the liberation of two per cent each year. Those slaves who satisfactorily passed
mental, moral, and physical tests were granted citizenship; many of these superior slaves were war
captives or children of such captives. Some fifty years ago they deported the last of their inferior slaves,
and still more recently they are addressing themselves to the task of reducing the numbers of their
degenerate and vicious classes.  (This quote is from a chapter titled "Government on a Neighboring

75:1.1   The Adamic mission on experimental, rebellion-seared, and isolated Urantia was a formidable
undertaking. And the Material Son and Daughter early became aware of the difficulty and complexity of
their planetary assignment. Nevertheless, they courageously set about the task of solving their manifold
problems. But when they addressed themselves to the all-important work of eliminating the defectives
and degenerates from among the human strains, they were quite dismayed. They could see no way out
of the dilemma, and they could not take counsel with their superiors on either Jerusem or Edentia. Here
they were, isolated and day by day confronted with some new and complicated tangle, some problem
that seemed to be unsolvable.

82:6.3   Present-day prejudice against “half-castes,” “hybrids,” and “mongrels” arises because modern
racial crossbreeding is, for the greater part, between the grossly inferior strains of the races concerned.
You also get unsatisfactory offspring when the degenerate strains of the same race intermarry.

82:6.7   As long as present-day races are so overloaded with inferior and degenerate strains, race
intermingling on a large scale would be most detrimental, but most of the objections to such experiments
rest on social and cultural prejudices rather than on biological considerations. Even among inferior
stocks, hybrids often are an improvement on their ancestors. Hybridization makes for species
improvement because of the role of the dominant genes. Racial intermixture increases the likelihood of a
larger number of the desirable dominants being present in the hybrid.

82:6.11   After all, the real jeopardy of the human species is to be found in the unrestrained multiplication
of the inferior and degenerate strains of the various civilized peoples rather than in any supposed
danger of their racial interbreeding.