Apart from the archival link (The Urantia Book Historical Society) that reveals thousands of pages of
history and presentations from the Urantia book, there already exists on this site a section
(History/Documents) listing 64 unique and original concepts to be found nowhere but in the Urantia
book. Concepts such as an evolving Supreme Being that is actually an eternal being experientially
growing in universe perfection as we mortals are also growing in perfection to a higher spiritual status.
This, along with concepts of heaven, relationships of Deity, information on the universe and who its
administrators are, where life initiates and how planets come into being, and of course the social aspects
of human life, and a thousand things in between, can be researched in this new section. This section
condenses the presentation of some of these conceptual frames along with many less auspicious ideas
presented by a variety of celestial beings that have eloquently contributed to our revelation.
One may click on these reports as they appear month to month. They will appear as synthesized
messages condensed in length from several paragraphs to several pages of unique information -- many
of an inspirational nature, some merely informative, but all accurate and unique in perspective.

Topical Concepts  
Insights on Slavery
2. What and Where is Heaven
3. Spirit of Truth
5. 47 day Moon Confirmation
6. Messages From Afar
8. Woe Upon the Pharisees
9. Bing Bang Bull Sh-t
10. 1985 Archeology/UB correlation
11. White Race
12. Scientists discover new planets
13. Human Evolutionary Chain
14. King Tut's DNA
15 Discovery of Human Origin
16 Not out of Africa
17 Elephants Outwit Humans
18. Science's confirmation of the UB
19. Astronomical enigma
20. New Stage reached
21. Astonishing Astronomy
22. Test of Hypothesis UB was written by Humans
23. Dark Matter
24 neanderthals in whites/unknown hominims in blacks
25. Magellanic Cloud
26. it's not just a "race" problem
27. Science Alters its view on Calcium
28. Human footprints-900,000 yrs. old
29. New 60,000,000 year old turtle find
30  Mapping the Milky Way
31 Reasons for Mass extinction
32 Top Discoveries of 2014
33 March 2015 astronomy mag. and the UB
34 UB Explains New Mystery
35 UB Does it Again and Again
36 New Planets
New Perspectives