Greetings to our readership,                                                                                               March, 2007

Our question for the day - Upon arrival to the mansion worlds and upon greeting our mansion world
companion, where do we stand - which group will we identify with?  Many were called but few readied  
themselves for the challenge, or perhaps - Few were called but many were waiting and ready to answer. I’m
hoping we’re all aiming for the latter.

In 1958 Dr. Sadler responded to certain admonitions of  the Midwayer  Commission (successors to the original
Urantia Revelatory  Commission).  Some of these admonitions, advice and suggestions are recorded herein
and should be of benefit to all sincere readers of the Book since they apply to anyone engaged in advancing
these revelatory truths. “You are called to a great work and yours is to be a transcendent privilege to present
this revelation to the peoples of this strife-torn world”. “Supercilious scientists will ridicule you and some may
even charge you with collusion and fraud. Well-meaning religionists will condemn you as enemies of the
Christian religion and accuse you of defaming Christ himself.” “Thousands of spiritually hungry souls will
bless you for the message you bring, and thousands of others will condemn you for disturbing their theologic

Are you ready for your baptism of joys and sorrows which will certainly attend upon the early distribution of the
Urantia Revelation?”

Other suggestions presented by the revelators regarding methods utilized in the revelatory dissemination are
set forth in the following:

1.  Study  the methods employed by Jesus in introducing his work on earth. Note how he worked quietly at first
-- very often after a miracle, he would admonish the recipient of his ministry saying: “Tell no man what
happened to you.”

2.   It was suggested that we avoid all efforts at getting early, and spectacular recognition.

Now more than ever the teachings contained in this magnificent revelation are needed, not just to soothe the
souls of the ravished and the impoverished along with every other man, women and child living in human
despair concerned with the degenerative conditions  manifesting worldwide, but additionally to clarify the
confusion among the well meaning and not so well meaning religionists who are incessantly attempting to
corrupt, pervert, discredit, and destroy forever the true teachings of Jesus, along with  the rest of the messages
presented throughout the Book.  

Sometime after awakening on the mansion worlds it is quite possible that we might find ourselves in a
dialogue with our Morontia Companion who just might want us to reveal what it is like to be born and live one’s
life on what is now considered (since the incarnation of Michael) to be a rather significant planet in the
Universe.  My feeling is that there is going to be great interest  in the legacy of our world some 2000 years after
our Creator Son made his appearance. One might be asked how could it be that your world so readily
abandoned the teachings of Michael and in so short a period of time? How could the earths inhabitants so
easily allow a schizophrenic like Muhammad to negate the Divinity of your Jesus and encourage his followers
to develop such a hatred towards the Western world and label them the infidels - all the while perpetuating
their bloodthirsty anti-Christian concepts of world conquest? Did you not realize how imperative it was at the
time to assert your Christian values to the world at large? My God man, our Creator Son only makes seven
appearances in the entire universe in a billion-year time frame, with only one appearance every 150,000,000
years. He chose your world for His final bestowal only to experience the ultimate insult of rejection and what
was tantamount to murder; and then for the inhabitants  to lose and distort half of the information he brought to
your planet by allowing the  overshadowing of his beautiful discourses with those simplistic edicts by a self
appointed prophet with impaired literacy only added more insult to injury - to use one of your world’s

But in today’s world of religions, militancy is fostered as a valid concept only in Islam. I don’t want to imply that
Christians themselves didn’t embellish their own accounts of  history  as recorded in the Bible, they certainly
did, unwittingly or intentionally, from Adam and Eve down to the death of Jesus, and even to the present. But
they have evolved into a peace loving culture and foster growth  through love - apart from the coercive force so
prevalent is Islam. So, in addition to the false prophets outside the Christian environment, there plainly exists
today  Christians who themselves  have  unwittingly distorted the original teachings of Jesus  and  the history of
mankind ( the virgin birth, origin of Adam and Eve, Noah, creationism, veneration of elaborate priesthoods, etc.)
Something we have all seen recently  - Jesus being married, Jesus having children whose progeny are living
today, Jesus’ mother having been single when  found pregnant and Joseph marrying her to prevent
embarrassment to the family. All this and more has been presented  recently through the mass media, from
Newsweek magazine to the mainstream television media. It’s up to us, the believers of  the new revelation to
set the record straight.

Well, one might say, I went to church and tried to practice my religion whenever I could. But is this not
suggestive of the way almost everyone  might respond to his Morontia Companion?  Personally, I hope we can
all respond thusly: I considered myself quite fortunate to have received the great revelation given to us 2000
years after our Creators departure and spent the rest of my life absorbing all that I could, all the while
attempting to live the teachings accordingly and present them to anyone who would listen. (Therefore, is it not
imperative that we  all try to introduce at least one other person  into the revelation this year.)

While it appears somewhat impossible to unify the various divisions of Christianity with their differing beliefs
and rituals, one thing does remain fairly constant - Christianities ubiquitous belief that Jesus was the “only
begotten Son of God.” This then places all Christians in a common category; a category in direct conflict with
the followers of Muhammad, for it was Muhammad that insisted that God told him that he was the greatest and
last prophet and that Jesus was not divine and no greater than Muhammad. And this is just something
Christians will never accept. According to our revelation “ the world is not ready to accept  a divided
Christendom”, especially the Muslim world. One common thread, however, that runs throughout the Christian
world is their unified belief in Jesus; and this alone should be enough to establish a unified front to combat the
on-slot of  the Muslim’s collision course with Christianity set  forth by Muslims for over a thousand years.  It is
not so much that Christians want to harm Muslims, but Muslims through their concept of jihad and fatah
(claiming through war lands not already controlled by Muslims) would like nothing more than to bury
Christianity forever. They consider it an honor and a duty bestowed by divine right - the will of Allah.

Author and professor Dr. Walid Phares (a frequent consultant to Congress) in his best selling book Future
Jihad states: “The terrorists the international community is facing do not consider themselves “illegal
terrorists”, it is not only because they believe they have a cause, as most terrorist around the world do, but
because they see themselves as the highest authority on earth and heirs of the Caliph - himself successor to
the Prophet. This and only this explains their tenacious adherence to the jihad struggle in all its forms including
all types of violent behavior. To put it bluntly, in their minds, they represent the will of Allah on earth. They
consider themselves legitimate.”

The united States is definitely on their hit list, but for a thousand years history records  Judaism and Christianity
as having been their primary targets for conversion and/or eradication - and after several lulls in its 1300 year
history  a current resurgence is underway and will not stop until the pervasive concept of jihad is just as
pervasively  recognized as perverse, with no legitimate place in any religion. To embrace a concept that allows
for the extermination of peaceful people practicing a foreign religion that does not conform to their particular
belief system (Islam) is without question a practice well left in the past, the far distant past.

Jesus lived by a code of  live and let live, offering to any passerby  the opportunity to converse with the universe
ruler and to receive the direction and advice only a true prophet of God could render - never imposing or
demanding, but if anyone wanted to hear his philosophy of life all they had to do was ask. Islam’s motto, on the
other hand, was and still is -  you will join us and we will direct every aspect of your life, and you will
acknowledge Muhammad as the last and greatest messenger of Allah (God), and follow to the letter his
mandatory edicts.  According to Muhammad, Allah has a copy of the Koran in heaven, and since God has a
copy so should you.

So much is made of Islam in recent writings because  Muslims now impose a real threat to the spread of  the
true teachings of Jesus  and the revelation  as it is presented to us today, and without a doubt imposes a
genuine menace to world societies by advancing  a belief that God desires mankind to follow the practices of
Muhammad over those of  our Creator Son Michael  -- and the sordid fact is that they are betting their lives and
ours on their misguided beliefs.

“We are called to a great work and yours is to be a transcendent privilege to present this revelation to the
peoples of this strife-torn world.”

Let’s all get on the bandwagon and listen to the real music ----- The incomparable teachings of Jesus.

Our annual barbeque is tentatively scheduled for Saturday May 19th   ------ “Be of good  Cheer” ---- Dick Ziglar  
URI Staff