It is long been thought among Afro-Centrists that the Egyptian empire was, at least in part,
developed by the Black (Negroid) race. This now runs contrary to scientific evidence which now
substantiates the Urantia disclosure that the Indigo race had left Egypt for southern Africa long
before the Empire was formed. For decades the Blacks have held to the idea that they were the
founders and builders of the great Egyptian civilization, but not so according to the European
Union Times as posted on June 7th 2010. The whole story also appeared on the History channel

The racial ancestry of the Pharaoh Tutankhamen as clearly born out by DNA results place his DNA
at a 99.6 match with Western European Y chromosomes, which should dispel conjectured theories
to the contrary, especially since a large number of other pharonic mummies have yielded the same
results in DNA analysis. "So much for the Afro-Centrists and others who have derided the very
obvious Northwestern European appearance of a large number of the pharonic mummies."

Dennis Kidwell