Dear URI members,                                                                                                June report 2007

Over the last few months the Urantia Foundation has put together a quarterly electronic bulletin to replace the  
annual report issued through the mails. The newly formatted bulletin will be issued quarterly to bring updates
to the Urantia readers around the world. We will be forwarding their last regular bulletin to our members who
are without email service; it will accompany this report. We have purchased 100 of these bulletins - the last to
go out before the email version takes over.

Currently we are deliberating whether we should man a booth at the book fair this year. The price has now
escalated from $450 last year to $650 this year. We are not so sure this is worth the price, but it has been our
major activity for the last decade, and while we only sell about 40 books we do interest many others in the
“Book”, and get the name Urantia out to hundreds more. We will keep the readership informed.

The renovations on the club house where we hold our annual barbeque are still not completed and the
upgrades may run into July. Consequently the barbeque will be suspended until further notice.

We continue to take in members through exposure to our web site, yet we have had only a few friends of
members apply for membership. Since our primary objective is to keep individuals apprised of events and
involved with the revelation, to maintain involvement they have to first become exposed to the Book then
express some form of inquisitive behavior (like seriously reading the Book) which all truth seekers have come
to recognize as a starting point. Many books have been given to those whom one feels is ready and waiting, but
often the recipients end up displaying little or no interest, mentioning that that they are going to stick with yoga,
daily rituals of meditation, A Course On Miracles, conventional religion, etc., and the book is scarcely opened,
or remains on a shelf gathering dust. This has happened to all of us at one time or another. Anyone who is
truly searching for “supreme values”, for an understanding of himself and his relationship to God and the
universe, can find the answers in the Urantia book, with enough material to absorb in a lifetime; something that
no other book can supply. This becomes our territorial imperative - a must read for anyone with a modicum of
reason who happens to be searching for answers to life. And anyone whose spiritual growth has not been
appreciably augmented  through a study of these syntactical wonders is simply not ready for advanced truth, or
else they are already about to fuse. They might be good people, they might even be notable humanitarians,
philanthropists, public servants or the like, but one thing is certain -  they are not searching for higher truths. Let’
s slowly pull away from the past conditionings and begin to prepare for the future.

“The praiseworthy desire to preserve traditions of past achievement often leads to the defense of outgrown
systems of worship. The well-meant desire to foster ancient thought systems effectually prevents the
sponsoring of new and adequate means and methods designed to satisfy the spiritual longings of the
expanding and advancing minds of modern men. Likewise, the Christian churches of he twentieth century
stand as great, but wholly unconscious, obstacles to the immediate advance of the real gospel - the teachings
of Jesus of Nazareth.” (Pg. 2085)

“The great hope of Urantia lies in the possibility of a new revelation of Jesus with a new and enlarged
presentation of his saving message which would spiritually unite in loving service the numerous families of his
present-day professed followers.” (Pg. 2086)

Let us all do our share to curb the fanatical world wide enthusiasm for the spread of Muhammad’s static
religion of dictums and rituals and get serious about the spread of the most enlightening truths ever to appear
on this world, this in an effort to restore the enthusiasm for true Christianity - the teachings actually sanctioned
by God. Never before in history has mankind needed the guidance and direction of a stabilizing revelation as
presented in the Urantia Book, because never before have we lived in such a frustrating philosophical era
where so many people are totally lost in a directional sense, all the while living in a morally degenerating

“Without God, without religion, scientific secularism can never co-ordinate its forces, harmonize its divergent
and rivalrous interests, races, and nationalisms. This secularistic human  society, notwithstanding its
unparalleled materialistic achievement , is slowly disintegrating. The chief cohesive force resisting this
disintegration of antagonism is nationalism. And nationalism is the chief barrier to world peace.” (Pg. 2082)

“During the psychologically unsettled times of the twentieth century  amid the economic upheavals, the moral
crosscurrents, and the sociological rip tides of the cyclonic transitions of a scientific era, thousands upon
thousands of men and women have become humanly dislocated; they are anxious, restless fearful, uncertain,
and unsettled, as never before in the world’s history they need  the consolation and stabilization of sound
religion. In the face of unprecedented scientific achievement and mechanical development there is spiritual
stagnation and philosophic chaos.” (Pg. 1090)

Not too many amongst us can argue against the benefits accrued from the age in industrialism and modern
technology, though certainly the Amish can, along with a few cave dwellers, but by and large most of us enjoy
and relish the advancements of mankind, and would not want to trade indoor plumbing, for example, for the
out- house, especially if we’re over sixty. Although technology has come on us rather swiftly, and has certainly
contributed to the problems manifest is today’s social adjustments, it alone is not the big problem. The big
picture, quite discernable to truth seekers, displays the unrecognized or invisible manifestations that leap out
at the spiritually sensitive; the inequities and social injustices that accompany progress in societies where
secularism rules without wisdom, and without the eye of spiritual value discernment, thus placing ethics and
morality in some lesser  appreciated category.  A lasting social structure cannot be governed without the
guidance inherent  in wisdom - the wisdom provided by individuals with incorruptible allegiance to their fellow
man. To prevent a collapse from within societies must yield to the ever presence of our divine monitors to aid
in all important decision making, especially where those choices of mind result in the consequential change in
other’s lives. And who in the general population even knows of this divine monitor - no one unless he has been
exposed to the exquisite teachings of the Urantia book. So the big problem then is the absences of ethics in
society brought about by the lack of God consciousness as a governing factor in one’s life (Father awareness -
reality attunement).

“No social system or political regime which denies the reality of God can contribute in any constructive and
lasting manner to the advancement of human civilization. But Christianity, as it is subdivided and secularized
today, presents the greatest single obstacle to its further advancement; especially is this true concerning the
Orient.” (Pg. 2084)

For the church to be of benefit in the restructuring of society it must first change itself and this becomes a real
catch 22, for we all know how likely that is to happen in the ensuing decades without  some divine intervention  
- yet too much intervention can destroy all agondonter status. Our best bet is to get the revelation out to the rest
of world, and the sooner the better.

Don’t forget the barbeque is postponed until the club-house is completed.

The new web-site is

Keep in touch if you have any questions.

Dick Ziglar --- URI staff