Dear  readers,                                                    

At the time of this writing we have just over 500 members which is what we were hoping for in mid
summer. The book fair in Miami this November was as interesting as it has been in past years. We will
be adding pictures and new reports to our newly established website now managed by Dr. Jeanette
Francis.  We have added several fantastic links in the last couple of months which are unique and
informative. We will continue to search for new sites to add greater dimension to our own site without
having to spend hundreds of hours designing this added material ourselves. We have expanded the site
with a glossary of terms, places, entities, words and concepts used in the Urantia book, along with an
amazing cosmography of the physical universe. Moreover we have a subject index explaining places
events, personalities, e.g. Andon and Fonta, Adam and Eve, etc. These sites contribute substantially to
our own site and expand it three fold; it is a search engine within itself – the astronomy site has already
received over a million hits, and we are grateful to Richard Powell in allowing us to add his material for
the astronomy students within our group. It displays the latest in scientific findings in the discipline of
astronomy, taking us all the way out to the outer space level. It incorporates modern astronomic
discoveries with Urantia astronomy providing a placement of architectural spheres (Salvington, etc.) in
the physical universe outline, which can be readily understood by those of us who know little about this

THE BOOK FAIR --- As usual we had a great time at the fair, selling between 80 and 100 books between
the two organizations. The Beasleys paid for two booths side by side, which can be seen in our photo
section. I took pictures of Dave, Piadad, and myself with a new camera but unfortunately had in on the
video setting for the first day and they are of no use on the site. I did get a few shots of the Beasley’s
booth the next day along with a few of our own booth. The booths run around $500 each, and it should
be noted that the Beasleys provided most of the money for their booths, as our governing board did for
our own booth. Bill and Sharon Beasley have provided most of the finances for their operation for a
number of years. While we were selling the soft covered book for $15, the Beasleys had ordered only
the hard covered book which they also sold for $15, absorbing the additional costs themselves – Urantia
altruism at its best. Out of our 500 members there is only a small cadre of individuals who contribute to
the advancement of the movement, apart from hosting their local reading groups, however these
reading groups are what the midwayers envisioned when they stated that we must establish thousands
of such groups around the world - being an essential and beneficial aspect of our organization, but in
general around the planet they do not expand their numbers very quickly with some barely growing in
the last decade. It then becomes incumbent upon the larger organizational structure to do what it can to
advance the movement. We have elected to establish the website for this purpose. The new site will no
longer be an interactive site like the former site but will hopefully provide information for new and old
readers alike. We will post the bi-monthly reports on the site going back six months or so, and try to
provide topical information to keep the readership informed. We will continue to send out reports to the
old site until everyone is informed of the new site. (Let us know what you think – if you have any
suggestions, email us.) There will be a minimal level of interaction, yet anyone can petition for answers
to any questions they may have. We have a staff for this purpose and welcome any queries to the URI.
What we would like is to get input from the members to let us know who might be willing to organize a
reading group in their area. We will organize it if you’ll let us know the area in which you reside ---
Florida residents only.

A COMMITMENT TO CHRISTIANITY --- Prior to my discovery of the Urantia book, at best I could be
called an armchair Christian with an underlying understanding of Christian values – basically the Ten
Commandments and how an ethical life should be lived. But as the awareness grows of who Jesus really
is, and in studying his messages to our world over the last 50 years from my perusal of the revelation, I
find an ever expanding appreciation for these teachings as the years go by. I find in no other teachings
the depth and wisdom of these far reaching teachings as is presented in the revelation; especially as
Christianity relates to Islam which by comparison can only be considered child’s play. These teachings
have not dominated nearly enough of my thought patterns but are indeed slowly having a beneficial
effect as they relate to my overall lifestyle, especially as concerns secularist activities as they relate to
day to day living.

Even though we have grown faster than other organizations within the Urantia movement during this
year (over a hundred new members), we are seemingly not growing internally as we have received very
few referrals from our present membership. I would like to take a moment to urge all of our members to
assess what the Book has done for themselves in reference to personal understandings of meanings
and values concerning the social phenomenon (our understanding of others), personal spiritual growth,
satisfactions derived from the comprehension of evolution and why God presented us with this
challenge. In other words this revelation has answered the most essential of questions regarding our
human existence, which has in the long run made all of our lives more fulfilling and tolerable. We now
have a cosmic perspective that we never had before, at least an enhanced version of what might have
existed before; and this is what holds meaning for many of us. Therefore, I would like for everyone to
consider someone who would appreciate the revelation in the same way you do, and consider inviting
them to the book. Our web site now, with its new links, answers many questions that both the new and
old reader may have, providing much of the information that we felt relevant for the readership.

We want to acknowledge those who are providing books to friends and libraries, etc.
Ken Robberts        -----       provided book to Raleigh N.C. library
Dennis Kidwell     -----       provided several books to the Raleigh library system
Dick Ziglar            -----       provided several books to the Raleigh library system
John Hassler          -----       provided several books to new Urantia readers
Baker Jordan          -----      provided $500 for books at the Miami Book Fair

Additionally, monies were provided by Bruce Thomas, Dave Mantz, and Jeanette Francis in order to
keep operations running smoothly. For a contribution of $15 we will place a book under your name in a
public library that presently accepts Urantia books. This is our approximate cost.  
Everyone should have received a copy of the Foundations bulletin by now, which is something we will
forward on occasion, but for those who do not have email (approximately 125 members)  it is too lengthy
to summarize and the Foundation is no longer sending the bulletins out by regular mail. The movement
is basically moving forward and people (Fellowship/Foundation) are seemingly coming together; at least
this is what is stated in the Foundation’s latest bulletin.

If there is anything of interest in your area, or if you would like to contribute something to the site, please
notify us at your convenience. Until then, remember the Celestials have done their job; it’s up to us to
finish the dissemination of this magnificent revelation. If the whole world took this revelation seriously we
would have no more wars and peace would reign on earth indefinitely. If you can’t do anything else
make a new years resolution to place a book in a library this year – or send us the cost of the book and
we will place it for you. The Raleigh library system has 19 libraries and we have placed 7 books. They
are willing to accept 12 more. These 7 books have thus far been donated by individual members, but
don’t make the few do all the work; let’s all find some way to advance the spread of the Urantia
teachings. Anyone can organize a library committee in their area and check out the local library to
determine if they carry the book, and if not will they accept one donated free of charge. We have been
in continuous printing since 1955 and sold over a million books. The Urantia Book was the number one
best seller in Spain a couple of years ago on Let’s keep the orders coming in.

As many of you know the Foundation is operating on a shoe-string budget; no longer do we have the
benefactors of the past – they have either died or are no longer in a financial position to provide the
donations contributed in past years. One benefactor I know of has supplied over six million dollars to the
coffers of the Foundation. Approximately one million was necessary just to renovate the headquarters in
Chicago. And of course the printings in various languages are very costly.  That benefactor lost almost
all his money to the IRS several years ago – over 50 million and can no longer pick up the tab for our
extensive world wide operations;  however he still does more than his share to promote the organization
worldwide, contributing his energies as a Trustee to the Foundation. Hopefully someday we will attract
some new benefactors and the movement can continue unabated without appealing for funds from the
rank and file. If you wish to contribute call the Foundation’s office in Chicago.

Have a wonderful new year --- URI staff.     NEW WEBSITE