January, February, March ‘09

Dear Urantia Readers,

On the very first page of our revelation we are told that one of the purposes of this magnificent
work is to clarify the confusion that exists in human thought regarding the relationship of divine
personalities and of such terms as God, divinity and deity. I would hope that this is a precursor to
the eradication of the erroneous concepts instilled through the indoctrination and conditionings of
religious movements throughout the world; and that our revelation will continue to advance slowly
and methodically, and in so doing additionally provide  common sense approaches to life – none of
which the planet has taken very seriously until just recently where people are beginning to
understand the importance of ethical conduct in business and government.

On our web site we have presented a rather erudite report by Dr. William Sadler summarized by
Julia Fenderson labeled “A prescription for permanent peace”. A second report by Bob Burton
(Forum member) entitled “How to prevent Government Suicide” lists 14 conditions that the citizenry
should presently be implementing within our world societies to maintain intelligent progress – none
of which are of serious concern to today’s world; therefore it is not at all unreasonable that we have
arrived at the point we are at today (a secular society devoid of spiritual values). One does not
have to possess prophetic powers to have determined our course of immediate destiny – a legacy
bordering on the total collapse of world economic systems, primarily caused by both  individual and
corporate greed rampant in industrial societies throughout the world.

Materialism devoid of a spiritual rudder is regarded as secularism, and secularism will deny ethics
whenever those ethics interfere with expediency in the workplace. Secular industry has no
conscience, no higher values governing its progress. This has become plainly evident today in both
government and industry. If we were following just half of the examples and advice set forth in these
two reports extrapolated from the Urantia teachings we would not be in the mess we are
experiencing today; and in case one is unaware of the social consequences of the current
economic upheavals we are about to experience, we are heading in the direction of social anarchy
resulting from the inability of the governments to operate effectively. Already the city of Phoenix,
Arizona along with 10 states inclusive of CA, FL, MI, RI are requesting a bailout from Congress to
compensate from the unanticipated lack of taxes paid to cities and states, due in large, to
unemployment and housing foreclosures. When unemployment reaches alarmingly high levels
there ensues and alarming concomitant – the complete diminishment of the tax base; if you cannot
tax the populace you can’t run the city, county, state, or federal government. If people make less
money it is obvious that they will pay less taxes – a failure to factor this into municipal budgets only
provides favorable conditions for government failure, and this pertains equally to the Federal

The next step leading to economic demise is the alarming credit abuse of younger generations who
appear oblivious of the effects of depressions, and seemingly have taken actual ownership of very
little due to the ease of borrowing practices encouraged by most banks. Credit cards are maxed out
and along with home foreclosures have created untenable conditions for about 50 major banks that
face bankruptcies if conditions are not ameliorated soon. Banks have previously merely written off
copious credit card defaults. These defective lending policies have been relegated to a category of
acceptable business loss; a mere operational cost to be expected in normal operating procedures
within an extremely competitive environment. The lack of taxes related to foreclosures,
unemployment, salary reductions, and excessive borrowing by consumers who fail to pay their
debts will soon lead to a malaise on the part of some and a panic to others, resulting in a general
apprehension to purchase goods and services unless regarded as an absolute need – finally the
recognition between utility and desire. The desire to purchase non-essential things from cruises,
travel, Disney World, etc., down to extra shoes and shirts, bigger televisions and computers has
heretofore contributed in large part to American prosperity. The millions of people involved in these
industries from hotel clerks and maids to travel consultants and real estate brokers will in some
measure disastrously feel the pinch and their pinch will affect the entire base of all governments.
Even the tax free municipal bond market (the safest monetary investment in the great depression)
will undergo greater scrutiny as municipal tax bases are reduced.

All of the fears and anxieties of today’s current melt-down which is manifesting world-wide could
have been easily avoided if not for the idiotic idea of the importance of material acquisition in place
of service to others – the basic theme of the Urantia book. The “Book” has even presented to us a
view of a successful society on a nearby planet whose inhabitants have collectively decided
(through Democratic vote) to follow many of the basic tenets presented to us in the Urantia book. In
contradistinction, we on the other hand, have done almost nothing to adhere to these tenets
providing for intelligent and sustainable social progress.

Our intent is to inform our readers to take seriously those papers revealing certain deleterious
effects (social collapse) comparable to the fall of the Roman empire resulting from the denial of
social consequences presented in those Urantia papers specifically pertaining to materialism and
secularism, but in fact all the papers of the Urantia book.

As secularism begins to wane, a frustrated world will begin to recognize the need for spiritual
counsel. We are now swallowing the bitterest of all pills – the effects of which are yet to come. Soon
distraught individuals who realize the mal-functioning of their governments will demand the
displacement of anything short of ethical and moral conduct in the human workplace, from the CEO
level to union auto workers making an average of over $75 an hour. Who ever heard of someone
with just a high school diploma making 75 dollars an hour on an assembly line (inclusive of medical
and pension plans) even if he is the foreman? To implement higher standards of conduct in
industry even the secularist will eventually turn their gaze to heaven and God for the answers to
avert further consequences to a selfish world order bent on a pursuit of the self gratification of
personal ease, irrespective of the consequences to others – they will eventually turn to the angels
for counsel.

Much of the information was imparted to me over 50 years ago and is now beginning to materialize
pretty much as conveyed at that time. Are we now a world-wide house of cards on the verge of
collapse? I can say with certainty that without higher values mitigating our selfish motives we will go
the way of Rome – (over taxation and little in return – a prescription for collapse). As people turn
away from God this prescription appears inevitable. Remember the last statement in our last
quarterly report.
“No social system or political regime which denies the reality of God can contribute
in any constructive and lasting manner to the advancement of human civilization”
. (pg. 2084) This
should say it all, but die hard secularist will need to experience their own financial fall before they
join in the chorus of cries demanding the intervention of spiritual counsel.

Don’t forget our report on “Whose Overseeing the Asylum” wherein we mention those spiritual
beings currently monitoring every aspect of our planetary life. We are being watched closely by a
cadre of super-humans chronicling every aspect of human endeavors including all energy
expenditures and manifestations throughout the world. The outcome of industry’s contraction
resulting in loss of jobs, loss of taxes and unemployment payouts from the Feds., etc., is well
understood and assimilated by these non-intervening personalities from on high. They are
completely aware of our economic freefall and only when we seriously pray for their guidance will
they consider intervention, and that might be from a single personality to many beings, or through
the corps of human planetary reservists.

At the time of this writing the average retirement account is down at least 30% and still heading
down. In many places home values are down 25%, yet are beginning to level out, but sales are
minimal throughout the country – very minimal.

Everyone reading this is affected in one way or another, especially if we enter a full bloom
depression. What has happened today has come about slow enough that people could watch and
hope for a reversal of their financial misfortune, all the while watching and failing to bail themselves
out under a false hope to protect their assets and investments until it was too late; late enough, yet
fast enough to make bailing impossible for those unsuspecting souls who have failed to set aside
something to protect them from a “rainy day”. It is an unfortunate economic reality that when people
panic due to little confidence and hope of an immediate recovery in the economy they cut back
drastically on their expenditures, and when no one spends economic problems are generally
compounded resulting in recessions and depressions. We are already in a recession so severe
that it does not bode well for anything short of an all out depression – a depression that can only
be, for a variety of reasons, far worse that the last sustained freefall in 1929.

The “Book” does tell us that we all have an internal unassailable bastion of a human soul, the
future citadel of our Thought Adjuster, therefore what does it matter if all things material fail. It may
make no difference to the survival of the soul, but to families with children and dependents (aged
parents, etc.), if we have not prepared ourselves financially don’t expect to depend on the
government in times of crisis. The unemployment rate in the ensuing months is liable to put such a
hugh strain on the government that there will be nothing left to meet unemployment insurance
obligations unless again bailed out by future tax payers. I encourage all Urantia readers to read the
aforementioned reports by Sadler and Burton along with those of the “Book” relating to those
conditions that if not met will inevitably lead to our cultural demise. We are by no means exempt
from a sustained depression. Urantians are now closer to super-human or reserve corps
intervention than at any time since the last appearance of a divine personality about 2000 years
ago. Our future is dependent on OUR underlying ability to live the reality of the truths presented in
the Urantia book. While it is the purpose of business to render an acceptable product or service
and the aim being to make money, never did Jesus discuss a profit motive devoid of the ethics and
morals which seems to be so pervasive throughout society today. Jesus, as perceived in our
revelation portrayed an exemplarary life style of the teacher he was, embracing the epitome of
ethics and morality – something largely ignored by today’s secularists.

On another, less stressful note, between our two Urantia booths at this years Miami book fair we
have managed to introduce these teachings to several hundred individuals resulting in a sale of
about 70 books to new readers. The cost escalates each year with hotels running around $250 a
day and the booth itself costing $500 for the three day fair. Around 300,000 people (mostly Cuban)
attend each year so most of our sales require fluent Spanish speaking Urantians. We are fortunate
to have Jeanette Francis (our secretary) who is fluent in Spanish working the fair each year along
with her friend Piadad who has contributed immensely over recent years. For each book sold we
probably talk to a minimum of ten additional individuals which equates to perhaps 700 people
overall between the two booths of potential Urantia readers. In general the Book is not an easy
sale; people unfamiliar with the book want an explanation as to what the book is about, requiring
both a knowledge of the book and some sales expertise – that’s where Jeanette comes in. Jeanette
has been a long time reader; with a PhD in computer technology and a professor of computer
sciences at Lynn University in Miami; she has worked out a program to allow students to earn extra
credit by learning to work at correlating our various data bases – we have three.  Also Joe
DiMaggio (back up web-master) drove all the way from Jacksonville to help; that’s a total of about
700 miles round trip. In past years both Dave Mantz and Baker Jordan have driven from the Tampa
Bay area to work the booth (about 800 miles round trip). We continue to have a dedicated
Staff working to advance our revelation to the world. Baker has continued to replenish our treasury
over the last few years to allow for our participation in the fair, and for the efforts of those
mentioned above we should all be grateful. (Pictures are on the site.)

Let’s all do something to advance the revelation; the contributors to this revelation (Divine
personalities) would want it that way.  In light of recent economic upheavals I would encourage
everyone to access our site and refer to our report (Nov-Dec ’07).

God bless everyone, and we hope everyone has a spiritually prosperous holiday season – keep
reading, it can only benefit you.  URI Staff – Dick Ziglar, Editor