Urantia Readers International    April 14th, 2009

                                                 "IS NOW THE TIME?”
Interim report – Part two

Relevant Quotes:

“Materialism denies God; secularism simply ignores him; at least that was the earlier attitude. More
recently, secularism has assumed a more militant attitude, assuming to take the place of the religion
whose totalitarian bondage it onetime resisted. Twentieth-century secularism tends to affirm that man
does not need God. But beware! This godless philosophy of human society will lead only to unrest,
animosity, unhappiness, war, and world-wide disaster.” P.2081 – 5

“Mechanical inventions and the dissemination of knowledge are modifying civilization; certain economic
adjustments and social changes are imperative if cultural disaster is to be avoided. This new and
oncoming social order will not settle down complacently for a millennium. The human race must
become reconciled to a procession of changes, adjustments, and readjustments. Mankind is on the
march toward a new and unrevealed planetary destiny.” P. 1086 – 4  

“The mechanistic naturalism of some supposedly educated men and the thoughtless secularism of the
man in the street are both exclusively concerned with things; they are barren of all real values,
sanctions, and satisfactions of a spiritual nature, as well as being devoid of faith, hope and eternal
assurances…” P. 2077 – 3

“But even after materialism and mechanism have been more or less vanquished, the devastating
influence of twentieth-century secularism will still blight the spiritual experience of millions of
unsuspecting souls.” P. 2081 – 1

“Secularism can never bring peace to mankind. Nothing can take the place of God in human society…”
P.2081 – 6

“The complete secularization of science, education, industry, and society can lead only to disaster.
During the first third of the twentieth century Urantians killed more human beings than were killed
during the whole of the Christian dispensation up to that time. And this is only the beginning of the dire
harvest of materialism and secularism; still more terrible destruction is yet to come.” P. 2082 – 5

The obvious conclusion of our Christian heritage is for Christians to become aware and involved in the
ultimate triumph of the teachings of the Master - to spread these as presented in the Urantia book to
the rest of the world; whatever the interim outcome of the revolt within our disintegrating secularistic
order brings, you can be assured that the teachings of Jesus will in one way or another prevail,
bringing hope and inspiration to all who follow the pattern of life he set on earth.
“Urantia is now
quivering on the very brink of one of its most amazing and enthralling epochs of social readjustment,
moral quickening, and spiritual enlightenment.” P.2082 - 7

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