Urantia Readers International    April 14th, 2009

                                                "IS NOW THE TIME?”
Interim report – Part two

The problems apparently are just as bad there as they are here. At this time the world is already
experiencing seemingly inextricable conflicts. Apart from their elusiveness concerning the desire for
power with secret nuclear weapon programs running at full steam, several nations refuse to disclose
anything about the nature and reasons for their problems, which is what every nation does, but their
deceit as to what they are up to makes them rogue nations with sinister – untrustworthy motives which
only creates tension with neighboring countries.

There is internal strife in Europe which is presently experiencing currency problems as severe as ours.
Japan is in an all out depression and China has based its economy on the future to the U.S. economy
and is now worried that if things get worse here there would be a repercussive effect causing an
economic earthquake throughout the whole of China. The Chinese are keeping us afloat to the extent
that the plug being pulled on either economy sinks both boats. Europe, now entering an inflationary
cycle and facing all out socialism has further problems with their huge Muslim population vying for a
total takeover – a complete takeover of the U.K. and France. We all know where Africa is going and in
the Mid-East half recognize what happens to them if we go under and the other half would love to see
us evaporate. These conditions warrant great concern among our own citizenry since we are spending
billions shoring up their fledging economies with no end in sight. Never before in our short history have
we faced such insurmountable problems, because never have we been negatively involved with so
many diverse nations and at the same time; many of which would love nothing better than to see us
fail, and this now includes some of our own people.

I am going to leave out several pages that I have already written and conclude by stating that our
revelation is receiving over 400,000 hits a month on our various websites, so there is activity in our
movement. The values presented in the “Book” are literally a Godsend to all of us who have taken
them seriously and they can only advance the individual soul and therefore contribute to the
advancement of the Supreme.

I think there is a very good chance that we will not be able to get things together before we experience
a drastic upheaval in world affairs – and that’s putting it mildly. I feel that now is close to the time for
divine intervention which will manifest shortly after we collapse our own culture, through our own selfish
doings. The silver lining is that we will rebuild under the direction of God’s workers. What we must keep
in mind is that as a world society we are currently implementing very little that our revelation informs us
is a matter of necessity if we want continued world progress towards light and life - unfortunately our
time restraints may be limiting our opportunities.

World-wide disaster and cultural disaster are terms mentioned several times in the Urantia book in
reference to imperative social changes that must be met in order to avoid impending consequences.
These consequences can be disastrous, having destroyed previous cultures, and we, as a world
social order, are in no way exempt.