Urantia Readers International    April 14th, 2009

                                                "IS NOW THE TIME?”
Interim report – Part two

I believe in prophecy, and that if we don’t straighten things out as we approach the end of the eleventh
hour with little time left to ameliorate our existing problems; the culture will be in deep trouble. Having
already removed God out of our society and having established a secular pattern of rule putting self
interests above all, is it out of bounds to suggest that we might fail? Apparently, one cannot do what
we have already done – the problem is, have we already gone too far; are the problems still
correctable? We could not have gotten this far, and we could not have experienced what we are
experiencing if we were truly on God’s side. The revelation informs us that on successful planets
cultures survive for many thousands of years, and if Dalamatia were still in existence (500,000 years)
we would have had a much different set of circumstances and the Adamic default probably would not
have taken place. By this time on normally evolving planets degeneracy in curtailed, mental deficiency
is basically in check, the races are amalgamated, wars are outlawed and strictly enforced - there exists
an international body of nations powerful enough to enforce the war ruling, God is recognized as
absolute, and people on are on the way to establishing one language, one monetary system with one
currency, and one religion; things are running smoothly. Since we, as a collective body, have no
intention of implementing the above why isn’t it time for some sort of divine intervention – has the
allotted time run its course?

Apart from industrial and government sectors, all sectors of society should be examined to maintain
ethical efficiency. Just look at the sham of the legal profession from lawyers to court room judges.
Doctors have to pay upwards of $200,000.00 for insurance, something we all have to pay for, due to
the unethical practices of lawyers. The Medicare and Medicaid fraud is as bad as the AIG fiasco, yet
being a governmental agency has not been attacked nearly enough by Congress – at least 50% of
which have law degrees. Fraudulent claims by chiropractors are especially egregious.

Society desperately needs an overhauling. While it runs completely counter to the free enterprise
system, I don’t really see why someone needs a billion dollars, especially when so many are just able
to make ends meet. If a collapse is pending which means a revamping of the economic system and
worldwide cooperation in restructuring a saner society, we can hope to perceive a society devoid of
cronyism, hypocrisy, featherbedding, pork barrel spending, monetary kickbacks, excessive taxation,
open borders, unfair banking practices, Acorn scams, and all the other unethical practices one can
conjure up.

It has been the behavioral perpetuation of dissimulation, falsehoods, deceit, insincerity, avarice, ego-
recognition and a general lack of integrity that has become the underlying motivation of ego driven
individuals who have buried God yet maintained connections with a priesthood of their choice to
advance their social graces and better fit in with the community at large, all the while trying to fool
others while only fooling themselves. According to our revelation - a perpetuation of evil equates to
iniquity and iniquity results in total self destruction, with little chance of survival.

Part one stated that the fall from grace would take place first in the United States and then move on
immediately to other countries. Already our friends in the U.K. are pointing the finger of blame toward
the United States for starting the world banking problems.