Urantia Readers International    April 14th, 2009

                                                "IS NOW THE TIME?”
Interim report – Part two

Urantia Readers International                                                              April 6, 2009
Interim report – Part two

Our problems are so complex that, they are no longer easily recognizable and manageable, therefore
when a society has an adversarial congress philosophically divided down the middle and afraid to
challenge its leaders, solutions of its problems often result in a stalemate. Congress as it runs amuck
is beginning to agitate the general population into a tax rebellion. Needless to say, the populous is
madder than they have been for a while, and once they figure out that they have naively accepted the
perverse and misguided direction of their leaders from industry and government, their recognition of
this lack of integrity will lead to a total lack of trust of these leaders to manage human affairs, and then
finally attempts will be made to remove the leaders from positions of power (throwing the bums out),
but only when people come to their senses and recognize the need for higher values to be placed
above the selfish needs of commerce.

Secondly, the prognostications put forward in the report have been foretold in the Bible; through the
prophetic powers of civilizations (Mayan, etc.); and individuals such as Jesus, Nostsradomus, etc., so
the possibility of our fall is not just something out of the blue; empirically it has happened many times
in the past, starting with the ancient civilization of Dalamatia. We are told in our Urantia revelation that
our own planet has come under emergency management 23 times by a Verondadek overseer. We are
also told that there is a mortal reserve corps of destiny in waiting if planetary affairs get too far out of
kilter. There is also a resident governor and staff monitoring all essential human and government
affairs on the planet. (Read our essay on “Who is Overseeing the Asylum - Social Degeneracy on the
Rise” and “Synchronicity and Harmony” to see who is running the planet and what needs to be done to
resolve our problems.

The selfishness underlying the entire social structure could be predicted by many who have been in
the universe long enough to have experienced what we are going through.  We are told in our recent
revelation that we have close to four million inhabited planets in our local universe and that we have
entities above our order of mortals - teaching, advising, and ruling these worlds, and that they serve
the universe from the personal experience they have gleaned from a variety of planets over millions of
years by studying civilizations such as ours. So, if a paradigm could be established as to how to
preserve the continuance of societies, this would well be understood by such beings – they would
know empirically what conditions are necessary for survival and what are not, therefore what we are to
experience next could easily have been foreseen by these entities. They would know what would likely
occur; for example, if the society was governed by self interests, lack of ethics, or by democracies
elected by plutocrats or conversely a majority underclass. If any of these conditions prevailed and in
someway contributed to implementing the direction of that society, I think they could surmise where
that society would inevitably end up. How these conditions could affect society could easily be pre-
determined if our world model deviates too far from the successful paradigms. In the universe selfish
people running a society is the same as crazy people ruling a society. We unfortunately have a lot of
crazies out there (speaking of our planet). Societal directions can be determined. As soon as we
developed the atomic bomb we knew it was just a matter of a short time that we would win the war with
Japan, and their culture would be forever changed.