Urantia Readers International    April 14th, 2009

                                                "IS NOW THE TIME?”
Interim report – Part two

Urantia Readers International                                                              April 6, 2009
Interim report – Part two

As of a week ago this report ended on the 7th page; however it didn’t explain all that I intended to
convey as regards the rationale for the report, so I’m adding several more pages as an addendum to
Part one.

Firstly, while the first report may appear extreme since it signals the collapse of the U.S. economy as
we know it today, it nevertheless presents a very likely scenario of probability that, until recently, few
could accept as reality. The timing certainly appears to be right, with many sincere people anticipating
the direst consequences to our culture sometime within this generation - something foreseen 100
years ago and reported at that time as a prediction for the future, yet a time when few of these
conditions could have been noticed by anyone.

Our economy is far more than a run-away-train, for if the economy crashes, of a certainty, the ensuing
chaos will result in anarchy, not just in the U.S. but in all mutually economically interactive nations
engaged in commerce with the United States. The scenario mentioned in part one can only emerge at
a time when world economies fall totally out of sync; when the antagonisms and hostilities of leading
nations become so self-absorbed that they fail to maintain cooperative efforts with each other and
begin to work against one another. And coupled with the myopic interests of the leading nation (U.S.)
of this world with its corruption in government and among those people running its commerce,
conditions are evidently prepared for the over ripening of its fruits - decay appears inevitable. We
have gradually allowed government and commerce to proceed headlong without ethical structure –
definitely a house without the foundation of ethical standards – just a matter of time and its Humpty-
Dumpty all over again. There is far more than just a slight element of insanity in the world today, for we
are not just out of sync with our own world but with the whole of the universe in which we live; we are
bordering on world wide destruction, even allowing totally unstable nations to develop nuclear
weaponry which they potentially will have no control over.

Under international law we are suppose to recognize the sovereignty of other nations, but in reality
there is really no such thing as sovereignty until a unified world body establishes a world peace
keeping force with the force to back its efforts, otherwise the sovereignty wrests with the most powerful
nation or nations. Today’s world peacekeeping force (so called United Nations) is rather laughable.
Countries of the world are following a path of delusional sovereignty in order to maintain their own
independence, a condition that intentionally undermines the cooperative efforts necessary to sustain
intelligent direction of all world economies; and this path if not soon intelligently rerouted will ultimately
lead us into a social decay beyond imagination.

Everyone who reads this should be assiduously studying the Urantia revelation to determine for
themselves where we are headed. One has only to research history to determine the likelihood of the
drastic consequences that are soon to befall us if we continue at failing to cooperate with one another.