Interim report March 2009                                                 Urantia Readers International
Part one

                                               “IS NOW THE TIME”

“But when this exposure shall take place with the injustice done the people, not alone in the United
States, but in all countries, by the people becoming conscious that their rights are abused and
that the masses need not submit to the few. Then shall these few who are the kings (rulers) of the
earth, and who have enjoyed the products of the earth and the slavery of the masses, stand afar
off for fear of the torment, which is for fear of the truth, which they are unable to withstand, and the
truth which torments injustice, and those wishing to take part and execute unjust laws.

They shall behold the approach of their loss of power, saying, “Alas, alas, the great city Babylon,
that mighty city,” for in one hour is thy judgment come, and the time will, indeed, be so rapid that it
will be but as one hour compared with the great time in which worldliness has reigned upon the
earth, and selfish motives dwelt in the hearts of men, while unjust laws were executed upon the
people, for this has not been a Godly earth, and God’s will has not been upon the earth as in

“But the objects are to be changed in men’s hearts and men’s hearts are to be purified, for there
is to be made through this change a new earth, where the merchants of selfish motives and
worldly ambitions are to lose their authority and power over others, because the light which will
appear concerning the true and just God shall cause this darkness to pass away, where men will
not strive for gold and silver and precious stones, and men will not be selfish over these things,
nor put upon them false values. The appearance of revelations shall destroy for men the value
that they see in these things and the worth they see in powerless men, for behold in one hour all
of this shall be made desolate and appear great no longer.”

Well, for the most part that’s the long and the short of it; There is much more and in far greater
detail, but I’m sure the reader gets the message. Ego-centric living (a term not used in the book
since it was devised by Sigmund Freud in the 1920’s) is quite the antithesis of living to serve
others - a living style exemplified by the life of Jesus. One could get out of this, that the time for an
economic collapse might well be upon us, and we could soon be facing terrible consequences. But
there is a rainbow at the end in that we will bounce back with a far brighter future, a much happier
and less stressful existence where ethics and service are recognized as the divine virtues of the
future. No human knows exactly what is in store for us at the end of this age or cycle of our
existence, but sooner or later as the revelation states we have to undergo a change and it just
might be drastic, and it might be sooner than later. The aforementioned could not have applied to
any previous age, but could easily apply to the present or near future.