Interim report March 2009                                                 Urantia Readers International
Part one

                                               “IS NOW THE TIME”

Therefore, the government must be renovated and prepared, and changed, which is to be made
ready under the hand of God. But first it must fall, though not through war with other nations, but
the fall will be in the complete change. It is true that the government was first constituted upon the
basis of freedom, but it has varied and deteriorated from this standard and is the hold of devils
and unclean spirits, where suffering and depression abides and where men dwell lavishly in the
arms of selfishness. But why have I spoken of this proud and haughty country known as the United
States as being the most accused in the sight of God? It is accused because it is the most
prosperous and yet most selfish, the most favored and yet the most boastful by making greater
claims than other countries and yet does not perform for its own people according to its claims. It
was established by pure motives and held opportunities for all, but these established motives have
hidden crime and covered from view the shame of selfish rulers, and the rich have taken the
advantage of the privileges which were offered under a false pretense of maintaining its purity,
justice and freedom, allowing the merchants of the earth to become rich through the abundance of
her delicacies, as spoken by John.

Therefore, is the United States most accused by God, because it has become the habitation of
every unclean thing, yet its opportunities are abundant and its possibilities were wonderful, but its
people have been in worldly accomplishments very progressive. Still it is at its very climax in these
things; some more improvements are yet to be obtained, and some more modern conveniences
and accomplishments will yet be conceived, but in spite of this the climax is arrived at in these
things, the point having been reached where men must either retrogress or become Godly, as the
extreme point in worldliness has nearly been reached; and it is ordained that in this period of the
world’s existence man shall not retrogress again, but must become Godly.

Therefore, the contention that is arising through the dissatisfaction that exists, will arise in its fury
to sway man toward submission to God’s law, whereas in ages past it has been the cause of the
utter abolition of the standard of men’s atonement in those ages which would come again were it
not that revelation reappears to protect man in the mist of the great strife and confusion that is to
envelop the world.”

A new earth is about to come!

“The fire which is about to burn her (U.S.) is the revealment of her unrighteous ways, which have
been kept down for a purpose until the purpose was gained, and the most rapid state of fullness
reached; then shall the claim of freedom and protection be demanded of the United States, and
she shall be found corrupt of the most corruptible, and unjust of the of the most unjust, and the
kings of the earth who have committed fornication and lived deliciously under the banner of
freedom and justice which they have betrayed and become traitors to, these shall bewail her and
lament for her when they shall see the smoke of her  burning, which is the result of the exposure
which will result from the demands of the people, who have too long been satisfied in being fooled
with smooth speeches and false claims, were it not that a purpose of God’s lay as the secret