Interim report March 2009                                                 Urantia Readers International
Part one

                                               “IS NOW THE TIME”

“John saw to what extent would be men’s wickedness, yet what would also be their virtue. He
beheld the claims of people and the pretensions of government, the administration of multitudes
and the determinations of cities, and where all men would agree to give their power and strength
to the maintenance of the physical governments, and he beheld that though this great progress in
the manner of inventions and conveyances and conveniences would result in the enrichment of
worldly renown upon nations and individuals and as a consequence in the falling of poverty upon
others, religion would not interfere with government, nor government with religion, but that they
should live apart, not molesting each other, yet being hand in hand with each other in a manner
that the force and violence of law would rule in a manner convenient to protect the unequal
distribution of necessities, while religion lived on as an entertainment of unoccupied moments
which would be manipulated in such a manner as not to interfere with the profane wishes or
desires of any men, but would be as a protection to guilt and a covering of crime, a soothing
draught to the guilty conscience which could argue that religion did not condemn and that men
who made Christ’s teachings a study did not teach differently.”

“Then what shall we say of Babylon (United States), that great city of mortality, where men dwell to
be proud and haughty, but not to be Godly; where men rejoice over convenience, but laugh at
duty; where they condemn the weak and oppress the poor, confine the unfortunate, but welcome
the vain; where men worship with claims, but cling to the world; where men marvel at invention, but
give God no glory; where men claim to uphold freedom, but live in slavery; where men claim they
are Christians, but fight with swords; where men profess charity, but abuse their servants; where
men claim to love, but hate each other; where men say they live with the stars, but live for money,
and where men claim to be just, yet let others starve.”

“…Does not the United States stand as the greatest, as the most admired of all governments?
Then inasmuch as she stands thus, is she not at the head of men’s governments? Do not all
governments pattern after her? Then, though standing at the head of this, she allows the
abomination of men’s hearts, she is, therefore the great whore, and shall be judge and shall fall,
and shall no longer be admired.

But I speak of the fall of the United States. How shall she fall, being the first to fall?
She shall not fall through war, or through contention with other countries, but shall fall through the
rising up of her own people, who shall demand freedom from her hands, according to her claim,
though she is unable to yield, and when she fails at the command, she shall be over-thrown by her
own people, who will condemn her false claim; and this cannot be checked because it is the will of
God that it shall be so. It is this land that His people shall rise up with revelation, and with a perfect
law. It is this land that shall be as a shelter for the multitudes seeking righteousness.