Interim report March 2009                                                 Urantia Readers International
Part one

                                               “IS NOW THE TIME”

Due to religion’s desire to function hand in hand with government both are prevented from
challenging the ethics of today’s secular order, thus curtailing any possible change in the
unethical conduct of both government and business. It is for these reasons and many others that I
feel compelled to present the following revelation for the purpose of revealing what I believe to be
true and so that the reader can somehow prepare for exigencies largely beyond the control of any
single individual. While there is a rare possibility the conditions can somehow be reversed, it would
have to be a spontaneous collective reversal, which I deem very unlikely; therefore read on and
draw to your own conclusion. In preparation of this revelation I have elected to present it only in
part (a small part) and not in the particular order presented so as to present it in a more concise
form. The following is an extreme condensation of an interpretation of John’s revelation as
presented in the New Testament of the Bible, by a personage of very high order. The messages
came through in 1908 and mentions to look towards 1911 for a planetary revelation to explain
more – the year the Urantia revelation began.

I have intentionally elected to omit much of the symbolism mentioned in this revelation - such
things as iron breastplates, lions wearing golden crowns, the four horsemen, falling stars, the
opening of the seven seals, etc., all of which have their elaboration in the revelation, but there is
no way to present the material without expatiating more than half of a very extensive report. I will,
however, present the blowing of the trumpets as symbolic announcements of the changes to be
expected on earth, but in condensed form, merely outlining what was revealed.

The revelation:

Significance of the blowing of the trumpets –

First trumpet ---  Men are controlled in their self-wills.
Second trumpet -Men’s work begin to turn upon man.
Third trumpet -- The gratification of men’s ambitions is turned to bitterness (cynicism)
                     instead of joy.
Fourth trumpet --The result of men’s efforts is turned to confusion, and the earth loses its
                     ability to support its own laws and all become a confused entanglement
                     from which men are unable to locate the cause.
Fifth trumpet ---  Men begin to realize their weakness, and become discouraged with
                     their efforts, losing confidence in their ambitions, and begin to turn
                     upon their works, to destroy them.
Sixth trumpet---- The earth loses its power, and the flesh its ambitions, and all forms of    
                     action and governments begin to establish themselves according to the
                     dictation of spirits.
Seventh trumpet--All is well. The earth is overcome. The end of time is past. God’s will
                      upon earth, as in Heaven!

Is this to be our intermediate destiny just because we ruled out God from our society? It appears
we might be approaching the blowing of the fifth trumpet; we are certainly half way through the
fourth trumpet’s announcement. Have our leaders betrayed us, and if so what will happen next?
Are we about to enter a discombobulated social post-menopausal cycle initiating some kind of run
amuck activity among the populous? A lot of people believe we are – that would be the fifth
trumpet signaling that we’ve had it for the time being, and better get things right if we want a
better, more endurable culture in which to survive.