Interim report March 2009                                                 Urantia Readers International
Part one

                                                “IS NOW THE TIME”

The above paragraph makes clear that the l.6 trillion we (the American taxpayer) have already
spent (money we don’t have) has placed the economy, and therefore the society, in immediate

I will continue to convey to our readership what was conveyed to America one hundred years ago
and found its way to me 50 years ago, and this I do in an effort to enlighten those with open minds
that they may assess the problems for themselves, as I have had to do.

If one wants to be of service to God he has to serve humanity – that is the legacy of human
evolution – the opportunity to be of service to our fellows; that is what set us apart from the
animals and uncivilized humans. Reject this opportunity and you merely serve yourself
egocentrically – a dead end street. It is the narcissistic personalities possessed of self serving
attitudes that presage a life of ongoing character decline, something seldom recognized by those
recipients of selfish living. Service has perpetually deteriorated to profit as societies prime
motivation over the last century, resulting in a society of non-bonding, impersonal technocrats,
where, for the sake of monetary expediency profit has by far outpaced the service motive, just as
secularism has outpaced religion; it leaves us, among many other things, talking to machines
rather than humans. Merely a sign of the times or are we truly a decaying society about to become
third world as many are now predicting? Is the great America failing and falling? The answer is yes
according to some revelations.

Most people today have not the slightest idea as to the nature and gravity of the problems we face
today and it appears they are just beginning! False churches are unaware of the gravity; myopic
economists are unaware of the gravity; backward government leaders have shielded themselves
from the truth and are unaware of the gravity; and the average citizen is completely unaware as to
the planetary consequences we are about to face due, in part, to the perversion of religion
through the false prophets (the priesthoods) of the Christian churches. “…the Christian churches
of the twentieth century stand as great, but wholly unconscious, obstacles to the immediate
advance of the real gospel – the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.” (UB, 2085-1) The enormity of
the Christian division within itself doesn’t seem to bother many adherents to the faith. However,
according to our revelation: “Christianity is seriously confronted with the doom embodied in one of
its own slogans: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” “The non-Christian world will hardly
capitulate to a sect-divided Christendom. The living Jesus is the only hope of a possible unification
of Christianity.”