Interim report March 2009                                                 Urantia Readers International
Part one

                                                “IS NOW THE TIME”


“God reveals meaning to those that are worthy. Be then worthy that you may receive for there are
few that are, whether they be preachers or teachers, they are all without understanding, but
become pretenders and imposters of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ; they are then the false
Christs and false prophets against whom all earnest pupils of the Gospel should receive warning,
lest they be led astray by their imitations which led astray the thousands of creed-bound minds,
which subscribe to Christianity.”

I say this against them, not because I will be believed, for with the exception of a few, these
statements will be heartily rejected. As to him who is of a lie, the truth seems false and is rejected,
while the false appears to be the truth and is accepted; for to him that is of the truth, the truth is
given, but to him that is of a lie the truth is taken away, because he will not receive it.”
(This and
much of the ensuing material was presented by way of revelation in 1908 and mentions the
coming of the Urantia messages in 1911. The revelatory material will be presented in highlighted

When Jesus made his appearance on our planet he came in contact with much that he already
new – that mortals, more often than not, don’t want to upset their well established opinions by
absorbing contrary information; in other words they intentionally shut out the truth rather than
pursue it. Anyone who has attempted to explain the Urantia revelation to those unfamiliar with it
knows exactly what I mean, especially when religion is the topic of conversation. People in general
are seemingly intellectually secure with knowledge they already possess; that was the case with
the Sanhedrin in the times of Jesus and that is the case today with Jews, Christians, and Muslims.
In the ongoing report I will attempt to present a plausible rationale for the serious conditions that
confront us today – not from an economic point of view but from a spiritual perspective that
economist and secularists have failed to factor into our current failed paradigm of social progress
(A paradigm that conveniently omits ethics by legally allowing for the betrayal of the public trust).

For over thirty years I have attempted to explain a similar rationale to a variety of people including
stock and bond brokers as to why an economic depression appeared inevitable sometime in the
future. Not just an overwhelming majority, but all stated it was without a doubt impossible due to
the unfailing safeguards built into the system since the last recession in the ‘70’s. But how can the
economy survive with its lack of ethical standards I would inquire? Silence – no takers on that one.
So whether it’s a conversation on the economy or new ideas in religion, peoples preconditioned
mind sets are so well established that truth is beyond reception – sort of a permanent dial tone.