A Urantia Perspective
Interim Report  July 2009       

Mention has been made over the last two years informing our readership as to the
fickleness and frailty of the world economy - this in order that readers might protect
themselves from inevitable consequences arising from the probability of a prolonged
depression. Today’s financial woes signal an era of pressing exigencies that will affect
everyone, rich and poor alike. Ten percent of Americans are currently out of work and
this could easily reach 20% in the months to come. The severity of our problems is not
well understood by generations born after the 1950’s since the depression years were
over by that time and an era of opulence was well under way. Since the establishment
of our republic there has been virtually no historical precedent from which we can
reach even a remote comparison to the economic problems we face today. We are
truly floundering in uncharted waters with absolutely no attention having been given to
the recommendations supplied in our Urantia revelation relating to the sustenance of a
viable society. Our longevity may well be limited.

Forum member Robert Burton (close friend of Dr. Sadler) writes in 1969 an article (on
our web-site, under articles) titled: “How to Prevent Government Suicide”, and sub-
titled “Our U.S. Government is Committing Suicide and How to Prevent it.” Bob’s first
sentence is: “There are at least 25 evils that our government is fostering and
encouraging. Eleven of them caused the downfall of the great Roman Empire that
prospered for over a thousand years. In his next sentence he quotes John Quincy
Adams who stated that: Historically all democracies have committed suicide”. The
question today is: Are we heading in this direction, and if so how close are we to
committing government suicide?

We read on page 2074 that:
“The twentieth century has brought new problems for
Christianity and all other religions to solve. The higher a civilization climbs, the more
necessitous becomes the duty to “seek first the realities of heaven” in all of man’s
efforts to stabilize society and facilitate the solution of its material problems.” However,
“Even a good religion could not save a great empire from the sure results of lack of
individual participation in the affairs of government, from overmuch paternalism, over-
taxation, and gross collection abuses, unbalanced trade with the Levant, which
drained away the gold, amusement madness, Roman standardization, the degradation
of women, slavery, and race decadence, physical plagues, and a state church which
became institutionalized nearly to the point of barrenness.”
(pg. 2074-4)

“Profit Motive”

In our last two interim reports we advanced the idea that eventually the profit motive
has to be displaced by the service motive. The revelation informs us:
“Present day
motivated economics is doomed unless profit motives can be augmented by service
motives. Ruthless competition based on narrow-minded self-interests is ultimately
destructive of even those things which it seeks to maintain. Exclusive and self-serving
profit motivation is incompatible with Christian ideals – much more incompatible with
the teachings of Jesus.”

“In economics, profit motivation is to service motivation what fear is to love in religion.
But the profit motive must not be suddenly destroyed or removed; it keeps many
otherwise slothful mortals hard at work. It is not necessary, however, that this social
energy arouser be forever selfish in its objectives.”
(pg. 805)

“The profit motive of economic activities is altogether based and wholly unworthy of an
advanced order of society; nevertheless, it is an indispensable factor throughout the
earlier phases of civilization. Profit motivation must not be taken away from men until
they have firmly possessed themselves of superior types of non profit motives for
economic striving and social serving – the transcendent urges of superlative wisdom,
intriguing brotherhood, and excellency of spiritual attainment. (Pg. 805) “Here is a
great problem in statehood: How can you guarantee peace and quiet in industry, pay
the taxes to support state power, and at the same time prevent taxation from
handicapping industry and keep the state from becoming parasiterial or tyrannical”
(Pg. 805)

“Throughout the earlier ages of any world, competition is essential to progressive
civilization. As the evolution of man progresses, co-operation becomes increasingly
effective. In advanced civilizations cooperation is more efficient than competition”.
“…later civilizations are better promoted by intelligent co-operation, understanding
fraternity, and spiritual brotherhood.”
Pg. 805-3)

“True competition in industry is exceedingly wasteful and highly ineffective, but no
attempt to eliminate this economic lost motion should be countenanced if such
adjustments entail even the slightest abrogation of any of the basic liberties of the
(Pg. 805-4)

Ten steps to efficient representative government are listed on page 802-3 of our
revelation. Number 8, universal suffrage, is especially important since it indicates that
voting will be modified and differentiated – one of Burton’s 14 conditions absolutely
necessary for government elections in this day and age. Under this tenet (merit voting,
1 to 10 votes are allocated per person, based on factors inclusive of service to the
community, intelligence, education, etc.) the uneducated and lower strata of society
could then no longer rule the society. The reader can draw to his/her own conclusion
as to what we are failing to implement today to sustain the culture. Our previous
reports have revealed selfishness attributed to the self-serving profit motive (minus
ethical conduct) to be the underlying cause of much of industry’s problems today.